Sticky: July 2010 Baked Beans Arrivals & Birth Stories

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Sticky: July 2010 Baked Beans Arrivals & Birth Stories

This thread is for the arrivals, birth stories, and pictures of our 2010 July Baked Beans! Please DO NOT comment unless posting your birth story or adding pics! And please TURN OFF all siggies so it stays unclogged for pictures!

June Arrivals

Leahgoogle: June 2 ~~ Morgan, 6lbs 7oz, 35w6d

Alley912: June 19 ~~ Emerson Paige, 11lbs 1 oz, 38 weeks

IliLexy: June 23 ~~ Jacob William, 6lbs 15oz, 39w4d

Ahanson74: June 24 ~~ Olivia, 7lbs 4oz, 39w5d

stupidcomputer: June 25 ~~ Siena Marin, 8lbs 3oz, 39w1d

ErinKay: June 29 ~~ Cael Taylor, 8lbs 1oz, 39w 2d

EveC: June 29 ~~ Piper Rain, 8lbs 11oz, 37w5d

July Arrivals

Awini8: July 1 ~~ Orson Graeme, 7lbs 15oz, 39w2d

Shadowlark: July 1 ~~ Stephanie Elizabeth, 8lbs 14oz, 41w4d

Amy329: July 3 ~~ Scarlett Elizabeth, 5lbs 6oz, 39w1d

Missamy08: July 6 ~~ Ryan Christian, 8lbs 6oz, 40w1d

RRM2007: July 7 ~~ Kenleigh Brooke, 7lbs 6oz, 39 weeks

HouTexasMommy: July 7 ~~ Zoey Evelyn, 5lbs 10oz, 36w6d

Starshine65712: July 8 ~~ Bella, 7.5lbs, 39 weeks

Girlisrad: July 8 ~~ Dalton Reed, 9lbs 8.6oz, 39w1d

Pickles07: July 8 ~~ Alice, 7lbs 13.5oz, 39w3d

skelly8: July 8 ~~ Trace, 6lbs 9oz, 38w2d

eg4cg: July 12 ~~ Claudia Jean, 8lbs 11oz, 39w3d

conch06: July 12 ~~ Evelyn Esther, 7lbs 15oz, 41w1d

Mommy2morgan: July 12 ~~ Macie Dru, 6lbs 11.9oz, 39w

Highlandlaw: July 12 ~~ Lucey Abigail, 7lbs, 38w2d

Believer2008: July 13 ~~ Madison, 7lbs 11oz, 38w5d

OneLuckyScoop: July 13 ~~ Katelyn Rain, 5lbs 10oz, 37w2d

ntmom6: July 14 ~~ Liberty Grace, 8lbs 4oz

beckastar: July 14 ~~ Nathan James, 6lbs 2oz, 37w4d

Zobi: July 16 ~~ Charlie Ian, 8lbs 13oz, 39w4d

leenoodle: July 17 ~~ Breeanna Judith, 8lbs 10 oz, 39w2d

dewdrop75: July 19 ~~ Sophie Rae, 7lbs 12oz, 38w6d

KatieWillis: July 23 ~~ Sullivan Andrew, 8lbs 9oz, 39w1d

MommyEdison: July 23 ~~ Jayden Alexzander, 5lbs 9.5 oz

Holly_Anne618: July 23 ~~ Cameron Keith, 7lbs 9.5oz, 39w

Sorariana: July 24 ~~ Elly Rose, 7lbs 8.4 oz, 39w

Jenn8675309: July 25 ~~ Emilee Kate, 7lbs 6oz

Loriloo: July 27 ~~ Simon Atticus, 8lbs 9oz

August Arrivals

Gerberdaisytexas: August 2 ~~ Madeline Elle, 7lbs 3oz

Lilifee: August 8 ~~ Agnes Maeve

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Siena's Birth Story
Just need to say...
Nothing Like Harrisons

On June 23 I had a Dr.s appointment and she told me I was already 3cm and had a favourable cervix. She figured I'd go into labour fairly soon.
I got home and noticed some mild contractions and the start of my bloody show. Assumed it was from my cervical check. That night the contractions were coming every hour... they were pretty strong ...definitely didn't sleep because of them.

By morning I thought I was in full labour. Disgusting red show oozing out of my body and contractions nearly 15 minutes apart. I told Ryan to stay home from work as we were going to have a baby. A few hours later contractions stopped being as intense. I could talk and walk through them so I went back to my stupid theory this was all from my appointment 24 hours ago.

3pm is they started back strong... I laboured up in my room by myself breathing through contractions and imagining Siena coming on down. My goal was to wait until they were 6 minutes apart and then book it to the hospital. Since Harrisons labour was so short I thought maybe an hour before it was time to go, get to the hospital by 4 and push her out by 6pm...

Yeah, no. 10 pm they were strong but stuck at 8-9 minutes apart. We decided to go to the hospital anyways, I was getting really tired and antsy.

I got in and the Nurse said "Woah! You are fully dilated!" They whipped me to my room and the Dr met us there. He checked me and said " No... you are 7 maybe an 8. NOT WHAT I WANTED TO HEAR! The contractions were on top of each other and I was getting very tired. They did another check at 1 am and I was still at 8...
I had been throwing up for an hour or so and finally gave in and asked if the nice man with the epidural could come in and save me. And he did. I think it's what my body needed because in 2ish hours she came out. AND I MEAN CAME OUT. Not one single push. I could feel the urge to push and told the nurse she was going to arrive NOW. When the Dr came into the room, Siena had her head hanging out and was screaming. He had no time to do anything but catch her and put her on my belly.

Once the placenta came out ( I actually had to give a push for it! ) Siena was nursing away.

Harrison was born at 3:28 am... 8lbs 4 oz. ( 41 weeks 3 days )
Siena was born at 3:24 am ...8lbs 3oz. (39 weeks )

Cool right?
I'm so in love with my perfect family.

