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    Sandra Lee


    Sunday, August 13th. (11 days overdue)

    7:30 am- Got a call from the hospital to come in for my first round of the induction.
    10:30 am- Started the induction with the gel on my cervix. Nothing seemed to be happening, and I was sent home for 6 hours.
    4:30 pm- Went back to the hospital for 2nd round of gel. I started getting contractions shortly afterwards, and went home.
    10:30 pm-The contractions began to get stronger.
    11:45 pm- Contractions were 2 minutes apart, lasting 45 to 60 seconds.
    We went to the hospital, where we were told that my cervix was still very posterior, and not dilating, and they wanted to send us home. Hubby put up a fuss and they let us stay for a while. The nurse was quite rude, and gave me the 2 of the most painful internal exams I've ever had. Four hours later a doctor finally came to see me and gave me a shot of morphine and sent me home.
    I managed to sleep a bit and by the time I woke up, the contractions were pretty much gone.

    Monday, August 14th. (12 days overdue)

    3:00 pm- Back to the hospital we go for the third round. This time they are putting me on Oxytocin (a.k.a.Pitocin)
    5:00 pm- They are getting the IV started for the Oxy. It took 6 tries before they could get a vein (OUCH!!)
    Contractions started within about half an hour. They got intense pretty quickly. My cervix was still posterior, and not dilating very well, so they had to keep upping the dosage of the Oxy. This made the contractions very intense. I lasted 5 hours before I asked for the epi.
    10:00 pm- Got the epidural. This was wonderful, because I could still feel my legs. I was able to sleep and so was hubby.

    Tuesday, August 15th (13 days overdue)

    2:00 am- Got an internal, water had broken and I was only dialated to 2 cm. This was when C-section was first mentioned. I wanted to keep going and try for a vaginal birth. The baby was doing really well, and the nurses were extremely happy with her, so they let me continue.
    4:00 am- A doctor came in and did an internal. It was still at 2cm, but she managed to open my cervix to 6cm!!
    7:00 am- I was at 9 cm.
    10:00 am- I was at 10 cm, and ready to push.
    I started pushing around 11:00 am. The Oxy was now as high as it could go to keep my contractions strong. I could feel them, so I knew when to push. At first I found it painful and difficult, but I found a position I liked and could have pushed for hours!
    1:30 pm- Baby was face up and not coming down any further. Her heartrate began to get very low, and was not recovering. After all these hours, she had enough. The room suddenly filled with people, and they told me they were taking me to the O.R to try the forceps, and were prepping me for surgery just in case the baby didn't do well. They topped up my epi so I had no feeling, and tried the forceps. The baby crashed again. They immediately cut me open and took her out. Jordana Maria was born at 1:58 PM, weighing a whopping 9lbs, 4oz. She was very limp and had to be worked on for quite awhile. They believe she swallowed some meconium (feces) as well. They brought her over to me before taking her to NICU. I couldn't touch her because I was shaking violently from the drugs and labor. This shaking lasted for about an hour, and was the worst part of the entire experience. It was horrible. My hubby went with the baby to NICU, and would come and see me to fill me in on her progress. Poor guy, he felt so helpless with both his girls not doing very well. They took me to see her after about an hour, then up to my room.

    Thankfully, Jordana improved more and more each day and was released after 6 days in the hospital. She's now home and doing extremely well!

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    I thought I had posted this already, but I guess I did not.
    I hope I can get this all right. The past week has been a blur. On Wednesday (August 2) night (at midnight), I started having contractions. They were light and easy to deal with and were about 7-8 minutes apart. This went on until about 5 am where they went to 2-3 minutes apart. I labored at home in the bath and around the house until about 8:30 am. I decided to go and be checked since they picked up so rapidly and I was having back labor.

    I arrived at the doctor’s office around 9:15 where I was checked and found out that I was 3cm dilated. My blood pressure was elevated so the doctor decided to send me to the hospital to triage to be monitored for a few hours. My blood pressure did not go down, so they decided to admit me and give me a light dose of potocin to speed things up a little. When the meds started, my contractions picked up. Around 5 PM I was 5 CM dilated and decided to get up and go to the bathroom. When I did, my water began to trickle. I went to the toilet to urinate and the bag broke. The contractions immediately got so strong that I could not make it to the bed on my own. When I got back to the bed, I was shaking so hard. I decided to get my epidural. It was great. The epidural doctor came in and gave it to me around 6 PM. While he was doing it, I began feeling pressure in my bottom. The nurse had me lie down and relax. I was checked again around 9 Pm and found out that I was 9cm.

