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    Aww!! Congrats! He is a sweetie pie!! Good luck on the bf. It will get better. Slowly but surely!!

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    Ok so bfing is still a challenge. He will latch on for a min if I use a nipple shield otherwise he is repulsed by my boob. I never thought this would be the challenging part. I always assumed bfing wouldn't be a problem. I'm pumping and am producing large quantities we still have to suppliment during the night but...I feel like the more days pass the less of a chance I have to get him to latch. I'm sorta lost and a little sad over this. I don't want to give up yet but part of me wants to just accept that I will be exclusivly pumping.
    Other than that we are doing ok...trying to learn each other and figure out schedules. DH has been great although his patience level is a little lower. MIL has been here for the last two days...feeding us. I'm ready to be alone for awhile before my mom comes back on the 19th. I just need some time alone to figure out how to be a mom to this beautiful boy!
    We are attempting a bath tonight. It's been about 6 days since his last bath and he has a dr. appt. in the morning, must make him presentable .
    Anyway, that's the latest!

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    Congrats on the baby boy - he's very handsome.

    I hope your bfing adventures take a really great turn and he simply adores your boob
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    I'm glad your doing well, and I hope your bf issues get sorted out soon. I'm glad your adjusting to the possability of things working different then you'd planned, that's the way parenting always works

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