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    Trevor had his 1 week well baby check up today and he's back up to his birth weight. He's nursing so well, every three hours like clockwork. And I think it's so noisey at our house during the day that he's not ABLE to have his days and nights mixed up...he goes right back to sleep after his night time feedings. I'm so blessed! Thank the Lord for content babies! He is so laid back, I should have known by the fact that I went post dates!

    I'm feeling better and better by the day. This recovery has been SO much easier than with my c-section. I can tell I sorta over did it last week cause by yesterday I was exhausted and feeling some pain in my stitches. Nothing a warm bath and a nap didn't cure. Emotionally I'm feeling SO MUCH BETTER than I did while pregnant. I'm having my share of hormonal/mommy brain moments but I think I'm still on such a high after Trevor's birth that I haven't felt the slightest bit of baby blues. I'm hoping it stays this way, even after DH goes back to work on Thursday and I have the boys by myself during the day.

    So that's the latest. I'm off to update my siggy!


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    that's great Jessica! I am so happy for you guys.

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