~*August Fireflies Birth Stories*~

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~*August Fireflies Birth Stories*~

Post the story of your August Firefly's birth here! Smile

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ok I guess Ill go first!!

Cheryl Rachel's Birth Story

Well Ive been having contrax for a while before actual labor and I told the doc about it so he checked me and i was 1 cm. I came back the next weeks still having contrax, not killing but they hurt a little and he checked me agian and I was 3 cm :shock: I figured Id be going any day now since I was still getting contrax here and there. So DH dropped me home (poor guy had a really busy day that day) and I was doing the usual, put Sari for a nap and came on the comp. I went to the bathroom and when I was wlaking back I felt a tiny drip. I was like OMG its my water! I was having contrax the whole time whlile I was home but didnt really pay attnetion to them) so I called DH he came home right away left all his busy stuff! hehe I felt bad!!! Then I didnt feel the drip anymore but I was still getting contrax five minutes apart so DH insisted I call and I kept telling no no is probably nothign as usual I dont wanna go all the way to the city, then the doc will tell me its nothing then we gotta go all the way back home...so finally DH convinced me to call (he was practcally draging me out of the house bc I was already 3 cm) so I called and went in, then they started to get worse. but they were still bearable, oh and get this My water wasnt leaking! weird no? so the Doc checked me I was 4 cm! all that time and only 4 cm! hehe so i went to the hospital they got me a room and everything, I got my epi, then they checked me and I was 5 cm. SO the doc broke my water (it was so gross!) and said things will pick up now, and oh boy did it pick up! He kept checking me and within 10 minutes I was 10 cm! :shock: I couldnt believe it!!! After the broke my water, since I was dialating so fast the epi wasnt really helping and there was sooooo much pressure! whoa tons and it hurt!!!! so the doc calle din the anesthesia guy and he put more medicine in me but it didnt really work! then all of a sudden I got this crazy urge to push! like whoa!!!! I almost jumpedoutta the bed!!! so I started pushing, and I thought I was making on the doc so i stopped!!! he goes no ur not making thats the baby!!! I was liek uh uh its not! he goes I see the head!!! sO i started pushign more wow my legs were killinngggggg me soo painful!!! finally after like 10 minutes of pushing she came out!!! Her little 6 lb 5 oz body!!!! Shes 19 inches long, and her apgars were 9\9!!! She got her at exaclt 9 50 pm, and it was my fathers birthday!! so he was very excited!! haha she looks just like SAri its scary!!! heres a pic of my brand new bundle of joy!

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Kathaleen was born on July 21. She was 5lbs 8 oz and 19 1/4 inches long. I had to have a C-section. My water broke on Wed. morning. I went into the hospital at 7 am. I was not contracting, which is very unusual for me. They checked me and I was 70% effaced, and 3 cm. They said my water broke. They decided to do an ultrasound, since I was not contractiing. They found out she was breeched. She turned. Her butt was wedged in my pelvis. Her head was up. They tried to turn her at 10:30 am. and since there was not much water left she would not turn. We thought about tring a vaginal beech, but it seemed to risky. The Dr was afraid it my turn into an emergency C-section. So, at 12 pm I went into the OR and she was born 12:28 pm. Not how I expected this to turn out, but we are both healthy. The spinal was not as bad as I thought it would be! They had be talking and laughing the whole time in the OR room. A little morphine can turn anything into a party! Blum 3 My DH got to hold her and I got to nurse her by 1:30 pm. As a couple of weeks have passed I am getting over not having her in the birthing center. I have even asked if I had a sixth one could I have a VBAC!


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Megan's Birth Story

Putting this in for Brenda...

"BrenRN" wrote:

Ok, so here is what happened:

DH and I went out to dinner Friday night after he and I had haircuts. We got home from dinner at about 9:30 and were just plugging around doing things around the house. I went to get changed and felt a gush of fluid. I had to pee at the time, so I thought I just held my bladder too long and that I had peed. So I got changed and didn't say anything to DH. I still thought it was kind of odd, so I decided to sit on the couch a bit and see what happened. As I was sitting on the couch, I felt myself get damp, so I came to tell DH that I though my water broke. He asked what happened, and I told him the above story. And as I was telling the story, the same thing happened again. So I went to the bathroom and we pondered what to do. My OB had saud to me to call if my water broke, but to see if contractions started first. So, we waited about 40 minutes, and no contractions. So, I sat down at the PC to ask on here what everyone thought it was (still haven't gone back to see that thread!). And when I turned around to say something to DH, my water BURST!

So, we called the OB and he said to come in to the hospital right away. So DH and I grabbed everything, and off to the hospital we went. When I got there, I was 80% effaced and 3cm dilated and they verified that my water had broken, so they admitted me at 11:30. I had started having contractions in the car, varying from 5-15 minutes apart, not real strong. So, when I was admitted, they decided to let me contract a bit on my own to see what was going on. I did that until about 2AM, but wasn't getting anywhere, so they put me on Pit. I needed Demerol to get through some of them, but it didn't really take the edge off. So, at about 5AM, the contractions were very strong, but not in any kind of pattern, so I begged for the epidural. I got checked and was 5CM dilated, so the epidural was given. I was glad I got the epidural, but hated the experience of getting one. It is no fun to try and curl up in a ball with a preggo belly that is contracting and be yelled at to sit still - UM - Hello - I can't and I am in pain, here!!!! So, after 2 attemps, amd much crying from me, I got the epidural. It was heaven after that. Because before that, all I remember is trying to breathe through the contractions and focusing on my focal point (which I decided were 3 dots on the ceiling), and by about 4-5cm I couldn't take the pain anymore.

SO, after the epidural, I got checked every 1-2hours. I progressed fairl rapidly from 5-8cm, and then stalled at 8cm, so they upped the Pitocin. With the epidural, I was ok with that. I ended up getting 21milliunits of Pitconin once everything was said and done, which my OB was impressed with, because most women and babies cannot tolerate it that high, but me and Megan were troopers.

SO, once he upped it, I rapidly went from 8-10 and the family (my mom, dad, bro and gram) got kicked out of the room so I could push. By the time it came for me to push, my epidural had started to wear off and I could feel the need to push, which was great. I started pushing with her at 1:15 and at 1:41 after just a few pushed, Megan entered the world. DH bawled as loud and has hard as the baby when she was born. I just kept saying "I can't believe it's a girl - our Megan Paige little girl!!" I delivered the placenta without a problem and then got stiched up (because I pushed so hard and so fast, I tore - 2nd degree).

I breast fed her about an hour later, and then had a great first night. Last night was awful, as she was having problems latching to my breast, then sucking, then staying awake, etc. We ended up having to supplemement with Enfamil (to get her to pee - per the pediatrician) and it did not agree with her, so she puked for a few hours, then had diarrhea and gas that kept her and us up all night. She finally got past the gas at about 6AM this morning. She has only fed great twice on my breasts (she has fed lots of times, just nothing to write home about). At one piont, I had to express my colostrum onto a teaspoon and feed it to her that way, because she just wouldn't eat.

She then got assessed this morning by the pediatrician, and we found out she has a murmur. So the ped wanted it checked out and called in a pediatric cardiologist. It turns out that Meg has a PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriousus) that is slow to resolve, so she was seen by a pediatric cardiologist. He said it was mild to moderate, and that is should go away int he next day to few week, but that if it doesn't, she'll need surgery. So, we have a F/U appt. with the cardiologist (he was/is from CHOP in Philly) in 6 weeks. She also has a small hole in her heart (a ventricular septal defect) that is so very very tiny (which is not an uncommon birth defect) that there is nothing they will do for it. He also said that should resolve over the next few days/weeks, and if not, that there was nothing to do for it and that the only long term side effect from it is that Megan will need to take antiobiotics for any dental work because of her heart.

So, then we get home today and I had to open all the shower gifts for the shower I missed, as I needed the stuff - the bottles, clothes, blankets, etc. So my mom and dad were here and helped DH and I get everything washed and put away, except the big stuff, which DH and I have to figure out where we are putting everything, so we are doing that tomorrow.

I have started Megan on bottle feeds with formula, Good Start, and I am feeding her every 2-3hours with it and she is feeding like a champ. She is tolerating it wonderfully so far, so I may keep her on it. I am going to try supplementing with breast, if I can get it expressed (my milk JUST came in like 3 hours ago). If not, then just the formula it is going to stay, and I am OK with that.

So, that is my update.

I will post pics tomorrow of her once I get them sorted out and loaded on the computer (we have a TON!). She looks just like me, but has DH's olive complexion and jet black hair (when she came out I though of Avery, Birdie!!).

Love all you guys and can't wait to chat/post again, soon.

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Well, here Jen, I finally found time to post this!

