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    I hope your resting peacefully right now! Take care of your self as much as you can, I'm sooooo blown away that you can do it all. Your little girly is so close to being here, I can't wait to see her!

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    I am feeling a bit emotional today. Another bad nights sleep and woken early by DH and the kids who don't seem to think I need to sleep. My little sister is coming over today to do some work for my DH and then they're all going out to the city centre shopping whilst I am stuck here in bed alone... I bet he won't even bring me anything to drink or eat whilst he's gone.

    And it's a case of the green eyed monster but I'm really sick and tired of being stuck on the top floor of our house, by myself, being ignored all day everyday. And I just know whilst they're out they will have such a great time and probably my DH will give my sister money to treat herself even though he's just paid her wages (he treats her like his daughter, she's 16) and he'll probably treat the kids too and I'll just lie here and rot by myself. He never gives me any money just to treat myself. Hell, it's Autumn here now and I don't even have a coat (not that I go out anywhere)...

    It's like he just said to me that I could do some report writing for him whilst he's out with my sister shopping today. I know for a FACT I won't get paid £6ph like she does... I won't get a penny.

    And now he's complaining at me because I "look upset".

    Urgh... I'm sure this is just me being overly hormonal as I normally wouldn't be bothered and I'd normally like being left at home alone for the peace and quiet but I've been stuck in bed, ignored and alone for weeks now and I'm fed up with being treated like the forgotten member of the family. I swear if we had towers or dungeons here I'd be shut in one!!!! LOL

    I hate being stuck in bed... I want to be able to walk again now please!!! Does anyone have any magic beans that'll make me all better?????!!!

    ETA: It gets better. He's gone now. Just him and my sister and left me to try and look after the kids from my bed. How the Hell does that work? I thought he'd at least have the decency to take his own children for the ride - but nope. Apparently they aren't as important as other people are either. Urgh. Now I'm not just emotional - I'm damned angry. If he gets back and I find out he's given her money or bought her anything there will be an outright war in my house. Oh, and he didn't leave me a drink or anything to eat, just as I predicted. Thankfully the kids are more than happy to help me where I can't do things myself.


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    Welcome to your lodge! I hope eveything goes smoothly with the birth and can't wait to hear about it!
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    Your almost there! Only a few more weeks! Maybe you will go early with this last one!

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    Aww sorry your hubby is being insensitive -my hubby can get like that near the end of my pregnancies too - stupid men
    I hope that he surprises you and brings you home something wonderful. Try and rest as best you can
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    Smack him upside the head once for me - I'd be livid!!!
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    I would be just as mad as you are! That is totally crazy, what if someone gets hurt while he's gone, and your stuck in bed!! He better bring you home something, and it better be good. Is he at least bringing home a meal? You need to talk to him and help him understand this isn't ok. I understand that he's never been pregnant, but he needs to think of his wife and his unborn child before himself. I hope your kids are helping you out, and I hope you feel better soon.

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    Welcome to your lodge!

    I can completely understand your frustration at dh. I really hope he smartens up and brings you something nice.

    But seriously, how is the world are you able to take care of 5 kids while being upstairs in bed? You are my hero! Somedays one is enough while pregnant.

    I am looking forward to your journey.
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    Sarah Jean, you have a lodge it seems like just yesterday you had the 'hoping for a valentine bfp and a halloween baby' WOW times flies! I'm so excited about Oct. lodge b/c that means Nov. ones are right around the corner.

    Huge hugs, dh is being and *** and i'm so sorry if i were close i'd come over and help you!!!

    I'm so looking forward to sharing you journey and i'm hoping that you get the birth experience you want and can get to feeling better soon!
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