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    Lucey Abigail's birth story:

    My water broke at 4:17 on Friday, July 9 with no contractions or any other sign of labor. My Midwife had me come in on Saturday at 1pm to check out baby and myself for signs of infection. She said 90% of women go into labor within 48 hours of the water breaking and as long as I'm GBS neg. (which I am) and show no fever or other signs of infection there is less than a 1% chance of any harm to me or the baby to just wait for my body to go into labor on its own (rather than to go to the hospital and get induced or schedule a c-section). Baby and I looked great on Saturday.

    Sunday I started to feel achy all over with painful hip joints. I checked my temp hourly and it never raised. The midwife said if it ever got to 100.4 to call. At 6pm it was suddenly 99.8. It scared the hell out of me. I called the midwife crying. She said not to panic. To drink two large glasses of water, eat some protein, take a walk and call her back in an hour. I kept checking my temp and it went down some and then back up some. At 7 pm right before I called her back it was 100.4. Of course, being the calm person I am (yeah, right!) I checked it about 10 more times. Only to watch it rise to 100.8. Also, as soon as I got the fever my stomach continuously felt tight and very crampy. I called the midwife. She said that was a deal breaker and I had to go to the hospital. I had planned on a completely natural birth in a pool at a birth center. I was afraid that the hospital would put a time limit on my labor and induce me right away and try to push me to a c-section. She assured me she would be there and prevent it.

    I got up from the couch where I had been sitting so that we could leave right then and suddenly I was colder than I've ever been in my life and my entire body was shaking violently from being cold. My teeth were chattering and I stuttered when I talked! It was 90 degrees out and I was in the car with a down comforter over me and was still shivering.

    I was checked into the hospital and getting hooked up to IV antibiotics and fluids 1.5 hours after the fever hit. I don't think I could have reacted any quicker! The stomach tightness and crampiness continued. It was like one contraction that never stopped. Around 8:30 contractions started (this was in addition to the continuous one). They were very intense and 1-2 minutes apart. Sometimes back to back. The extreme cold and shaking never stopped either. But when the contractions started intense nausea also started. It was quite a lot to try to manage. They checked me and I was 2.5 cm dilated and 80% effaced. I toughed it out for 5 hours. They checked me again and I was only 4cm.

    At that point it was around 12:45 am. I knew that I wasn’t dilating because I could not relax. With no breaks from contrations, being nauseous and shaking from being extremely cold, I was wearing out quick. The hospital doctor was pushing for Pitocin. The hospital wanted her born ASAP because of my fever. I knew the Pitocin would make everything even more unmanageable for me and feared it would further prevent dilation and therefore result in a C-Section. So I decided I had to put my pride aside and just get the epidural. I knew the epidural would allow me to relax and dilate. The plan was to get it, check me, give me Pitocin and then give me something to sleep for a few hours and then wake up ready to push her out. I got the epidural at 12:45. They checked me at 1:20 and I was 9 cm! They scrapped the Pitocin and sleeping meds plan. The midwife then made me wait an hour to push because she wanted the contractions and the baby’s head to stretch “the area” out on their own so I wouldn’t tear. Lucey was born at 2:34 after a handful of pushes. Despite being in a hospital we still got immediate skin to skin for a half hour and delayed cord cutting. I really credit my midwife’s technique in making me wait an hour to push after I hit 10 cm, and also her massaging the “area” and coaching on when to push hard and when to push soft as the reason I only had a 1st degree tear on the inside that required 2 stitches and NO hemmeroids!

    Breastfeeding was, and still is an experience. I have extremely sensitive nipples that are flat. And Lucey was born a champion sucker. The result was that she drew blood at that first feeding leaving me with cracks and hickies! It was not a pleasant first bonding moment! But I tuffed it out and talked to two lactation consultants at the hospital and used nipple shields.