On August 3rd, at 1am, I started feelin some contractions but I didnt know if they were fake or not so I figured if I went to sleep and they woke me up, then they were real. So I went to sleep and at about 5:30, I woke up and they were still coming. I decided to start timing them and came on here for a bit. At about 6:15am, I couldnt stand the pain so I packed up my bags and got tim to take me to ths hospital.
They admitted me and hooked me up to the machine right away. I stayed on it for about an hour or so... watching my contractions (at that point, on the taco thing, the numbers were hittin about 80... the nurse said that wasnt normal but i think shes nuts lol). They checked me and I was only "almost" 2 cm dilated and about 90% effaced. I kept getting up to go for a walk and to go to the bathroom and to eat. My family and tims family came down to visit me and were in and out for awhile.
About 1pm, my contractions started slowing down and werent progressing. By this point, I was getting horrible, horrible back labour (I find that worse then the contractions!!!) so I got up and walked some more. At 3:30, my doc came in and told me they were going to put me on pitocin to start things along.. becuz I was going to get induced thursday or friday anyways so she figured just to do it now since i was having contractions. At that point, I got very scared and started shaking and almost crying. I was so scared of the pain I was going to feel, and just knowing that by the end of the night, I was going to have a baby, was quite scary!
At 4pm, they started the pitocin and my antibiotic for group b strep. Right away I could feel the contractions start to increase. The nurse checked me again and told me I was 3 cms dilated and 100% effaced. After awhile, the pain was so bad, I asked for something for them to give me. At about 5pm, they brought me the gas but I told them I didnt want it. They said if I wanted to be able to take the epidural, Id have t take the gas first and then see how it goes. Well I took a couple breaths of that gas and threw up. I told them I was going to rhow up to but they said that was just my mind playing games.. pff. Well I said screw the gas and tried to tough it out for a bit but I couldnt. Finally at 6pm I asked for the demerol (shot inthe butt) and they gave it to me. The nurse checked me then again and told me I was still 3cms dilated, and my doc told me and my family and tims family that I would not be having her before midnight. So tims mom went to bingo and my sis left to go get her fiance. My mom, tim and tims cousin stayed with me.
That demerol kicked in so fast!!! I was sooo out of it. I remember falling asleep and waking up during the peak of my contractions (Tim saw one hit 138! Scary!). Finally, at 7:45, I woke up and screamed "I gotta have a bowel movement!" (not those exact words but I thought id clean it up a little!) and tim and my mom were holding me down to the bed becuz I coudlnt stop rolling around, trying to stop myself from pushing. I onyl thought I was about 5 cms. But the nurse checked me and said "okay ur ready to push, I'll jsut go get the doctor" I was so shocked! I went from 3 cms to 10 cms in an hour and a half! I slept thru basically my whole labour and woke up when I had to push! I got so nervous at this point. My doc came in (I had already started pushing I couldnt help it) and said "okay shes crowning push" and my mom said "will it be here before ten?" and the doc said "it will be here in 10 minutes" so I pushed for 10 minutes (haha at this point I asked for the epidural but of course it was too late lol!) and finally, I heard the doc say "okay your babys out" and I was so out of it.. I just heard her say "its a girl" and my mom strated screaming "its a girl its a girl!" and tim picked her up and went to show her off and I had to wait cuz I needed 2 stitches for a small tear. lol! I kept screaming "I quit, I quit!" when I had to push and afterwards I looked at my stomach and said "how come theres still some belly there? is there another one?" lol I was sooo out of it! But yah, at 8pm exactly, Danica Rayne Ryan was born weighing 7 lbs, 2 oz, 19 1/2 inches long, apgars of 9 and 9! The public heath nurse weighed her esterday and shes 7 lbs, 12 oz! lol! My lil piggy!
But thats my labour story, I finally got time to tell it lol! Thanx all!


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Lily Sofia's birth story:

On Tuesday 8/10, we went for our 40 week check up. The Dr. pointed out that I was having contractions (I thought they were braxton hicks), and that I was dilated to almost 4 cm. He told us to go to L&D and have the baby!! So, we went home and cleaned up the house and went for lunch.
I was 4 cm for most of the afternoon although contrax got pretty tough. They ended up giving me nubane for pain because once you order the epi you have to wait an hour to get it. So, when I got the epi, it must have relaxed me and I went for 4-6 cm in about an hour. The Dr. came in and broke my water - and I IMMEDIATELY dilated to 10. He had me "practice push" and told me that I was a strong pusher and we would have the baby within half an hour. It was about 11 pm at this time. I ended up pushing for 3 HOURS....and had non progressive labor because the baby's head was hitting my pubic bone and not passing thru. I was exhausted at this point, and Roman told me he could see the baby's head as I pushed but it would slide pretty far up each time I rested. So, the Dr. was concerned because baby's head was swollen from hitting the bone, and I was exhausted and we decided on having a c-section. It was a pretty traumatic experience, but once we heard that little cry and that she was a girl, it was worth it to me. Lily was born at 3:28 am on Wednesday 8/11. She has really dark hair and beautiful pink lips. She's a little spitfire but a cuddler too!

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Andrew Reagan's birth story:

Bob & I arrived at the hospital at 8:30 to be admitted for our c-section. They took us back to triage and we started the process immediately. We changed our clothes, signed the last minute paperwork and then I was hooked up to the monitors to watch my contractions for about a half hour. During this time, they explained the procedure and the OB came in to see me. After a quick vital signs check, we got off the monitors and the RN set up my IV. She must've hit a shooter vein because blood started flying everywhere. I started cracking up, but Bob looked he was going to pass out. At this point, they gave him his scrubs and he went to change while they cleaned up the mess.

At around 10:30 AM, they wheeled me back to the OR. Bob waited outside while they prepped me in the OR. Once my spinal was in place, they had him come in to talk to me while they finished the last minute preparations. At 10:40 AM sharp, the OB entered the OR. The nurse anethesist (Chuck) was joking with me that we should be good friends now... he told me to look at the clock and I realized it was almost 10:50. Chuck told me that we were about 5 minutes into the surgery. I don't really remember much after that - I could feel them touching my stomach (pressure), but did not feel the incision or them tugging at the different layers to get Andy out. Of course, I told Chuck at this point that I loved him and he was my new best friend. Everyone laughed and Chuck asked if Bob would be OK with that. (He said he was, BTW...)

The OB said that my previous section was done very well, and though the scar tissue was minimal, what I did have was very, very strong and they had a hard time getting through it.

Finally, Dr. F asked if I was ready to have my baby. Of course, I said yes. He told Bob to look over the sterile field because his head was going to be out shortly. 2 seconds later, at 11:06 a.m., I felt a big tug and heard a cry. I immediately started bawling, and they of course thought something was wrong. They finished pulling Andrew out and Bob says, "It's a boy! It's a boy!" The NICU team (always used in c-sections) took him to the warmer and started cleaning him up. Immediately, he peed everywhere and everyone got a big laugh. They had Bob come over to help them while they started closing me up.

Back on the table, I started feeling a burning sensation. I told Chuck about it and he upped the morphine. Then I started getting the feeling that I could not breathe (also normal, I'm told.) and Chuck said it was because they were pulling the different layers back together and there was a lot of pressure on my diaphragm. I'm not sure what happened, but apparently I started getting really afraid - it felt like someone was sitting on my chest. The anesthesiologist came in at that point and told Chuck it would be best to put me under since I was getting kind of feisty. At 11:25, they administered a small amount of general anesthesia and I went under. Bob told them that I did not want to be under for long and so they used a very slight amount. I woke up about 20 minutes later, and we were heading off to the recovery area.

We stopped by the nursery so I could see Andy for the second time (they showed him to me just before I went under and I only vaguely remember it). Andy was screaming but when I said his name and they held him up to me, he immediately stopped.

We went to recovery while they did his bath and the pediatrician checked him over. I learned he was 7 lbs., 15 oz. and 20.5 inches long. The OB was surprised at how small he was given how I was carrying, but also said he's a nice healthy size.

He's in perfect health, which we are of course thrilled with. Upon initial exam they did detect a slight heart murmur which has improved by the day... by Saturday the neonatologist could not hear it at all. He also had an undecended testicle at birth, but it has already started descending so they are not worried about that either.

All-in-all, it was a great birth experience. I did not expect to be put under but again, it was for a very short time period and my recovery went well so I did not mind that. Breastfeeding is going well and the LCs were impressed that his latch was so strong at only a few days old.

Thanks for letting me share!

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Deborah Margaret's Birth Story

I went in for my induction on Friday at 2:00. I was supposed to go in earlier, but the hospital called me and asked me to come at 2 since they were so busy and were waiting for some beds to open up. So after I checked in they got me into a room and it took 4 tries and three people trying to get my IV placed before they finally called anesthesia to get it placed for me. It took the anathesiologist two tries before HE even got it. So nothing got started until after 3:30pm. The day was quite boring as we waited for my contractions to get strong and regular. By about 5:00 I was having contractions every 2 minutes lasting a minute each but I was barely feeling them. So my OB came in and broke my water at about 6:30. I was dilating very slowly and when he broke my water I was only 2 cm.

Once my water was broken, my contractions began to get stronger so I asked for an epidural. I had to wait a while for the epi because there was an emergency C-section going on, so when they finally got there to place it, I was very happy to see them. Smile But once the epi was placed, my blood pressure began to drop over and over again, so they had to keep giving me some drug to keep my pressure up. My doc checked me after a while and I was still only dialated to 3, which was getting frustrating. By this time it was about 10:00pm and nothing had happened yet. The baby's heart was starting to decelerate with each contraction, so I was starting to panic that I was going to end up with a c-section which I did NOT want. My doc said not to worry and that he would check me a little later.

After resting for a while and panicking about the baby's heartbeat :roll: the doc came in around 12:30am and cheked me once more. I was 8cm finally and he said that he would let me go for another hour and then I should be complete and the baby would have come way down. So he left the room and the nurse helped me roll over. As soon as I rolled over I felt a TON of pressure and the baby's HB dropped WAY down. The nurse gave me some oxygen and watched the HB for a few minutes. I couldn't deal with the pressure so I moved my leg a little and shifted and the baby's HB came back up. The nurse was concerned that the cord was being cut off by pressure. I told her again that the pressure was intense so she decided to check me again and immediately said we needed to call the doctor back into the room. As soon as I had rolled over, the baby had moved down and I had immediately dilated all the way to 10 and I was complete. So the doc came in and checked me himself and began to get things ready. He asked me to push for him once and then said "STOP! You're gonna have a baby in about 2 minutes-- do NOT push." So they quick tore the bed down and got everything all the way ready. I pushed once and then the second time I pushed the OB told me to stop. The head was out and I was tearing so he said that we were gonna take it slow. Well, I never had to push again. Her body slipped out on it's own and Deborah Margaret was born.

