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    Default ~*~*Mandy's Birth Lodge (MandyMommy)~*~*

    Welcome to your lodge! I hope I didn't miss one for you started already? I'm just taking a wild guess that your name is Mandy I look forward to your story!

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    Congrats and welcome to your lodge.

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    Congrats and welcome to your lodge! Looking forward to reading about your journey.
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    welcome to your lodge!
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    Welcome to your lodge!
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    Oh yay! I was wondering when I'd get my lodge - I don't post super often so I wasn't sure if anyone would catch it. Thanks!
    So my story...beware it's quite long, I got carried away LOL! One of my pics ended up really big too...
    DH and I met on an online dating site. I didn't do a ton of dating around, but I hate the whole first date thing and I just wanted to make a list and find someone who satisfied my requirements LOL! I guess it worked out okay! We had a 13 hour first date and have been together since. It's somewhat challenging because he does field work and has been out of town for varying amounts of time since we started dating, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...he should be all done his field work requirements for his SLS designation in spring, so no more field time woohoo!!
    We got married in September 2007, so we've been married just over a year now, together a little more than 3. The wedding was very informal, in a local city park, with a marriage commissioner, and all 18 of our guests just stood around us and watched. The whole thing took no more than 10 minutes, it started raining just toward the end of the ceremony so we were trying to hurry it up! Here's two of our pics:

    I wanted to start TTC in the spring of 2008 so that the birth would correspond with my one year of employment anniversary with the company I was working for so I would be eligible for mat leave. Things did not work out that way in the end. DH started a new job where he was out of town in the field a lot, for a month at a time, so between December (when I went off the pill) and March, he was not in town during any of my fertile times. Then he came home in the middle of March, and we made the decision to move to Saskatchewan for his new position, so we were going to continue to chart and avoid DTD during my fertile times until after the move was over. Around this time, I felt like I had a UTI and was going to the doctor to get some antibiotics, so I decided to take a preg test just to make sure I wasn't preggo so the antibiotics would be okay. Lo and behold,

    BFP! I was in total shock and disbelief for the whole day, because I'd actually been so careful to time things to not get pregnant! I guess I won't be using charting as birth control in the future LOL! I told DH later that day, after I took another test just to make extra sure. I think we were both really in shock but tentatively excited at the same time.
    DH moved to Saskatoon at the beginning of May to start his new position, and I stayed in Calgary to keep working as long as possible and pack up the house in preparation for the move. So here I am, 9-ish weeks pregnant, in the full "fun" of m/s, by myself doing all the packing. Boy was that fun.
    DH and my parents came up to Calgary one weekend to pack up the house in the UHaul, and off we went! So since then I've not been working. It's been nice in a way because I've had a somewhat difficult pregnancy, but at the same time, I've been incredibly bored! I've just been trying to keep busy doing crafty things and taking care of my two furbabies. They've been extra cuddly during my pregnancy, it's kinda funny. Here they are - Zeus and Tigger:

    My issues with this pregnancy have been with food My m/s wasn't too bad, I didn't have very much vomitting, but I just couldn't eat at all! I lost a bit of weight during the first trimester, and it took a while to bounce back from that. Since about the 17th week, I've felt much better, but I am hypoglycaemic normally, so pregnancy has just aggravated that. I also have very low blood pressure, so I've literally had to carry snacks with me in my purse throughout the pregnancy, and eat every 2 hours or so or risk fainting constantly. So that's been tough. Also I've joked that this baby is going to be a kick boxer because it kicks so hard and so much that it's painful! I cannot wait for it to be over honestly. At my last ultrasound baby was measuring right on target, but I'm measuring small, so babe is just crammed in there in such a tight space and it's quite uncomfortable.
    I've so far been feeling a little more tired than normal for the last week or so, and I've had a bit more cramping and stronger BH ctx, but other than that I've had no signs that babe is coming anytime soon I really wish it would make it's appearance sooner than my due date. Here's my evolution from 18 to 24 to 28 to 33 weeks:

    I'm going to take another pic soon to see if there's been any "dropping" in the last couple weeks.
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    Welcome to your lodge and what a great introduction! Wow, your pictures are beautiful!

    I can't wait to follow your final stretch.
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    You're gorgeous! And welcome to your lodge.

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    Welcome to your lodge! Your pictures are beautiful!!!
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