~July 2006 Cutie Pies Birth Stories~
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Thread: ~July 2006 Cutie Pies Birth Stories~

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    Default ~July 2006 Cutie Pies Birth Stories~

    Use this thread to post your birthstories. Only put the stories in this thread so we can keep it as just a story thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lexismom01
    Well this is my first chance to update y'all. Brady was born yesterday morning at 4:45 at 27 wks 3 days. My placenta totally seperated from my uterus and I had to be rushed to the OR for an emergency c-section. Brady weighs 2 lbs and 7 oz and 14 1/4 inches long. He's doing great so far. I've started pumping every 3 hours for him so I hope that helps. He's very little but the dr says he looks great and is very active. We still have a long road ahead of us, but with enough prayers we'll be fine. I'm a little drugged up so that's all I can tell you right now. Here's a link to some pictures of him
    I'll update more later!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jillymarie
    Just wanted to give you girls an update I had Isabella on May 19th...they couldn't stop the contractions. Her birth weight was 4 lbs 4.3 oz 15 inches long.

    She is still in the NICU but we think she will be coming home soon. She is doing very well. She is starting to eat from a bottle and she is past her birth weight now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by klebanik
    Hi ladies, I can't stay online long, but I waned to stop in and say hi and thank you to everyone. It's been a busy couple days and I've already been yelled at for doing too much. Wednesday morning I had my amnio to see if the girl's lungs were mature enough to deliver them early. The doctors were worried b/c my water bag was wearing thin and lil' Emma's cord was the closest thing to my cervix. Their lungs not only pass the amnio test, but they exceeded the goal! When I heard when my doctor scheduled my c-section, I was in a bit of shock, but in a good way. For all of you BTDT moms that have had c-sections, I have the utmost respect for you...I HATED getting my epi! It hurt terribly, but I was told that it was because I was not prepped properly for it. My blood pressure went down to 60/30 and I had to get 2 shots of Efedra (sp?) to try and get my heart rate/blood pressure back up in addition to some other shot in my leg. The c-section itself was a piece of cake. I couldn't feel a thing. The doctors went after Hailey first, but since she has always been stubborn, she had other ideas. She oved up under my ribs and they had to press down on my sternum and have 2 nurses push on my sides to get her out. They barely got her head out and she started screaming...even before they sucked out her mouth and nose! Hailey Bryce was born at 7:57 pm. Poor Emma had a bit of a rough time. She had swallowed some of my blood, but luckily, none of it got in her lungs. She did however take close to 30 seconds to start breathing. Emma Jeanne was born at 7:58 pm. Both of them went to the level 3 NICU for tests and observation. They are still there, but they are both taking bottle feedings already and have their feeding tubes removed as of 9:30 this morning. They are such a blessing. I can't wait to get them home. Even breast feeding is going well. I haven't gotten enough out to feed them, but I am making progress. As for me, I was up all day yesterday. I made 4 trips back and forth to the nursery with out any walking aids. It has taken a toll on my today though. I am finally feeling some pain in my tummy, but just seeing my little angles makes every bit worth it. I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone for their prayers and warm thoughts. If it weren't for all of you, my girls wouldn't be doing as well as they are. I truely belive in the power of prayer. Anywasy, I can't wait to start reading more birth stories from our expectant mommies.

    Thanks again-
    Kelly, Kevin, Emma, and Hailey

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    Quote Originally Posted by teacher's pet
    This is my precious son's birth story:

    Last Sunday June 4, I lost my plug. Concerned I had posted a message asking for calming vibes....well

    it didn't work.

    I had a sudden urge to finish my report cards that evening. I jokingly told my principal and Alex that he can come anytime after I am done them.

    Sooooo, Monday morning June 5 I woke up to a great day. First, being it was my birthday. I didn't feel much different, I drove my dh to work at 6:30 am and went back home for a few extra minutes of snooze time before getting ready for school myself.

    When I finally got up to get ready, I just thought to myself dh should have never gone to work. I wore a pad to bed that night and good thing because I got my first gush. Unsure of whether it was just a pee accident or my water breaking, I continued to get ready for work. I soaked through another pad.