She was born at 1:05am on Saturday, August 7th. They weighed her and told me how much she weighed and I said WHAT??? They repeated it-- she was only 6lbs. 2oz! I was totally in shock about how small she was-- she was only 3oz. bigger than my twins were when they were born! She is 19 1/2 inches long so she is very skinny. Smile She has a FULL head of thick hair and is totally beautiful!!

All in all, it was a totally easy and wonderful experience, once again. My little squeakers is breastfeeding like a little champ-- she latched on immediately and my milk came in on Sunday already! I am so happy about that because it was one of my biggest fears after the experience I had with it last time! She eats every one to two hours, though, and I can't seem to get her to spread out, so I haven't gotten a lot of sleep. She rarely cries... she is so quiet and just squeaks all the time so I have been calling her Squeakers. Lol All of her clothes are totally gigantic on her, as you may expect, so she has been hanging out in t-shirts and booties and diapers that barely stay on. :biglaugh:

And here is DH, Deborah and I immediately following the delivery, so excuse my "beauty"! LOL

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Anna's birth story

I had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday at 1:30pm. I'd been having cramps that morning and I'd started losing my plug on Tuesday night, so things were already getting going. My doctor stripped my membranes at the appointment and I think that sped things up a bit.

I started having contractions at around 4pm on Wednesday. At 7pm, I called my doula because I wasn't sure that they were contractions. I thought that they were but they were mostly in front and I was expecting pain in my back and in front. She said that it sounded like they were contractions but to call her back when they were closer together. The contractions continued so I started timing them - in the meantime I took a bath and tried to get some sleep (right...). I called the doula again at around 2am and she came over.

My contractions started getting pretty intense around 3am. The information from the hospital said to call their triage line when contractions were 5 minutes apart for 2 hours. I started having some back labour around 4am which was extremely painful. My contractions continued regularly, and they were pretty intense but they were not all 5 minutes apart - mostly they were about 7-8 minutes apart. By around 9am, I was getting very frustrated and discouraged. I was in very intense pain from the contractions and back labour, but my contractions still weren't that close together. I was worried that things weren't progressing.

I called the triage line and they said we could come in because my contractions had been 7 minutes apart for a few hours at that point (it later turned out that the only time that my contractions were 5 minutes apart was at the very end of the labour...). So we went to the hospital to be assessed and I was 100% effaced and 4 cm dilated. I had been 50% and 1cm the day before at my doctor's appointment. So, I had progressed and the hospital admitted me. At that point, I decided to get an epidural. I was planning to try a medication free birth but at that point I was in so much pain from the contractions and back labour, and so exhausted from not sleeping that I decided it was the way to go.

By the time we got settled in the l&d room, it was approx. 12:30 or 1:00pm when I got the epidural. I was 6-7cm by then. I felt MUCH better after the epidural. I am very glad that I decided to get it. I progressed very quickly from there and at 4:30 I was 10cm and ready to push. Anna was born at 6:15. She had her cord wrapped around her neck when she was born. I pulled her out myself and put her on my chest (I was the first to see that she was a girl) and then the respiratory therapist took her to give her oxygen. He first Apgar score was a 3 but she started to cry shortly after and her second score was a 9. She was 8lb., 1oz and 21.5 inches long (she's a tall one!)

She's doing very well. I fed her about 20 minutes after she was born and she's a very good eater....and a VERY frequent one.

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I owe you all a birth story and pictures. Here’s the first installment

Birth Story

Well, on 12th August the doc asked us to go for the gel as she felt the baby was getting bigger and she didn’t want to wait for the due date. So we go in on 12th to the hospital with all our bags and DW got the gel. In 20 minutes the contractions started. But they were not strong enough. So, they keep us for couple of hours and sent us home. Next day DW started having bigger contractions and lost some mucous plug. The hospital called around 10:30 A.M.and lets us know that a bed was ready and DW can come in anytime for the induction.

We go in at 12:00 after a light lunch with all our bags again. DW has a friend who works in the hospital. So she got us the biggest room with a shower and everything. You should have seen the size of this room. The doc came in around 2:00 and checked DW and said DW was 2cm and 50%. She breaks DW’s water and gives me an opportunity to see Niagara falls again. After this DW started feeling bigger contractions. So we went for a walk with a towel under her. The more she walked, the more the fluid came out and bigger the contractions got.

At 4:00 the Dr started pitocin I believe, to start the show. And wham!!! At 6:00, DW starts using the breathing techniques to overcome the contractions. At 7:00 she asked for an epidural, which again she got in 5 minutes, again the courtesy of the friend nurse. The Dr checked her at 7:00 and she was 4 cm. We asked the Dr an estimate arrival time and she said it is going to be in the morning around 3:00 or so. But around 9:00 I noticed DW had wet the bed with lot of blood. The nurse called in the doc and she checked DW and said she was 10 cm and ready to have the baby. In 2 hours she went from 4 to 10.

After an hour of pushing Aadi comes out at 10:38.

Now for some Q and Answers

Q: How was the whole labor?
A: She was pretty much okay. There was a point during the labor when she though the pain was unbearable. This was when she got the epidural.

Q: So how was the epidural?
A: DW has nominated herself as an unofficial prompter of the epidural. She swears by it. Once she got it, the contractions were made so bearable. She started solving those puzzles on Wheel of Fortune that was going on the TV

Q: Did I see the birth of my baby?
A: Yes, I did. I was assigned the task of holding one of DW’s legs so that she could push. All the time I was looking at DW’s face to avoid looking down. But at one point, I had to reposition my grip and that’s when my eyes wandered down and I saw her. DD had her head out and the doc was covering her ear to keep the blood from going in. She was perfect. I just couldn’t look away.

Q: How is the mother and the baby?
A: Dw is little sore after all those stitches. She had 18 of them. DD is great. She nursed right away after the birth and continues to do so.

Q: How am I?
A: Sleepy, tired, happy, proud and amazed by the fact that someone has come into our life just last week and our whole life has been turned upside down. I love my wife more that ever. I think she is the strongest person of all. Man!! You should have seen her push. Awesome!!! I just don’t get it, why women are called the weaker sex.

Oh! I forgot, DD's score was 8 and 9. Didn't cry much and weighed 8 pounds and 10 ounces. The US that was done a week back was right on the dot.

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Tommy's Birth Story

Because of my history of gestational diabetes & having had a large baby prior (My first son was 8 lbs. & 9 ozs.) my doctor decided to induce me at 38w & 5days. At my last appointment Aug 9th, 2 days prior to the induction, I was 3 cm dilated & 50% effaced. Things from here on seemed to go so quickly, it almost seems like a big blur now, let’s see …

· 6 am on August 11th I went in for the induction. Strangely enough I was put in the same L&D room where I had my son Jimmy 2 years ago. So I figures it was a good Omen.

· 7:00: My IV was in & the pitocin was started.

· 8:45: I got my epidural (My doctor had a c-section at 8:30 & planned on breaking my water right after so I didn’t go to quickly while he was busy in surgery). He recommended that I go ahead & get the epi so that when he did break my water I’d be comfortable – since everything from here on should go pretty fast.

· 10 am: Doctor broke my water (with his hand) no knitting needle needed I guess. Lol Wow there is a lot of fluid in there.

· 10-1: Went from 4 cm to a “loose” 8 cm.

· 1:15 ish I started having the same pain I had with my first son. It is the pain in your bottom that makes you feel as if you are about to split in 4’s, & the epidural wasn’t touching this pain.

· This is where things got a bit interesting. I told my nurse & Doctor about the cervical lip that just wouldn’t go away with my first son in fact the nurse had to hold it to the side while I pushed my first sons head past that point (all 14 inches of it) after that I said it was all cake! I told them I was afraid the same thing was happening again. The pain continued so they sent in the Anesthesiologist he gave me a bolus of more med, it didn’t work, then he came in and gave me Demerol via the epi, then finally fentenol (sp?) via the epi catheter. None of which helped this specific pain. :evil:

· 2:25 pm. my doctor decides to give me a pudendal block, which is like a shot of novacaine down there.

· IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM – 3 contractions later & a small episiotomy, I saw my son being born, covered in vernix he was still the prettiest baby I had ever seen. Except for my first son of course. All of that pain disappeared as I gazed into this precious babies eyes. I have no recollection of the placenta delivering or having the stitches put in; all I can remember is this overwhelming feeling of Love.

Thomas Joseph (Tommy/TJ) Lundy was born August 11th @ 2:46pm and our Lives will never be the same.

What a precious gift & miracle a new life is… Thanks for sharing your stories & thanks for sharing in mine.

All the Best to Your Growing Families – Kathy, Jim, Jimmy & Tommy

PS: I would like to post some picts. Could someone PM me or help me with this??? Thx.

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This is late, as my little one just had his 1 month birthday.

