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    about 28 stinkin hours!

    I did not get the birth I exactly wanted, but under the circumstances it was ok.

    Hey I will looks for my DS birth story and post it!

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    Found it - this was written right after DS was born:

    Wednesday July 12:
    12:00 pm- I got a call from doctor wanting to induce on Thursday because I was 10 days past due date. So Bill and I of course call Bridgett and get her opinion.
    3:30 pm- We agree to go to doc office and get a bio-physical/non-stress test to see how baby is doing. If all is ok we are going to wait until at least after Monday july 17 to think about induction (2 weeks past due date). At doc office they give ultrasound and they say not much amniotic fluid and baby is big so they doc will let us do what we want but she feels it is safer to induce.
    4:00 pm- We call bridgett and get more feedback. I am really upset at this point because I really don't want to induce.
    5:00 pm We pray that God would allow us to go into labor on our own. If not we decide to induce.
    10:00 pm- A contraction wakes me up and curls my toes.... I am in LABOR!!!!!!!!!!!! Bloody show and all. I am so excited, but try to calm down so it does not stop. It continues all night. YESSSSSSSSSSS Contractions 6 mins apart 60 secs

    Thursday July 13:
    4:30 am call hospital because we are scheduled to induce at 6 am. They ask us to come on in, since I am far past my due date.
    6:30 am Checked in hospital. Labor still going... Contractions have slowed to 8 mins apart 45 sec. The are concerned and still want to give me pitocin. We talk for a long time. Agree to much smaller amount than normal of pitocin. Nothing else. (it took us about an hour to decide)
    7:30 am pitocin starts. Labor progresses very gradually. Bradley relaxation techniques work! I work thru labor and it builds all day. It is definitely work, but managable. Bill helps me all day. We laugh between contractions in the morning. Late afternoon I can no longer laugh during contractions. I tell bill to quit making me laugh because it hurts! Bridget was right... I cannot laugh the whole way thru labor!
    7:00pm I am at 9 cm. Things are strong. I am slowly groaning thru contractions. I am starting to get tired. I am thinking it is almost time to push. The doctor breaks my water, she did ask but I was kinda out of it because I was so tired so I agreed. The baby dropped down to 9.5cm and transition began. Transition was hard... not just hard work bad pain. I could not catch my breath, but I knew it was the shortest part of labor. So I figure I can deal with 45 minutes of this. 10pm...Still in Transition and 9.5 cm. At this point I am hysterical. I was hyperventalating (sp?) and kinda out of touch with reality. Something just felt WRONG. Like I said ti might have all been in my head, but it just felt like the baby was not going to fit... so I got really scared and I just couldn't get that last .5cm. Poor bill is really having to help me keep me calm and it was not working. I tried walking, all fours, squatting, you name it. I could not get a hold of the contraction and I would lose my breath and gag. I thought I was going to kill the baby because I could not breathe... this was not fun. At 10pm I begged them to help me ( until this time the doctor and crew have been great and have not offered any pain medication). I begged for something so I could finish labor (I have been in labor 24 hours). They say they can give me an epidural, but it is not use because it might not take effect for 30 minutes and the baby could be here already. So I agree to wait it out
    10:30 pm 9.5 cm still crying and screaming so loud. I beg for something again. The agree that I can have epidural. I cry that I have caved in the pain. I was really upset then a contraction hit and I told them to hurry up.
    Sometime around 11:15pm I got the epidural. It is really odd. Because you go from being a hysterical woman to laughing about how I must have sounded from outside the room. Poor bill seems pretty shell shocked. Maybe he needed and epidural too.
    Baby was born at 12:41pm. (almost 27 hours of labor)

    He was a whopping 9lbs 14.4oz That big boy did not want to fit thru me... but he did with only one stitch!

    In the end bill and I were very happy. I was sad for a bit that I could not handle the pain, but really in the whole scheme of things I was terrified that I was going to hurt the baby or worse end up in an emergency c-section. So I think everything worked out for the best.

    Since I only had the epidural for a little over and hour, I was able to get up and move around within several hours. We were able to bond with baby and it was a very special time, the doctors left and gave us sometime alone with the baby. Then Bill went to the nursery. I never knew how much I would love this little baby.

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    What an intense birth story! The fear/anxiety you describe is something I can see happening to me. I can also relate to the long labor & the sweet relief of that epidural if/when you truly need and want it.

    Hope this time it's a lot different for you!

    I just saw your other post--whoa! Sounds like you are close!

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    My last birth was very very fear centered. My mom came from SC to be here for the birth. She really hurt me a lot emotionally during the 3 weeks before the baby was born. She cried because I would not get induced, she kept reinforcing that I would not go into labor on my own, and she kept telling me I was risking my baby's life by trying to do things my way. I think I let those comments get to me in the end.

    I do want to say in her defense that she was a great help *AFTER* DS was born. And she might be right that I will not go into labor with out some sort of help - because no female on her side of the family has gone into labor on their own. But what she failed to mention is that the doc/MW only needs to break my water to get things going. As I have said before even my grandma with twins went late and finally went to the hospital and they just broke her water since she was already 10 cm.

    I feel more calm and educated about this pregnancy. If for some reason I do not go into labor the doc is just going to break my water and allow things to happen from there since I am already dilated so much and my cervix is so soft.

    I am feeling contractions right now that I really hope are the start of things on my own.

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    Laura what hospital are you delivering at? Austin is home to us, so I am curious what hospital you are referring to. My SIL delivered at Brackenridge and they were surprisingly NB friendly. My other SIL delivered at Seton Southwest and they were, well....not.

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    This time I am at St David's down south. They are not NCB friendly... but my doctor for sure is and she has delivered some friends naturally. She just switch hospitals last time when I delivered with her she was at Seton central and they were very NCB friendly.

    My doc has signed my birth plan and sent it over. Also my and DH are prepared to stick up for what we want - knowing they cannot force a proceedure on us.

    Are you still in Austin or now in Elpaso?

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    duh - I just saw the SIL part!

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    Hopefully those contractions will get things moving for you!

    About your Mom's side of the family not going into labor on their own -- try not to think too much about that. My Mom's side all went overdue by two weeks or more, but I had my son at 36 weeks. All pregnancies are so different.

    You're doing great!

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    I keep stalking your lodge today, Laura! I know it's going to be very soon!

    And ITA w/ Julya. My mom went early with my brother and I - weeks early - and I was 4 days "late" with DD and seem to be heading to at least week 40 this time.

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    I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties w/your mom last time. I had a similar situation--my mom arrived for my EDD but then had 2wks of sitting around stressing me out, fighting, crying, her playing the victim, etc. We had screaming matches, it was absolutely awful. This time she lives on our property and will be home taking care of DD while I'm in the hospital--it will be much better!

    I'm glad you're feeling much better going into it this time! You really sound so close, when is your next appt?

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