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    Quote Originally Posted by juliedinny
    Hey girls! I have missed you! My beautiful "little" baby turned out to be a girl, she is Stephanie Jillian born July 2 at 2:53 pm. She was 9lbs,6oz and 20.75 inches. Here is her birth story:

    We arrived at the hospital for the induction at 8AM; I was dialated to 4cm. They gave me pitocin at 10:30AM to speed up labor. By 11:30 the doc broke my water and hello labor!!! The contractions were short, but getting closer and closer together. Thankfully I didn't hesitate to order the epidural, because it took an hour to get someone. Poor Peter, I kept sending him to the door to see if anyone was coming. Sadly, the dose of medicaton I was given didn't last long though and wore off in a matter of 10 minutes. At this point, Stephanie had descended and was ready to come. The doc told me he could give me something else, but I would have to labor for another 20 minutes or so, or I could just push. I wasn't waiting, so push I did!! So, about 8 incredible pushes and 10 minutes later, Stephanie Jillian arrived into the world. When the Doctor said "you have a beautiful baby girl!" I thought she was hearing things... Peter was quiet, in shock also (but I think mainly from all my screaming). I must say that although this delivery was much more painful than with Ava since it was essentially med-free, it was such an awsome experience. Not to pat myself on the back, but I did a great job. I stayed calm and level headed. I found something inside me I didn't know I had. And to push out a 9+lb baby was again painful, but so awsome (I didn't know I could scream like that!). It was nice to have my doc there, he is awsome - and the nurses were great. Oh yeah, Peter was there and he was great too! No, really, he has been great.

    It is amazing what one little life can do, we are both different, but better, people because of Stephanie. Ava is adjusting....she has had a few really good fits, but is coping and I am learning better how to handle it myself.
    Here are some pics! I will post more later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by michellemarbelle
    John Allen
    Born July 2, 2006
    Weight ~ 8lbs 9oz
    Height ~ 19.5 inches
    100% drug free and natural hypnobabies birth
    labor lasted 4hrs 11 mins ~ he pushed himself out! OB did not make it in time

    Our special journey to conception ~

    This was a very planned pregnancy, we had been trying to conceive for 15 long months dealing with poly cystic ovarian syndrome. Using ovulation predictor kits, a lot of prayer and with Basal Body Temperature charting we were able to know exactly when we did conceive which was November 6th, 2005. My due date was July 30, 2006.... it only changed later in my pregnancy because my ob used u/s to determine by the baby's size that the due date was July 21... however, the baby's true due date was July 30 and just happened to be a large baby. This pregnancy was extra special because it felt incredibly spiritual. I had been praying to St Therese and recieved many signs in the form of roses... and the day we confirmed our pregnancy someone had sent me a photo of a baby in a rose. The day I brought the news to Ron he had just had cancer surgery the day prior and what a joy to tell him that we finally got our 3rd baby!
    Love is healing and there is no greater love than the love you experience with bringing new life into the world and rasing your children with your soulmate... we enjoyed every minute of our beautiful pregnancy and waited excitedly till the end to find out what our "Surprise package" was. Knowing we wanted a completely natural birth without any drugs or epidural we were very prepared this time for our birthing by taking classes. We studied the Hypnobabies program for using self hypnosis for pain management. We took 5 classes with our Hypno-doula Carole who was an absolute blessing and a very special person I feel very blessed to know, who taught us the how to have a beautiful completely natural birthing and lucky to have had her at my side to guide me through it so peacefully!

    Prelude to a birthing (My 1st preterm labor halted)

    It started when I went into preterm labor on June 19, 2006 at 33 weeks
    I was feeling crampy and nauseas all weekend and monday at 6:45 I started having very painful regular contractions 3-5 mins apart starting in my back and radiating through the front... so I called my OB and he sent me to the hospital. I figured I'd get some terbutaline and I'd go home in 2-3 hours.... ( because the same thing happend with my son when I was 35 weeks and the terbutaline was enough to stop it.)

