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    Default ~*~ Mindie~ TyrantOfTheWeek's~Lodge~*~

    I know it's a little early but just thought I would start your lodge for you! Welcome to the home stretch of the pregnancy!
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    Welcome to your lodge, Mindie! We haven't had very many new lodges for a while, but we have quite a few December mamas!
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    Woo woot!!! Welcome to your lodge!!
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    Welcome to your lodge! Can't wait to follow your story

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    Thanks guys! I just feel bad because I haven't started any lodges..oops.

    Anyway, I had my 36 week midwife home visit.
    * Baby is still LOA, just not engaged. I start going to the chiropractor tomorrow and then weekly until B Day to help line things up for him.
    * My BP was fantastic. Being in your own home helps that.
    * His heart rate was 134.
    * I am measuring at 44cm, which is what I was at this point last time. I didn't get any bigger.
    * All of my supplies look great.

    After tomorrow, I can safely deliver at home. Being that Derek was born less than 11 months ago, I am doubting I will go into December (Though I could be just jinxing myself when I say that and end up going to 42 weeks or something crazy)

    I am nesting like crazy!! We had some work done to the house and I have been wanting to tackle EVERYTHING that needs done (paint, moving furniture, major stuff.) We did get Derek into his own room finally since we will need the mini crib that he had been sleeping in that is in our room. Today, I raised the crib mattress, moved Derek's stuff into his dresser in his room, and got the box of little baby stuff out of the closet and sorted/put away. I also hung mini blinds in D1 and D2's room. I swear, I have a list.....
    Also, my mom will be here Nov 21, which happens to be a full moon. She is staying for a week. Maybe Daniel will be born then, or wait until Nana leaves. I am kinda torn on which would be better...In one hand, she kinda gets on my nerves. And I know she would be saying all kinds of stupid s*it while I am birthing since I tend to be very vocal (OK, so I scream bloody murder. And, she is just negative and NOT what I need while my body needs positive reinforcement) Also, I loved having it just DH, the midwives, and I. On the other hand, my kids are all off school the whole week, and it would be awesome to have an extra set of hands there. Then, DH could take his week of FMLA off the following week. It would be nice to have 2 weeks of assistance. So, we shall see. One visit with the chiropractor last time made me have Derek the next morning.

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    Yay! You must be so excited, being this close! Hopefully your mom will be extra helpful when she visits!
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    Welcome to your lodge!!
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    Welcome to your lodge!!!
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    welcome to you lodge!
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    Welcome to your lodge!
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