I had been nesting like crazy for a couple of days. I cleaned out 3 closets and threw out a total of 10 garbage bags of stuff, old toys clothes ect. I could not stop cleaning and I was driving DH nuts! Well anyway, Tuesday night We took daughter to the park and out for ice cream. We arrived home about 8 pm, as I was getting her ready for bed I noticed a wet feeling. I thought it could have been anumber of other things, seeing as though we had just been to the park sweating and i had to pee. So, I went to the bathroom and changed my panties and put on a pad. ave DD a bath and brushed her teeth, by that time my pad was wet too. So, I put on another pad and same thing a few minutes later. I told Dh what was happening( not sure he completly convinced) and called the doctor. The doctor called and said it did sound as if my water had broken and that she was going to call the hospital to check availability, she said it may be 30 minutes before she called me back with an answer as to what hospital could take us. 30 minutes later she calles to say we can go the local hospital. Dh drpped me off because at that time it was 10 pm and i wanted morgan and DSD to sleep at home. I was checked to make sure my water had broken (it had) and they gave my a room about 10:45. I was not contracting, so they said if labor did not start on it's own by 3am that they would start an induction. I tried to get some sleep, but that damn bed was so uncomfortable. I dosed off from about 2 to 3 and at 3:30 the started the pitocin. At around 4:30 the contraction started, a bit uncomfortable, but not too bad. I called DH to give him an update and asked that he come at 7am. I was only 2 cm at this piont so I thought it would be at least till noon before we had him. At 5:30 I had the nurse check me because I was in a lot of pain, she tells me I am still at 2. At around 6:30 I can't take the pain and tell her I want an epidural, she checks me and says my cvx hasn't changed much but the baby had moved down and was very low. she left to call the doctor about my epi and to get it ordered. Iwas feelin a lot of pressure and was screaming at this piont. I called DH to get there now! the pain was awful and I was screaming at this piont, in the room alone. The nurse comes back about 6:45 to find me on all fours, I gad ripped my gown and the monitors off, was sweating and wanting an epidural. She checked me to find I was at 7 cm, she called to tell them I had progressed from 2 to 7 in 15 min, and to get the epidural to me fast. While she was on the phone I yelled I needed to push. She hung up the phone and looked to see that I was coplete. she then got back on the phone and said forget the epidural, I need everyone in here we are having a baby. 3 pushes and he was out at 7 am. The nurses delivered him as the doctor had no time to get there. He was 3 weeks early, weighed 6lbs 1oz and was 19" long. The doctor finally arrived at 7 with DH (yep he missed it too) to stich me up. It was the worse pain ever, but the recovery was so much better than when I had Morgan with drugs. Dylon had a bit a fluid in his lungs, they say that is normal in fast births. Normally the contractions over time push the fluid out of there lungs and in his case he wasn't in there long enough for that. He stayed in the nursery for about an hour and a half. At that piont he was doing great and I was able to hold him. He and morgan look a lot alike.

Dylon grew half an inch, but hadn't gained much weight at his 2 week appt. so the doctor asked that we supplement and bring him back in a week for another weight check. Well a week later he had gained a whole pound and grew another half an inch. He is now a month old and doing great, weighing in at almost 8lbs now. I feel so blessed to have 2 beautiful, healthy children.

Best wishes to everyone!

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Cole's birth story:

I went in for my regular doctor's appointment on August 16th (one day after my due date), and was told that the specialist I had seen recommended that I not carry the baby past my due date. The doc then sent me to the hospital for an induction. My cervix was a little soft, and really not dilated much. The doc inserted a suppository that was supposed to soften the cervix, which brought on contractions. This continued to soften my cervix and caused dilation to 2 cm by 9 am Tues. morning. They then started the pitocen drip, gradually increasing the dose. By noon, I had dilated to 3 cm, and the doc broke my water. By 2 pm I had dilated to 4 cm, and finally got the epidural. After about an hour of pushing, Cole was born at 8:08 pm. He weighed 7 lbs 9.6 oz, and was 20 inches long.

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late but here's Pete's Story

OK so this is almost 3 weeks late but here it is sorry its long:)

Pete’s Birth story:

Ok so we all know I was supposed to be induced on Thursday the 5th of August and the dr didn’t do the internal exam right so I went home thinking I was not dilated to 4cm. So next day Friday August 6th, my Midwife called me and said for me to come in to be rechecked, so Bill and I got in the car and trecked over to the office in Bethesda, which took forever because there were 3 fatal accidents on the beltway so we had to go back roads. We got to the office and Kim was busy and Dr Townsend checked me and said 3cm. So we talked to Kim, she offered an induction but I declined due to the fiasco the day before and said I just wait for it to happen. So Bill and I got in the car, got ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery (I had sweet cream ice cream with oreo cookies mixed in) and then went home.
When we got home I went to the bathroom, went to get my laptop to post the recent news on Preg.Org and all the sudden my pants were wet. I thought I had peed on myself and ran back to my bathroom so I didn’t drip on the new carpet ( I know priorities eh?) I sat in the bathroom, Bill came in and asked if my water had broken, I said I didn’t know. He laughed and I asked for dry clothes. I then got on the computer and posted about the situation and paged Kim the MW. I told her what was going on, by that time I had changed 3 times and she said to go to the hospital. My water broke at 4:30pm and by the time we got everything together and my contractions started it was 5:30, and they were becoming very intense and right on top of each other.
Well it took an hour to get to Sibley, the whole way there I became more and more uncomfortable and the contractions were 30sec apart. We got to the hospital and Bill had to get me a wheelchair to go to L&D. I was in a lot of pain by the time we got upstairs. The nurse was the same lady who was there when I was sent in at 32 weeks, she remembered me and I got changed and placed on the monitor. The contractions were showing up very minor, but to me they were the worst pain I had ever felt. Some were so strong my mom was even worried, she said me whole face turned beet red and my eyes rolled back in my head. So the nurse checked me and I was 5cm at 7pm. Well another 15 minutes and I was screaming for an epidural. At least I never cried during the whole thing.
Kim showed up and the anesthesiologist( really nice guy) came in to do the epidural. The pain from the contractions was so intense I didn’t really feel the epi. Well I continued to feel the contractions for over 45 min and the Anesthesiologist gave me 3 shots for the pain and I still felt it. Well by this time he was getting worried I was still in pain, my Mom was worried, MW was worried and Dr Townsend was worried. They put in internal monitors and saw the pain was not from contractions, because they were so small, and I had not dilated any more. They all decided I must be abrupting because I felt pain in one spot and it was getting hard.
They left for a moment to let us ( my mom, Bill and I) talk and Pete’s heart rate dropped really low, then came back up. As soon as all the Drs and nurses came in saw the tracing and then said the baby was not getting enough O2 and grabbed wires and ran with me into the OR.
This was now 8:45pm the anesthesiologist gave me more meds because I still felt too much, and it almost didn’t kick in before they started. But it finally worked and I was numb up to my collar bone. They started the surgery and at 8:57 Pete came into the world screaming. His apgar was 8/9 and his color was great. He has lots of dark hair and was 7lbs 5oz 20 inches long.
Thank G-D everything was ok. We found out later the abruption was over 2 inches and my uterus was so bruised you could see it on the outside. ON a whole we consider ourselves lucky to be alive and healthy. Pete is adorable and we are loving every minute of being with him

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Elijah Daniel, our son, arrived at 2:09am on August 18, 2004. He weighed 7lbs 11oz and was 21 inches long. (The hospital measured him at 19 ½ but we felt he was longer than that. At his one week check up they confirmed that he was not 19 ½ but 21).

It all started early Tuesday morning (about 12:30am). I had been up late helping Greg complete a job application. We just finished and were going to bed when the cramps started. I had been having bh contractions for quite a while, and was expecting labor to start at any time. The first cramps weren’t bad at all, but I knew something was happening and I couldn’t sleep…I stayed up most of the night trying to time them and decide if we should get up and head to the hospital. The contractions were consistently four minutes apart. Since I had such a fast birth with Hannah, my midwives had advised me to go to the hospital at the FIRST sign of labor because I might go even faster this time. I decided to try and wait until morning, which at the time seemed like forever away.

Well the next thing I knew I was waking up and it was 7:30am; I had fallen fast asleep! My contractions had ceased. How disappointing! Greg got Hannah breakfast while I rested a few more hours since I had been up most of the night. When I woke up, still no contractions. (Looking back I realize this was God’s way of giving me a little rest for the long night ahead). I took a shower and we got ready to leave. By the time we were ready to go the contractions had started again. Greg needed to go to work, so we decided to take both our cars down to my grandmas and I would stay there (near the hospital) in case I needed to go in. (We live like 30 minutes from the hospital where as my grandma is only 5 minutes). On the drive there the contractions came about every ten minutes. Once I got to my grandmas I just tried to relax. Greg went on to work. My friend Robin, came over at about 1:30pm to help me time my contractions. They came almost exactly five minutes apart but they were very mild. I was still talking, joking and laughing. We took several walks while my grandma watched Hannah. Then my friend Amber came over and they all kept me company as I contracted about every 2-3 minutes. After about 3 hours of this, we decided to go to the hospital and see if this was “it.” My mom came from work to stay with Hannah at my grandmas and we went to L&D. When I got there they checked me and I was only 2cm and not effaced at all!!! I was so disappointed. They let me stay there for an hour to see if anything would progress before sending me home…we walked around and talked while the contractions were coming consistently 2 minutes apart, but they still were very mild. After the hour was up, they checked me again, still no change. So back to grandma’s we went. The nurse told me this was common for 2nd births; to have these false labor like contractions. She also said they may completely go away and start up again…and it could still be a few days before the real thing happened……

Amber and Robin took me back to my grandma’s. Greg had joined us at the hospital so he was with us now too. I continued to labor all evening long. They stayed consistently 2 minutes apart, and started getting slowly stronger. Amber and Robin were such troopers. I tried to rest but I just couldn’t sleep. They hung out with me while Greg hung out with Hannah. It was so neat to have Hannah’s presence, she would come in and visit me and smile and hug me, it was the cutest thing! I got in the bathtub and Robin would push a hot compress really hard on my back with each contraction. Amber helped me keep relaxed and made sure I was comfortable. After I got out of the tub, I lost my mucous plug......