    I got settled into my room and they took blood and had trouble getting the IV in, they had to call the anesthesiologist to do it. I was 2cm, 50% and -2.
    So then they tried 2 rounds of terbitaline which did slow them down but after 20 mins the contractions were back up and actually stronger...still 3 mins apart but went from a level 1 of pain to a level 7 of pain for me. I was like oh man I forgot how painful it is lol. And so next they gave me 2 pills called procardia which did absolutely nothing but make me feel dizzy! A second internal was 2.5cm and I was feeling so out of it at around 12am and the next thing I know here comes the nurse with the IV bag of magnesium sulfate.... she warned me it will make me short of breath and spacey... so 5 mins later when I felt that way I didn't freak out but it was pretty scary feeling that way. The good news is that the magnesium stopped my contractions.. I was having 4 per hour only after that and very minimal. The bad part is that they put a cathedar in to pee because you're not allowed to get out of bed wth that medicine.

    Then they started me on antibiotics - clyndomicin... I have so many drug allergies so it was hard for them to settle on one. I had a bad night, my contractions did slow down but they still were uncomfortable and with them prodding me and taking my blood pressure every 20 mins (because of the mag) I had no sleep.

    Tuesday morning I saw my OB and he examined me and much to my surprise I was now closed. I didn't think that was possible but he said it is... that the contractions dialated me and now that the magnesium stopped the contractions my cervix closed back up. He sent over the high risk OB and he did an u/s and my baby measured 39 weeks!!! Over 7lbs... I was shocked but on the other hand I figured it was big because of how I look and feel lately. After he saw how large the baby was he immediately had them turn off my magnesium sulfate and said that if the contractions return I would have the baby.

    I went about the next couple of weeks feeling good but very exhausted and as though I had no more room for the baby to grow any further.... and how could it if it was 7lbs at 32 weeks?!

    My last dr appt was June 28th and for some odd reason my ob decided that the baby who had been head down since my 7th month was now breech and I would most likely need a c-section.
    Frightened by that idea I took my doula's advice and did all sorts of positions to try to turn the baby. The final thing I did was do handstands in the swimming pool.... I hate to say it but I think my baby was not breech at all.... I think he was mistaken because I never felt the baby move out of position.

    IT'S A BOY!!! Baby #3 John Allen's birth story ~

    My beautiful birthing began on Monday morning July 2nd at exactly 5am I was awoken to a strong kick, a popping sound and a huge gush of water as my bag of waters had broken. All I could think was, "oh no, not today!" because I had been up all night feeling nauseas and I also had a lot to do at home... we needed to get new floor installed, Paul my older son needed to move to his big boy room, we haven't gotten our mini van yet, I needed to prepare the nursery for the new baby...... there was just so much left yet to do..... but no stopping baby now!!

    I told my daughter Teresa to tell daddy the baby is going to be coming soon. He called my doula who suggested I go to the hospital to make sure the baby wasn't breech before she joined us incase I would have a c-section for a breech baby.
    5 minutes after 5am my contractions began 3 minutes apart. I went downstairs and was lying on the floor just incase the cord was getting compressed since my water had broken. Ron was getting everything in the car and my mother was on her way over to our home. I remember how beautiful the sunrise was and while I waited I listened to my hypnobabies mp3 on my ipod.

    We were finally ready to leave for the hospital at 6:15am. I rode in the backseat lying down, again, just in case the cord was getting compressed through the cervix...especially since my ob had thought the baby might be breech. The car ride was short as we live so close to the hospital... 5 minutes. Ron took special care of me, he got a wheelchair and propped me up with my 2 pillows and I used my hypnobabies programming to gently guiide me through each birthing wave (contraction).

    By the time we were settled into the labor and delivery room it was 6:30am and I was still having moderate contractions every 3 minutes. After being checked I was now 3 cm, 75% effaced and still -2... the nurse wasn't certain if my water had broken... I find that very humorous now!
    My ob confused me with another patient and actually ordered a shot of terbutaline... to my shock I refused it and said there was no way I was going through that again and besides, my water broke and I was in active labor -- there was no stopping the baby again!
    An Ultrasound was performed and the results were such a relief.... baby was NOT breech and all was well -- yes!!! Now we can have our beautiful vaginal birth!

    at 7:00am I started getting birthing waves that were lasting longer and definately getting stronger but I didn't appear to be in labor to the nurses who were basically ignoring me.
    I have a high tolerance for pain and since I didn't show signs of discomfort they must have thought not much was going on despite my waves on the monitor.
    I remember telling the nurse that I was dialating more and she said that there was no point in checking me.