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Alice Kathryn
Born at home: 8th July, 2010 2:25ish pm

Thursday morning I woke up with mild period cramps, nothing new, pretty much had had them for a week. Certainly nothing I could time. DH went to work around 8am with the promise he'd be home for lunch around 1pm. I told him jokingly that I hoped that when he came home from lunch I'd be ready to have a baby! Anyway, around 8:30 I started having some contractions ranging from 10 to 15 mins apart, and lasting 30+seconds. Nothing too bad as my son was on my lap colouring and playing maracas all through them. I just sat here on the computer surfing the net. Smile Around 11am the contractions were consistent at 10 mins apart, so I called the midwife and told them. They asked if I wanted someone to come out right away or wait a bit. I decided that I was fine and was coping well, so thought I'd wait till they got a bit closer together before I had someone come out, they were fine with my decision. I figured my son's labour was nearly 19 hours and it got way worse than this before I had anyone come last time, so why not wait a bit. Around 12 I decided to see if my husband could come home a bit early because I was actually in labour and wanted a bit of help with our son. So he did. We had lunch, and I texted my friend and told her that I was in labour with contractions 10 mins apart, been like that all morning, and we'd drop Nate off after his nap. So 1:30, DH takes Nate up for his nap. I come upstairs too and go to the toilet and decide I didn't really want to go back downstairs and be that far from the toilet. Contractions suddenly sped up to 5 mins apart and I wasn't coping as well, so called the midwife again. I got her voice mail, so I called the office and they said they would have someone call me ASAP. This was about 1:45pm. My midwife called me about 10 mins later, still having contractions about 5 mins apart while I was on the phone with her. She said she was on her way, just needed to pack up her stuff. She was only 5 mins away anyway. I told DH to abandon Nate's nap and text my friend to come get him, because I was moaning through contractions and he wasn't going to sleep anyway, just in his room calling "Mommy!" everytime he heard me moaning. So DH was taking him down the stairs and I decided I needed the toilet again. So I got over there, sat down, something popped and shot out of me (I'm guessing it was my waters?) And then her head was just there! I screamed for my husband and quickly got down on my hands and knees, holding her head. He got up to me, and the rest of her just popped out. So he caught her and handed her to me, and went and got our son off the stairs and let the midwife in who had just arrived at the door. The midwife came and delivered the placenta while DH took Nate out to my friend who had also just arrived. Quite the exciting day really!

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Olivia's birth story

Olivia Grace
Born June 24, 2010 at 2:33pm
7 pounds 3.8 ounces, 20 inches

I guess the story begins around June 16th. I had a doctor’s appt that morning and was told I was 3cm and baby was low. I had a membrane sweep and was sure that Olivia was on her way in the next couple of days. 2 days later I had bloody show and again was sure labor was on the way. By the next appt the following Wednesday I was discouraged that nothing had happened. I saw the other doctor and he told me flatly that “nothing was happening” and to make an appt for next week. I was crushed because my mom had flown out and I really thought we would have already had a baby by that day. So my mom and DH and I decided that afternoon to go to the mall and walk. I wasn’t feeling anything happening except a few minor contractions here and there. We were waiting for Sofia to get off of the carousel when I felt a trickle come out. I said to my mom that I thought I might have peed a little or maybe my water just broke. About 15 seconds later there was no doubt as a gush of water soaked my pants and was running down my legs. We realized what happened and looked quickly for the nearest restroom. Holding a bag in front of me and my mom behind me, we made a break for it. Unfortunately we were laughing quite hard the whole way which made even more water come out…but it was just too funny and such a public place to be in when it happened. After getting cleaned up, we left the mall and I called my doula. She arrived at our house about an hour later. Both DH and I showered and tried to calm our nerves knowing this was now finally “it”. The doula came and I still felt okay. We went for a long walk around our neighborhood and then still I was not feeling much labor. Contractions were coming but as soon as I’d sit down, they would stop. So I kept on my feet walking and swaying and doing squats and yoga positions and still nothing was happening. After several hours of this, we were all exhausted. It was midnight and I’d been walking since 2:30 in the afternoon. I knew I needed to rest or I would be too tired for labor. My doula suggested that we all go to bed (she lives very close by) and get some rest and if by 6am nothing was happening, we go to the hospital for an induction. It felt good to get to bed and most of the night I did get some rest although I was getting concerned about what labor was going to be like with an induction. 6am rolled around and we headed in. It was shift change so we had to wait a bit for the nurse who was taking care of me to get pitocin started. About 8am things were in full swing. They started off with a low dose and then every ½ hour doubled it. By 12pm my contractions were getting very uncomfortable. They were coming every 2 minutes like clockwork. My pain level was about a 5 and when I got checked I was 4-5 cm. So DH left to pick up lunch for him and the doula. By the time he got back I was in very intense pain and moaning a lot to get thru the contractions that were coming now one on top of the other. As soon as one would end I had about 15 seconds and another one would start. I told my doula to please have them turn off the pitocin but it had only been about ½ hour since I was just 4-5 cm and she was concerned that if contractions stalled, we’d have to start all over and encouraged me to try to get thru “just one more” contraction. I knew this wasn’t normal to be in such pain and have no break in between contractions but I listened to her and soon I was really moaning a lot and needing lots of encouragement from her to get thru each one. She was really helpful in keeping me from losing control – which I felt like I was getting close. I begged DH to help me and said over and over that I couldn’t do it. And then all of a sudden my body started pushing. It was completely involuntary and I couldn’t have stopped it if I wanted to. I yelled that I was pushing and my doula ran to get a nurse. She came in and said I was complete and ready to deliver. This was 1 hour from being 4-5 cm. Everything happened very quickly and I’m positive it was because they kept the pitocin on even when I begged to have it shut off or slowed down. I’m still a little upset that no one listened to me. I knew it was going too fast. I went thru the worst hour but now I knew that my baby was coming and it was a relief to push. They got the doctor there and set everything up. I got to have pedals to push my feet on and that was much more comfortable than the stirrups. It gave me a little more power in the pushing. So I pushed for about 45 minutes and the worst part was the doctor pulling me apart to make room for the baby. She said that the baby’s shoulders were big and I had a small opening so she was trying to avoid an episiotomy. That hurt a lot and then I felt the ring of fire. It wasn’t long before her head was out. She had the cord wrapped 2 times around her neck so I had to wait to deliver her shoulders. With one or two more pushes she was out and it felt amazing! What a relief! I did tear along the same tear I had with Sofia and again I had a hemorrhage that was a little scary. Because of this, they had to work on me and I wasn’t able to do immediate skin to skin with the baby. They took her to clean her up. She barely made a sound and I kept asking if she was okay. She was very alert and just looking around – something I’ve heard non medicated babies do. After getting stitched up and almost an hour after she was born, they brought her back to me. She nursed right away and most of the painful memories of the last few hours were already dwindling away. I was so in love with her instantly! It’s amazing how that happens. The first night I felt about the same as with Sofia…sore and tired but over the next couple of days I couldn’t believe how GOOD I felt! I did have my tubes tied the day after the birth and actually that was what I spent this last week “recovering” from. As far as the birth pain, I feel amazing and just can’t believe it. It took literally weeks for me to feel as good as I do now from my last birth and I have to credit the natural birth for it. I’m so thankful it worked out and my doula was incredible. Anyway, so that’s it! Our sweet angel Olivia is here and life is great!

