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    Default Lily Isabella Brooke Robinson

    Well I didn't make it to August.. I honestly thought I would hehe
    Lily Isabella Brooke Robinson was born 29th July, 6.18pm 6.26lbs (2.85kg) using Ventouse (vacuum extraction) at 37w6days. Apgars were '9' at 1min and '10' at 5 min EXCELLENT

    Went into the hospital thinking I had bad cramps. I was sure I would be sent home but no, I was indeed having contractions and was already 5-6cm dilated! Asked for an epidural which kicked into effect fairly quickly (thankgod) and went up to 9cms really quickly. Stayed at that for quite awhile.. My OB had theatre on standby for a C sec as she just didn't wanna leave the cosy warmth... finally though after a few minutes of INTENSE EXTREME pain she made her way out.

    The epidural made me really groggy and drunk feeling so I don't remember that much detail about the whole thing. I do remember nearly falling off the bed in agony a few times during some really bad contractions... thankgod DBF was there to hold me up!

    After care was very relaxed.. I was pretty much left to my own devices with midwives on call whenever I needed. She was stuck in with me straight away (nobody took her away at any point which was great.) and literally hasn't left me since she was born.

    Started breast feeding immediately, haven't had much trouble at all thankfully. Its hard work and physically draining but I know its good for her so I keep on it.

    Came home today. I am loving being a mum

    Here are some photos !

    Proud Grandad

    Natalie (22), DBF -Karel (27) Parents to : Lily (29th July 06)

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    I was scheduled for the C-section for Friday 7/28/06 at 9:00 AM. I was secretly hoping to go into labor before then so that I could try for a VBAC. No luck for me. I woke up Friday morning @ 5:00 am feeling nothing, so we got ready to head to the hospital. I arrived at the hospital at 7:00 AM for check in. They took me back to the monitoring area and hooked me up to the monitors and started all the paper work. My nurse was an absolute sweetheart and I told her I was terrified of the c-section, but she was able to calm me down. She hooked in my IV and then had me drink this nasty medicine to keep my acidic levels down. she said if I were to get sick on the table this medicine would make it less acidic. It tasted like horrible grape sour juice. Then another nurse came into shave me and I really think that was the worse part. She used an electric razor and the vibrating was kind of painful especially when she got around my old C-section scar. I would have assumed them done that after the epidural was in. Then they wheeled me back to the OR which was a very surreal feeling. I had to move over onto the operating table and sit up while they did the epidural. That was not as bad as I had anticipated. Then I had to ry and lift up my lead butt to scoot down the table to lay down. After I got layed down, they inserted the catheter and got me all draped up. They allowed my Mother in the room after that. I remember the epidural made me feel a little loopy but it could have been my nerves as well. They put an oxygen mask on me which felt wonderful. I really didn't know they had begun until my Dr. mentioned having to cut out some scar tissue. Then she said, "oops- I just pulled some of your babies hair, but he's okay." Then I heard her say, " I don't know what is attached to this head but we have a big one." My Mother stood up at that point to get some pictures of him coming out. She said my Dr lifted him up with both hands and said, "Oh he has to be over 8lbs." He came out crying which made me cry. The nurses took him to get him cleaned up while they were sewing me up so my Mom went over to his bed to get pictures. The first time I saw him was when they put him on the scale since it was across from my head. I saw the 8lbs 12ozs pop up on the scale and said, "Oh my God, how did he get so big." My Dr laughed at me and said something about being a good cooker. They wheeled me into the recovery room where they brought Grant with me. That was nice, because when I had Nathan, I didn't get to see him until I was well out of the recovery room. The nurses were all wonderful and we started to try and nurse him immediately. It took him a few trys but he finally latched on. I was in the recovery room for about an hour and then they wheeled me as I held Grant into my room. The hardest part was moving onto my bed. My legs were still pretty numb and I was starting to feel sore so this was a big challenge. After I got settled, Grant stayed with me 98% of the time. I sent himt o the nursery at night, but had them bring him to me every 3 - 4 hours for nursing. Most nights during that first middle of the night feeding we would both fall asleep during it and so he would end up staying in my room for the rest of the night. My cousin stayed with me Saturday night and she is young and never had children so I knew the night would be a shock to her. I was feeding Grant during his 3:00 feeding and we both fell asleep. All of a sudden, I hear her say, "Should you be snoring while he is attached to your breast." Bless her heart, she has so much to learn. I have to say overall, the experience was 110% better than I had anticipated and the recovery has been much easier then the first time around. I'm okay with not having the VBAC and chances are it would have been difficult for me to accomplish with his size, since I wasn't able to birth Nathan vaginally and he was only 7lbs 7ozs. I'm just so glad he is here and is healthy, and so far, has proven to be as good of a baby as Nathan was.
    How can you say NO to this face?????