    At 7:30am my contractions were now 2 minutes apart and a painscale of 8...longer, stronger and now closer together. My sweet doula arrived around 8am and she instantly guided me through the hypnosis which helped to intensify the relaxation and greatly lessen the severity of my contractions....which I thought of as beautiful waves that brought me one step closer to seeing my baby with each wave.

    At around 8:30am I was in a lot of pain... this was much more painful than my other contractions with my other children. Carole reasured me that this baby was coming fast and that is why it hurt more but all I needed to do was release with my self hypnosis, go to my special place and relax.... and that is what I did. When things got too overwhelming for me and I felt like I was losing control and couldn't do it Carole inspired me with her voice and encouragement that yes, I could do it and it was not going to hurt any more than it already did. Honestly I was more concerned about the pain of the baby coming out because I had never experienced that pain before having had epidurals at the end of my last 2 labors.

    They checked me at around 8:45am and I was now 7 cm... so in they rolled the table with all the tools they need for the birthing. I was surprised to see that... I didn't expect things to go so quickly! At that time my contractions were one on top of the other - no break in between.

    This was the hardest part but I knew I was going to get through it with my doula's help focusing on her hypnosis. At 9am they were still trying to get an IV in me.... I knew I didn't need it but I wanted it in there just in case I needed anything (I had an emergency last time with my son Paul and needed emergency medicine through the IV to save my life due to a severe drop in blood pressure)

    So there I am lying on my side clutching the bed and holding my doula's hand as she guided me through each non stop wave. The pain was A LOT less when I released all my muscles and focused on the hypnosis. It's definately tolerable! And in the meantime they were working on getting my IV in place. Unfortunately the person administering my IV was the stupid anesthesiologistr that nearly killed me last time... that did not bring up happy memories but I basically ignored him and all I remember sensing was my dear husband and Carole my dear doula.
    I heard voices from the 3 other nurses that were there but with my hypnosis and trigger words from Carole, I felt so peaceful and I was in that beautiful rose garden in my mind....even when my eyes were open.

    So at 9am I started feeling pressure, that pressure I know and remember as the baby coming down the birth canal. I voiced this to the nurses but they ignored me.... my doula was telling them "she says her baby is coming". They did a quick internal and I was now 10cm.

    9:05am I started getting these electrical impulse type pains that ran down my thighs...that's a new experience! My IV was all done and I felt the baby pushing down! It didn't hurt, it actually felt amazing because my baby was pushing ITSELF out! I told the nurses, "OK the baby is coming right now!" I remember hearing them say, "where's the doctor?!" "he's not here...quick get the hospital OB!" They wanted me to turn on my back but I was so comfy lying on my side I didn't want to move...and I didn't think I could because the baby felt as though it was about to fly out of me.
    I finally did get on my back and the baby's head was about to crown... the nurse yelled for the other OB to get in there.... and I barely remember that ob's face... it was a woman with curly brown hair and that is all I remember. She was suiting up and my baby was pushing itself out... as the head came out I felt the "ring of fire" I had read about... but actually it was NOT painful AT ALL! I felt a burning sensation and then I felt nothing.... only my baby turning,wriggling and pushing out. The head came out by itself and the body followed with one small gentle push from me.

    "It's a boy" 9:11am and the room was filled with the esquisite sound of his cries.... I felt so releived, so much love, such a deep spiritual feeling and a profound sense of acomplishment for what I had done all natural. This is the birthing I always dreamed of and with hypnosis, my awesome doula and loving husband it made it all possible. I didn't get my epesiotomy because there wasn't time.... however the tear and stitches I had healed so fast I am still shocked.
    It was not painful and 5 days later I basically felt totally normal there.

    epilogue - back to the hospital and back home again

    He is a great nurser...and such a wonderful baby! After 3 days in the hospital we went home on Wednesday July 4th. We were sent home with bliliblankets because John had elevated billiruin levels and was jaundice. Both my other kids were jaundice but never enough to require phototherapy. This was a new experience... which turned concerning when on on july 5th the home health nurse said his labs were getting a lot higher.

