Thought I'd add my story! Sierra Mac 7-15-00

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Thought I'd add my story! Sierra Mac 7-15-00

I thought I would add my story here! Sierra's 3rd birthday is coming up and I'm starting to realize my memory of that day is fading, might as well immortalize it!

I had a normal pregnancy, pretty much. I only threw up three times and it was in my second trimester. I went into premature labor after a fall but Sierra was fine.
I started having contractions on a Wednesday night. They hurt like heck but were kinda spaced out. Even so, when they hit 5 minutes apart I told DH it was time to go. We went in, I was 2 cm and 90% effaced. I had been 75% effaced from week 33 but it wasn't a big worry. They sent me home, advising me to keep my check-up appointment the next day. I barely slept all that night. Went to my check-up the next morning, was still at 3cm/90%. My Dr monitered the contrax and said I'd be delivered within the next 48 hours. I was relieved but miserable because it was REALLY hot, being middle of July. Went in later that night with contractions 5-7 minutes apart, lasting a good minute each. The L&D checked, I was at 4cm 100% but not contracting real well. They gave me lots of water to drink and had me walk for an hour, no progress. They gave me the option of staying, they could give me something to help me sleep but the baby would come of her own good time. I said no and went home. Another night with barely any sleep. My DH was working all those days and it was hard on him. Finally Friday rolled around, I was in labor all day, I knew it. My back was killing me and the contrax were still a good 8-10 apart. DH called at 3pm, asking if he could work an extra hour. I told him that was fine, but his behind had better be IN the door at 4, I was in pain and didn't want to be alone much longer. He walked in promptly at 4. He alternated between making dinner and having his fists pressed into my lower back until 7 pm, where he said if the contractions didn't ease off or slow down (they had picked up to a steady 4 min apart and lasting over a minute) we would head out at 8 pm. We left the house at 8:06pm July 14th. DH missed the turn to the hospital, took a 15 minute detour, what he called "the scenic route", I nearly murdered him on the spot. Got in around 8:30, was checked and already at 7cm. They wanted to put a routine IV line in, I refused. The resident, who was a REAL jerk, started this speech about the possible complications and how my baby could die, and that he would not do ANYTHING more until the line was in, wouldn't break my water, no more exams, nothing until he got his IV line. He even got DH to try talking me into it. I knew the risks, but I also knew I didn't want any sort of needles coming near me. I knew without the IV I would have to go totally natural too. He tossed his gloves, said "fine, you can just sit here and be in pain, but I am not doing anything more until your IV is in" and stormed out of the room. I was crying, in pain and my blood pressure went up over 200, at which point they called my OB. She said in no uncertain terms to leave me alone! Leave the IV out, have me sign a waiver that I didn't want it but would consent in an emergency, and to break my water and get a new resident to take over my care til she could get there. I swear I love her! The new resident, a very nice female Dr broke my water around 10 pm. The next two hours are hazy, as I was in active labor and no pain meds. I remember grabbing the rail on the bed and wishing I could throw it, or squeeze it harder. About quarter to midnight I needed to push. My OB came in, wearing her sweats and all, threw a gown on and off we went. We were joking in between contractions on whether I wanted to have the baby on the 14th or the 15th. Sierra MacKenzie was born at 12:27 am on July 15th, 6 lbs, 14 oz and 21 in long, 37 weeks to the DAY. She was perfect. They let me see her for a second before they took her to the warmer, her breathing was gurgly and they wanted to suction her out real good before letting me hold her. I had two tiny stitches, and had to have my uterus massaged every 10-15 minutes for the first few hours to make it contract back down to normal size. Most times the hospitals use a drug for this. Let me tell you, that HURTS! Almost as bad as the labor! BUT over-all it was an okay birth, and I healed completely within 3 weeks, my OB was amazed at how fast I recovered.
Now waiting to do it all over again!!!