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    We welcomed our daughter Rory Grace into the world on Saturday, July 29 at 5:01 pm. She is beautiful and we absolutely adore her... even though she is not sleeping anywhere near the average of 20 hours newborns sleep.

    Here's how she arrived...

    Friday morning at about 2:00 am I woke up to realize I was having contractions and laid there in denial for quite awhile and fell back asleep for a little bit. I woke up a little bit later realizing they were still coming about every 5-7 minutes so I went downstairs to watch TV and time them. I actually watched my DVD of Friends where Rachel gives birth to Emma and was in labor FOREVER... kind of funny considering how long I labored.

    I continued to contract all day at home... it wasn't too bad yet so DH and I went on lots of short walks and watched a lot of TV and basically just laid around and waited. Finally at 9:30 pm I decided it was time to go in... the contractions were getting stronger and closer together and I was basically just curious what was going on. When we got to the hospital I was still only dilated 3cm, but they said I may as well stay. So I labored at the hospital all night... contractions became more intense... but low and behold at 4:30 am I was only at 4cm... and still at 4cm at about 7:30 am. The doctor broke my water at around 9:00 am and I learned I was dilated to a 5cm... that gave me the energy I needed to get through the next few hours. Finally at about 1:00 pm, I was still only at 6cm and after realizing how extremely exhausted I was I took the epidural realizing that if I hadn't, I probably would have been too tired to get all the way to the end and wouldn't have been able to push and probably would have ended up with a c-section. I had already been in labor for nearly 36 hours at this point! Once I had the epidural I progressed from 6 to 10 pretty quickly and then it was time to push and there she was! My biggest fear in having an epidural was that I wouldn't be able to fully participate in the birth, but after having had it, I still felt completely empowered and know that it was all me that pushed her out.

    It was the most amazing experience to get to help pull her out. There really is nothing like it. I just can't get over the fact that we made her!

    All in all things are going well. Rory is healthy... has a little difficulty sleeping, but we are just trying to remember that this stage won't last forever and we're all just learning. DH is amazing too - he is a great dad and is the best husband I could ask for. I'm hanging in there... each day my body is recovering a little bit more (I had some pretty crazy tearing).

    She weighed 7lbs 6 oz (same as me!) and measured 21.5" long! She's going to be tall... which she did not get from me.
    Mom to Rory

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    We were scheduled for an induction at 1AM on Friday July 28th because of my Cholestasis (37W2D). We called at midnight to check the rooms available and they said they don't take inductions until 5AM and that my Dr had wrote it wrong! So of course, we were anxious but managed to get in a few Z's. At 4Am we called and the hospital was ready for us. We got there in time, but were waiting until 6AM before we got our room (it was a very busy Friday!) We had to get pills inserted in the cervix to soften them, as I was only 1cm dilated and 50% softened. They repeated these pills every 4 hours. I was having pretty harsh contractions after the second pill (long and strong). They gave me something in my IV to take the edge off, but the two times they administered it, it literally lasted a half hour! I did not know how I was going to go through laboring so long. Halfway thorugh the third pill my Dr came in, checked me and I was only 2cm dilated and 50% softened! I just lost it. He decided to break my bag of waters and agreed to an epidural. Yeah! When he broke the water, I gushed A LOT, and it just kept coming! Almost immediately my contractions were full blown. When the anesthesiologist came in, I did great with getting the epidural, and had no problems at all. It worked within about 15 minutes, though I was still totally able to feel my legs (he gave me a low dose that I was able to self administer-- though never did push the button!) About 45 minutes into the epidural the baby started having decels in her h/r. The Nurse wanted to put in an internal monitor, but she was new at it and didn't catch right (mind you this is a HOOK that goes in the baby's head). While her and the experienced Nurse fussed with it, I demanded they put back on the external monitor so I knew my baby was doing OK, which she was. The second Nurse asked the first "Where did you put this thing?" My mind was racing at this point thinking my baby had a hook in her eye or some other place! She finally took the internal monitor out and I refused to let her put it back in. The external monitor was fine, but then about a half hour later I switched positions and the baby's h/r went down again. The Nurse was concerned that the baby was stressed or had the cord around her neck (the Dr later said it was not the epidural because my blood pressure was not dipping and I was having no contractions). They put oxygen on me and the baby stabilized. Sure enough, I switched positions again and the h/r deceled. The Nurse sent for my Dr. who said the baby was stressed (probably from the Cholestasis) and that she would not do well in the labor, considering I was not even contracting at the time. I agreed to an emergency c-section, and within 45 minutes my little girl was born safely. Brooklynn Alysabeth was born at 10:56pm weighing 6lbs and 20in long.