    His pediatrician admited him to the hospital on Wednesday July 5th and his billirubin levels were 18.9. He was under intensive phototherapy now with several lights and 1 bliliblanket light in an isolette. I was so glad I was allowed to room with him at the hospital because I couldn't part with him at all.
    Over the course of the 5 days we stayed there I basically got very little sleep as I was working around his IV and all the other things he had attatched to him.... making sure his visor stayed on because he always managed to take it off... every 2 hours -pumping, feeding him, changing him around the clock. It was hard but it was a loving time we spent as he got well.

    Saturday his "direct billirubin" had shot up for some reason and the doctors scared me but thank god the #s started coming down and Monday morning 7/10 after being off the phototherapy and IV for 12 hrs his billiruibin was 12 and direct billirubin was 0.6....so we were happily released and relieved!! He is going to his pedatrician for labs to follow up tomorrow just to double check it isn't on the rise again.

    I still nurse him but it is mainly for his comfort... he does also enjoy a pacifier! To save time I pump my milk and bottlfeed...(15 mins vs 45-60mins) and boy did my milk come in! I make 6oz every 2-3 hours! He is still like he was in utero... he confuses day and night but he is the sweetest little guy and he smiles a lot in his sleep. We love to watch him while he is dreaming! He gets the hiccups very often just as he always used to during my pregnancy.
    He tracks our faces when he is awake and already can roll to his sides... the nurses were amazed. Everyone kept saying the same thing "wow, that is one big premie!" One of the doctors that was treating him chose my son to take a photo with for a photo session he was doing that day for some medical publication.

    John is such a sweet little bundle of charm and we feel so blessed to have him home again and more importantly well! I reflect a lot on the birthing and I am overwhelmed with joy each time... I can't wait to do this again!!

    Photo albums

    John Allen is born!

    John 1 day old

    First day home

    Back to the hospital for 5 days- photo therapy, IV fluids

    Back home again! 1 week old

    John's first bath

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    Quote Originally Posted by kar19831
    Masons Birth Story

    Well I woke up about 6am with contractions and was wondering if it was the real thing. They continued until about 10 when we decided to go to the hospital. By this time I was pretty much convinced that it was the real thing. When we arrived at the hospital I was between 4-5 centimeters. They sent us walking for about an hour and I had progressed to a solid 5 and my water was bulging. They started the IV and the Dr. came in to see if I wanted to have my water broken or just wait things out. I decided to go ahead and have him break my water. After this things started to get a little more intense. My contractions still weren’t lasting real long so I wasn’t progressing all that quickly. At 3pm I was about a 7 and they decided to give me the lowest dose of pitocin just to help things along a little quicker. It did. After that things were a lot harder and my contractions seemed like they were coming right on top of each other. About 6pm I had just a little lip of cervix left and a major urge to push but was told to ‘breathe through them’ to give the lip a chance to move. Yeah right. The Dr. came in about 20 minutes later and held it back while I pushed in order to get it to move. Finally time to push. I pushed for about 45 mins and Mason Reid was born at 7:12pm. He weighed 8lbs 2 oz and was 191/2 inches long. Head circumference was 13 ¼ and his chest was 13 ¾ inches. No epidural! It was the most painful thing I could ever imagine but was all worth it once they laid him on my stomach and James cut the cord.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mindy_D
    Here's my long birth story:

    On Tuesday, July 4, my doctor said that I was 1-2cm dilated. She stripped my membreanes. I had an ultrasound at 3:15pm on the 5th to make sure that the baby is okay. The baby was totally fine, he/she scored 8/8. Then I went to the doctor to see her. We had to wait for quite a while because she was running behind and I didn't actually have an appointment (she told me the day before to come back after my ultrasound). She checked me and said that I was about 3cm.. She stripped my membranes again and she said that because I had progressed to that point, she would not have to use pitocin for an induction, she could just break my water.