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Orson Graeme born at home 7-1-2010

I could tell things were gearing up as the school year was wrapping up. Our classrooms were moved around the building. Thanks to lots of help from my coworkers my room was moved. I was feeling lots of Braxton Hicks every time I was up on my feet from that point on. Cleaning up around the house or getting things done those last days of work was difficult. Orson held off until June 30th....that is when things got started.

The morning of June 30th I was 39w 1d oddly enough the same gestational day when my water broke before labor started with Daemon I was also 39w1d. I had felt pretty crampy the days leading up to June 30th and felt maybe something was going on, but wasn't banking on anything.

I tossed and turned all night and around 5:40 a.m. I noticed some blood in the toilet. I figured this must be bloody show and went back to bed to get some rest. Early labor contractions were irregular all day. I spent time listening to Hypnobabies, resting lying down, or sitting in the birth tub. I preferred to labor on my own and when my midwife and birth assistant arrived they spent time chatting and sipping tea on the front porch and let me do my thing. Troy also spent time on the computer and was there when I needed him. He wrote me sweet little love notes and left them where I would see them when I lifted my head after a contraction.

Temperatures were very comfortable and not humid and hot like they had been. outside Around 7 I got out of the tub because my contractions had spaced way out. My body was very relaxed and we discussed a nice long walk before dinner. Troy was making lasagna and garlic bread, so that's what we did. We walked up and down the driveway a few times and up and down our quiet street. It was not hot out and it was such a wonderful time we spent together as a couple holding hands and sharing our excitement over our new little one. During each wave I hung on Troy's neck and relaxed every muscle in my body. My body knew exactly what to do. Walking got things moving a bit and the contractions were getting closer together and more intense, which felt great.

Around 9 we ate dinner and timed contractions to see what was happening. Things were really spacing out now that I sat down. I had only a few contractions during dinner as they spaced out to around 7 minutes apart. Dinner was great! We talked and laughed during dinner. It was a very enjoyable time spent together. I felt so happy we chose these ladies to be present during my birthing time. They seemed to know just what I needed and gave me space to do what I needed to do and let me make decisions for myself, which made me feel in control. My midwife discussed the possibility of going home for some rest since she lives so close to us, but we were unsure about it since my birthing assistant lives further away in D.C. It seemed I was only in early labor, since things were not gearing up yet at all.

My midwife does not do internal exams unless you ask for them and I was starting to wonder what all this early labor was doing to my cervix. Before she planned on leaving I asked her to check me. She checked me and found me to be 5-6 cm. thin cervix and a bulging bag of water. I was so happy I asked her to check me because I knew active labor was on it's way and things would speed up here soon. She said she was definitely not leaving now and that baby should be on his way soon. After dinner around 9:30 I got into the shower. I hung on the wall during each wave and rocked my hips through the contractions. Things were moving along, getting more intense, and it felt right. Around 10ish I got out feeling refreshed and walked sideways up and down the stairs to rock the baby down into my hips a little more. I held onto the railing during each wave. Troy hung out with me at the top of the stairs and ate a bowl of cereal. We laughed as we spent these quiet moments together. My midwife and birthing assistant were resting downstairs. I decided to move to the bedroom. I rocked on the birth ball in the bedroom on hands and knees for a few waves. That wasn't very comfortable so I laid down on my left side on the bed and during a wave. During that wave it felt like Orson kicked me in my cervix and a explosion happened. It scared me a bit. I think I said what heck was that! I thought I peed myself! Troy ran downstairs and told the midwife he thought my water had broken. This was at 11:20 p.m.

Sure enough it had broken and now things got really going! Contractions came right on top of one another and they felt very intense. I hung on the wall and vocalized through each wave as I rocked back and forth. Rocking and hanging felt good because of all of the pressure I was feeling. I knew baby was coming soon, which was so exciting. My midwife and birth assistant quickly ran downstairs to gather up the supplies and put them on top of the dresser and around the room where they were needed. Around 11:40 I was completely focused on my baby. I started pushing with good progress. I felt like I was going to vomit and felt a lot of pressure in my bottom, so I got on the bed. After having a baby with an epidural I didn't know what to expect when it came to pushing. Let me just say this was the most intense thing I have ever felt in my entire life. My body was involuntarily pushing. As my birthing assistant said, "Without an epidural you feel the whole enchilada!" and she is right on. There was so much power with each wave that came over my body I had not choice but to go with it and push. The first few waves I just felt it and was just taking it all in. I was caught off guard at the intensity. I got focused and went with it. I was so close to meeting my baby boy! I pushed on my side and on my back. I wanted to switch positions because the pressure was so intense, but the contractions came so close together I could not get out of the position I was in. I pushed for longer then I expected. There was some stinging as I tore a bit and out he came.