    And a picture of me at birth for comparison

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    ok, I know I have been gone for a month now - but I have been so busy with the new addition and the 3 other kids - I swear it's been a nuthouse here.

    I will share my story of my early arrival!

    Wed July 26th I was school shopping out in Gulfport (about 25 miles from home) and it was hot and I was out running around for about 6 hours. Around 4 pm I stood up to get out of the car and I was pretty wet. I couldnt figure out if I was sweating down there or maybe (gasp) I peed on myself. So I grabbed the cell phone and called a friend. She said sounds like your water might be leaking to me. I was in denial. I called my mom, my DH and the dr. The dr told me to go to the hospital and get checked out. I said well I have my 37.5 wk appt at 9:45 tomorrow can we wait until then? nope! So I called DH back and said get ready, I am on myway home and we are going to the hospital. Which is about another 25 miles in the other direction from home in slidell LA.

    We got the kids sent to a friends house and took off. My dr was on call that night and in the middle of delivering 5 babies already!! So she checked me out and it was indeed amniotic fluid leaking - I was staying. 20 days before my due date.

    I was 2-3 cm and about 50% effaced. She broke my water completely about an hour later. I had small contractions for a few hours - painful but manageable. At around 11 pm I was 5-6 cm and the epideral arrived. I wouldnt take. He told me he ended up giving more than twice what I should have had for someone 2 times my size!!! But it worked too well in the end. I had absolutely no feeling from the waist down. It was pretty scary. I never even felt the need to push. But my dr was great. My best friend of 22 years and my DH were both in there with me helping me push and get through it all. they were wonderful and I couldnt have made it through it without both of them!

    Kaila Grace was born on July 27th at 2:59 am weighing 6lbs 11 ozs 19 inches long. I left the hospital 34 hours later because my kids were calling every 10 minutes begging me to bring their baby home.

    The nurses were amazed because Kaila actually weighed more at discharge than she did at birth - which almost never happens. Breast feeding is going well and she sleeps about 22 hours a day!!! She is a lazy eater, but is most definately gaining and growing! Everyone including my son is absolutely in love with her.

    She sleeps ab out 4 hours between feedings - even at night. We are blessed.


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    Well my daughter is called Scarlet Isabelle and is gorgeous! She actually arrived at 00.50am on Thursday 4th August (yesterday). She was only 50 mins past her EDD, so i guess i did join the overdue club briefly afterall!!

    The birth itself was quite a long affair, as it was mainly back labour, but thankfully she did turn during the proceedings. From contractions starting to delivery, it was about 31 hours (7ish hours of active labour) and the only pain relief i used was the gas and air, so i was really pleased that i lived to tell the tale.

    My contractions started on Tuesday night at around 6pm, but they were all in my back - they were painful but i could cope. I didnt sleep at all that night and they carried on every 10 mins for the rest of the night and next morning. I ended up going to hospital at lunchtime(ish) on Wednesday and they checked me and said that i was still in the early stages of labour and that she was back to back, so it was likely that this first stage could take up to 1-2 days (great!). So i came home again, so i could try and deal with the pain at home. I had been at home about an hour and the pain was just getting worse and worse, so i made Chris take me back to hospital.

    When i got to the hospital at about 7pm they took me in to a side room, and that minute my waters broke and i lost my plug! The midwife checked me and i was 7cm dilated. I was really pleased as i had not had any pain relief and had made it this far on my own.

    Basically i needed something to help me with the pain, but as i had made it this far without pain relief, i didnt want anything to slow it down, so just had the gas and air, which was fantastic stuff!! I think i got addicted to it!