    At this point I decided to call my friend who lived across the street. I calmly told her that I sprung a leak. She quickly came over and asked me to sit down and see if it continued, well it did. She was such a sweetheart. She kept me calm, made me breakfast, called my dh's work and even drove me to get him.

    I live 3 hours away from the hospital that I was supposed to deliver at. So my friend drove us to the nearest hospital 1 hour away. I got out of her truck at the hospital and gush...... my water really broke. I was soaked. I waddled in, the doctor there checked me, I wasn't dialated yet. They said they didn't want to deliver a first time mom, so the doctor calmly told me to leave now and drive to the hospital 2 hours away. I asked if I could take and ambulance or air ambulance, but she said it would be quicker for us to drive, oh, but not too fast.

    I was a little shocked at the treatment at this hospital, and we left. Contracting all the way and slowly leaking in my friend's brand new Ford F150.....

    I get to the hospital where I had planned to originally deliver and finally great help. The nurses and doctors were wonderful. I went through 14 hrs of labour with no drugs, finally they gave me some morphin and then I gave in for an epidermal at midnight after labouring all day and evening.

    After hours of labour, my birthday came and went and on Tues June 6 at 4 am to find out I was finally at 4 cm!!! But then bang, the epi was wearing off and within 45 min I was fully dialated and ready to role.

    I contracted for another hour and then at about 7 am I was in fully pushing labour.

    At 8:51 am on June 6, my bundle of joy was born.... Alex.

    Dad was super he stayed the whole labour, watched, touched the baby's head half way out and cut the umbilical cord. I couldn't believe how strong he was, he was determined only to be at my head when we discussed delivery before.

    Little Alex was born at 36 weeks 1 day. The doctor was concerned about water in the lungs and pnemonia, but after xrays, IV and some drugs to help with infection, Alex made a speedy recovery. We spent 3 days in the hospital and on Friday we came home ( to grandma and grandpa's house). He is a little jaundiced and breastfeeding is a challenge but he is doing super great.

    I love my baby to bits, I will post pictures as soon as I can!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tikababy1978
    I went in for a biophysical on June 6 and they decided to induce me. Mia's fluid levels were really low and my blood sugars were dropping which means the placenta was crapping out. Mia was due July 10.

    I had a foley catheter put in place at 11am to manually dialate my cervix. They were worried that using drugs to start contractions too early would cause baby distress. Contractions started at 7pm (2 minutes apart, 30 seconds long).
    They started the pitocin drip at 10pm.
    I got an epidural at 3:30am.
    The OB broke my water at 7:30am. I was 4 cms.
    By 1pm I was 7cms.
    By 2:30pm, 9.5 cms. The nurse called the NICU team and the OB. I suddenly developed a high fever minutes before starting to push so they rushed to add antibiotics to my IV for during delivery.

    Started pushing at 4pm, pushed for 1.5 hours, Mia's heart rate dropped and they told me I had to get her out. The OB discovered she was sunny side up and said I couldn't possibly deliver without medical intervention. He asked if he could do an episiotomy. I agreed (obviously, as baby was in distress). She still wouldn't come, so he asked if he could use the vaccum for extraction, again I agreed and wondered why we were wasting time asking. The vaccum got her out far enough the doc could grab her head and pull her out.

    She was born at 5:37pm. She didn't make any noise and I found out later, she was limp and blue. I had wondered why DH didn't look as happy as I expected him too. They took her to the NICU and DH went with her. I was freaking out cause I couldn't move, had to deal with the placenta and stitches, etc. Nobody would tell me anything. It was only actually 5 minutes until everyone cleared out and my mom came to talk to me, but it felt like an eternity.
    She was on oxygen in the NICU, got antibiotics and glucose through her IV. They had her in an incubator. By the time I was allowed to see her at 8:30pm, she was off the oxygen and doing much better. We were allowed to feed her the next morning and help give her a bath.
    She came to room with us midday on Saturday and developed jaundice, so she had to stay under the lights until this morning.
    After all the drama, she's doing really well. We're settling in at home and looking forward to having her meet all our friends and family this week while DH is off work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by erinpb76
    I'll try to make this sort of short so you aren't reading a novel. LOL