    I went to bed Wednesday night. I had some cramping but nothing worked. DH went to work on Thursday morning and I was getting Anna ready to go to her gym class. At around 9:40am, I felt some fluid leaking. I thought that maybe my water had broken so I called Eric to come home. Then I started feeling more and more fluid so I called Eric again and said definitely come home. It would take about 1hour and 15 minutes for him to get home so I called my MIL but asked her to wait a half hour to come so I could have alone time with anna. I had to go to the hospital as soon as possible because I am strep B positive.

    DH got home and we left for the hospital. I started having some contractions in the car. WE got to the hospital around 12:00pm. I checked in at admitting and went up to triage. The assessed me for about ½ an hour, and the resident came in. She said that they were admitting me but my doctor said not to check my dilation yet because she wanted to make sure that I got my dose of antibiotics in and she didn’t want to speed anything up by checking.

    I got my antibiotics and then the nurse told me to walk around for a bit. Then my doctor and the nurse checked my dilation at around 3:30pm. I was still about 3-4 cm at that point. My contractions were getting stronger but still not that strong or regular. They said that they would wait a few hours to check me, probably after I got an epidural (I had already said that I was planning to have one). My doctor said that she’d come back after her clinic hours, before she went home for dinner.

    I walked around a bit with DH and he helped me through the pain. The contractions were getting stronger. At around 7pm I told DH that I would probably want the epidural soon, since my contractions were becoming even more painful and closer together. The nurse checked with the head nurse and told me that they had some c-sections that night so if I was planning to get an epidural, I should get one ASAP because the anesthetist might not be available later. So I got my epidural around 7pm.

    After that, my doctor checked me again. I was still about 4cm but more effaced. She also said that the baby’s head was down but he/she was facing sideways instead of backwards. She said that if I had better contractions, the baby would probably turn on his/her own. Since my contractions still weren’t that regular and I already had my epidural, she suggested pitocin. I agreed. She said that she’d check me again around 9:30.

    At 9:30 ,the nurse and resident checked me and reported back to the doctor. I was again 4-5cm but more effaced. Around this point, they started being concerned about the baby because although the heart rate was in the proper zone, the baby wasn’t moving much. The doctor said that she wasn’t too worried but she would come back to the hospital. She came to see me and said that it looked okay although there were parts where the baby wasn’t moving much, there was some variation as well.

    They said that they’d check again at 12:00am. At midnight I was 7cm. Because they were still concerned about the movements they put an electrode on the baby’s head to check the heart rate because it is more effective than a fetal monitor from the outside. The baby did move while that was being done. They said that the next step would be to take some blood from the baby and test oxygen levels.

    Things started moving quickly after that. They stopped the pitocin because my contractions were strong and on top of each other. It was painful despite the epidural. At around 1am I said that I felt like I had to push. The doctor was in the room and they called the resident back in . After 20 minutes of very painful and very uncomfortable pushing the baby came out. I helped to pull the baby out, and I saw that it was a boy. His name is Jake Simon. I pulled him on my chest and the respiratory therapist came in. He was coughing a bit but not really crying so she worked on him for a little while. Then he was brought back to me for his first nursing. He was very big – 9lb. 7oz. He was born at 1:22 am on July 7. He's very sweet and adorable and nursing very well. Here are some photos:

    New Jake

    - Upload Video - Video Sharing

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    Big sister

    - Upload Video - Video Sharing

    Anna and Jake together

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    Going home

    - Upload Video - Video Sharing

    Jake sleeping in his basinette after we got home from the hospital

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abby36
    On Monday morning (July 3rd) my water broke around 2:00 am. DH and I headed to the hospital around 6:30am. I'd been taking Bradley classes and really hoped to go natural and did I ever end up on the total opposite end of that!!

    The nurses and my doc were content to let me labor on my own w/out IVs, pit, etc for pretty much the whole day. I walked the stairs up and down to try and get things moving along. I'd get checked periodically and got up to about 3cms. At around 4-5pm when I was still 3 cm and had had no progression for quite some time the ob started pushing pit. I got the whole spiel about being on the clock, the risk of infection, my water breaking, being GBS+ etc. I finally consented.