    At this point, my epi began to wear off for some reason and the pump that I was given gave me no relief. I was having terrible back labor. The contractions and pressure were so intense. He came back in and gave me another full dose in my catheter. I had always heard that transition was difficult, but I had no idea. I was shaking uncontrollably and the pressure was unbelievable.

    Around 9:15 pm, I began to push. We pushed and pushed and pushed in every position possible with an epidural. Her little head was visible, but would not come out. She was almost crowning and at this point we found out that she was face up. Now I understood why I was having horrible back labor.

    After 2 hours and 15 minutes of pushing, the doctor asked what I would like to do. She suggested that we go on with a C-Section. I was so happy at this point to hear those words. They prepped me for surgery and took me back.

    At 12:36 AM on Friday August 4th, 2006 Emily Rose was born via C-Section. She weighed 8 pounds, 5 ounces and is 22 inches long.

    Overall, the recovery is going great. I was released from the hospital on Monday August 7th. I was very surprised with my husband. He did so great during the entire thing. He was able to still cut the cord in the operating room and went with her to be checked out. While I was in recovery, he was able to give her first bottle. He is the most wonderful father in the world.

    First bath

    My favorite pic of all (now 3 weeks old)

    Heather- 27
    DH Pete- 33
    DD Emily 8/4/06

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    Well, hopefully my birth story isn't all that long because the process itself was quite quick and there's not much to tell.

    Monday morning we arrived at the hospital at 7:25am (we needed to be there at 7:30). We got registered and were sent to the maternity ward where they hooked me up to monitors to watch the baby until my 11:45 scheduled c-section. Shortly before my c-section I started contracting hard. I was in such pain that I didn't argue with the drs when they brought me into the OR instead of letting me try a VBAC. Ed is a little annoyed that they didn't even check my cervix, I am as well but in all honesty they probably felt that there was no sense in trying to let me progress and missing the scheduled c-sect and possibly needing an emergency c-sect instead... actually makes sense.

    I went into the OR and they prepped me for a spinal. The dr was really gentle so it didn't freak me out too bad and took effect like immediatly. Then after they got everything set up they had Ed come in. The dr was doing the pushing for me and it felt like he was going to squish my lungs... a couple minutes later tho I heard my baby boy crying and all the discomfort was gone.

    They cleaned Logan up and brought him around for me to see him but as soon as they took him away I started gagging. I was told that it was the anesthesia (sp?) that did that and they gave me something for the nasuea and it went away. After they finished with the stitches I was off to the recovery room.

    Recovery was horrible because I felt like I was freezing the entire time. They said that's quite common and piled lots of blankets on me. It was a terrible feeling that I thought would never go away After about a half hour I was brought to my postpartum room (still freezing) and told not to sit up for about 4 hours because I could get a spinal headache. So I napped during that time (boring I know lol).

    I woke up and baby needed to eat and I felt much warmer than before. Now I'm almost back to 100% and it hasn't even been a week! I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful baby!!! He was 8lbs 2 1/2oz, 19 1/2 in long and he was born at 12:36pm on Monday, August 28th. You can find some pics on my photobucket- http://s39.photobucket.com/albums/e163/edevoli/
    I'll have more soon!!!!!

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    Okay here it goes.... (pics at bottom)
    This is what I can remember....

