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    Oh goodness!!! Congratulations Jenn!!! I can't wait to see pictures!!!!
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    Welcome sweet little Camille!
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    Congratulations and WTTW, Camille!
    DD 9/3/2010

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    I want to save all of the good news (stats, etc) for her to update when she gets home, but I thought I'd let you all know ...

    There was some concern about the shape of her heart, so they went ahead and did an echo on baby to make sure that everything was okay. Echo looks fantastic, so they want to keep her overnight just to make sure everything is okay. I think Jenn is doing her best to talk them into letting her come home! lol Hopefully she'll be home and resting soon. Camille is gorgeous!
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    Whoo hoo Jen! Congrats on your little girl. I can't wait to get some updates!
    Kendra & Bob 7/4/13
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    Congratulations Jenn and wttw Camille!! Yay!!

    Wishing you all the best with getting out of the hospital. Good for you for going to check things out, though I know you'll feel better once you get back home again.
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    Congrats Jenn and WTTW Camille!

    I'm glad everything looks good with the echo, good for getting everything checked out, and hope you both can get home soon. Can't wait to hear all about it and see pics!
    ~Joy~ DS1-8/5/05, DS2-10/18/10 (VBAC#1), DS3- 4/11/12 (VBAC#2!)

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    Congratulations Jenn and WTTW Camille

    I hope you all can get out of the hospital soon and great to hear the echo came back fine.

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    I'm back!

    Camille Lorraine was born at 4:16 on the 26th, 7 lb 2 oz, 20 inches long.

    So, the labor went wonderfully. No complaints. I got a good nap in, started having real contractions around 1, midwife and birth team came about 2, got in the tub about 2:30, started pushing about 4, and baby was born into water at 4:15 am, exactly 12 hours after my water broke.
    It was incredible. She wasn't sunny side up like Daniel so the labor was much easier. I'll post a detailed story later. 3 very small stitches and my hemis are already SO much happier and more comfortable.

    We noticed about an hour after she was born that the area around her lips wasn't "pinking up" quite right. She was fine so long as we kept her on oxygen, but after a few hours of that we were running out of oxygen and she wasn't getting better, and the midwife said that it could be a sign of Cyanosis, so we headed into the hospital.
    We were quite the spectacle at the ER, they never get new little babies like that (that's usually L&D's job) and you could see everyone leave their office to come see "the homebirth baby". Midwife Chris stayed with us until she couldn't' go any further (parents only).
    Everyone was in shock that I was up and walking around, I got many sincere and hearty congratulations, and the hospital was overall very nice about the fact we were a homebirth, other than a few questions ("did you have ANY prenatal care?")
    It was so odd, she'd still be all blue around the lips but even with just room air her oxygen saturation was at 100%. Strange.
    They took us up to the NICU (they told us she's have to be in isolation so she didn't get the hospital babies sick, to which I thought "no, we'll keep her in isolation so the hospital babies don't get MY baby sick") and did an xray, which came back with a question about the shape of her heart. So they did an echocardiogram next, which took about a half an hour. Usually techs aren't allowed to make any diagnoses, but our tech said "you know, you're a brave woman, having a homebirth, I'm so impressed, I'll go ahead and tell you- she looks completely 100% normal." Such a relief!)
    BUT, of course, they wanted to keep her around for observation. She had a few episodes of intense spitting up (clearing out of mucous) that sent her numbers all crazy so they wanted to keep her around more for that. They got us a nice suite in pediatrics with a bed for me (laying down felt SO nice). We were in the hospital for almost exactly 24 hours.

    I'm a little bummed that after such a successful homebirth we STILL ended up paying money to the hospital, but I just keep telling myself we're proof that homebirthers don't take unnecessary risks.

    All my pics are up at http://jooniper.smugmug.com/Births/B...06184658_8DbkT. Pics from the birth itself are forthcoming.
    -Jenn -
    my family blog--my pics--
    Married to Kenny Aug '06

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    Sounds like everything went great! Glad the hemis are happier!! Sorry you had to end up in the hospital after such a peaceful and successful HB but it is much better to be safe than sorry. And as you said it proves the the hospital that just because you choose to HB doesn't mean you will take unnecessary risks. You must be so proud!! Glad you are all home and healthy! The pics are absolutely gorgeous, she is a beauty!! It looks like big brother loves her already

    Can't wait for the Birth Story and birthy pics
    DH Garrett,
    DS Ethan 1/29/08,
    DD Lola 2/2/10
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