    Prior to the introduction of pit I was laboring just fine. I was managing the pain with all the techniques I'd learned in my class and felt strong. But once they started pit it all went to hell. I've come to the conclusion that Pit is EVIL. I labored on pit for an additional 2 hours or so without drugs but it became a hell I could no longer bear. Especially once I heard I was still 3 cm close to 7pm. At that point I lost all my coping mechanisms and started yelling for an epidural. Everything that happened after is a total blur.

    They administered the epi and turned off the pit and then turned it back on. I'm not sure the sequence of events that followed but after about 40 minutes or so after having received the epi I was at 6 1/2 centimeters. I thought 'woohoo progression!' but then shortly thereafter my room was suddenly overwhelmed by people. I guess the baby's heartbeat went down into the 50s and stayed there. They had me moving around and were shaking my belly trying to see if maybe he had just compressed his cord but the heartbeat just stayed low. Then I hear a comment about too much blood and then within minutes I was rushed to the operating room for the c-section. At first they were going to let DH stay with me and do it w/ the epi that I had in. And then for reasons that are still unclear they decided to do a general anesthesia and wouldn't let DH in the room. Fortunately Caleb was born with no problems at all and they gave him immediately to DH. Of course I was still out cold and would be for another hour. I was not even cognizant of my baby being born! After all was said and done the diagnosis was placental abruption. About a third of my placenta.

    Now I'm left wondering just what happened. I asked the doc if the pitocin could have caused the abruption and he neither confirmed nor denied. He gave me the whole list of risk factors for placental abruption and with the exception of my age (3 I had none of them. I guess abruptions can happen suddenly even when there are no risk factors but I can't help but wonder if mine wasn't due to the pitocin.

    I really have mixed feelings about the labor/delivery. On the one hand I feel totally blessed that I was at the hospital when this happened and that the doctors acted quickly and everything turned out okay with Caleb. Things could have gone very badly if they hadn't acted when they did. On the other hand, I can't shake the idea that all this happened as a result of my going on pit. But who knows?? I'll never know for sure.

    But what I absolutely don't have mixed feelings about is the total love I have for my little guy. I'm completely smitten!

    B'feeding has been going well too. I was so worried we might have problems with the breastfeeding due to whole fiasco during delivery but he's adjusted quickly. He's definitely a booby boy!

    If you made it this far, thanks for reading! Here are some pics of our little guy:

    (I'm having a heck of a time w/ photobucket trying to get a decent size photo... I'll have to come back to this)...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mommy0306
    thomas james has arrived!!! he came into the world sunday july 9th! he was supossed to come the 8th but i had to wait cuz there is a ton of people that delievered the 8th. then the 9th i was supossed to be in at 10am but they had an emergency c section and then their scheduled 8am c section. i tell u what though it was well worth it. the OR was FREEZING though!!! the spinal didnt take long before it kicked in and it itched my face a lot but that was normal i guess with spinals? it started wearing off soon after i got back to recovery which i was glad. i didnt even know they cut me open till the nurse was like "there's a head!" i was like "uhm ok?" the minute i seen him though i thought he looked exactly like daddy! i still think that!!! they stitched me back up and wheeled me out. hearing him cry was really cool!! i'm getting my staples out on friday so i'm excited about that!!! it's been an odd past three days. i'm not used to being away from evan more then a night so it was defently different but i enjoy having the newborn here. :P he weighed 7lbs 11.2oz and was 18" long. he was a little smaller then evan. evan was 7lbs 12.5oz and 19" long so he was right up there. and when i was in the recovery post pardom rooms and stuff the nurses told me i had to push on my belly for five minutes every hour i'm awake. well i didnt know why so i asked and come to find out they do that cuz if u dont get all the old blood outta ya they have to go in and surgically remove it. ICK!!! i was going to breast feed but i couldnt get him to latch right (same problem with evan.) so i decided to formula instead and he is eating like a champ!!!

    here are some of my favs but the rest of the photos are in my photo album and on the growing family site. i'm going to eventually i think input the link to my photo album but havent done it yet since i just got home today.