    I had my membranes swept August 21st (I was only 1cm & 60%) and August 29th (4cm & 60%) . My CNM said on the 29th that she thought the sweeping should do something for sure that day or the next. I started having really strong contractions the night of the 29th for about 2 hours then they would stop. Same thing on the day of the 30th, strong and then stop. I had even talked to one of my CNM's and she said no inducing until I was 41 weeks which would be Sept 4th. (Lucky for me she went on Vacation that night)
    So later that night I was having strong contractions again, so around 10pm I told DH that if they dont stop within 20 min we are going in, so we went to L & D around 11pm and they hooked me up to the monitor and they actually started to slow down, and my other CNM (that wasnt on vacation) was already there for another delivery, she came in and asked if I wanted to be induced, I said "YES" so she said okay, and told the sweetest nurse in the world to get things going, so she put cervidil around my cervix, and I was still 4cm and 60-75%. She left me on the monitor for another hour, and took me off of it around 12:30am, popped my waters at 1:00am and gave me one small dose in my IV around 1:30am (with some small contractions). The nurse came back around 2:00am to check on me and I was COMPLETE 10cm and 100%, with his head RIGHT THERE. so my CNM had the anesthesiologist come in around 2:15am and put an epi in my back, and my CNM had the nurse check me at, they got the room ready and everyone in place. My mom & grandma showed up at 2:30, and I started pushing at 2:40am and he was here at 2:41am. Just under 1 min of pushing. 2 big pushes and my 8lb 11oz 20.5" baby boy was here at 2:41am on August 31st. I started crying right away cause of joy!! Then my nurse who had been working for the L & D for almost 10 yrs said I was the quickest and easiest pantient she had ever had. All the nurses were just amazed how quick everything was. Im so glad that my 2nd CNM was on call that night.

    He's a great baby, doesnt scream much, is a total booby baby. I got my milk within 24 hours. (while I was still in the hospital)

    The next morning Sept 1st at 10am I had my tubal done. Everything went okay with that. Im still recovering from my pain, my CNM has me on motrin and percocet.

    When his head was out, my CNM told me to push and then grab him, so I did and put him on my chest. The purple color went away within a min.

    one of the nurses in the room weight my baby

    getting weighed 8lbs 11oz

    Swaddled Colin

    Emma helping me hold her little brother

    Emma with her baby brother

    Daddy giving his son a kiss

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    Sorry it's so long...it was 31 hours!

    Cole's Birth Story

    On August 24, 2006 (our official due date), I began to have contractions at 5am. I counted and they were coming 10 minutes apart. I thought to myself…this is it! I waited until 8am to ask Corey if he wants to have a baby today (after his elaborate snooze bar ritual). His response was “really??”. He phoned into work and spent the day with me. I had a regularly scheduled OB appointment at 10:30am, so we went in. She did an internal check and I was 50% effaced and 1.5cm dilated. She told us to expect a baby soon, and that she would see me at the hospital later.

    We ended up having a long day, with contractions coming regularly at 10 minutes apart all day. I tried walking the halls of the condo and doing squats to get things moving, but it was pretty steady. Some ended up being 20 minutes apart. I had bloody show at 4:30, which encouraged me that it was the real thing, and not false labour.

    At 10:30pm I decided to get into the bath to relax, and during that time the contractions moved to 7 minutes apart for the hour. After I got out of the bath, I relaxed in bed and read a book, and the contractions moved to 5 minutes apart, then 3-4 minutes by 12:30pm. The contractions were manageable, and I was breathing through them well. At 1am on August 25th we decided to head in to the hospital. We checked in at 1:15am with 3 other ladies (admitting was empty before that). They hooked me up to the monitors and tracked my contractions and baby’s heart rate. They checked me after a while, and I was 80% effaced and 4cm dilated. The contractions coming every 2 minutes and were getting more intense, but I was still able to manage them.

    At 2am I was moved to labour and delivery room. It was a nice big room with a pull out couch for Corey if he needed it. It had a West facing wall of windows, which would eventually show us a nice view of the Reservoir and the Rocky Mountains. The Nurse (Francis…very chatty…)checks us out and gets me into the shower with birthing ball. Corey sat behind me and rubbed my back as I sat on it and used the shower head on myself. I really hated it! I didn’t like the shower on my belly at all, and was feeling cold. It was good to hold on to the bars in the shower and lean back on the ball when the contractions came, but that was it. I decided to come out and walk around instead. I would lean on Corey, and found this the most effective way to manage the pain.