    It was another 4 hours of contracting and just using the gas and air, then i was ready to push, which took me a further 2 hours to push her out, again just using the gas and air.

    I did tear internally and externally so am a bit sore, but apart from being tired i am feeling fab.

    I love being a Mum already and Chris is a fantastic Dad too!

    The birth was actually not as bad as i had imagined it would be, and i coped with pain a lot better than i thought i had in me- focusing was the key! - so if i can do it, as i am a real wimp, all you ladies in waiting can too!

    Here is a pic of my little girl.

    Oh and her stats:

    Scarlet Isabelle
    19.5 inches long

    DD - 4yrs

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    Default Avery Mae


    Let's see if I can remember everything...

    Thursday, 8/3 started having contractions around 3pm. They were 6-8 minutes apart and like Braxton Hicks but with menstrual cramping, too. They stayed regular but then slowed down in the evening. I went to bed and woke up lots during the night with the contractions (I called them tightenings because that's how it felt!). Anyway, had to call in to the birthing center in the morning because I didn't know whether to come in or not. After making a couple calls and taking their advice (eat breakfast, time them for an hour, rest, shower) we ended up going in to get check around 11am.

    Now, at Monday's appt (7/31) I was 1 cm dilated. When I went in on Friday morning, I was 1-2 cm, but really thinned out and head was way down. Needless to say, we were sent home for me to labor a bit longer and see if it would progress. Oddly enough, I got home and was able to get some sleep. I was disappointed that contractions had stopped/slowed way down, but felt good I could get some sleep. I also ended up cleaning and nesting like crazy in the afternoon without many contractions .

    The midwife called to check on me around 6pm and the contractions had just started up again, but were still the menstrual cramping kind- uncomfortable but NOTHING like I would feel later on. I was able to breathe through them for the most part with some moaning.

    I have to say, this whole time of laboring, I pictured my cervix literally opening up. Like in Ina May Gaskin's books (Spiritual Midwifery), I used imagery to really help myself. I just pictured the contractions being these amazing, useful, painful happenings. I really believe visualization helped.

    So, around 9ish pm, I called back to the birthing center because the contractions were 4-5 minutes apart and getting really hard. I told her I'd eat something and see how I felt. When I hung up the phone, I had the worst pain/contraction I had. I was amazed and realized THIS is what a contraction REALLY feels like. I got panicked and told DH to call back and tell her we were definately coming in. I did labor a bit more at home while we were getting ready to go. The ride to the hospital was so long and unbearable, but I knew that this was it. Strangely enough, when we got to the hospital, we didn't even bring our bags in because I guess I thought maybe they'd send us home?

    Got in to the birthing center around 10:30pm Friday night. The midwife and nurse could see how hard the labor pains were and checked to see how far I was dilated. I was 5-6 cm. and so I sent DH to get the bags. We were put in a nice room with a double size hospital bed so DH was able to sleep with me and stay in the room with me. They suggested the tub to relax and at this point I just didn't want labor to slow down or stop. I still thought I'd have to wait 5-6 hours to get fully dilated (1 cm every hour). But I got in the tub (scented with lavender- totally wonderful to be weightless and not sitting on a hard bed!). I started feeling kind of pushy so she checked me again. I was 7-8 cm. At around 11:40ish, I was pushing uncontrollably during the contractions; it just felt better to push and I really couldn't control it either.

    So the nurse got the midwife back in the room (she had stepped out to do some paperwork for a bit). She checked me and I was complete! I had to wait a couple minutes for the other midwife to be back up since our midwife was still new to the practice. Luckily she showed up. I started pushing and couldn't believe the intense, strong pressure and pain. I did say, "I can't do this," but the midwife and nurse and DH were amazingly reassuring and told me I could. So, I pushed and could feel the baby's head coming down the birth canal. I could just feel my body stretching to accommodate this little baby! It was amazing. It hurt like crazy, but I knew it had to if the baby was going to come out! I was also amazed how my body rested between urges to push. It was like it gave me a complete rest between pushes.

    So, I looked down in the water and could see her head out. I kept pushing and the midwife lifted her to my chest while I was still in the tub. I held her up (still didn't know it was a girl) and checked and told DH, we have a daughter! It was amazing!