By 10:30pm the contractions had started getting significantly stronger so we decided to go back to the hospital. Once we got there I was 5cm and almost completely effaced! They gave me my room and in the jacuzzi tub I went!!! Oh it was so relaxing in there. Robin would run hot water on my back with each contraction. My contractions significantly calmed down and I got some much-needed rest! After being in the tub for I don’t know how long, out I came because my contractions had slowed so much, they wanted to make sure I was still progressing. I had gone from 5cm to 8cm!!! My water still hadn’t broken. By this time I definitely had to concentrate to get through the contractions. I would hold on to Greg and let all my weight fall on him (poor guy!) Robin applied pressure to my back and Amber would keep a cool washcloth on my forehead. My midwife said we could break my water but we wanted to wait and see if it would break on its own. After about an hour, we decided to break the water, once she broke it the contractions got really strong for a very short time and then I wanted to push. My midwife said I wasn’t completely dilated and I would have to wait. I started to cry, I was so tired and just wanted it to be over…well she looked again and said she could hold my cervix out of the way so I could push YAY RELIEF! I pushed like three contractions worth (about 10 minutes) and out he came!!! I was so tired I didn’t think I could do it, but Greg, Robin, and Amber cheered me on and reminded me that I could do all things through Christ who strengthens me! I was crying at one point….but as soon as he came out, all the pain was gone and I was in love with my new son!!!

It was a long labor but the contractions were pretty mild until the last few hours. The pushing was extremely painful, but was over so fast…and now I can’t even remember what it felt like! I had no tearing at all (something I have prayed for my whole pregnancy!) We had an awesome nurse who was so genuine and kind. Our room was wonderful, I enjoyed the jacuzzi tub very much during my stay there! Elijah nursed right way and has been nursing like a champ ever since! At his one week check up he was already 2 ½ ounces above his birth weight, which the doctor said was impressive! He has an infection in both his eyes so he is on antibiotic drops, but other than that he is doing fantastic! My bleeding has been minimal and my recovery short! Praise the Lord! Hannah had never been away from us overnight, and she did great while we were in the hospital. She would be with us during the day some, and for the first two nights my mom kept her at my grandma’s, and the third night my mil had her at our house. She did great! Didn’t even seem to faze her. She loves her new brother to death, doesn’t seem jealous at all (which is something else I have been praying about for months)!

God truly blessed me and I am so thankful for this incredible birth! I was able to do it medication free, drawing my strength from God, and with the help of my amazing husband and two wonderful friends who stood by me all those hours! Thank you Jesus! It was such an enjoyable experience that I will cherish forever!!

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So here is my story:
We went in Tuesday, August 24th at 7:15 for an induction. They got me in a room and started me on a pitocin drip right away and had me walk. At about 10'ish my doc (who came in on her vacation for me!) came in to tug at my catheter, I had placed the night before, and see if it I was dilated enough for it to just fall out, and it did, meaning I was a three. I was so happy because I was having regular, somewhat painful contractions and I figured I might make progress in a timely manner.
Well she attempted to break my water but could not because I was only 50% effaced and my cervix wasn't cooperating. She checked me again at three o clock, still no change but my cervix was easier to get to so she broke my water and we all figured that would do it!
Well, long into the evening, and after a nurse change (I really missed my nurse :cry: ) I had made NO PROGRESS! My doc told my nurse at 9pm that if I didn't make any progress by 11, we would have to do a c-section. I was so upset, I cried all the way from 9 until 11 because I knew the outcome. They had me on the highest dose of pitocin safe for baby and I still didn't ever find the contractions that bad.
So at 11pm, I was at a "stretchy five" but still only 50%, pretty much no change in 16 hrs Sad .
Having a c-section was the scariest thing I've ever gone through but all in all since he came out perfect and I am doing pretty good so soon, I am still happy.
I do get depressed that I did not experience pushing out my babyand having him put directly on me and seeing him right away, and more so that I probably never will (my doc thinks I have an unusually small pelvis plus very tight uterine muscles so I may never move a baby low enough to dilate when pregnant :cry: ).
But I wanted him out safe so bad, and I did get the ultimate prize after all!

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Allison Parker's Birth Story

The birth of Allison Parker

I woke up from sleeping about 11:15pm in a little pain, but that’s nothing unusual at this point. So, I got up and went to the bathroom and crawled back in bed. I laid awake and had contractions until about 12:30 am and then I realized that this was most likely it, but I wasn’t getting my hopes up. I crawled out of bed and came downstairs to try to sleep in our chair since I wasn’t falling asleep upstairs – I was just tossing and turning. I wanted to make sure that Tarek got a good nights sleep since he had to work. I knew that even if it was labor that I would send him off to work and we’d either meet at his office (about 10 blocks from the hospital) or at the hospital.

I didn’t even start to time the contractions because, once again, I wasn’t getting my hopes up. But, I knew that they felt different. So, I settled down in our recliner and put on Nick At Night since I knew that most of the shows they play at night are fun to watch. I was awake for a couple of hours and then drifted off to sleep.

Tarek woke up at 6:15 for work. He came downstairs and asked me what I was doing. I told him that we were having a baby. He kind of guffawed and said, “Yeah, right.” I told him that I really thought that today was the day – that didn’t work either. I then told him to go ahead and get ready for work because it would be a while even if it was true labor.

At 6:45 I woke up Logan for daycare. Now, this is a real treat for him because mommy is usually gone for work by the time he wakes up. So, he woke up all smiles. We cuddled for a while and I got him dressed and ready to go.

At 7:15 they were out the door. Logan had to be plied with a cookie to get him out the door. LOL

I piddled around the house and posted on PO until about 8:15 while timing contractions. Then I decided that it would be a good time to finish packing up the last few things that I needed. But, I wanted some toast first. LOL At this point they were between 7 and 10 minutes apart.

By 9:15, I was done eating my toast and had yet not packed a damn thing. There was something interesting on Food Network, so I watched that until 10.

At 10, I realized that the contractions were getting stronger. So, I figured that I’d REALLY better finish packing the bags and take a shower to shave my legs. (did anyone else think of shaving at this point?!?!?) Tarek had given me such a hard time when we went in for false labor for having hairy legs… I packed until about 10:15 and then started the shower.

The contractions seemed to be less painful in the shower – and boy was it nice to be able to shower without a 2 year old either banging on the door or trying to crawl into the shower with you. I took a nice long hot shower – when I got out it was 10:45.

I carried all of the bags downstairs and set Logan’s out in our front porch so that grandma and grandpa would be able to get to it without having to unlock the door. I realized I was still hungry, so I had some more toast. ROFL

Martha Stewart Living started on the Style Network at 11. So, I had just settled into her show when I had a killer contraction at 11:15. At that point, I knew it was time to go. I couldn’t even sit still… I was writhing in pain. I called my OB. I told the receptionist that I thought I was in labor. She said – and I quote “You sound so calm”. I told her that she wouldn’t’ have thought that if we had spoke about 2 minutes earlier during my last contraction… She got the triage nurse for me and I told her that I’d been having regular contractions since 11:15pm last night. Currently they were about 5 minutes apart. She told me that she’d call the hospital and let them know that I was on my way.

I hopped in my car to drive to dh’s office where he’d take me to the hospital. It’s about a 30 minute drive, so I knew I’d be there in plenty of time. I cranked up the music and sang through the contractions. This REALLY helped me deal with the pain. LOL I would have never thought that I’d be singing at the top of my lungs while in labor.

I got to dh’s office at 12:00. I called him from the parking lot and started moving my things into his truck. As I was doing so – one of the police officers that he works with (he works for the city – doing the computer work for the police and fire departments) saw me doing this and gave me a curious look. I’m pretty sure he thought I was ripping something off… ROFL Dh came out as fast as he could and we were off.

We got to the hospital about 12:10. We had to have hit every red light on the way there… They got me all checked in and put me in a bed. It took the nurse about 20 minutes to get back to me since they were quite busy. But, when she checked me, I was a 4 and completely effaced. She felt my bag of water bulging. I was in a LOT of pain at this point, which I wasn’t expecting because I didn’t have ANY pain until about 7 cm with my son! She told me that she’d be back in about 30 minutes. She had to make up my inpatient chart and get all the paperwork taken care of.

About 10 minutes after she left, my water broke. Boy is that a strange feeling. I told dh that it was like peeing your pants but not being able to stop it. So, there I lay in all of this warm wet crap… I paged the nurses station and let them know. She came back about 1pm and cleaned me up while we went through all of the paperwork. She got my IV started and asked me if I’d like something for the pain. I had told her the minute that we got there that I wanted a big fat epidural, but I couldn’t have that until I had a full bag of saline run through my IV. She said that would be about 30 minutes. She then offered me nubane because my contractions were just about driving me insane. All the breathing in the world wasn’t helping…

At 1:30, she became my savior. The nubane was in. YAY! She told me that it would go to my head quickly, but I didn’t realize how much so! I felt like I had been on a drinking binge, but the contractions didn’t hurt so bad anymore, so I didn’t care. DH hadn’t had lunch yet, so I sent him out for some and then I laid down and tried to rest.
About 2pm, dh came back with Burger King just as my anesthesiologist came in to give me my epi. I don’t remember anything between 1:30 and 2… so I must have been sleeping! The nurse kicked DH out while the epi was put in. It didn’t really hurt too much, I’m not sure if it was from the nubane or from the fact that I was so numb from the painful contractions. The worst part was when he put the tube in… I could feel it. UGH.

