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    It's been forever since I have posted and I am pretty sure my birth lodge is about to blip off the board, so I will just write this last entry, since Dilly is fussing anyway......

    This last month has been really tough. I know that's normal to some degree. I never recovered from the insomnia I have had since April, and a newborn certainly doesn't let you sleep I am going to check out a sleep clinic on Monday and see what's possible.

    Dilly had some nipple confusion at 2 weeks (we tried a bottle too early so I could sleep) so we are back to the breast on demand. She's mostly got her latch back and I am nervous to try any bottles but we will again in a few days....She is gaining weight beautifully and is generally a content baby as long as she is with me. Her daddy and brothers love her.

    She hates the car.

    That's all my brain can really come up with for now. Thank you to everyone who has followed our story and shared their support. I hope everyone is thriving.

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    Good to see an update, and I hope you get some answers on the sleep issues that must be very hard! We'd love to see some recent pictures before your lodge goes anywhere

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    Good to see an update!!!

    Sleep issues esp with a new born can be maddening! I hope you get some answers too!

    Sounds like you are doing great, I think all your issues sound totally normal for the NB stage!
    Please excuse typos...

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