    I kept holding Avery while we were waiting for the cord to stop pulsing. DH cut the cord and I pushed the placenta out. I was shocked at how hard it was for me to push it out- I think it was just scary to think of pushing again, though the placenta delivery wasn't painful at all. It was just hard to push again.

    They wheeled me back to our room and I got in bed. The midwife checked me and I needed some stitches where I tore (internally a little and externally a little). They sewed me up while I nursed Avery. Finally around 2:00am we called our parents. They were shocked to hear we went in at 10:30pm and had a baby by 12:05am! We were, too.

    Anyway, the natural delivery/water birth was the best experience. I credit it to having a great DH, imagining a natural delivery, visualizing opening up, and just believing that I would be okay at the end of it all.

    Thanks for reading this! Sorry it was so long.


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    Dangerously Simple


    I went in on the 31st for my 38 week appt. I had him do an internal so we could find out if I was a candidate for an induction (my doctor was going to be out of town for a week over my due date and I didn't want to take any chances. He delivered all four of my other children, and I trust him totally and completely). He informed me I was 1-2 cm and that yes, we could do an induction, we just needed to get together with the hospital the next day and see what day would work best. We were hoping for Thursday (3rd) or Friday (4th).

    We still didn't have a name. I was so freaked out... and actually thinking about not scheduling an induction based just on that.

    On the way home from the doctor's office Christopher and I were talking about baby names. And out of the blue, like a grand epiphany, his name came to my husband and in a span of like 5 mins we came up with a name before we even got home. I was so relieved too because I really didn't want to welcome our son into the world without a name. His name would be River Echo (River- just because we liked it, and no it's no association with River Phoenix; Echo- to honor International author Umberto Eco, we just spelled it ECHO so that people wouldn't pronounce it E-Co).

    Anyway, so I hurry home and started cleaning. My DH, on the other hand had other plans. He figured since we had til Thursday or Friday he would clean the next day and we would be all good to go. Although I was annoyed, what could I do?

    Doc called the next day and says the only day that will work is WEDNESDAY and to be up at the hospital at 6:30am to start my induction. I was suddenly put in a frenzy because I didn't even have my bags packed, my house was a mess still, and my DH had YET to do anything, and I was really hoping to relax and rest before the big day (my feet were really bothering me, and I had a pinched nerve in my hip that I couldn't soothe with ANYTHING.) But... since we had so much to do, I didn't get any rest at all. We went to bed at 12:30am that night, and were back up to head to the hospital at 5am.

    I got admitted and got settled in, and we had a beautiful birthing suite. I wish I would have taken pictures of it. It was absolutely breathtaking. We had a couple colored glass windows, and the whole wall on one side were windows that overlooked a pond outside that had koi in it, and while we were looking out the window, we noticed the biggest hugest praying mantis I have ever saw in my life. My husband made the comment that he thought that praying mantis' brought good luck, and so I told him I hoped he was right, and that maybe that meant we would have an easy labor with a fast delivery. I took a few pics of him.

    The doc started a low dosage of Cytotec (25 instead of 50 which I guess is normally used). He came back in an hour later and contractions were still barely there (just the normal ones I usually have), and I had yet to do anything much. He said that it would probably progress faster if he broke my water, so we did that, and he also set up an internal fetal monitor to watch the baby. This hurt really bad cuz I was still thick and only 2 cm dilated when that happened... later I would venture to say it was one of the most painful times in my labor. Even topped my contractions.

    I started on Pennicilin because I am have been GBS+ in the past, and we just wanted to make sure. The nurse told me it would burn just a little, and then it should subside... but it never did. It was set to run for 30 mins, and at 15 minutes I thought I was gonna die because my arm was still on fire and it felt like it was shattered and broken into a million pieces. I called the nurse in and asked her why it hurt so bad, and she changed the speed to an hour, instead of a half hour. It felt much better after that, and everything went as planned.

    My doc told me that after I had a whole bag of fluid that they could put the Epidural in (I know you are either really for them, or really against them... but for me, they have always been a godsend). I was really excited because he said it didn't matter how far dilated I was, that whenever the bag was done, we could get it started.

    Pitocin started contractions and at first they really didn't hurt. My in-laws were all up there and my DH was playing poker with them at the table while I concentrated thru contractions. It was kind of annoying, but I didn't want to be rude since my contractions didn't hurt that bad. They kept asking me if I was gonna be okay thru some of my big contractions, but they always went back to poker once my contraction started to lessen.