2:30 and the epi was working and I was in heaven. I wasn’t feeling a damn thing… I slept.

3:00 I woke up. I felt pressure. Lots of it. I told DH to page the nurse because I thought that it was probably time to push.

3:01 The nurse came to check me. She says “Her head is only about ½ a knuckle in.” – did I mention that she looked panicked?? She turned off my epi and ran off to get the tray for the birth.

3:02 Nurse and DH attempted to put my completely dead legs in the stirrups. By this point the nurse had said that the head was 1/3 of the way out already. She told me to stop pushing. I told her that I wasn’t pushing because I couldn’t feel a dang thing. She called in a couple of other nurses and paged the doctor – STAT!

3:04 The head was completely out.

3:05 Allison was born. No pushes – nothing. She literally just slid out! All 7 lbs 11 oz of her. I felt no pain and was completely in awe of how different this labor was from my last one.

3:06 – 1st apgar score 9. She was screaming her head off!

3:08 My doctor shows up. He looks at me to check for tears. He found 2 very small ones and said that they weren’t even worth stitching up because they’d heal just fine on their own. He delivers the placenta. Yet again, no pushes…

3:11 – 2nd apgar score 9. YAY! She’s STILL screaming her head off.

3:30 yet more crying. Nurse calls up the ped to check on Allison. She’s in the warmer trying to get her warmed up to see if that calms her down. I still haven’t really held her.

3:45 The ped comes and checks her out. Turns out she’s perfect – just a little feisty!

4:00 I finally get to hold my little Squeaker. This is her nickname because she squeaks when she gets really PO’d… ROFL

And that’s my birth story… It’s quite long, but I wanted to put in all the gory details since the actually birth was so quick!

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My birth story:

DH and I went to bed around 11pm and had sex. About 5 min latter, I was laying in bed. I

felt and heard a "POP" I layed still a min and nothing happend. So I said to DH that was

strange and told him what happend. I decided I had to pee since I had the UTI and we just

had sex I figured I should not go to sleep without a trip to the bathroom.

I went to the bathroom and peed. Well when I was done peeing I still felt water coming out.

I was thinking ok this is new and strange. Once more I wated a min and then did a kegel and

more water came out and I could not controle it. I figured that it was my water braking but

I had to do one more thing to belive it. I pushed on the top of my fundus and yup lots of

water came out.

Next thing I did was look in the toliet and saw that it was like pink lemmon aid and I

called for DH. I told him of all of the above and asked him to get me the phone to call the

OB. I called and the nurse said she would have him call me back. As I wated for the phone to

ring I got up and put on my birth undies (granny type) and a pad. I also woke my Dad to tell

him what was going on. Just as I was done the phone rang.

It was Dr. Skory. I told him what was going on. He said not to worry about the pink color

that it just ment my cerix was changing. He told me to go to bed and call him at 8am if I

had no contractions by then. And if I was not haivng cx't by 6pm he would start pit.

Well I get off the phone only to find DH at the door dressed and ready to rush me out the

door. I LOL at him and said "What are you doing?" And then told him what the Dr. said. He

decided he could not go back to bed so he went out to smoke (yes he is quiting) with my Dad

and then down stairs to play the xbox. My Dad came inside and had coffee and I had a cup of

tea (I got a kick out of the fact that it was my last bag of prego tea) And headed to PO to

post what was going on and to see if anyone was on that wanted to chat.

I called Kim and Aunt Connie to let them know what was going on since I wanted them to be at

the birth.

I knew he was posterior when we had our 39 week visit just that morning and I was on YIM

with Julianna and she said I could try to hoola hoop, so I went and got out my mom's hoop

(she was always a good hoola hooper) and when I walked passed my Dad he said "what ya

doing?" So I told him he kept looking at me. I said "you are looking at me like I am a bomb

about to go off" And Dad said "you are!" and then I did holla. It was kind of fun but did

not work well with such a belly, so I gave up the hoop and came back to the cumputer to talk

more with Julanna on YIM and some of the girls on PO. As I stood and did the hoola without

the hoop.

1am Every time I sat I felt a gush.

2am Ok men are driving me nuts so I started to give them jobs. DH had to get the vedio cam

ready (charged) and I sent both men to the 24 hour walmart for last min baby things that DH

and I where going to get the next day, but baby decided to come now. We still needed a

battery for our camra and a video tape for the video camera, and I wanted more overnight

pads since I was leaking so much water I was sure I would need more for my bleeding once we

got home form the hospital. I called my brother to let him know what was going on and to

make sure his friend who puts in car seats was able to do this tomarrow. (his friend is a

fire fighter and dose this at the fire house for people all the time) it was not almost 2am

and no real cx't, just a few BH.

2:30am I am haivng mostly back labor and strange felings in my pelvis. A few min latter I

went to the bath room and heard my plug "plop" into the potty.Still no reg cx't they are

about 10 min apart.

3am I took a shower and by 3:30 was laying down.

5:15am I am back up, I could not sleep durring cx't and I was excited. I think I would have

stayed in bed longer had I knowen how much more I had ahead of me.The cx't where getting

stronger. But I came back to PO to hang out a bit and I did not like moving durring one. DH

and Dad where sleeping. I did not want to go to the hospital to early so I started to time

the cx't.

By 6:30 they where 5-7 min apart and getting stronger in my back. My Aunt Connie (Mom's best

friend who I asked to be at the birth in Mom's place) called and I asked her to come and sit

with me at the house.

At 7:15 I was still home and Aunt Connie was with me and we decided to go for a walk out

side to see if we could get things going. Things have slowed since I got out of bed. In bed

my back hurt alot and they where 5 min apart, now that I am at the computer they are evey 10

and not as strong. But when I go to the bathroom I am leaking alot of water still and seeing

alot of red goop.

I did not call the OB at 8am since I was having some cx't

At 9:40 I posted on PO: I have been walking around the block and the cx't are 3-4 min apart

and starting to hurt but nothing major. But when I stop walking they go to 10 min apart. So

I just called the OB and he said to come on in. So we are off to the hospital. Off we went

in Mom's new car, DH, Dad, Aunt Connie and myself.

I called Kim so she could meet us at the hospital in L&D.

We arived a few min after 10am. The nurse at in the L&D room said. "I hope your Dr. Skory's

because if not I don't know what I am going to do with you!" Lucky for her and me I was the

one she was wating for all the rooms now that I arived where full!

I got put on the monotor and we watch my cx't and the baby. Everything looked good. And by

11am we where walking the halls. Somtimes I went back in the room and used the birth ball to

bounce. Cx't are about 5-7 min apart when I walk but when I sit (or use the ball) they go

back to 10. GURRRR

I got checked around 4pm I belive.They did a spec exam to make sure my water was broken

(this took two trys since the first time my body pushed out the spec when I had a cx't, it

was they could see pooling but they took a samlpe anyway to look for ferning. The resadent,

had short fingers and said he felt somthing strnge going on, next the nurse tried, and she

said she tought I was 2cm on the outside but not sure if the inside of my cervix was a true

2cm but that she wanted other nurse to check. This nurse had longer fingers. I did not care

I was not haivng any issues or pain with the cervical checks, besides my cx't. This nurse

said I was at 2cm, she could strech it to 3cm and 100% and that she could feel the baby, but

that he was at -2 and I still had a posterior cervix.

The resadent was confused that I was 100% but stil posterior.

I figured once the baby moved down I would go fast since from being a Doula I knew that

first time mom's need to be 100% before they dilate. I had High hopes.

We took a short walk.

I asked for a emema since I thought that I was constaped and that was what was holding me

up. It was one of the best things I could have done for myself I felt so good to be able to

have a BM. I spent the next 15 min in the bathroom.

At 5pm I got my IV and a dose of meds for the GBS. It only took 15 min but the tape on my

arm was driving me crazy. I ended up taking the IV out myself (fter all the med was in) it

was bothering me more than my cx't and I could not relax durring them because of the IV. The

nurse was cool about it her name was Wendy.

It had been 18 hours since my water braking and I did not want pit at all.

So I asked if I could get in the tub and do nipple stim instead of the pit. She called Dr.

Skory and he said yes I could get in the tub, and never said anything about me needing pit.

What he said to the nurse was to tell me "Congrats on moving along" I was in the tub for 2

hours and durring this time I started to do nipple stimulation. Between cx't and stoped

durring one.

In less then a hour of the nipple stim I was having reg cx't that where 3 min apart and

lasting for a min or longer. I was so happy that things had started moving along with out

help from pit. It was just me in the tub and Kim with me in the bathroom, We had to ask

everyone in my delivery room (people who came with me in the car) to not talk that they

where destracting me. I would have good cx't and then hear my Dad talk and they would stop.

Seems like all I needed to do was get in a small room and have no nose and feel safe (almost

like an anamial in a den) to have good cx't. Wendy was taling with us between cx't in the

bathroom too she was so cool.