Labor stats: early labor 5:30 am-9:30 p.m. stage 1 was 2 hr.31 mins. stage 2 was 1 hour 32 minutes stage 3 was 36 minutes
Total labor time 4 hours 39 minutes.

Orson Graeme was born at 1:33 a.m. on July 1st, 2010. The whole experience was everything I wanted it to be. Calm, relaxed, and without intervention or unnecessary procedures. Orson came out calm without crying. His apgars were 9 and 10. He laid on my chest and showed an interest in nursing while I was repaired. I had a 2nd degree tear. He was never separated from mommy. His cord wasn't cut until it stopped pulsing. His baby exam was done last at 4:15 a.m. before the midwife left at 5:30 a.m. and we found him to be 7 lbs. 15 oz. and 20 1/2 inches long. My midwife and birth assistant tucked us all into bed gave us hugs and kisses and went quietly on their way.

Since the birth Orson is doing well. He sleeps great and nurses like a pro.

Getting weighed

Orson and mommy

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Welcome Chalie Ian....

Lets start at the begining...are you comfy ladies LOL....

I had been awake since 3am Thurs morning, because 6am was when my sister was going in to be induce,and it was playing on my mind...
I went to visit her and baby Quinn at 4pm Thurs...with hopes of baby delivery vibes rubbing off on me...Who wouldve guess it may work...All the midwives were laughing saying hope we see you soon...but they all thought I looked awfully high...:(...way to boost my hopes LOL...

SOOOOOO...about 6pm we were looking for rental cars online for when we go to Aussie in Sept...I was kinda straddling the couch arm like a horse, and there was a big bubble of wetness....I thought HUMMMMMM....went loo, thinking that was alot for a bladder leakage...then about 5mins later I stood up to check on dinner and bubble, wet again...HUMMMMMM....still not wanting to get my hopes up (but really I knew there was no other explaination for it but waters breaking) this happened 2 more times...I was contemplating "to eat dinner or not to eat dinner?" cos you know what goes in must come out HAHAHA!!!!
I opted for eating dinner....

I was on FB at the time this was all happening...and was chatting with my other sister, sho jsut happened to be txting the other sister in thing "hosp" sister rang me...WHATS HAPPENING??? THE MIDWIVES WANT TO KNOW....LOL
I told her to tell them I would be there soon...

Labour was slow to begin...arrived at hosp about 7.30pm Thurs 15th...put on monitor, had the anti b's drip put on for Strep B...And then played the waiting game....AND WAIT WE DID!!! I was 3cm when the Dr came to check on me...
I started feeling the contractions about 9ish but just tightenings...It was about 12.30ish I started to FEEL timeable contractions...And then it all kicked in pretty fast...
I had made myself a promise before going into this, that I was going to control the labour and just try to breath through every contraction, without swearing or moaning or was just a personal aim of mine...
Happy to say I did it...not a noise just breathing...HEAVY breathing towards the end, but I feel soooooo good about it and I felt I had control over EVERYTHING...
I also decided I wasnt going to get on the bed until I couldnt stand any longer, as I feel the second you get on that bed thats where you are stuck till the end...
I walked the room during the majority of labour, only stopping to sway and breath through contractions...I had very sore feet at the end...And many many toilet stops HAHAHA...(trying to off load dinner Biggrin )
This is the first labour that I have felt all the stages, which I think is so much better and easier to control whats happening and knowing where you are etc...
It was about 2.15am when I decided I needed to get on the bed...I was shaking sooo much I was struggling to stand...
From there it was fetal position on the bed...
The odd thing was during this labour Charlie didnt stop moving...between each contraction he was squirming around kicking left right and center....
Another funny thing was, for about the last 6 contractions before I started to push Charlie got the hiccups...LOL...great timing...
I was so controlled I was able to hold conversations inbetween contractions...not that there was much time between, but I was able to tell midwife that if I start to push it should all be over within 10mins...because I got the feeling she didnt think I was as far as I was...
And I was right!!!!
I told her I had that pushy feeling and she said ok...well would you like me to check where you are at....AHHHHHH YEAH!!!!!!
I was 8cm and still had the smallest lip on my cervix (did last time too, but it made no difference) she felt around and said his head was still up high, and there was a small membrane formed over his head so she got rid of that...
I started to push next contraction, but because he was so high it took me 5 pushing through contractions to get him down to where he shouldve been in the first place...And during this time I was able to entertain the room LOL...first push and I said "OH NO...." everyone said "WHAT?" i said "I JUST POOED!!!!!" LOL.....midwives just said that fine its totally normal...I said "Yeah I know I just didnt want to, and i thought I wouldve got rid of it all with all my toilet stops" they were all highly entertained at the fact I was even thinking about that...
Then it was just like normal (apart from him being bigger and needing harder pushing)
Within 5 pushes he was out, but not without entertainment still...Charlie decided after the first push to start getting his head out, that he didnt like the view he was getting (maybe she saw his father), so he did a full 180degree turn to look at the other midwife...Talk about weird feeling and looked weird from where I was too...Again I entertained...saying "OH NO hes going back in, dont you let him!!!"
He was much harder work than my other two, they kinda fell out like wet fish after the head, but not this boy, even his hips were a good push...
So all out and on my tummy, they were watching him closely because his colour wasnt so good...BLUE to be honest...
Andy cut the cord, and the whipped him away to give him some oxygen...his body pinked up well but his head stayed blue for a good hr after...
Meanwhile I got experience another first, Ive never had to deliver a placenta, the other two just followed the baby..."you may have to push" said the midwife...HOLY MOLEY Its like another baby!!!!! HAHAHAHA....Unfortunately my dr didnt make it in time as the midwife didnt call him early enough, she hadent listened to me earlier telling her how quickly I push them out...
Then the bleeding started, and unfortunately didnt stop for the follow almost 4hrs...i had midwife pumping on my tummy every 15-30mins Sad I was not a happy camper...I was in that much pain, I was finding it hard not to hit her hands away, in fact I think I did a few times....She was very apologetic and i knew she had to do it, but it was far more painful and went on for longer than the labour did...
Finally 4hrs, an IV started, two jabs in the leg and a quick shaky shower later I was in my room...
Charlie slept brilliantly and had been asleep on his dad for 2 or so hrs, poor dad was falling asleep, as was I even with all the pain...
I was awoken 30 mins later by my cheery Drs "GOOD MORNING!!!" he saw my IV and said did you misbehave over night? I told him I never stopped bleeding after he left (altho when he left they all thought it had at that point)
So I then had to endure another horrid experience...a clot fisher (I think thats what he called it) Any it involves the Drs hands wrist deep up into my womb pulling out clots!!!
He was lovely and bought me the gas...Nitrous I could suck on that during...10 mins later and he was done...
But Im now left very sore and internally bruised from all the midwifes 3+hrs of pumping on my
stomach and the Dr fishing around in there pulling stuff out (weird feeling believe me) it truely is amazing what can get up there, i could feel his hands just below my tummy button...(sorry TMI)

