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    Hey Jenn, it sounds like Camille is doing so good! You might be really surprised how glad you are that DH is back at work. You guys sound a lot like my DH and myself in your differences. I'm sort of a lazy natured person, but my DH is the opposite, he's kind of a whip cracker. After I had Clara he was off for a week. He didn't expect me to do anything, but just the fact that he was here working non-stop made me feel like I should be helping out. It was actually relaxing when he went back to work and left me. I didn't feel like I needed to constantly be doing stuff. The kids weren't too bad to handle either, especially considering that Clara slept sooo much and still kind of does.

    Hope everything went well today!

    Those pictures are adorable!!!!

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    Her pics are so adorable! What a beauty!

    Hope all is going well now that DH is back at work. That was the hard part after all my help was gone and I had to deal with my 5 year old all alone.

    Hope the hemis are easing up. Those internal ones are killer and I never knew they could come on like that. I found that upping fruit and veggie intake with lots of liquid helped to soften things up and make it more bearable during BM time. Also some counter pressure on the perinium helps as does sitting really far back on the toilet seat. Sooo TMI, sorry. Still no fun. Its gets better though. I still have them but they are less painful and are hopefully on their way out. Hope yours go away soon.
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    Thanks everyone!
    Things are definitely going better. I'm exhausted, but I'm not as weepy, the hemis are definitely doing much better, and I no longer have to wear obnoxious giant maxi pads.
    Camille is getting a much better schedule, feedings are lasting longer and are more spread out. I suspect she doesn't like dairy though, she gets SUPER gassy, usually at night and I'm up a lot at night trying to burp her.

    DH ended up taking Tue and Thur off this week (The two days Daniel doesn't have school) so I'm still not completely on my own. Then next week is the last week before he gets two weeks off for christmas break. My mom comes down Christmas day.
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