At 7pm Wendy had to go home but she stayed with me incase I was 10cm the next time I was


At 8pm the new nurse told me they wanted me to get out so they could get another strip on

the baby. Ok I think NP. NOT!!! OMG the cx't where so bad out of the tub. It took us a few

times to get me out of the tub dry and to the bed.I bet it took over 10 min. I went back to

the room and labored on the bed with the head all the way put and me facing the back and

holding on to the top of the bed. Once on the bed she put the monoter on me. I was in so

much pain and starting to loose it, I was tired. All I wanted to do was sleep. At this point

it had been 20 hours since my water braking. I cryed abit and I think everyone thought it

was over the pain but it was because I wanted my MOM.

I got checked and was a true 3cm and cervix more foward. Wendy went home.

Then I said I was going to get sick, and the nurse got me a tiny thing and I started geting

sick. DH said "she will do this for 5 min you will need a bigger thing." The nurse said

"5min? ok get the big wash tub." (DH was not wrong he has seen me have Ms so many times that

he knows I don't stop until I am empty and then somtimes I have dry heaves) I filled the

wash tub two times before I stopped getting sick.

Kim, DH and I went for a walk.

Durring the walk the cx't hurt alot most of it was in my back. Poor Kim tried to rub my back

durring a cx't and that only made it worse. I said "Kim please don't" and she said "you

don't have to be polite"

We kept walking. Durring a cx't I held on to DH's sholder with my right arm and had my left

hand on the rail on the wall (thank god they had one up and down all the halls) and I would

bounce up and down bending my knees and booping my head to some beat in my head. On time I

had DH slow dancing backward down the hall durring a cx't and it must have been funny

becasue him and Kim got LOL, I was not seeing the funny part in this, but I never did it

agean. They said they where sorry but it is hard to have a strong cx't when you are being

LOL at. So I went back to the bouncy thing. To me I would think that would have been funner

to watch (wish I had some of that on tape)

Cx't where getting strong and I did not want DH to leave my side. Durring cx't I closed me

eyes and a few times if one came over me fast I would scream for him to hold me. Even if he

was next to me since my eyes where not open he had to be touching me or I felt so alone and

that was more scarry then the pain its self.

We came back in from our walk to get a strip on the baby. I decided I needed to be out of

bed and sit in the rocking chair, that was better but not much. cx't still comming ever 2-3

min and so I rocked durring them.

I don't think she got the length of strip she wanted but the nurse was not in the room so I

decied I was getting up and walking so I took the monotor off.

At about 10pm I had to get on the bed the right way and I got checked agean and I was 4cm

100% baby was a bit lower and my cervix had come foward. I wanted to cry when they said I

was only 4cm but I remberd my Doula training and held it together.

I got back in the tub, and Kim came to sit with me. DH came in the bathroom a few times

while I was in the tub but most of the time he was in the L&D room when I was in the tub.

Once he asked how I was and I said "I am not doing this 7 times." (my friend kim is expecing

her 7th on x-mas day)

Midnight I could not stand the pain anymore (24 hour mark) I kept saying to Kim "Help me

Help me" She kept asking me how can she help me what did I think would help. I knew exactly

what I wanted but the cx't where to close together for me to say more than "Help me" I don't

know what or why I got out of the tub but I did (agean not an easy thing to do) I was able

to tell them all that I needed was to sleep. I said "I am so tired even if you said I was

10cm's now I could not push, Help me I need somthing to make me sleep"

The nurse called Dr. Skory and told him what was going on and he agreed that I needed Statol

(sp) He is not a OB that likes pain meds or any drugs durring labor but he understood that

my emotional state of not haivng Mom around and the last 25 hours in labor somthing had to

be done. (Nurses will say to his patents when they ask for pain meds "do you know what OB

you have?" He dose not keep it a secerit that he dose not like to do meds.)

I got the statol and I did not like the way I felt. The nurse said I would feel drunk but I

was expecing some pain control and there was non. So I said "grate now I am drunk and in

pain, not just in pain" or that is what I thought I said. Everyone started to snicker and I

later found out I sounded drunk also and no one knew what I had said. I could not keep my

eyes open now, not because it was making me sleepy but because whenever I did the room was

fuzzy and I could not foccus on anything and that was driving me crazy so I just kept them

closed. I could hear everyone in the room still and I think alot of the time they thought I

was sleeping.

I was able to sleep between cx't and would wake up durring the peak of one in such pain.

Latter DH told me it was so hard to watch me that way that he had to leave the room and go

into the hall a few times and I think he felt guitly for it.

Durring this sleepy state I rember seeing Dr. Skory. A bit latter I don't know how (I had

lost track of time after midinght when the statol was given) I got up and tryed to go potty

and was trying to push out a BM, then I was standing at the side of the bed and the Dr. had

his hand on my back and told me durring a cx't to push into the heal of his hand as hard as

I could. I was so confused. He never checked me to say I was 10cm so I did not think he ment

push the baby out so I pushed my back into his hand. It felt so good he had large warm hands

that knew what they where doing.

I then was back in bed and Dr. skory was rubbing my back and my calves. The cx't started to

come on top of one another (or it seemd that way since I could have still been sleeping

between them) But I was not getting more then a few awake sec.s between them. My mind was

blank and I let the cx't take over.

Someone Still not sure who, also was in my face telling me to breath durring a cx't and then

where breathing with me. IT HELPED SO MUCH WITH THE PAIN. Why had somone not done this for

me earlyer? Was all I could think of.

Ok so cx't Breath repete.

Then all I know was Dr. Skory was there and told me to start pushing. I was so confused

becasue I did not rember being checked. But I did as I was told and pushed while on my back

and hated it. So he said "ok can you push if you are on your side?" I could and I did. But

then the Dr. was gone (I don't know where he went) but Kim says he was going a hour and that

her, Dave and Aunt Connie just sat in the room and watched me, trying to push without

direction and on my side. (this is unlike Dr. Skory to dissapier with out saying where he

was going, we never did find out where he was)

All of a sudden to me at least (a hour passed acorrding to Kim) Dr. was back and I was

pushing, Dr. skory had his fingers in me and told me how and when to push and when to

breath. Once I had a BM and Dr. Skory was so cool, he never said anything out loud aoubt it

he just said "can I have a cloth" I never knew it happend Kim had to tell me 2 days later

and that explaned his comet and then the wet feeling on my bottom I recalled from the

pushing stage. I thought he was using oil or somthing to strech me guess not yet since the

baby was so high.(at the time I did not know where the baby was)

In the mean time DH was tring to call my Dad who after being told to stop talking went home

to sleep. He could not get Dad (after trying for 45 min) so he called my brohter to keep

calling Dad so he could be with me durring the pushing. I pushed unitl 3ish. Dr. Skory said

I was pushing hard (I kept pushing his finges out) but that the baby was not turing from OP

to OA.

Dr. Skory then Decided to try the vacume (another thing he dose not normaly use) he put it

on the babies head and then I pushed with all I had and he tried to turn the baby and

nothing helped. Kim said he gave it all he had and we tried over and over durring my cx't.

he told the nurse to get pit after 15 min of the vac. (BTW baby and me are stable this hole

time) He took off the vacume and told me that they where going to try pit and see if my cx't

wher stronger maybe I would be able to to push the baby out even in this OP position. If not

we would have to do a c-section.

I said "I can't I am too tired I and I just want the baby out, I can't have more pain whit

the pit and then still end with a section, just do the section." This was hard for eveyone

even me to admit that I need to do, Kim said it broke her hart to here me say I wanted a

section. And Dave got scarred. Lucky for me Dr. Skory understood.

The nurse came back in the room with the pit and Dr. Skory told her to forget it but tell

everyone to get ready for a c-section. She was surprised becasue like I said Dr. Skory dose

not do them unless it is totaly nessacary.

So now I want the pain to stop. It was ok for me to be in pain when I thought I was going to

get a baby that way but now all the pain seemed pointless. I kept pushing (my body was doing

it on its own, well I may have been doing it myself alittle I need to be dosin somthing) and

I kept thinking well maybe I will surprise everyone and move this baby more anyway or it

will turn.

I still had no concept of time. Then they had to prep, I got shaved and all that good stuff.

OMG I had to sign papers durring this time for the spinal and c-section permision. I could

barly see let alone scribble my name. I said to the nurse asking me to do this "can't my

husband sign?" I was told no. So I had to try and write between cx't I have not clue what I

signed, I could have been givign my baby up for all I knew. But I would do anything to

finish the birt at this point so sign them I did.

DH told me today that from the time they decided to do the section until the time I was put

into the op room was almost another 2 hours. Once in the OP room I told eveyone not to tell

us the sex that we did not know what it was yet and since DH was going to not be able to cut

the cord I wanted him to tell me what we had. Expecialy since now I was having a section I

need a good memory.

It is around 5am.

Ok the prep for spinal. So I was having the cx't and now in a room where the only one I knew

was my nurse but everyone had masks on. I started to have a cx't as a nurse was walking past

me. And I grabed her and said "don't leave me" well I don't know if she had somthing to do

but she was never able to do it I held on to her until after the spinal kicked in.

Getting the spinal was not fun and I hope never to have one agean. First I was freaked out

that it was going to be put it in durring a cx't so eveytime I started to have one I

screemed "stop I am having one" Lucky for me he did. Ok so the nurse who I don't know is

holding me that cx't is over and then the guy cleans my back and gets the drap on me and the
drape on me before the next one started.

Then he gives me the novacaine, that was a small pinch not bad. Next he tries to put the

needdle in and OMG instanly my left leg gets an eletric shock and I can't feel it but it

made my whole body jump, the guy took out the needle fast and my feeling came back right

away. He then asked what happend and I told him. He asked if I could feel my leg now and I

said yes.

