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~*~*Christine's (Jestine04) Birth Lodge*~*~

Welcome hun! Congrats on makeing it to the end!

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Welcome to your lodge! I'm excited to follow your journey!

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This is Christine's sister...I'll send her this way. She had the baby early...he is already here! I'll let her share her story Smile

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"chobeejc" wrote:

This is Christine's sister...I'll send her this way. She had the baby early...he is already here! I'll let her share her story Smile

Thank you! I'm looking forward to hearing all about it!

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Wow! Congrats Christine!

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My birth story

This is the short version.......

Saturday, January 9th around 8:00pm my water broke. I was 36 weeks pregnant. I had spent the day with my family at home and my in-laws had come over for a visit. We ended up going out to dinner with them at a local mexican joint. We came home and I literally had just enough time to walk in the door to the kitchen table when my water broke. Jesse, my husband, called my midwife (planning a homebirth) to let her know and to see what she thought since I was only 36 weeks. She said that everything seemed fine to her to continue as planned. Just try to get lots of rest at this point and call her when the contractions get regular and painful. Big Jesse & I went to bed about 11 pm and I slept lightly off & on all night. A few contractions would be strong, but then they would kindof faid away. About 7:00 am my midwife called to check on us and said that she would come to our house at 9 to see how things were progressing. She came and saw that I was still very early in labor so she was going to go, but to call when things got more serious. She also checked me to see what was going on. I was 2cm's & 50%. She suggested that I try castor oil and walking. I did and within an hour things started picking up. Big Jesse called to let her know that I was having regular contrax every 2-3 minutes. She said she would be back at our house at 11:00am. When she got here she checked me again, still only 2cm's & 50%. But at that time she noticed that Jesse was not head down. We were looking at a breech birth. Since I was only 36 weeks and had given birth previously to a plus 9 pounder I was confident that we could still have a vaginal birth so we decided to proceed with the homebirth. My midwife had a couple more midwives come to assist with the breech birth and I continued to labor at home. Things never really picked up and at times it felt like labor stopped. We took another dose of castor oil, walked more on the treadmill, used the breast pump for nipple stimulation, and drank a few herbal tinctures. By 10:00 pm it was obvious when she checked me again with still no progress that things were not looking good. We decided to pack things up and head to the hospital. A close friend that was already here at my house stayed home with our older children so they wouldn't have to wait around at the hospital to see what would happen (good thing we did this b/c our hospital had not lifted the children restriction due to H1N1).

We got to the hospital and they sent us to L&D immediatly. We talked to the charge nurse to let her know what was going on. They decided that they wanted to check to verify that my water had broke, monitor the baby & contractions for a bit and then they would talk to the Doctor on call. Immediatly they saw that indeed my water had broken. Jesse's heart rate was great, and I was having lots of regular strong contractions staying 2 minutes apart. They checked my dialation and found that I was still only 2cm's & 50%. But when they tried to determin baby's presentation they couldn't tell what was going on. The doctor came in and checked with the portable ultrasound machine to see what the presentation was only to see that Jesse was not breech, he was transverse. His back was turned up to my ribs. The doctor said that I was lucky that I had not dialated any farther than what I had b/c it would have ended with cord prolaps. Things got very crazy at that point. I was admitted at 12:49am Monday the 11th. They set us up for an immediate emergency c-section. Off I went to the OR. I don't remember all the details at this point b/c everything was happening like a whirlwind around me. I know they had a very hard time getting Jesse out. The doctors had to change positions a couple of times. I remember them pushing & pulling on me from all sides. They ended up having to make a second cut on my uterus to get him out. Basically the cuts together formed an upside down T.

Jesse Eugene was born at 2:09am Monday January 11th. He weighed 5 lbs. 7 ozs. and was 18 1/2" long.

I have had a very hard recovery so far and part of that is the disappointment of not giving birth the way I had wanted to and feeling like I failed somehow. I know that isn't the case, but that's how it feels at times. Little Jesse is worth every second of what I had to go through to have him though. I am so in love with him. It's amazing how when you can have multiple children, you don't have to divide your love between them, somehow it multipiles with every birth.

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Thanks for sharing your story. Sorry to hear you had to have a c-section--I'm sure it was a very different experience than the natural homebirth you had planned, and having such a drastic change of plans which is always difficult to deal with. It sound like a c-section was definitely the right birth for baby Jesse--transverse lie presentation during labor is a pretty much a no-question thing. You didn't fail--you did what was best for your baby even though it was different from what you wanted, and that is success. It is totally normal and healthy to be disappointed that it didn't happen the way you hoped for and envisioned, so don't let anyone make you feel like you shouldn't mourn the loss of the birth experience you wanted.

Congratulations on bringing a new child into your family, and WTTW baby Jesse!

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Congratulations and WWTW Jesse!

I'm sorry it wasn't the birth you had planned, but it was definitely what was best for your baby. :hugs:

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Congratulations and welcome little Jesse! I know it feels sucky right now. I'm so sorry you didn't get the birth you had planned and hoped for. (((HUGS))) and I hope you feel better very soon!