    The bag was almost all done and the anesthesiologist came in to start the epidural. I was 2 cm dilated and about 50% effaced when he started. I had never heard of getting an epidural this early, but I didn't wanna question it, I just wanted the pain to go away. We got ready to set up and he started his work. This was the first time I had a doctor stop his work while I was having a contraction, which I was really impressed by because usually you just have to wince and grin and bear it and hope that you don't move while he has the needle in your back. That's so nervewracking to do when yer in the middle of a really harsh contraction.

    He had to try 3 times before he got it in right (which I have to say was really uncomfortable because it feels like liquid fire in your back each time they poke you)... and I think all total (from beginning of contractions, not beginning of my epidural) I might have had a dozen stronger contractions before my epidural kicked in. I was soooooooo happy when they put it in, and my husband was even happier. He had dreaded me turning into a demon during this labor, and now we knew that wasn't gonna happen.

    My medicine was kinda uneven this time around, so we just rotated sides to keep it more evened out. I could still feel the pressure of the contractions, but not any of the pain.

    After I got the epidural, I progressed really quick, and all total I had contractions from 11am until 3pm (the first hour I could barely feel them though), and they told me I was dilated to 10 and ready to push. I pushed for about 5 or 10 mins and noticed that the doctor was having to tickle the top of his head because every time I had a contraction his heartbeat would drop down into the 50s. I kept asking if he was okay, and trying to look at the monitors, but the doctor and nurses didn't want me to freak out, and told me to focus on pushing him out. I could tell that Christopher was worried though, and I really wanted to pay attention to the monitors, but moreso I just wanted my baby to be okay, so I concentrated really hard on pushing, and he was born at 3:18pm.

    This is the announcement pic I made:

    and here are some of my fav pics from our hospital stay:

    This is Lexie with her new little brother. She adores him, but has had a hard time adjusting to not being the baby anymore (you can see he was a little blue, but he bounced right outta it):

    she stayed with us the whole time we were in the hospital. They were so nice to her, and the staff treated her like a princess. I was so happy with our experience with them.

    and here's a pic of all of the kiddos and me the day before we came home:

    If ya made it this far, thanks so much for reading I appreciate all of the support I have had from this place... and hope to continue to come and read about everyone else's birth stories. I hope you all have births as easy as mine was

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    allright I finally have a few minutes while my little sweetie is nappin so I thought I would try and write this up before I forget anything!

    On wednesday 8-2 I lost my mucous plug so I was really hoping that meant things were progressing but then nothing the rest of the night. Then at around 5:30 am on thursday(8-3) I woke up and went to the bathroom and laid back down in bed. Not long after I laid down I started having contractions. I got up and got a drink and laid back down to rest because the alarm was going to go off soon for David to get up for work. At 6 the alarm went off and I told David I didn't think he would be going to work today! SO we stayed in bed and I tried to time the contractions. They were about 5 min apart by around 7am so we got up and I took a shower while David got everything together, then we took the dog on a walk around a few blocks and came back and I ate half a bagel and had some apple juice then we headed to the hospital. By the time I got there and they hooked me up to time my contractions they were 4 min apart and she checked and I was at 5cm, and fully effaced. This was about 8:30-8:45. So I tried squating and stuff for awhile then the nurse came back at 9:45 and I was close to 7cm. I had to have an IV since I was GBS+ and then they asked if I wanted to have my water broke. I decided to wait a little longer and about 10:45 she popped it for me. Almost immediatly the contractions got really strong and I started feeling very nauseaus. They got me a cold washcloth and a bucket incase I got sick. Then after awhile they put something in my IV for nausea. And some Nubane (I think)- She said it would help me sleep thru the contractions but by then I was already at 9cm and the contractions were a minute apart. It only made me sleepy and I wish she didn't give it to me but I guess David asked her too because he didn't like seeing me like I was in pain but I really wasn't handling the contractions too bad. Anyways the nurse told me that I could start pushing whenever I felt like I was ready too, and I pushed for about 30 min I think.
    Madeline was born at 12:06 pm on 8-3-06. She was 7lbs14oz and 20.5inches long.
    I had 3 small tears that didn't need stitches and I got a small hemmoriod.
    we had to stay 48hrs since i was + for the GBS. I also only got one dose of the antibiotic since my labor was so short.
    i am feeling much better now though and my milk finally came in and Maddie is doing pretty good at b/f. She visited the ped. yesterday and got her first shot which she was NOT happy about, but she is really such a good baby. Although she has been keeping mommy and daddy up all night long!