So he tried a 2nd time but since I had moved this time he missed the space. I felt nothing

that time so that was ok, but he was making me nervious. The third time he got he needle in

and of course I start to have a cx't and the nurse said "Don't move the needle is in your

back" I said "ok" but it was so hard to stay still and not breath heavy durring it. She kept

talking to me and telling me not to worrie that this would be the last cx't I would feel. I

did not belive her I was expecting a few more before the med kicked in. Well I was wrong the

next min they where helping me put my legs on the table and they where like dead wight to

me. It was so strange.

So I am laying down and Dr. Skory came in the room and started to clean my belly. Then they

checked my spinal, the guy took a sharp pionty thing and rubbed it on my arm and asked if I

could feel it I said yes. The then he started where if I was a guy my adams apple would be

and asked if I could feel it, I could he did this down in a line towards my toes until I

said I could no longer feel it. I lost all feeling at my nipple line.

Ok I did not like not being able to fell myself breath. They put up the drap and that made

me feel closed in. It was at this point that I said "where is Dave?" The nurse side he would

be right in and the he would me in PINK. I said "OK" (he could have had a tutu on for all I

cared as log as he arived) I heard them aked him to come into the room and then he was at my

head and he had the vedio camera with him.

He turned on the camera and we started talking and he was holding my hand and telling me how

much he loved me. I told him all I could see was his eyes but that they where my fave part

of him so it was ok. I saw his pink out scrubs and I said it was ok becase the hat was blue.

I said something about not feeling any differnt and the Dr. said good because they started.

All I said was "O"

Then I started to ask Dr. Skory somthing but stoped, all I could think was he is doing

surgery on me I should not aske questions now! Well he heard me start to ask and said "you

can aske me anything it is ok" SO I asked him how far did I get the baby down, he told me +1

and that he could get his fingers on the baby's head but he could not turn it and he felt so

bad that even the vacum did not work. I said "it is ok baby was OP no ones fault."

A few min passed and it felt like somone was playing the panio in my tummy. I told DH so and

he said "I don't think that is what they are doing." Less then 10 min after they started Dr.

Skory said "Ok now this baby is stuck we got it in you pelvis good." Then I heard him tell

somone to press hard on the top of my belly and I felt lots of movement.

Next thing I know I hear, "ok Dad what do you see?" and Dave said "It's a little boooooy"

and we cried. I said to him "You where right and so was Mom."

We could here him cry (in the wating room my family heard him also) and his apgar scores

where 9 9 and we found out he was 7lbs 30z and born at 5:49am.

There is a whole other story on my recovery and on the helath of Peter that I will write


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It all began on Saturday Aug 28th around 5 pm. Well it started earlier with losing more mucus plug and then getting the cramping. The contrax didnt start until the evening. They were coming on fairly regular and kinda hurt. We called the hospital and told us to come on in. They checked me and I was 2 cm same as my last appointment on monday. I watched the monitor and the contrax were showing. They checked me in 2 hrs and no change so sent us home. The dr said that I could be back in an hr or days he had no clue. Told me to go home and take an ambium. So, we got home and i took my medication and relaxed. With in the next hour the contrax were getting stronger. I thought they were bad before ha I was so wrong. All night long they were coming on at regular intervals first 20 min then 15 so on. The worst part it was all back labor. Finaly around 530am my dh told me to call and see if there was anything to take for the back pain since the contrax were only 7.5min apart and they wanted them to be 5 before going in. The nurse laughed at me and said to come in. I showered and tried to eat something but that was a joke. By the time we arrived at the hospital I was contracting 4-5 min. When the got me into a room and checked I was 4 cm so they admitted me. Not long after that the "magic man" came in with the epi. I love him! Biggrin We spent the next 8 hours or so watching the monitor and resting. At one point the dr came in and decided to warn us that a c/s might be needed since the baby was not decending into the pelvis like he should since he was so big. About 2hrs later I was 10 and ready to push. I started pushin but had no clue to what i was doing since the epi had me feeling NO PAIN. I asked to stop the epi and once I got the feeling he started to decend. 50 min into it we had our baby boy. He did not respond at first needing to be on O2 and stuff like that. His 1min apgar was 1 and the 5min was 9. I was so scared. I couldnt really see what was going on since I was getting sewed up. Bad tear and episiotomy. Finally I heard him and saw dh bringing him to me and I just bawled. It was the most wonderful sight i have ever seen. He weighed 8lb 12oz 21 inches long.

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At 31 weeks my Ob told me to take it easy because the baby was very low and he was afraid of early labor so he gave me some shots to mature the baby’s lungs just in case. The rest of the pregnancy progressed well and thankfully we made it to 36 weeks. At my 36 week check up the dr said that the baby had ‘floated’ back up and that I was 0 cms dialated :roll: I was kinda disappointed cause I thought that I had to have this baby sometime soon and I was so tired! He told me to go for long walks every day and if the baby was ready to come it would come. He also told me to go to the hospital in 4 days to do a non stress test.
I walked about 2 hours every day, and went to my appointment on Monday. The midwife was there and b4 we did the non- stress test she told me she would check me to see if there was any progress after all the walking. She did an internal and I saw a surprised look on her face. She said ‘You can have the baby this morning if you like! You’re 2cms dialated and almost fully effaced with an anterior cervix. You’re going to go into labor in the next 48 hours anyway but if you want I can strip your membranes and your water will break and we can go ahead now.’ I was sooo shocked! After my previous disappointing appointment I wasn’t expecting much at this one.
I decided to go back home and get everything ready since I hadn’t even packed yet and I would rather my water broke by itself rather than have my membranes stripped. She told me to either come to the hospital if the contractions started or to go there the next morning at 8am and we would get things started then. They wanted me to have the baby in the morning because that’s when my dr is on call. The problem was that if I went into labor when he wasn’t on call he might’ve not made it to the hospital on time since this was my second baby and having them so close together meant that I could be in labor even for only about an hour.
I went home, got everything ready and spent time with Alexandra. At about 5 am I woke up with contractions. They weren’t painful and I started timing them. They were about 7-8 minutes apart so I decided to wait and leave the house at 7am so that I could be there at 8. They admitted me to the hospital and hooked me up to the monitor. I could see the contractions on there and it was quite cool. My water hadn’t broken yet and she asked me if I wanted her to strip the membranes and I said ok. I felt a warm gush of water and got completely soaked. The contractions started getting more and more painful (still very manageable though) and closer together, they were now close to the 50-60 range. I got the epidural and the pain went away straight away. They gave me a low dose epidural which meant that I could still feel the contractions but they weren’t as painful. I could even walk around. About an hour later I was fully dialated and ready to push! They took me to the delivery room at 12.50 and at exactly 1 o’clock on August 10th our son was born! It only took one strong push! The midwife did this weird thing, she kinda pushed on my stomach right under my ribs when I was pushing and the baby just popped out! It was the strangest thing. I was amazed at how tiny he was, he was so cute! They put him on my chest straight away. His Apgars where 9 at 1 minute and 10 at 5 and he weighed just 6lbs. He was tiny but perfect! They then took him away for the paediatrician to check him. I had no tears or stitches.The dr said it was the easiest labor he had ever seen.
They took me to a recovery room where I had to stay for 2 whole hours. It was so boring. The labor was so easy I wasn’t tired at all and I seriously wanted to get up and go home lol. After they saw I was ok they took me to my room where I would have to stay for 4 days (They make you stay for that long here in Greece). When I got there I was expecting the baby to ocme with me too but they said he had to stay in the nursery because the pedi had to monitor him since he was born a little early. Boy was I PISSED!!! I wanted to see him, I had only held him for 5 minutes!!! After 7 LONG hours they finally brought him to me. He latched on perfectly and nursed straight away!
We went home 4 days later and Alexandra loved him straight away! We are still trying to find a name for him and will have one by the end of this weekend. I was so amazed at how easy the birth was, I was almost in no pain at all! We are taking a break for AT LEAST 5 years now but I would like to have one or maybe two more. Having two babies now is hard but definitely worth it, this baby was not planned but we are so happy he came!

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Marrissa Rosemary's Birth Story

It was August 1rst. I got up and had a normal day. I had to change my panties through mid day because they were wet with...water. It didnt click in my head. I wasnt Due till August 17th. I didnt tell my husband because I didnt think about it.
I did my normal thing and took my dog to the dog park for about 2 hours. Shes a Border Collie so shes an ABSOLUTE NUT if she doesnt get her excercise in daily. After I got home DH wanted to go to the fruit market because I wanted some Mangos. After walking all around the dog park for two hours and then all around the fruit market I was really starting to cramp. DH noticed and started timimg the pains. Well they were 5 minutes apart and he said...."Hunny youre in Labor" So I then told him about the fluid Id leaked. Well he thought it was best to go to the ER. When we got there it was inconclusive if it was my water or not and after checking my cervix the DR said I wasnt Dialated. Mind you hes an Army DR who informed me he just got home from Iraq and hasnt done this in awhile so he may not know what hes doing. I just laughed it off. Well he said I was ok to go home and left the room so I could get dressed. As soon as I pulled my pants up my water broke! I remember DH looking at me, his eyes were so wide and he just quietly said " It looks like youre staying here" And then he goes to find the DR. Well the Dr comes back in and grabs this peice of paper and runs it up my leg and then looks at it...."yep thats your water" Another DR comes in to check my cervix and she tells me Im dialated to a 2. So it looks like im having this baby. From the time my water broke at 10:30 pm Marrissa Rosemary was born at 6:17 am. It didnt take long at all. I was placed on pitosin though and I timed my epidural so I only felt 2 minutes of contractions. It was the most amazing thing ever!!!