    By 4am the pain was becoming too much. I was losing energy fast, and ended up lying back on the bed in absolute exhaustion in between contractions. It felt better to stand during the contractions, but I couldn’t get back up to do so. Corey and I started talking about an epidural at this point, as I was in so much pain. I still wanted to go as far as I could without meds, but was feeling really close to my breaking point. By 5am the Nurse talks to us about epidural, as she’s concerned I won’t have the energy to push when the time comes. The anesthetist is available soon if we want. We decide it’s the best route to take, as I really had no energy left, and felt that I needed some sleep after 24 hours of being awake and in labour. The nurse set me up with an IV of saline and hooked me up to an automatic blood pressure cuff. The anesthetist came at about 5:30am and administered the epidural. He was great…he explained everything to me, and it really wasn’t that bad. They gave me the freezing during a contraction while I was distracted, and I was able to keep my back steady during the contractions as they put the catheter in. Corey snuck a peek and got woozy. My legs went numb like they were asleep, but I could still move them, which made me happy. I immediately had relief from the contractions, and we both snoozed until about 8am or so. Sometime between the epidural and 8am the next nurse checked me and I was 8cm dialated. She said that they called the doctor, and she should arrive at 8:30 or so. At 8:30am the Doctor arrived and ruptured my membranes. I was 9cm dilated with just a lip of my cervix in the way. She went back to her office to see patients with orders to call when I was ready to start pushing.

    At 10am the nurse (Stephanie, she was lovely!!) checked me out and I was 10cm dilated, and proclaimed me ready to push. We used the birthing bar in several different positions to help Cole’s head maneuver through the canal. It’s amazing, once I started to push, I could feel the contractions coming (I hadn’t through the epidural up until that point). The urge to push was overwhelming. At one point, the nurse had to run out of the room to get something, and said I could push or not while she was gone. There was no way I wasn’t pushing, and Corey started counting for me…it was amazing how much more motivated I was to push for Corey than for the nurse (once he stopped counting in strange accents and making me laugh that is…do you know how hard it is to push out a baby and laugh at the same time??). Corey counted for the rest of the 2 hours of pushing. I was able to feel his little head during some of the pushing, and at one point a little tuft of baby hair was visible during my rest period. The nurse kept giving me updates on how far down the baby was, and got all excited about how well I was pushing baby through. I seemed to have 3 hard contractions in a row to push through, then a 1-2 minute rest. The doctor arrived around 11:30ish, and baby was crowning a bit. Pushing this baby out was such a physically exhausting experience, but the 2 hours went by very quickly. The last bit of pushing to get his head out was very intense. I could hear Corey counting, and the nurse and doctor yelling “Push!” and “You can do it!”. I had a couple of “I can’t do this” moments, but every one yelled back “Yes you can!”. The pain was quite intense, and it took a lot of focus to push through it. The doc explained what would happen when the baby’s head came out, and asked that I stop pushing so that she could clear out the mucus. It was really hard to stop pushing, but I did. When I resumed pushing, I heard her say “I have a shoulder!”, and then I felt a warm rush as Cole slid out, born into this world after 31 hours of labour at 12:05pm. He weighed 10lbs, 0.2oz, was 22.5 inches long and had a head circumference of 36cm, and was absolutely perfect. She placed him on a blanket on my belly, and I got to hold our baby for the first time. He was absolutely beautiful, and was making little crying sounds (he sounded like a duck quacking!). They were concerned that he wasn’t crying enough, and was quite pale, so the nurse took him to the warming table to rub him down and try to stimulate him. Corey got the camera out, and seemed to have a great time snapping pics. The best are the ones comparing his finger to how long his feet are (the same length!!). He stayed quite pale for a while, but besides that, he was doing very well, so they wrapped him up and gave him to me. I delivered the placenta at 12:07pm, while they were checking out Cole. I got second degree tears during the delivery, and the doc stitched me up. I ended up needing freezing, as it hurt a fair bit. They were concerned with how much I was bleeding, so they ended up giving me oxytocin in my saline IV to help my uterus contract and stop the blood gushing. They ended up putting 4 bags into me over the 24 hours, as I bled quite a bit. I got to hold Cole for a while (half an hour?), but they needed the room, as ladies were piling up outside, so the nurse took me to the shower so I could get cleaned up (felt so nice to wash my hair!). They then wheeled Cole and me to the recovery ward, where we settled in for the next 24 hours. Grandma and Opa each came to visit and meet Cole. Poor little guy had a tongue tie and we decided to have it cut, as he couldn’t latch on to nurse. The pediatrician just snipped it in our room, and Cole barely cried. It took him until midnight before he finally got a latch. Until then I fed him expressed colostrum from my pinky finger. They were worried about his sugar levels as he wasn’t feeding, so they checked his blood sugar over night, but it was fine (They would have syringe fed him formula if not). I had to wake him every 3 hours over night to feed him, as he wouldn’t wake up. By 11am the next day, the doctor proclaimed us ready to go home, and we left by noon. It is wonderful to have our little Cole in our life and home with us after waiting so long for him! We love him very much, and can’t wait to learn more about him!