    I've been on bedrest for the past 4 weeks. At 32 weeks my doc said I had started to dilate and a non stress test showed some contractions. So they put me on terbutaline and I had been taking that every 2 hours. At 36 weeks, I was told to stop the terbutaline. They said I could be taken off bedrest, too. So the day I was at 36 weeks, I didn't take the terbuatline. I just still rested, but did a little cleaning. That next Monday mornnig, I went to work. Three hours into it, I started cramping and having contractions. So I went home, called my doc and they told me to head over to labor and delivery. I was monitored for several hours, but then sent home. I was 80 percent effaced, according to the on call doc there. I decided myself not to return to work since I was way too uncomfortable. Thursday, the 8th, I had an appt at my ob/gyn office for an ultrasound, another non stress test and a cervix check. We did the ultrasound and non stress test, then the doc came into the examining room and said that I had lost a lot of fluid and therefore the baby had to come out. So he said to just head over to the hospital and they would admit me and induce me. So off we went.

    They started me on a Pitocin drip, just slowly. I was actually feeling not so bad. The on call doc was supposed to arrive around 6pm to break my water. (I was admitted at 2pm). So we waited and waited. The doc didn't show up till 9pm. At that point, I was STARVING! They would only let me eat jello or popcicles! The last thing I had had to eat was some cereal at 9am that morning! So when the doc showed up at 9pm and told me that he would stop the Pitocin for tonight, give me a good nights rest, some food, and then they would come in and break my water in the morning. I was like SURE, whatever, as long as they gave me some freakin food! LOL I think the doc just didn't want to come back in the middle of the night to deliver me, but whatever. So the nurse stopped my Pitocin and gave me an Ambien to take to sleep. Lets face it, you don't sleep good in a hospital so giving me something to make me sleep and then waking me up every 30 minutes doesn't make sense to me, but whatever. LOL

    Around 7am on Friday, the nurse started my Pitocin back up, this time at a much higher rate. I was started to feel the contractions more. As my night nurse was telling me bye and good luck, and my day nurse was introducing herself to me and telling me my doc would arrive within 10 min to break the water, I felt a big gush. So, my water broke less than 5 minutes before my doc walked through that door! LOL After all that happened, things went by so much faster than I had ever thought (and hoped!). My nurse though kept telling me I was only dilated to 2 cm, but my contractions seemed so much worse and so close together that I was freaking. They kept asking me if I was ready for the Epidural. I wanted to hold off as long as possible, then I started feeling like the biggest wuss for wanting one when I was only a 2!! But finally I gave in, they called in the anest. and he started that going. Honestly, that just felt like a little pinch. I was so worried that I would have a contraction in the middle of it and jerk and it would mess something up, but that procedure was fast. Once I had that, I felt really good! But then I started feeling so much pressure like immediatly and felt the need to push! The nurse was like no way, she looked down and checked me and was like OMG..we need to call her doc back in. I had dilated to a 7 that quick! So right after that, my doc came in, they put me in the stir ups, I started pushing, and less than 30 min later, she was out! It was honestly so much easier than I ever thought! I don't think I would have made it without the epidural though.

    I was able to look at a mirror the whole time I was pushing so I was able to see it, so that was awesome. I would recommend that if your rooms have those mirrors in them. At first I didn't know if I wanted to see that, but I am glad I did.

    Since I did have quite an easy labor (IMO), I have to note that I did tear like crazy so I have made up for that as far as pain goes! That has killed me the last several days. The first 2 days after she was born was okay, but the day I was discharged, I was in horrible pain! But it's gotten much better now!

    Hayden is just a joy. I can't get enough of her! We have had so much heartache and emotional ups and downs the last 4 years, so we are just in awe when we look at her that we were blessed with a beautiful baby. Chris and I are still learning everything as we go, but it's been so much fun. My hubby has never changed a diaper in his life, but since she has been born, he has become a pro and is not even disgusted! LOL

    I'm posting a few pics. But since I can't figure out how to resize them, I apologize! The first picture of her is from Friday getting weighed of course...the other is from yesterday at home.


