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Thread: ~*~*~*NatalieL's Lodge~*~*~* (Prenatal)

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    Default ~*~*~*NatalieL's Lodge~*~*~* (Prenatal)

    Welcome to your lodge!!!!
    Kristina, (formerly known as ~Kristina~)
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    Welcome to your lodge. I can't wait to hear your story.
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    Congrats Natalie! I hope the rest of your journey to meet Tom is a peaceful one.

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    So exciting. Welcome to your lodge.
    I am going to stick around for this, for sure.
    You were so helpful to me when it was my turn.
    Emote away..!

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    Hey Nat! Yayyyyyyyyyy for your lodge!! Look forward to sharing thsi with you!
    Sarah (mum to Max & Billy)

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    Congrats on your lodge! I'm looking forward to hearing your story!
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    Congrats, Momma! No cheating like Liz, LOL, we want a bunch of entries before you deliver!

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    Congrats Natalie! I'm glad there's several of us October mama's here with lodges! I look forward to reading yours!
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    I can't believe I made it to 36 weeks!!

    Hi, I'm Natalie. I'm a WAHM married to a wonderful SAHD. Our daughter, Sam, will be 3 in November. She's still nursing, although just to sleep now (it was much more in the beginning of pregnancy but pain made me gently wean her down to this).

    Sam's pregnancy was a breeze compared to this one

    At 28 or 29 weeks I measured 4 weeks ahead for the 2nd month in a row so I went for an ultrasound to check for extra fluid. I only went because my doctor wanted me to - it's not like you can really fix that easily.

    Anyway, we saw a line on Tom's lip that looked like it could be a cleft, so at 31 weeks we went back for a 3d ultrasound and confirmed a cleft lip but couldn't see his palate, so we have to wait until he's born for that.

    Also around 29 weeks I started having contractions that were strong and sometimes close together. My doc gave me terbutaline and it made me feel horrible so I put myself on bedrest, only taking the terbutaline when necessary. It makes your heart race. It also made my hands shake and made me feel like I was having an anxiety attack. Fun stuff.

    At 33 weeks I lost my plug. He checked me and I was soft but not effaced or dilating.

    At 35 weeks he told me I could stop it and stop the bedrest. At 35 weeks 1 day I went to the hospital with contractions 3 minutes apart. My cervix was still high and posterior, long and closed. They gave me shots of terbutaline to stop the contractions. I got a fever and the nurse wanted to give me iv antibiotics. I declined (I'd felt fine when I went in - I was pretty sure the fever was a reaction to the shot even though the nurse swore that wouldn't happen).

    So, I've been on more strict bedrest this week and taking that silly medicine more frequently. Just yesterday I got the go ahead to go off of it and let nature take it's course. I also got diagnosed with a UTI that my cranberry pills apparently weren't taking care of (the nurse at the hospital thought I was getting one, but I apparently didn't take enough cranberry). So now I'm on macrobid because I didn't know I had one so I wouldn't know if the cranberry would actually get rid of it. It's not playing nice with my intestines, but I'm hoping that's because yesterday's two pills were close together.

    Tomorrow's Dad's birthday (the "original" Tom who my son's named after) so he's hoping that Tom's born then, but I'm not having that many contractions today so I think he's probably out of luck I'd rather make it to 37 weeks anyway.

    I think that's basically all of my story. Like I said, it's been quite the pregnancy Even from the very beginning I had to take a trip down to my work at 5 1/2 weeks and hid it from everyone but my closest friends and boss. Traveling 5 hours with morning sickness (which started at 4 weeks 1 day ) wasn't so fun. For some reason no one seemed to think it was odd that all day long I ate cashews and raisins though. I guess they're just used to me being weird.

    At this stage, since I've been having contractions for so long, I'm wondering how I'll actually know when I'm in labor. Fortunately, our next door neighbor's a nurse and so is the guy down the street, so we have some medical care nearby if I don't realize it

    Tonight we're going to my parents' for cake and ice cream. Yesterday was Dan's birthday so we're doing a joint party.

    The funny thing is that Dan and I didn't ttc in December because I didn't want a Sept. baby because there are so many birthdays in our family. Now for weeks I've been thinking that's what was going to happen. Who knows.

    ILs are coming on Sunday to visit, give Dan his birthday presents, and pick up our youngest cat. Sam's been a little overly difficult with the cat and we're sick of all of the cat/Sam scratching fights. We don't want a cat who's afraid of small children around Tom.

    If you made it through all of that then you've got a lot of free time
    Natalie & Dan - June 2, 2001
    Samma - Nov. 5, 2004
    Tommy - Oct. 19, 2007

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    I had to get rid of a cat right before Orion was born, too. It was bittersweet. He was a biter/scratcher, too.
    I didn't know that baby Tom had a cleft pallet. How does that work after birth? Do they have to do a surgery right away after birth, or can they wait a bit. Will he be able to nurse without getting it fixed? Or maybe you don't know yet. It's amazing how well they can fix it now with very minimal scaring.
    It sounds like you could go anytime. Are you ready?
    Is he going to be born at a hospital, birthing center or at home?
    Do you have a birth plan? I want to see it.
    Hope your feeling well today. Cake and Ice cream sounds good!

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