All is good now tho, im on some good pain relief for it all...Charlie is feeding like a champ...was sleeping GREAT until last I would class it as OK...but has the most discusting blood curdlling SCREAM!!!! its HORRID!!!!!

And here he is...Charlie Ian, born 3.12am, 16th July, 8Lb 13oz....

me wondering the delivery room fashioning the ever so flatering hospital gown, reading all the emergency protical on the walls LOL....Just a bit of light reading....

My blue baby before oxygen...

Charlie after oxygen, but still very blue face...

Not looking TOO bad considering...

A very happy (unshaven AGAIN) daddy...

Sleeping Charlie...

Happy big sister...Couldnt get one of Liam and Charlie... MIL did though, I was just too slow...

Going home...Charlie/Liam...

And first sleep at home...with comparasion photo of Liams first sleep at home...

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Nathan's birth story is pretty boring, LOL.....

For medical reasons, my doctor wanted to do my repeat c-section around 37 weeks. On July 13, we went in to have an amnio done to check Nate's lung maturity. A few hours later, the doctor's office called to tell us that the lungs were mature and that we'd go ahead with the section the next day. I called to get my schedule, and found out that I was scheduled for 1:30 pm on July 14th :eek:

We went in to the hospital at noon for preparations. They took me into the OR around 1:20 or so. It took two tries to find a good spot for the spinal, but then we were on the way. Nathan was born at 1:51 pm and weighed 6lbs 2oz and was 18 3/4 inches. He screamed and then peed on the nurse!

I'm so glad to have him here finally!

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Cameron Keith J.
July 23, 2010
7 lbs 9.5 oz
20.5 in long
Apgars of 9 and 9

On Friday, July 30, Daddy and I arrived at the hospital at 6:00 AM. We were told to be there 2 hours prior to the c-section so that paperwork could be filled out and you could be monitored. We got to the hospital, and went up to Labor and Delivery. We checked in, and the first thing the nurse did was have me use the restroom and Daddy change into his scrubs.

We went back into the room, and the nurse then sterilized my belly, shaved me, and put the fetal heart monitor on. Instantly we were able to hear your heartbeat, and the nurse was able to tell if Mommy was having any contractions. At first, there didn’t appear to be any contractions, but about 30 minutes later, the monitor was picking up random contractions. After the fetal monitor had been hooked up, Mommy had to fill out a bunch of paperwork. When that was finished, I showed the nurse my birth plan. Most of the items she thought would be doable, but they “forgot” to do quite a few of them.

Once paperwork and everything was in order Mommy realized that it was already 7:00 AM, only one more hour until your birth!! Daddy and I tried to relax and watch some television, but soon there were people coming in and out of the room. The nurse hooked me up to some antibiotics for Group B Strep around 7:15, anesthesia came in to talk to me at 7:30, Dr. Hamburger came in to say hi followed by Grandma and Grandpa Burnham and your sisters. At 7:45 they wheeled me back to the OR and moved me to the operating table.

The nurse helped me sit up and then the doctor was able to give me a spinal. The nurse was great about keeping Mommy talking so that she wasn’t paying attention to the anesthesia. Suddenly I felt a small poke and they laid me slowly back down on the table. They then hooked up some other monitors and started prepping for surgery. Shortly after, Daddy was allowed to come into the room. Then they poked my belly (which was now numb), and started the surgery at 8:00 AM.

It felt like forever, but at 8:10 I heard that first beautiful cry. The doctor said that after he made the first incision you stuck your hand out. I guess you were ready to get out and explore the world!! Once you were finally out everyone kept commenting on how much hair you had and how dark it was. I was anxious to see it, but they took you over to the warmer to get you cleaned up. Daddy followed and took pictures, and shortly after, Daddy walked you down to the nursery to weigh you. The nurse came back in and told me you were 7 lbs 9.5 oz and 20.5 in long. I was shocked at how tiny you were because I was expecting you to be bigger like your sisters.

I was stitched up and moved back into recovery. Unfortunately, my body temp was not coming back up as it should, so I had to wear a bear blanket to help bring it up. The blanket alone was not helping, so they had to wrap infant blankets around my head too. After about 2 hours, my temp was stable, although not really high, so they moved me back to my postpartum room. I was able to hold you for the first time and relief was all I felt. It has been a long, hard, sometimes scary journey to get to this point, but I am so thankful to have you here, happy and healthy!

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Birth story of Simon Atticus (long and shorter versions)

I wrote this up the day that he was born, but it took me a few days before I had time to actually edit it, add pics, and publish it out. This is the finished product:

The birth story of Simon Atticus

I included every aspect of it that I'll want to remember later but might forget, so it wound up being really long. I included the prestory though, so for those who aren't too into the "how I got there", then just skip right down to the active labor portion.