    anywho, there are photos at: http://photos.yahoo.com/mz_priss_1984 and you'll have to look by the month. they are in july there are also photos at: http://www.growingfamily.com/webnurs...LID=1K0L2X5X7D or u can log onto growing family and select by zip code our zip is 73119 and then southwest medical center and thomas m (towards the bottom) if u go that route our password is our last name but i think u should be able to view it from the link? we didnt order any of those photos yet and dont know if we will but if u see one u like u can feel free to order a copy or u can save any of the photos from the album and print them off urself if u want. anywho!!! i hope you enjoy!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by annie1995
    Just a quick update. I went in on Monday for a scheduled induction on Monday. My headaches had gotten the best of me so they went ahead and induced my 5 days early. They started my induction at 8:30 with some suppository, and with in 10 minutes I was having contractions! I was already dilated to 2 when they had started, so I was pretty happy. Around 10ish, I was getting pretty uncomforatable, so I asked for an epidural. They didn't want to give me one since I was only a 3-4, but I talked the doctor into it. I had two attempts for the epi. The first resulted in a wet tap, and the second took beautifully! Well, after the epi kicked in, things started flying. By noon I was at 5-6 and my parents brought our kids up to the hospital to be there for the big moment. My husband decided around 12:20 to run them down to get something to eat. He was gone a total of 12 minutes. Long enough to show my parents where to go, buy the kids food and walk back to me. I went from 7cm to fully dilated and delivered in just 12 minutes time. Long enough for my husband to be a minute and a half late for seeing his son born! None of us could have imagined it would happen that fast! Anyway, all is well. I had a really rough couple of days. I pulled the muscles in my neck, had a splitting headache, possibly from the wet tap, and slept only 10 hours in the 3 days I was gone. But we are now home, tired, sore and happy! Daniel Joseph arrived Monday July 10th at 12:46 pm weighing 6lb12oz! Congrats to all the other new mommies. I will try and catch up on what all I have missed in the next few days!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoMom
    Grant is here!!!!!

    On Tuesday (the 11th) I lost my mucus plug. I called my Dr to see if they had any special instruction like no sex or something along those lines. They asked if I was contracting and I was regularly about 8 minutes apart, but they didn't hurt at all. They asked me to go to the hospital for an OB check.

    I told my DH I would be back in an hour and took our only car to the hospital. I had seen the Dr. the day before and I was only 2 1/2 cm and I felt way to go to be in labor.

    When I got the the hospital they checked me and I was at 4 cm. I asked if I could go home if I was not in active labor, they told me they wanted me to stick around. I called my DH and my friend and she picked DH up and took him to the hospital, and took my DD to her house. Her DH watched her DD and my DD used that car seat, so it worked out great.

    DH came and we walked up and down the stairs a million times, contractions still did not hurt. They started to get closer. She checked me again, and I was at 5 cm, then they started to hurt, and started coming every minute.

    I went into the hospital at 1:00 pm and had him at 10:39 pm. Labor only hurt for 5 and a half hours, so I almost don't even count the hours before that I was walking around feeling great.

    He was 6 lb 15.9 oz and 20 inches long. He was .1 oz lighter than my DD who was born at 40 weeks and he was born at 37. He is 20 inches long (one inch longer than DD at birth).

    He is so cute, labor was awesome, and recovery is going great. He is doing wonderfully at breastfeeding, and I have no complaints in that area what so ever. My milk came in and I am full but not that rock hard painful engorged!

    He is so beautiful as you will see in the pics I posted. He is a wonderful boy. He came at the perfect time because DH has a week and a half before school starts. How did I get so lucky!

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    Default Tyler Ryan's birthstory

    I am so happy and relieved to have had a great birthing experience! After having Ben, I was so afraid of a repeat...

    Tyler Ryan
    July 12, 2006
    7lbs 11oz
    20 inches

    I went in on Wednesday at 630AM for my scheduled induction. I was very apprehensive of another induction. By the time they admitted me and got me started on the pitocin, it was 930AM and I was having some pretty good contractions all on my own. I was dilated to 4cm when I first went in. They wanted to do my epidural fairly quickly because they expected the labor to go quick. I got my epi at 1130 and didnt feel anything after that.

