Why I am on bedrest PP (birth story)

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Why I am on bedrest PP (birth story)

Heath Gregory
8lbs 9oz
head 35cm
checst 35cm
20 inches long
On Nov 4th 2008 I woke a few times durring the night with BH contractions. I did not think anything of them as I have been having on and off contractions for over a week at this point and was already at 4cm.
But at 4:09am I had one that made me think "this is it" I had 3 more 10 min apart and woke David and told him that I did not think he should go to work. LOL he said "well are you sure I don't to stay home and then have no baby, I can go in and come back home if you need me" "Yes I am sure stay home". I went and posted that I thought I was in labor on PO. I had a few about 3 min apart at that time.
At 4:40 I decided to see if they where real or not and got in the shower to see if they would keep going or stop. It was almost instant that contractions got closer or at least where staying at aprox 3min apart as I had no clock with me to time them. I called David into the room and told him to call into work and call his sister to come over because this was it. He asked if my water broke and I said no, but I was still sure. (other 2 labors started with water braking so he was waiting for this tell tail sign that I was in larob)
I got out and got dressed and he got the kids ready to go just as SIL was ariving. I called my Doula and told her to meet us at the hospital at 6am. At 5:45am we arived and my Doula was waiting already for us in the parking lot, so DH dropped me off with her at the door. I stood outside and labored a bit with her outside and we waited for DH, SIL and the kids to meet us at the door so we could all walk in together. I was having contractions 2min apart.
I walked in got signed in and we walked to the labor room. I found out my midwife was not on call until 7am. I kept requesting that they call her that she told me they could call any time even if she was not on call yet when I went into labor. The nurses where unsure about that but said they would do it as soon as they heard the HB and got my IV going for my GBS antibodoidcs and checked me. I made them check me first before doing the other 2. 8cm 100%. DH and declined the antibodocs and IV I knew I would give birth before the next 4 hours went by and we would then have to stay 48 hours anyway to watch baby so we did not want to get antibodiocts that may not be needed.
At this point it was about 6:20 and the nurse did call Kendra. Kendra told them she had to drop off her baby at the sitter but she was already dressed to be in for 7 and would be on her way ASAP. SIL called MIL to come to the hospital.
For the next hour I labored on the birth ball, but mostly walking acrossed the room and hanging my arms around David and he 100% held me up as I dangled from his neck durring a contraction. The kids where still in the room with us and so sweet Peter would not leave my side and kept holding my hand durring contractions. Tessa too was conserned but ok when explaned too that mommy was not hurt just that the baby was trying to come out. My Doula was awsome she did hip squeases and counter prusher durring contractions.
At 7:05 Kendra arived and asked if I felt like pushing or if I wanted to be checked. She said I could wait if I wanted too. But the baby felt low and durring the peak of contractions I felt pushy so I had her check. OMG I hate that bed on my back!!! 10cm and she wanted to see where the babies head was.Durring the check my water broke. I was having contractions so strong that I was yelling "I want to go home" "I don't want to do this anymore" at DH. LOL the nurses kept asking is that SROM or did you do it. Kendra was like my hand was on the way out I did not do it.
We decided not to have me start pushing yet as baby was still -1. But the bed was the worst thing ever. I explaned to Kandra my nightmare with Tessa and being forced to push on my back in steruips and did not want to repeat that at all. She was open to me doing whatever I had to do to be comfortable. At this point MIL took the kids to the waiting room as Peter was not happy with the sounds I was making.
I decided I wanted to get on hands and knees on the bed and hang off the back of it durring contractions. Contractions slowed way down at this point 5-10 min apart, giving me a natural rest before we satered pushing. Some time around 8am I started saying "I want to do something about them" meaning the pain of the contractions. And Kendra asked if I wanted to start pushing.
I did right like I was on hands and knees pushing until the baby started to move down and crown. I did mini panick at one point and said "I am freaking out" things just felt strange and fuzzy. Everyone was like you can do this you are at the end and full of people that love you. I wanted meds but knew they would not work in time. I had to just let my body surender to it's self and do it.
At that point I decided to roll over and sit on the end of the bed and push. The room was so nice and dark stil no medical lights turned on no sturips up no bed broken down for birth. I could have been at home and in my own bed for how peacful it was. No one counted when I pushed they just let me do it my way. I did get a merror to watch. Amazing. It seemed like a long time to see the babies head but I am sure it was only a few contractions looking back. Pushing felt so good it took the pain of contractions away. Now my mind was on the burnning streching below. The midwife did amazing controle prusher and streching me out with oil. LOL at one point I yelled "stop" but not at anyone in the room it was at the baby it was KICKING and pushing it's self out from inside between contractions and making the ring of fire hurt alot.