    Proof of 10lbs!

    With Momma!

    Spitting image of Daddy!

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    Just wanted to let you know that Adeline Mae arrived on September 2nd at 9:26pm and was 8lbs 12oz and 21 inches long.
    Birth story to come
    Mama to two amazing dudes and one beautiful doll

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    Tyler Michael was born on August 17th @ 12:57 am. He weighed 7 lb. 14 oz. and was 20 in. long. He was born via c-section and is doing very well.[/img]

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    Kathryn Faith was born at 10:30pm, Friday, Aug.18th, weighing in at 7lbs 9ounces, and 20 1/2" long.

    So... here is my birth story:

    Some of you may remember that my midwife had called me on Thursday the 17th saying they had scheduled to induce me that evening, supposedly because my amniotic fluids were on the low side. (They were still within the normal range). I ended up going in for another U/S and NST, which came back with baby looking good. Fluid levels were up to over 9 (had been just under 6 two days prior). So I was able to avoid being induced that night, and was sent home. Little did my DH and I suspect, when we were looking at our little girl via U/S, that we would be seeing her in person the very next day! Because at the time of the Ultrasound, which was around 6pm on the 17th, I had no hint of anything yet happening. And at my appt two days earlier, the baby was not engaged, and my cervix was still completely closed up and firm.

    So we were in for a surprise! After getting up to pee around 4:30am on Friday the 18th, I began to be aware of intermittent mild cramping and low back pain. I just stayed in bed and tried to practice the relaxation techniques we were taught in our Bradley birth class. As they were mild, I did not wake my DH. He woke up around 7am, and I told him about the pain. He asked if they were coming and going, and I replied, "yes". To which he responded, "Well, this is it!". Think I had still been in doubt that I could actually really be in labour.

    But by 7:30am, DH had started timing the contractions and they varied between 2-4 min apart. And the pain intensified very quickly, but it was almost all low back pain. At 8:45am, my DH called the doula. Now originally our friend was supposed to be our doula, but due to a family emergency she was out of town from Aug 5th to 12th, and again from Aug. 17th to 31st. So we had arranged for a backup, who we had met and also really liked. But as the Aug.17th and onward dates were last minute, she was not available on the 18th. So she had found yet another doula that could be on call that day. I had figured, what were the chances the baby would come on that one day, the 18th?? But sure enough... so I was somewhat upset that this was all happening when the first two doulas were out of town. We had not even met this doula, just had her contact info. I actually tried to tell DH not to bother with her, that I'd do it without a doula, and did not want some stranger. But by then I was already in ALOT of pain, and he insisted (thankfully!) that we needed the help.

    Because of the intensity of pain and the contractions coming about every 3 min and lasting for about 1 min, both the midwife and doula had suggested we go in to the hospital and be checked. I told DH I didn't want to go, because I was sure I wouldn't be far along, and didn't want to be at the hospital any longer than necessary. But the pain was becoming so intense and so frequent DH said we should go... the 20 min ride was not a fun one, thanks to the extreme back pain by that point.

    We arrived at the hospital I think by about 10:30am. When I was first checked, I was at 1cm and 80% effaced. I was NOT impressed that we were at the hospital so early, and wanted to leave, but was becoming overwhelmed by then by the back labour. The doula, Kathy, met us at the hospital at 11:30am. I was not checked in yet, as the nurse was waiting for us to decide whether we wanted to go and come back, or to stay. Kathy saw immediately that I was in extreme pain, and she quickly took over. She got me into the bath, sitting on a gym ball, with very warm shower water hitting directly on my low back. She then coached me through contractions, helping me relax into the ball. At some point during all this, we figured we were staying at the hospital. The idea of a carride home and then back again later were too much for me, due to the back labour. At some point I managed to comment, "Well, at least this way it is the hospital's water bill and not ours!"