    I was comfortable and waiting patiently, my DH went to go get lunch at 2:15. Of course as soon as he was gone, we started having problems. The contractions were quite strong and the cord was being compressed making Tyler's heartbeat have variables (it was slowing way down) with each contraction. The next thing I know, they threw an oxygen mask on me and started throwing the c-section word around. At this point I was dilated to 8cm! I thought, how could I have made it this far to have this happen? They put a direct line of fluids back into the sac to try to relieve some pressure. Meanwhile, DH was still gone at lunch...SO when he came back, he was like what happened?? They turned off the pitocin in an effort to let the baby relax, and it stayed off for a few hours. They kept rotating my position in bed to try to alleviate pressure off the cord.

    Finally things had stabilized and my Dr wanted to go ahead and start the pit again. (cant remember what time that was at) Finally I dilated the rest of the way and the Dr wanted me to try pushing squating turned backwards in the bed, she even jumped up on the bed next to me to show me what she wanted, LOL, my DH thought she was crazy! My Dr is SO cool!! I tried that for a while, but since my legs felt like tree trunks I didnt have the strength for it. So we went to the standard position, I pushed for 1/2 an hour and he was here!!! we talked and laughed thru the whole thing, I even guessed at his weight before he came out, I said he was going to be 7lbs 12 oz and he ended up being 7lbs 11.4oz! Pretty close! Tyler Ryan was born at 7:34pm.

    I am so in love with my little man!! I have been feeling so good, I am so glad to be out of the hospital, who can get any rest in there?? And their crappy hard beds make my bed seem like a million bucks! Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I couldnt have hoped for any better!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neva4getme
    Hi Ladies!

    Congrats to all the new mommy's! I'm joining the club. Shannon I looked for your update and have to say the same happened to me. I had a list a mile long and quite a few people didn't get their call.

    Was suposed to go get gel on Monday evening. They got too busy and told me to hold off on coming in for the induction and wait for a call. Those were the LONGEST hours of my life! Finally was called in at around 1"30pm. Got checked in, got room, was checked and had progressed to 2cm and still "thick" (my childbirth class teacher would be so dissapointed that I didn't use my big words, station and efaced). She said I was progressed enough to skip the gel though and proceeded to break my waters. I was shocked and paniced a BIT.

    Walked for an hour before they started the Oxytocin. They started it at 4:30pm on the 11th. From then until midnight I had mild regular contractions, played cards, danced around breathing through the contractions and tapped into someone's free wireless internet Life was great! At midnight the doctor came back for another check and I hadn't progressed!!!! Then she goes "didn't I break your waters?" and grabs here needles again. This time it was Niagara Falls and soooo different. Things really started happening then including a trip to the bathroom where I almost whiped out because I leaked all over the floor (the nurse had to get a MOP). I asked Corey to get some rest and breathed through HORRIBLE contractions. At 3:30am I asked for the epidural. I was good to go by 4am! Thing was, I still felt a lot of pressure and pain, I couldn't sleep at all. The hard edge was taken off though and even with an uppage in dosage I still felt every contraction with back pain and tons of pressure. At around 6am they checked again and I was 9cm! Things happened quickly from there and at 7:43 I started pushing. With the pushing too I felt EVERYTHING but without the hard edge. I really liked that because I felt like I had control over what I was doing and really worked hard. I used a lot of the techniques I read about in Ina May's Guide To Childbirth. Samantha Catherine Belle was born at 8:43am on Wednesday July 12, 8lbs 4oz, 20inches. Daddy says she came out looking around and I even overheard a resident say she had never seen a baby come out like that. She's so alert and I instantly fell in love.

    I asked for skin to skin contact and she latched all on her own. It was incredible. One second I'm asking the nurse what I'm going to do now and she said she'd show me how to latch in a bit. She turned her back and Samantha found her nipple all on her own! It was so amazing.

    I've been exclusively breastfeeding. The first 48 hours were HELL, mostly at night because I was letting her fall asleep at the boob and stay latched constantly. I sobbed at the breastfeeding clinic this morning and finally got the help I needed and we're excited to see how we get through tonight with the new techniques. She had a bit of jaundice, was borderline, didn't need the lights but we did stay in the hospital an extra day. SO happy to be home today. Here are pics!

    One of Sammy Belle's first photos:

    Our little munchkin:

    Daddy's little girl:

    Excited to be going home:

    Snoozing all the way home:

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