Watching myself do this was just amazing and encuraging. My Doula Chrisy got it all on film some of the most text book amazing midwifery support tecuqe pics. I pushed with all I had and after the head came out Knedra looped the cord over the head and helped get out the shoulders. Then she looked right at me and said. "Ok I am done if you want this baby put your hands down here, and lift out your baby" I said "What" but with little encuragment I got my hands under the airmpits and lifted him out!!!!!!! That was amazing and the coolest feeling. I pulled the baby stright up and not right to my chest so I could see the sex. A little boy and then put him on me.
He was so blue from the cord but they never took him off my chest. I just kept talking to him and the nurses rubbed him down. He was still attached to me and the hart rate was good just no crying yet. He was wimpering some and his apgars where 8 and 9. I made a coment about how peacful his birth was that he did not feel the need to cry. The placenta came out on it's own in the first 5 min I did not even have to push. After it was out DH cut the cord.
He did pink up but I started to feel funny and although it was not in our plan to take him off me until after he nursed I let them wight him. Kendra checked me and no stiches needed she did a happy dance at this. I beeld alot at first when the placenta came out but it stopped like normal and we had the kids come back in after I got a gown back on and meet Heath.
They stayed and we got to try and nurse Heath. Who has the oppisit issue then toung tied babies he has no frengulm making his toung extra long and gets in the way with nursing. After about 20 min DH went with the baby to get his blood sugger checked and would meet us in the recovery room.
It was after they left and when they tried to move me that things got scarry. When I lifted my butt to get out of bed, I gushed blood, it flooded the table 2 chucks pads and all over the floor. They gave me a shot of pit. Waiting for it to start to work I asked for pain meds as the after pains hurt. They gave me 2 tylone. They did nothing BTW. Bleeding thought to be just from him being a bigger baby then my others.
Then things got scarry and the bleeding was not stopping. I got a shot of somthing else to try to stop the bleeding and make me have more contractions. I got 2 motron and was crying out with contractions every 60 sec bleeding with each one, wosre then any of he contractions I had had before delivering the baby!!! Let me tell you this was just not fair.
Still that did not work. They then had to get an IV ran a full bag of IV fluids and pit into me fast. I was supper light headed and DH had no clue being in the nusrey with the baby that this was going on. I wanted DH and baby back and SIL went and got them. 2 hours had passed since the birth and still I was bleeding (nursed later called me the flood) My midwife came back at this point she had gone to the office to see a client with an apointment after checking me to see if I needed stiches, but had been on the phone giving the medication orders all this time.
Chrisy held the baby on my left side and David held my hands on the right side and I just cried. I just kept looking at Davids eyes and turing to smell the babies head. The midwife said to me. You have to relax (I was having a panick attack) and saying I was in good hands and they would stop it. I was loopy at this point and so self absorbed had the baby not been at my side I may just have slept away it would have been much better then haivng the pain like I did. But I could smell him and kiss his head and that kept me going.
They endded up catherizing me thinking that my bladder was keeping the uterious from contractiong. OUCH. But even after doing that and starting the 2nd bag of IV pit I was still gushing!!! At this point they asked SIL, MIL and the kids to leave. Kendra then started to mauaualy check inside me. I was rising off the table in pain. She said she could feel alot of clots that she had to go in and get. She asked if I wanted pain meds. We agreed on neubane. It relaxed me and kept me in controle but they did not give me much so I never felt drunk. And I was still crying in pain when she put her hand inside and scraped. In the end I asked to see what she had been getting out. She had a huge bowle of golfball sized clots. After lots of massage they gave the baby back to me and I tried to nurse him hopping nipple stim would end the rest of the bleeding I was having. He was 3 1/2 hours old at this time.
Luckly that worked and we got to go to recovery. I have been on bedrest since his birth. And they wanted me to stay and get a transfusion. But on day 3 my levels where no longer dropping so the midwives convinced the OB that I am healthy and would stay on bedrest and DH was taking the next week off of work and let me go home with my baby. But I was told that had I been an unheathly 45 year old or older I probly would not have made it or would have had many transfusions. That being healthy durring prego keeping my iron high saved me.
Heath is worth it all but we are both scarred and have put off thoughts of any posablity of having more. As we still don't know what caused it. My body has been pregnant or nursing for the last 4 years and it needs a rest.
Heath is still having issue nursing but each day getts better and my milk came in yesterday.