    At 1pm I was 2 cm and completely effaced. When the shower wasn't working well for me anymore, Kathy suggested walking around the halls, so she and myself and DH did that for awhile. Then it was back to the shower again. The nurses were WONDERFUL. I wanted to keep EFM to a minimum, and they dug out a doppler and would just find me in the shower or down the hall and do a quick listen to baby with that, and then let us keep doing what we were doing. My birth plan also said not to offer me pain meds, and they respected that too.

    At 4:45pm I was a stretchy 4cm, 100% effaced, -1 station. At 5:30pm my midwife, Amy arrived, and rechecked me herself, and I was 5cm. After she checked me, it was back once again into the the shower. Every time I was out on the bed the pain was so extreme, so we would go back to the shower setup. But by now the backpain was so intense and so constant even that wasn't helping much. At some point I could not even stay on the gym ball and sat down into the tub, so my doula started filling the tub hoping that would give me a little relief. But just as it filled, my water finally broke, and it was discoloured, so they suspected meconium. Because of that I had to get out of the bath and check, and it was confirmed, so from that point on continuous EFM was necessary. I was dismayed at not being able to use the tub anymore, because the back pain was completely overwhelming without the water. No matter what position beside the bed or on it I tried, nothing helped. My midwife actually did suggest an epidural at some point, because of the back labour. But even though I kept thinking, "I can't do this", I also knew I didn't want my baby to have any medication, and didn't want the possible side effects afterwards. At 7:20pm I was 6-7cm and in EXTREME back pain. As my midwife very politely put it the next day, I did alot of "vocalization" ie. screaming! lol Thanks to the "vocalization" and a slight cold I had been fighting, I don't think my voice returned to normal for close to a week!

    By 9:50pm my cervix was 10, and so ready to start pushing. Prior to this there had trouble monitoring her heartbeat with the EFM, so an internal scalp monitor was used. The baby's heartrate was dipping very low during contractions, but rebounding, so they were a little concerned, and monitoring her and I closely. My midwife told us the next day 80 is usually her cut off for the heartrate dipping, and our baby's was going into the 60s. But as she would rebound back up to 120/130s, they let me keep going. So I started pushing, but then was told to stop and wait because the midwife was getting a little bit of cervix lip. Once she got that out of the way, began pushing again. However, once the pushing began, the baby's heartrate was going down into the 60s and no longer coming back up. (I didn't realize all of this until the next day when the midwife visited the 3 of us, as I was just in extreme pain with the back labour and not really aware of everyone's concern.) All I was aware of, just before the pushing stage, was everyone trying to get me to slow my breathing, saying the baby and I needed oxygen. At some point somebody gave me an oxygen mask.

    Anyways, I somehow, through the back pain, began pushing. I had also felt alot of pressure. As I pushed the back pain began to change to that firey ring of pain, which I thought I could not push through. My OB had at some point been called in, because of the dipping heartrate. Suddenly my midwife, Amy, said to me, "Danielle, I don't want to cut you, but this baby needs to come out NOW... so PUSH!" Which I guess I somehow did, because her head popped out, with the cord around it. They removed the cord, and then Kathryn Faith was delivered, after only about 20 min total of pushing. Because of the meconium, she could not be given to me until the nurses made sure her lungs were clear. Katy's Apgars were 9 at both 1 min and 5 min. They were just a little concerned with a catch in her breathing, so after using the tubes down her nose to make sure her breathing passageways were clear, they monitored her and gave her a little oxygen. My DH was with her rubbing her chest through it all, and after about 15 min or so she was finally given to me.

    She was amazing! She immediately latched on to my breast - what a strong suck reflex! The nurses let me delay weighing/eye ointment/Vit K shot for an hour or so while she nursed and we bonded. She was and is absolutely perfect! So while it was a little crazy there at the end, she came though it beautifully, arriving right at 10:30pm. Thanks to my doula and DH, I was able to make it through the 12 hrs of intense back labour without any pain meds whatsoever, and able to have the natural birth we had hoped for. I would never have done it without them. I am so grateful she came on her own, without needing to be induced!! And really, aside from the complication of the back labour, the labour progressed really nicely. I had never thought on Thursday evening, or even Friday morning for that matter, that she would be here before Friday ended!

