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    Welcome to your lodge! I am impressed at your progress this time. I doubt I am doing anything, lol!
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    I def. think you look lower (i have no idea if that means baby has dropped) yay for progress!
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    Welcome to your lodge! Awesome belly pics!
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    Great belly pics and you do look lower this time.
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    You definately look lower! After seeing all of the pictures compared I'm going to guess another little boy for you (and a warning that I'm rarely right with guessing except when it's mine ) I can't wait to find out!!
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    Great pics!
    Please excuse typos...

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    Welcome to your lodge! Great pics!

    I think you definately look lower this time, and your belly is the same shape in my opinion as when you had Tessa...

    I wouldn't worry about baby floating free. Mine never engage or get into position until my labours start - and even then it's sometimes only a contraction or two before they're born before they actually go down!



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    Welcome to your lodge!! Great pics! I think you look lower this time too, hopefully not too much longer!
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    Normaly I see the midwife and I was scheduled with her today. But I noticed the OB was also at the office and asked if I could meet with him instead. He is strict and gave me some issues last time with being a VBAC I wanted to see if we where on the same page this time. I had my birth plan with me and knew the midwives where no problem with following it, just with conversations we have had durring my visits. And I address "in case of emergency c-section" stuff in it and that would be his (OB) deal.

    He agreed to it all. Even the part where I asked for the drape to be lowered durring the surgery right before the time of the birth so DH and I could watch!!!!! He said he has only had 1 other person ever ask for that in all the years he practiced and he did it and it was no problem.

    He was unsure if I was going to be allowed to bring in both my Doula and DH for the surgery saying it was the anasilgolist (sp) call not his becasue they are on that side of the drape. And that I can BF ASAP in recovery but not on the table getting closed.

    But all the vaginal birth stuff he agreed to. A no strip birth, no medications (he was in pressed that I had already done that before), after birth wait for cord to be done pulsating before DH cuts it. Baby comes right to me, to nurse, prefer to tear and no episomity.

    No big changes stats wise.

    BP was slightly elevated but still normal just higher then it was at the start of prego.
    128/80 (started at 100/60)
    Pee was clear
    Not a yeast infection just lots of plug
    Only gained 1lb so thats a total of 34 for the prego

    Baby was kicking alot and HB was 135-140
    He did not think it was going to be a huge baby
    And he did check me
    3cm 50% (last week I was 3cm and 70% but he says the midwives are always more generous with checking then him so he says I was probly more like 2cm and 50% had he check me himself last week So the numbers look worse but he thinks I made progress!!!)
    Oh and durring palpation last week the midwife could feel the hard head down by touching my belly but it was floating and cervix was posterior she could not feel it durring my internal exam.
    This week he could feel the head (still high) but in the pelvis and says he touched it through the cervix. Cervix is also no longer posterior!!!!!
    So number wise not much change still at 3cm but baby has dropped into position and he says onces it drops more active labor should start. (lol same thing she said last week)

    I am going to try EPO starting today now that I know the baby is head down and not floating. Explaining the pressure I have been having since Sat.

    It was a good visit and I am feeling much better now even with the midwife going on vacation next week.

    I did get to speak with both midwives (mine and her on call one) today in the hall so I saw everyone and we are all on the same page as far as my wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL one told me at this point it is mental if I want the baby to come I can talk myself into it and it will happen. So I am saying between the 19th and 21st as my "baby arrival" predictions.

    I said from day one last time Tessa would be late and born July 3rd and she was 8 days late and right on the 3rd.

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