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Thread: ~*Umpqua (Laura)'s Birth Lodge*~

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    Default ~*Umpqua (Laura)'s Birth Lodge*~

    Hi! I just added you to the list and I noticed you are past 36 weeks. Welcome to your lodge! Tell us all about yourself!

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    Hello! Welcome to your lodge ~! They are a wonderful way for all of us to hear all about you!

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    Welcome to your lodge! I'm looking forward to getting to know you.

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    welcome to your lodge!
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    I wasn't expecting a lodge - I guess that means I'm really going to have this baby, and soon! Thanks for the warm welcome here ladies. I'm really hoping for a natural VBAC birth for my second child and it's wonderful to be in such a supportive environment for these important last few weeks.

    My name is Laura and my husband is John. We have a 17-month-old son named Jacob and the sex of this new LO will be a surprise. Although I have a strong feeling it's a girl. We'll see, I was pretty sure Jake was a boy, but I have lots of people telling me this one is going to be a boy too. More than anything, I would love to hold my baby after the birth and check on the sex myself, rather than have DH announce it across a crowded operating room.

    A little background on me: I just turned 36 yesterday (never dreamed I'd be having a child at this age). I met John 14 years ago when I was home from college over the summer. He was the roommate of some high school friends and we dated casually over the summer. He stayed in CT for school while I headed to Albany, NY for an internship at a newspaper for the final semester of my journalism program. John made the trek up to my apartment on weekends while I was up there and we stayed together despite the distance, then I moved back to CT, where we eventually moved in together.

    I worked at reporting and editorial jobs for a few years and we got engaged on Valentine's Day in 1997. That summer we moved to southern Oregon to be near my parents and try out living on the west coast. We stayed there for a year and worked, camping, skiing and hiking to hot springs during our down time. It was wonderful, but we opted to move back to CT in 98 to be near most of our family and friends. We were married in September of 99 and now live in northern CT bordering MA in a semi-rural area (rural for CT anyway). I worked in publishing up until my DS was born, and am now a stay at home mom, doing occasional freelance work from home. I'm hoping to pick up more work when the kids are a little older and maybe move to part time in a few years.

    We were on the fence about having children for a long time, preferring to travel, go to see lots of concerts (DH is a drummer) and just generally do whatever we felt like. That all changed abruptly when John's older brother was killed in a major car accident almost 3 years ago. He left behind his wife and 5 young daughters and our lives pretty much came to a crashing halt. We started spending a lot of time with the girls and we slowly came to realize that we wanted children of our own. And also that life is short and circumstances can change instantly, and neither one of us was getting any younger.

    I got pregnant with Jake on the first month of really trying, and had a relatively easy, complication-free pregnancy. I took Bradley childbirth classes and educated myself as much as possible on natural, intervention-free birth. My actual birthing experience ended up being anything but that, and now I think I can look back at it objectively and identify some of the problems and things I could have done differently. I'm going to make a separate post with my birth story because this introduction is already getting really long!

    I feel MUCH more confident and positive about my upcoming birth. I have been able to visualize a peaceful natural birth throughout this pregnancy, something I could never fully do last time around. This has also been an easy pregnancy with no complications, and I just found out yesterday that my GBS test is negative, so that was pretty much the last hurdle. Yahoo! Thanks for reading if you made it this far, and I'll include a few pictures as well.

    I'm really looking forward to documenting the final weeks of this pregnancy here and getting to know you ladies better!

    I'm about 1 month pregnant with Jake here:

    Me and DH (almost 37 weeks this pregnancy):

    One of Jake's new fave foods:
    DS Jacob 12/12/06
    DS Nathaniel 6/5/08

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    Great intro, Laura! Congrats!

    I don't live too far from you.

    I'm eager to hear your birth story and what your plans are this time around.

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    Welcome to your lodge!

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    Welcome to your lodge
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