    We stayed at the hospital until Sunday afternoon. We had a private room for the 3 of us, with even a little pull out bed for DH to sleep in. And all the meals we just called and ordered whatever we wanted from room service... we quite enjoyed our stay! I was already feeling pretty good on Saturday. Nurses kept coming in asking if I needed any pain meds, but I had basically no pain. I was fortunate to only have a few skid marks, no tearing and no stitches at all!

    We are so thankful and blessed for our beautiful healthy little girl.

    ME ( 31 )
    DH ( 33 )

    Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker

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    Angela Diana

    Default Lily Magdalena's Birth Story

    Well now that Lily is almost three weeks old I think it is about time that I shared her birth story with all of her Auntie's on the August board! I am going to keep it short and sweet but I will try not to leave out anything important!

    On Saturday 02 September 2006...I was almost two weeks overdue! I was beginning to think that our little surprise monkey would never get here! I decided to go to the mall and get some walking in...I was hoping that it would speed things along and maybe help to bring on labour! I was at the mall from 12:00-2:00pm and nothing...nada...zip...zilch...I was starting to get pretty discouraged! I was due to be induced on Monday...but even that seemed like a lifetime away!

    I went home and a couple of hours later Dennis (DH) came home from work...still nothing...Dennis went down for a nap and I threw a movie in the player. At around 8:30pm I started to feel a little funny...crampy. I was pretty excited because I thought this was the start of it! I think that I was in denial though! I figured that I had a while to go yet as in my classes and after reading all of your birth stories you all mentioned that the first stage of labour usually lasts quite awhile. About 1/2 hour later things stared to get pretty intense...I am starting to think I am nuts...but I wake DH up and tell him that we need to go to the hospital. So off we went.

    I was really worried about not being able to eat in the hospital so I made Dennis stop at McDonalds on the way...I was dying for a vanilla milkshake and a cheeseburger! The hospital was only about 15 minutes away and my contratctions started getting really close together. I thought that I was dreaming or just a wimp for pain or something.

    We get to the hospital and they admitted me into triage so they could check my progress...by the time I got there I was already 4cms dilated! I was pretty surprised...I had a doctors appointment the day before and the doc said that I was still locked up tight...she thought for sure that I would have to be induced! Well she was really wrong I guess! Haha!

    They monitored me for like an hour and were worried about my blood pressure. I hadn't had any problems before so I asked them to wait an check me again later...they agreed since I didn't want to go to the high risk ward if I could avoid it...the rooms aren't nearly as nice! The pain started to get really unbearable and I was just begging for some drugs!

    They decided that they didn't want to risk it and it landed me in the high risk ward...when I got there they checked my blood pressure again and it was normal...they were wondering why I was there! Anyhow, my contractions were getting crazy bad and the nurse told me to relax...that I was only 4 cms...blah blah! I told her to please get me the drugs...she said it would be at least 1/2 hour...I nearly cried right there!

    She decided to check me again, this was at about 10:45 and she was really surprised when she told me that I was almost fully dilalated. She got the doc and he told me that I was ready to push...he barely had time to get his robe on! And to top it all off...Dennis and I had left all of our stuff in the car as we figured he would get it as soon as I was settled into a room. We didn't have the camera or anything! I am still a little bummed about that!

    Needless to say it was far too late for the drugs...no one could have predicted how fast this labour would go! They did give me nitrous oxide...which actually helped a lot! I'm not sure how much of the gas I sucked in but it must have been a small fortunes worth! Haha!

    I'm not really sure how long I pushed for but Lily made her way into the world on 02 September 2006 at 11:25 pm after about three hours of labour!

    The pain was worth it! She is the light of my life! I can't believe how much I love her and how beautiful she is. I guess that after being overdue by two weeks Miss Lily Magdalena decided it was high time she made her way into the world! When she came out Dennis told me that it was a girl! It really literally was the most special moment of my life!

    If I have another one I will try to do it drug free again...this time I think I will be better equiped and prepared for the pain. Anyhow...that is Lily's story...did I say this was going to be short?!! I guess I fibbed!

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