For those who only want to know "how it all went down", I'll write up a quick recap. I don't like this version at all though because it doesnt do the experience justice in any way. Bleh. Oh well, here's the quick version though:

I was at a 4 and nearly fully effaced on Thursday at my midwife appt (38.5 weeks gestation). After being up all night on saturday night with intense braxton hicks cx, I was getting pretty annoyed that nothing was kicking into full gear. I tried to get labor going on Sunday, because I could feel that the time was growing close for the baby to come. Using all of the classic "induce labor" techniques, I actually was able to work into some decently strong contractions that held consistently at 4 minutes apart for 4 hours or so. Once I stopped bouncing on my birthing ball and doing what I could to get them going, however, they started to fizzle out. We went to the hospital at 9pm anyway and met with my midwife. By the time we got there though, my cx were nearly gone and I was pretty sure I just wanted to go home. She told me I was about the same as I had been at my appt on thursday, so I definitely wanted to just go home at that point. I walked around for a half hour and gained a cm, but I still wasnt feeling like I was in active labor so I opted to go home instead of staying there and having my water broken or something that would commit to getting the labor in progress. I went home and had another sleepless, uncomfortable night of strong and annoying braxton hicks.
With about 4 hours of sleep over two days time, I decided to lay really low all day monday. I didnt want to do anything that would bring about false labor. If labor came, then I wanted to know it was the real deal. I really wanted to conserve my energy the best I could.
That evening at 9, I started to feel the burn and pull of dull active labor cx. I let them take their course for 2 hours, then at 11 I decided that we needed to figure out what was going on. I took a bath in hopes to calm the cx and maybe get some sleep, but they persisted. At 11:30, my cx went from "dull pain" to "high intense I'm going to stab someone to distract myself pain". It was crazy how quickly it all changed. I called my midwife and got to the hospital at midnight.
I was in triage for 40 minutes which was horrible and I hated it. I hate being monitored, strapped to a table and being poked at. Laying on the table was making my crazy bad cx SO much worse and i was starting to lose it. I wanted to get to my birthing room, i wanted to be with my midwife... but triage is all part of a hospital birth so I stuck it out however long I had to.
I was freaking out at this point because I was only at a 5 when I checked in and my water hadn't broken. The cx were so bad though! I thought to myself "if this is the beginning of labor and it hurt THIS bad, then there was no way I can make it for hours on end without an epidural". I was starting to lose my faith in myself. I was only at a 5, so I knew that I'd be able to get an epidural if I asked for one. I knew that I could handle the pain for longer though, so I decided to hold out until I was settled in my birthing room and didnt have anything left of myself to give. Little did I know though, that I was actually at the END of labor, experiencing the hardest contractions that come just before the baby is born.
After finally being released from triage, I got to the birthing room and jumped right in the birthing tub. This was at about 1am. I was able to gain my composure there and recommit to my natural childbirth plan. I started all of my birthing techniques like breathing deep, only allowing myself to omit low, deep moans during each contraction, forcing my body to relax and ride each contraction through, and envisioning each contraction being like a wave in the ocean that I have to withstand as they bring my baby closer to me. My cx were only 30 seconds apart at this time and they lasted about a minute each.
At 1:45am, I actually felt a huge gush of swishy water come out from me. I could only assume that my water had broken, but it was hard to tell that when you're already sitting in a jetted jacuzzi tub. I told my midwife and she checked me and I was at a 7 and my water had indeed broken. Within 2 more contractions, I called out in a weird monotone voice that lasted the length of the contraction "I FEEEEEEEEEEEL INCLIIIIIIIIIIIINED TO PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSH".
I caught my midwife off guard because it was so soon, but she had me jump right out of the tub and I knelt beside the bed like I was going to pray.
Here I am working through them:

The cx were back to back and crazy intense now. I wasn't sure how to go about it, but I regained and refocused my composure and started to push just a bit. Within moments, my body took over and pushed out the head. The sensation caused me to yell out the word "BAAAAAAAAAAAAAABYYYYYYY" during the push. The pressure released, but instantly started up again as I realized I had to push the shoulders out still. Here's a pic Sam took of me just before I started my last push:

The cx took hold and I pushed with all my might. I screamed "MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!" and bam! Little Simon slipped right out of me and into my midwife's arms. Here I am as I realized what had just happened:

Then I shouted out to Sam, "I did it! How about that!!! I did it!!! We're done, he's here!"

I felt like a million dollars, I just hopped up onto the bed with the baby following in tow and sat down to receive him. It was absolutely amazing. He got a 9 and a 10 on his apgars and was healthy as could be. He nursed right away and everything was truly perfect. I only needed a little stitch for a superficial tear that I havent noticed since, and other than that I haven't had any need for recovery. My body just bounced right back and I rode that endorphin high for days. Three cheers for natural childbirth! I'm so grateful that my labor was under conditions and circumstances that enabled me to keep my goal. I seriously couldn't be happier with my experience and I'm already looking forward to my next (though that's a few years out).

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Friday morning about 9-9:30 I wake up to what to me would be mild menstral cramps. On a scale of 1-10 a 1 being nothing and 10 being the worst thing imaginable. I was only about a 2 nothing seriously hurt but I was uncomfortable. I tried to go back to sleep for an hr. or so because it was my last day off and I didn't want to be up that early. but no go my body said it was time to get up. So being new to all this I did as I normally would when faced with a new and slightly disconcering situation and called my mom. And while on the phone my contractions were a good 6 to 10 min. apart but were getting stronger. So my mom tells me to call my Dr. and while I was doing that she woul be calling the family to let them know that I was probably in early labor. So I call DH first (he was at work) and let him know that I'll be calling the Dr.s office.
10 min later after having called the Dr. (was waiting on a call back) Dh shows up at home. His boss sent him home to take care of me. Good thing is his boss is my best friend! My contractions are now about 5 min. apart and lasting a good 2 min. a piece. I finally get a hold of my Dr.s office and am told I can either wait it out until my contractions are closer together unless I was spotting. Of course someone mentions the restroom and my bladder decides it needs to be emptied right then and what to my wondering eyes does appear? Spotting... I told DH that and so its off to L& D I go.