    Things seemed to be going well until the first pediatrician appointment when Lucey was 3 days old. She was born at 7 pounds exactly and she had dropped to 6 pounds 3 ounces. Additionally, her billirubin level was 19. The pediatrician said that billirubin levels of 20 required the blue light at the hospital. She said the best method to lower them was to stuff her face full of formula every two hours (which we had to do anyway because she had lost too much weight, about 11% of her body weight when 7-10% is the norm). So that’s what we did. In less than 24 hours she had gained 5 ounces. But the bad news was that her billirubin was up instead of down. She was at 21. So we went back to the hospital for 24 hours and her levels dropped to 16. At her follow up appointment with the pediatrician at 8 days old, she had cleared the billirubin and weighed exactly 7 pounds again. We were very relieved but it was a huge emotional roller coaster.

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    Lucey Abigail

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    Figured I should write Tommys birth story... finally! lol!
    Due date: 7/9/2010
    Born: 7/13/2010 40wks 4 days
    6lbs 12oz, 21inches

    I was due Friday July 9th. Up till this point I was maybe 1cm dilated but 70%effaced. I knew I wasnt going to have him by the due date. So I was disappointed seeing my due date come and go. Sunday night I went to the restroom and had a slight ting of pink on the TP. Still no having contractions or anything so went to bed like normal. Woke up monday morning, had a little more pink, but still figured no contractions no water breaking meant no labor. By around noon on the 12th I had red discharge when I went to the bathroom. I was texting my BFF in TX and she said I might want to call the doctor. So I did. they said to come in around 2ish. I called my mom and she took the rest of the day off just in case. I decided I should probably pack my hospital bag just in case. Off to the doctors we went. I had talked to DH online he was going to wait up until I got back to give him the info on whats going on. Doctor exaimed me, I was 4cm and 80% effaced. She offered me two choices. I could go to the hospital then or go in the next morning. I opted for the next morning- I guess I wasnt mentally ready to have the baby even though I was done being pregnant.
    Next morning my mom picked me up around 430am, got right to the hospital and up to L&D by 5am. They started my IV by 6- which I HATED! I have a phobia of needles and she wasnt gental. They started me on pitocin right away. I brought my laptop and was on FB chatting with DH the whole time. Around 8ish I was watching the contractions on the monitor and still not feeling any of them! I thought that was strange. By around 830 I decided to get the epi since I didnt want any part of the pains of labor. The epi wasnt fun. Felt like someone was hammering a nail into my back. Doc said it was painful since I hadnt experienced any contrax so I had nothing to compare it to. Around 10am they checked me right after the epi, I was 7-8. The nurse suggested my dad go home she figured it would be late afternoon. So off dad went. Around 1015 the nurse came running in and throw on the Oxygen mask on me and made me turn on my side. My mom started freaking out. The nurse said babys heart rate dropped and thought it was head compressions with him getting into the birth canal. She checked me and I was complete!!!!No wonder I felt like I had to go to the bathroom!!! So we hurried up and called dad back. We tried a practice push around 11 as he was still high up. I couldnt feel anything and wasnt making any progress. So we turned off the epi and waited a little longer for him to come down. Around 12ish we tried again and i was able to make some progress. They called the doctor and I think I pushed for 15 mins and he came flying out. I did panick towards the end cuz I felt like he wasnt going to come out. But the nurses kept reassuring me he was almost there!He was born at 1236pm. He didnt cry right away, they said he was a little shocky. But he cried after a min.I tore but never found out how many stitches I got. The recovery from that was next to nothing, the stitches never bothered mom kept Dh informed online and it was super cute reading his comments later on. The nurses were awesome and we got pizza within the hour- I didnt eat before we went into the hospital- I thought I wasnt supposed to- next time I will eat! I was starving! The LC came to help with BF and we did great. i was up moving about two hours later. I almost went home the next day as I felt great but stayed one more night just in case. overall great experience since i never felt anything and it went really quick. From IV started to birth was 6 hours 36 mins. I still cant believe i never felt 1 contraction and even getting to 4cm without knowing it!

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    Tommy born 7/13/2010

    M/C June 2013 - 12 weeks
    #2 due 7.15.14 ! No FB comments... Shhhhh
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