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    Quote Originally Posted by hart2hart
    Hi ladies,

    We are home and tired. I managed a little something on our website, but I will update more of it soon. Thank you so much for your sweet words, I started crying when I read your responses....

    When I look at him...I can't believe I made him....

    Check out the birth story and some pics at our website. I'll post again soon.


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    Quote Originally Posted by algroom
    Jude Williams Foster is here! we just got home from the hospital yesterday. He had a very scary start into this world, almost killing me (and himself!) in the process!

    i started feeling contractions and a weird sense that something wasn't right last monday night. Went to the midwife tues morning and they did an NST that produced very weird, erractic results. Sent me immediately to the hospital - by this time i was freaking out....had not felt a lot of movement and another NSt confirmed the erractic results of the first. Midwife came rushing in with the surgeon and an emergency C section happened REALLY quickly. Jude was born at 2:19pm on Tuesday morning - 5 lbs, 15 oz, with TWO loops of cord wrapped around his neck. OMG...i was terrfied. he was in the NICU for a couple days for observation but is now fine - a little small, but bf'ing well and doing good. I am in SO much pain - i don't understand why anyone would CHOOSE a C-section if they had to!

    Any tips on preemies or c-recoveries welcome - pics to come later -he's very cute for a little guy....

    Hope all is well with all of you ladies!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoonerFan
    Well, it turns out the cramping and spotting were the beginning of the real deal! We got to the hospital at 9:30 am, and I was 100% effaced and 4 cm dilated with a bulging bag.

    The contractions quickly got very painful and were coming every 3 minutes. I honestly had no idea that they would hurt that much so early in labor. Jim the epidural man came in about an hour after we got set up in our room. He was amazing!! The epi was not uncomfortable at all, and the only thing I really felt was the tiny sting of the local. I had a couple of contractions while he was putting it in, but it was not hard to sit still. Once the epidural was in, the contractions just started to fade away until after 15 minutes, I did not feel a thing other than my abdomen tightening.

    After the epidural was in, the doctor checked me and broke my water. I was 6 cm at 11:30, and by 1:30 I was complete and ready to push at +2 station. Our nurse helped us push for a little while, but since L and D was swamped, she left us on our own for a little bit. At 3 pm, the doctor came in to check me. After pushing through several contractions with us, he told us that Caitlyn's head was a little too large to fit underneath my pelvic bone- she was also face-up, which made it even harder (and I am barely 5 feet tall). He said that we could try to keep pushing, but her head was starting to swell and he wanted to do a c-section for her sake.

    I was pretty disappointed that I was going to have a c-section, especially since the labor was WONDERFUL and actually a pleasant experience. However, I was also excited that we were going to meet our daughter soon! They moved me into the OR and got everything set up. I was really nervous, and got a little panicked when they put an oxygen mask on me and the drape. I felt a little claustrophobic, but calmed down once they fixed everything. The doctor (not mine!) came in and started the section without even letting me know that it was time, and DH barely walked in the door before they started. I was upset about that, but soon had to concentrate on breathing while I felt all of the pulling and tugging going on. That was a weird feeling, but it was only a couple of minutes before we heard Caitlyn cry! Boy did she have a great set of lungs on her!!!

    We got to see her quickly over the drape at 3:56 pm, and then DH got to film and take pictures of her being cleaned. She was 7 pounds even, 19 1/4 inches long and had APGARS of 8 and 9. They finished up the surgery, and wheeled me back to our room. DH got to carry her into the room, and we breastfed right away. We spent two hours with her before they had to take her to the nursery for a check-up, vit. K shot, hearing test, etc.

    Even though I was not thrilled with the fact that I ended up with an easy labor followed by a section, it has all been fine. Caitlyn is an amazing baby, and she has been breastfeeding like a pro. My incision is pretty sore and it is hard to get around right now, but it is healing nicely. I am just so in love with this beautiful little blue-eyed girl. The first night I literally stayed awake almost all night just to hold her and watch her. DH is equally in love, and I just can't believe that she is here!

    I will try to post pictures after we get home, which should be tomorrow or Wednesday. Congrats to all of the other new mommies!!

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