So in I go its now 11 am they check my vitals and ask if I normally have high BP. I've not until this point so no. The nurse just kind of frowns at me then leaves. I was dong fine no real pain or concern until I started throwing up.... not good and to make matters worse I find out my Dr. is out for the weekend and not going to be in. Someone else is going to have to deliver my son. ENTER DR. EVIL!

Now at noon I am 4 cm and 100 % effaced so they go ahead and admit me. Now I'm really feeling the contractions about a 5-6 on that 1-10 scale. Still doing good with my contrax I'm still able to talk through them. I'm cutting up and laughing with DH MIL FIL and my husbands boss. When Dr. Evil comes in and decides I'm not progressing fast enough for him and decides to break my water. Now I've got a good pain tolerence level but this man was just cruel, He goes to shoving his hand in places already hurting and I told him "You're hurting me." I get ignored man didn't even respond to my statement. He hurt me so bad that he made me curse and scream, when I wasn't even fazed by my contractions. Well come to find out Jayden had defficaed inside the uterus. And they can't keep him on monitor, he doesn't like cold stuff on his mommy's belly. So they think I would look really nifty with a bunch of crap hooked to me so thats what they do. Now I am all wired up a fluid push going into my uterus to clean me out, a cathiter comming out, anti-b's going in one arm, blood pressure cuff on the other and the interuteren monitor on Jayden comming out. I felt like a really uncomfortable electrode.

At 4 they decided I'd suffered enough pain and could have my epi. 2 problems here first is the woman giving me the thing can't get it right she stuck me 5 times in 5 diffrent places. I'm trying really hard to sit still and shes digging around in my spine not an easy task to acomplish. And after all that it still failed I was numb on the right side of my body and hypersensitive on the left, let me tell you when one side of your body goes numb the other makes up for it! My pain level jumped from a 6 to a 9 in just moments. At this point I am rocking my pelvis through the contractions it helped quite a bit, but I thought that an Epi is supposed to dull the pain and mine wasn't even touching it.I tell the nurse that I am really hurting and that I can still feel the contrax on the left side. Her brillant advice (no joke here) she tells me to lay on the left side and let the epi drain that way. A few hrs later I am still hurting so they give me toridol in my IV and out go the lights. I wake up just long to rock my way through really strong contractions and then I'm out again.

Enter Dr. Evil again its now 9-10 pm and he says to my family "So we don't want to be here all night and she's just not moving fast enough so for expediency we are going to just take the baby." No one even bothered to ask me my feelings on this, I was dead set against a c-section. Now at this point I have no clue that I'm having bp issues because no one has said anything to me but my blood pressure had sky rocketed to 210/100, and I am being kept half asleep to deal with the pain.

So heavily sedated they take me over to surgery. Now the same woman who couldn't give me an epi. gets selected to give me my spinal block for my c-section. Guess what? Thats right she couldn't do a spinal either. Thats another 20 min of her poking around in my spine with a needle and another 6 puncture wounds on my back. I am sitting on the edge of a table with contractions now a 15 on that 1-10 scale, they are stacked one on top of the other with no gap between. The nurses are telling me to sit still which I am almost unable to do. By the end of her digging around in my back I am begging for them to just stop stabbing at my spine and put me under. I think at one point I even told them if they wouldn't put me out I'd do it myself. I remember little past this point save the fact they couldn't find the assisting surgen.

Turns out when they put me under general anistesia they put me too far and ended up putting Jayden out too. So upon delievery at 10:45pm my son was not breathing. According to family they slam the nursery door open and yell down the hallway that my son is not breathing and is non-responsive. They had to suction his lungs for 5 hrs. in order to clear him of the gas so that he wouldn't get pnumonia.

They got him awake, and tortured me into conciousness. How? By pressing on my uterus! I came too screaming again... told the lady she was trying to kill me. But once fully awake my first coherent words were how's my baby.

So his stats are this....

Jayden Alexzander Edison

July 23, 2010 10:45 pm

Weigh- 5 lbs 9.5 oz
Length- 18 in.
Head- 11 1/2 in.
Chest- 12 in.

He has had a few bottles because of me being under but after that he has been a boob man. He's got a really good latch and nurses for a good 10 min. per breast.

2 wks old

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Lucey Abigail's birth story:

My water broke at 4:17 on Friday, July 9 with no contractions or any other sign of labor. My Midwife had me come in on Saturday at 1pm to check out baby and myself for signs of infection. She said 90% of women go into labor within 48 hours of the water breaking and as long as I'm GBS neg. (which I am) and show no fever or other signs of infection there is less than a 1% chance of any harm to me or the baby to just wait for my body to go into labor on its own (rather than to go to the hospital and get induced or schedule a c-section). Baby and I looked great on Saturday.

Sunday I started to feel achy all over with painful hip joints. I checked my temp hourly and it never raised. The midwife said if it ever got to 100.4 to call. At 6pm it was suddenly 99.8. It scared the hell out of me. I called the midwife crying. She said not to panic. To drink two large glasses of water, eat some protein, take a walk and call her back in an hour. I kept checking my temp and it went down some and then back up some. At 7 pm right before I called her back it was 100.4. Of course, being the calm person I am (yeah, right!) I checked it about 10 more times. Only to watch it rise to 100.8. Also, as soon as I got the fever my stomach continuously felt tight and very crampy. I called the midwife. She said that was a deal breaker and I had to go to the hospital. I had planned on a completely natural birth in a pool at a birth center. I was afraid that the hospital would put a time limit on my labor and induce me right away and try to push me to a c-section. She assured me she would be there and prevent it.

I got up from the couch where I had been sitting so that we could leave right then and suddenly I was colder than I've ever been in my life and my entire body was shaking violently from being cold. My teeth were chattering and I stuttered when I talked! It was 90 degrees out and I was in the car with a down comforter over me and was still shivering.

