Stephanie's (Sr1dr3) Birthing Lodge (Pre-natal)

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Stephanie's (Sr1dr3) Birthing Lodge (Pre-natal)

Sorry this is so late Stephanie, but Welcome to your Lodge! tell us all about yourself and your journey to Birthing Naturally.

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Yay Stephanie. Welcome to your lodge. Can't wait to share this wonderful journey with you.

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Stephanie, welcome to your Lodge!!!! Can't wait to follow your journey!

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YAY! I can't believe its already time for my lodge... this pregnancy has gone by so quickly.

I lurk more than post here so here is some background:

My name is Stephanie, I am 19 years old and have been married to my DH Skyler for a little over a year. 19 years old sounds so young... it sounds too young for what has happened in my life, especially over the past couple of years. I graduated high school a year early in spring 2005 and began business school in the fall. I had a really hard time adjusting and was very depressed (I attempted suicide over the summer and was only released from the mental hospital I was in the day before I moved onto campus). I managed to make it through a semester (barely) before I completely lost it and became addicted to crystal methamphetamine, dropping down to 95 lbs. and forgetting to go to class. I left the school I had a scholarship to and started working. I quit all drugs cold-turkey (the school I was attending was providing the environment and access to the drugs) and was still recovering when I met my husband in March of 2006... and as corny and cliched as it sounds it was love at first sight. We have not left each other's sight since. Within a week we were engaged and we were married April 27, 2006. I have not had a problem staying away from any and all drugs and would never want to go back to the place I was in. Its easy for others to look at how quickly we were married and wonder if and how long it would last- but that doesn't bother us at all! I would have thought the same thing had someone told me I would be married within a month of meeting him. For some reason, we found each other and it has worked and continues to work. My DH is the most supportive, loving, and caring person in the entire world. He has helped me through my bouts of depression and has been absolutely wonderful during my pregnancy. He has renewed my faith in humanity and allowed me to grow past the depressed, scarred, scared, and abused person I was into the person I am today. A lot of things (emotional/physical abuse from family and partners and sexual assault) lead me to the place I was in but it is such a distant memory now. We are happy, healthy and can't wait to welcome our little bundle of joy within the next couple of weeks!!!

Going to a breastfeeding class tonight so I have to run but I will continue with my introduction/story of this pregnancy as soon as I can!

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We got our BFP (surprise!) on January 4th and were extremely excited and nervous. My SIL had JUST had her baby in November; She was a month early, 24 hours of labor AT HOME. She is a superwoman. And I value her support so much since my family is completely clueless as to why I would NOT want an epidural or why I would choose to tear over having an episiotomy. I work for my MIL's business and she works for her other business down the street so we have lunch together almost every day and she has been a huge influence in my interest in natural childbirth. She let me borrow a book called Baby Catcher and it really sparked my interest in natural childbirth and home birthing. I am going to have this baby in a hospital because I wasn't comfortable with the idea of a home birth in the beginning, plus I have been moving around a lot so none of my "homes" have felt like a place I would feel comfortable birthing in. I plan to home birth my next child or at least search out a birthing center I'm comfortable with. I also want to have a drug-free birth (among other requests) because I am not comfortable with hospitals or doctors in general. I have had some really bad experiences with doctors that just pump you full of whatever drug they can find and my suicide attempt was actually because I was put on an anti-depressant that caused me to be suicidal. So you can imagine I'm not a fan of any sort of medicine/drug. I have researched the various interferences that women in labor go through and I am hoping that I will be able to have the labor I want and that is best for my baby. I also truly want to experience labor. I believe that there is a reason we go through the "pain" of childbirth- physically and emotionally. I would not give up feeling myself push my baby out for the world! I'm sure I'll get more anxious when the day is actually here but I have not been scared of labor at all. I'm more afraid of taking care of my little Cashion than pushing him out- labor is only a small feat compared with raising a child.

Alright well I think that's about it on my reasons why- I'll write more later!

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You have quite a story, and it sounds as if the trials and tribulations of your life have given you a lot of strength at a young age.

Welcome to your lodge! I look forward to following your journey. :bighug:

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Welcome to your lodge. I look forward to hearing the rest of your journey.

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Wow, you have done quite a great deal already in your lifetime. Kudos to you for kicking your addiction! And don't sweat what people say about your Marriage. Sometimes it just works like that.

I am so happy for you, I can't wait to read more and see the rest of your journey into motherhood!

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I'm so glad for you, with everything you have been through and all that you have achieved and overcome, you are trully a fighter... remember that each time you feel down.
People who have had mostly rosy upbringings wouldn't understand all the emotional and awfull consequences of the type of upbringing you have described... I'm so happy that you have fought your drug addiction and are now in a better place, as many people unfortunately never get to where you are.
You are very lucky to have a MIL who is so supportive and such a good NCB advocate with the books she has given you and being a friend to you... its wonderfull because many of us (ie me) have to deal with the judgement from both sides of the family.
Well look forward to hearing about your journey.