    here are a couple of pics:

    Amanda~ Mod of the gaming board
    Dh~ David: 12-02-2006
    Dd~Madeline: 08-03-2006
    Ds~ Charles: 3-16-2009

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    Alessandra Nicole was born Sunday July 30, at 10;12 pm. She weighed 6lb 15 oz, and measured 18 1/2 inches. She scored an 8/9 on the apgar. I was 38w 1d when she arrived!

    As some of you may recall, I thought I may have been experiencing labor pains on the thursday preceeding her birth. I went to the L&D and was dialted to a 1 - was told to go home until contractions were stronger and closer together - this was Friday. On Saturday morning, 3:30 am, I woke up to very bad contractions which were 3 minutes apart, steady. We went to L&D where I was told I was still a 1! I was told to go home again and wait till the contractions were less than 2 minutes apart, and stronger. So I did. I walked all day that day trying to open up my pelvis a little, and rocked on my birth ball in between walks. The next morning around 10:00am (Sunday), the contractions were about a minute and a half apart and pretty tense. So we went back to L&D. Guess what? I was still a 1! The nurse felt bad for me, since the contractions were pretty bad, so during the internal, she somehow manipulated my cervix to open up to a 2-3. Damn that was painful. SO then they admitted me and I waited to open up more on my own, since the contractions were 1 minute a part at that time and strong (although I didn't feel the need for the epi yet) I was checked again at noon and still a 3. They got me a birth ball and I sat on that for an hour. Then at 2 I was checked and I was barely a 4, but they decided it was time to break my water to try to get things going since it was going so slow.

    They broke the water at 3:30, and the contractions were getting soooo intense! The anesthesiologist was in the OR at the time so I had to wait an hour for him to give me the epi! I made it ok, but only by the grace of God! Man that was bad! (not as bad as what was to come though!)

    At 4:30 when I got the epi I was checked and still a 4. They started the pitocin...then at 6:00 I was checked again and still a 4. They up'ed the dosage of pitocin. At 7:00 I was still a 4 - they called my Dr who said if I didn't progress by 9:00 pm they would have to do a C-Section - so we were all praying I would open up to at least a 5 through the pitocin...so we waited. They came in and increased the pitocin every 15 minutes at 8:00 to try to get things going, trying to preven the c-section. Then the contractions got so intense, they were contracting against my bladder and that was the most excruciating pain ever. It intensified as the pitocin was increased. By 9pm I was bawling with pain because even though the epi prevented me from feeling the contractions, I could totally feel the bladder being contracted. It was like I was holding my pee for a week and it was going to explode. Total torture. At 9:00 they checked me and still a 4. A call was made to the Dr...by 9:30 the decision was made to do the C-Section. The Dr. and his associate rushed in and were at the hospital within 15 minutes. I was shaved and prepped for the surgery. They gave DH this white suit to wear - totally reminded me of Star Wars. By 10:00 pm I was in the OR and the anesthesiologist was increasing my dosage of the epi until I was totally numb from the belly down. Thank God, that extra dosage finally numbed the bladder pain and all I can remember thinking was how relieved I felt. Then I started getting the shakes - and bad! I was flipping and flopping on the table it scared DH so badly. He never left my side.

    They began the C-Section and I totally felt them pressing and tugging and pulling. They had to pull the baby's head out of my pelvis - it was stuck! They had to use the vaccuum. It was such a weird sensation feeling them pull her head out from under my pelvic bone. Turns out my pelvis was too small to accomodate her head, although her head wasn't too big. My pelvis just didn't open up like it should have.

    Anyway, Her head came out finally and then I heard her cry - it was the most beautiful sound in the world. I felt an overwhelming sense of relief and joy overcome me at that moment. I just cried. Then her shoulders were born and the rest of her - and they whisked her away to clean her. My DH followed and brought her to me a couple of minutes later so I could see her. She was so beautiful it took my breath away. The birth was so euphoric I wish I could relive it over and over again despite the pain.

    So here are some pics of my beautiful little one:
    Just Born

    5 Days Old:

    Taken yesterday:

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