I was checked into the hospital and getting hooked up to IV antibiotics and fluids 1.5 hours after the fever hit. I don't think I could have reacted any quicker! The stomach tightness and crampiness continued. It was like one contraction that never stopped. Around 8:30 contractions started (this was in addition to the continuous one). They were very intense and 1-2 minutes apart. Sometimes back to back. The extreme cold and shaking never stopped either. But when the contractions started intense nausea also started. It was quite a lot to try to manage. They checked me and I was 2.5 cm dilated and 80% effaced. I toughed it out for 5 hours. They checked me again and I was only 4cm.

At that point it was around 12:45 am. I knew that I wasn’t dilating because I could not relax. With no breaks from contrations, being nauseous and shaking from being extremely cold, I was wearing out quick. The hospital doctor was pushing for Pitocin. The hospital wanted her born ASAP because of my fever. I knew the Pitocin would make everything even more unmanageable for me and feared it would further prevent dilation and therefore result in a C-Section. So I decided I had to put my pride aside and just get the epidural. I knew the epidural would allow me to relax and dilate. The plan was to get it, check me, give me Pitocin and then give me something to sleep for a few hours and then wake up ready to push her out. I got the epidural at 12:45. They checked me at 1:20 and I was 9 cm! They scrapped the Pitocin and sleeping meds plan. The midwife then made me wait an hour to push because she wanted the contractions and the baby’s head to stretch “the area” out on their own so I wouldn’t tear. Lucey was born at 2:34 after a handful of pushes. Despite being in a hospital we still got immediate skin to skin for a half hour and delayed cord cutting. I really credit my midwife’s technique in making me wait an hour to push after I hit 10 cm, and also her massaging the “area” and coaching on when to push hard and when to push soft as the reason I only had a 1st degree tear on the inside that required 2 stitches and NO hemmeroids!

Breastfeeding was, and still is an experience. I have extremely sensitive nipples that are flat. And Lucey was born a champion sucker. The result was that she drew blood at that first feeding leaving me with cracks and hickies! It was not a pleasant first bonding moment! But I tuffed it out and talked to two lactation consultants at the hospital and used nipple shields.

Things seemed to be going well until the first pediatrician appointment when Lucey was 3 days old. She was born at 7 pounds exactly and she had dropped to 6 pounds 3 ounces. Additionally, her billirubin level was 19. The pediatrician said that billirubin levels of 20 required the blue light at the hospital. She said the best method to lower them was to stuff her face full of formula every two hours (which we had to do anyway because she had lost too much weight, about 11% of her body weight when 7-10% is the norm). So that’s what we did. In less than 24 hours she had gained 5 ounces. But the bad news was that her billirubin was up instead of down. She was at 21. So we went back to the hospital for 24 hours and her levels dropped to 16. At her follow up appointment with the pediatrician at 8 days old, she had cleared the billirubin and weighed exactly 7 pounds again. We were very relieved but it was a huge emotional roller coaster.

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Figured I should write Tommys birth story... finally! lol!
Due date: 7/9/2010
Born: 7/13/2010 40wks 4 days
6lbs 12oz, 21inches

I was due Friday July 9th. Up till this point I was maybe 1cm dilated but 70%effaced. I knew I wasnt going to have him by the due date. So I was disappointed seeing my due date come and go. Sunday night I went to the restroom and had a slight ting of pink on the TP. Still no having contractions or anything so went to bed like normal. Woke up monday morning, had a little more pink, but still figured no contractions no water breaking meant no labor. By around noon on the 12th I had red discharge when I went to the bathroom. I was texting my BFF in TX and she said I might want to call the doctor. So I did. they said to come in around 2ish. I called my mom and she took the rest of the day off just in case. I decided I should probably pack my hospital bag just in case. Smile Off to the doctors we went. I had talked to DH online he was going to wait up until I got back to give him the info on whats going on. Doctor exaimed me, I was 4cm and 80% effaced. She offered me two choices. I could go to the hospital then or go in the next morning. I opted for the next morning- I guess I wasnt mentally ready to have the baby even though I was done being pregnant.
Next morning my mom picked me up around 430am, got right to the hospital and up to L&D by 5am. They started my IV by 6- which I HATED! I have a phobia of needles and she wasnt gental. They started me on pitocin right away. I brought my laptop and was on FB chatting with DH the whole time. Around 8ish I was watching the contractions on the monitor and still not feeling any of them! I thought that was strange. By around 830 I decided to get the epi since I didnt want any part of the pains of labor. The epi wasnt fun. Felt like someone was hammering a nail into my back. Doc said it was painful since I hadnt experienced any contrax so I had nothing to compare it to. Around 10am they checked me right after the epi, I was 7-8. The nurse suggested my dad go home she figured it would be late afternoon. So off dad went. Around 1015 the nurse came running in and throw on the Oxygen mask on me and made me turn on my side. My mom started freaking out. The nurse said babys heart rate dropped and thought it was head compressions with him getting into the birth canal. She checked me and I was complete!!!!No wonder I felt like I had to go to the bathroom!!! So we hurried up and called dad back. We tried a practice push around 11 as he was still high up. I couldnt feel anything and wasnt making any progress. So we turned off the epi :eek: and waited a little longer for him to come down. Around 12ish we tried again and i was able to make some progress. They called the doctor and I think I pushed for 15 mins and he came flying out. I did panick towards the end cuz I felt like he wasnt going to come out. But the nurses kept reassuring me he was almost there!He was born at 1236pm. He didnt cry right away, they said he was a little shocky. But he cried after a min.I tore but never found out how many stitches I got. The recovery from that was next to nothing, the stitches never bothered mom kept Dh informed online and it was super cute reading his comments later on. The nurses were awesome and we got pizza within the hour- I didnt eat before we went into the hospital- I thought I wasnt supposed to- next time I will eat! I was starving! The LC came to help with BF and we did great. i was up moving about two hours later. I almost went home the next day as I felt great but stayed one more night just in case. overall great experience since i never felt anything and it went really quick. From IV started to birth was 6 hours 36 mins. I still cant believe i never felt 1 contraction and even getting to 4cm without knowing it!