~Laura's (Winky_the_House_Elf) Birth Lodge!!~
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Thread: ~Laura's (Winky_the_House_Elf) Birth Lodge!!~

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    Default ~Laura's (Winky_the_House_Elf) Birth Lodge!!~

    It occurred to me after the preggo check-in thread that you need a lodge! Welcome!!
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    Congratulations! Welcome to your lodge!!

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    YAY!!! Welcome to your lodge Laura!

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    Yay, you have a lodge...one I am most interested in reading!
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    welcome to your lodge. looking forward to your into.
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    Congratulations on your lodge. Enjoy these last few weeks!

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    Cool! A lodge! I didn't get one last time. Here's my intro:

    Dh and I have been married for 9.5 years (hard to believe it's been that long). Our oldest is 8 years old. When I was pregnant with her I wanted to try a natural birth. My mom had all six of her babies without pain medications. My MIL had mostly unmedicated births with all four of hers (her doc forced an epidural when dh was crowning, which didn't take effect until after he was born ). MIL had her last baby in a freestanding birth center.

    So, I figured if they could do it, I could to. I thought I was pretty well educated. I read What to Expect When You're Expecting. I took two hospital-based childbirth classes (one generic 6-week, get my epidural class and one natural childbirth Lamaze class). Unfortunately, neither class did not really educate me about my options. They were more like orientation sessions for the hospital. I learned all about when would get x, y, z intervention.

    I saw a family practice doc rather than an OB and here I lucked out somewhat. While he definitely approaches birth with a more medical mindset than I'm comfortable with, his intervention rate is still much lower than a typical OB. I went into labor at 38 weeks, but it was prodromal and instead of getting support for the great work my body was doing I kept being told "false labor". I also got a shot of narcotics that slowed things down. I think if I had been given support and not drugs things would have picked up on their own.

    In the end I consented to a pitocin induction about 4 days before my due date. I was due on Memorial Day and I do wonder if that factored into my doc's "mercy induction" offer. Several times during the course of my elective (no medical reason) induction my nurses reassured me that my doctor "wouldn't do anything that isn't safe".

    I lucked out again in that my labor was only 7 hours and it resulted in a vaginal birth. I did have a number of interventions (pitocin, IV, continuous monitoring, AROM, amnioinfusion, narcotics, oxygen, epidural). I'm very grateful that nobody knew I was completely dilated until dd was crowning because I only had to push for 20 minutes.

    It was pretty deflating and detached to give birth with an epidural. I felt like I was watching someone else give birth. The no pain was great, but I hated the paralysis and not feeling like an active participant in my baby's birth. Post-partum my baby was taken away (thankfully I got to nurse her first). The nursery nurse gave her a bath which caused her temp to drop which meant they "had to" keep her in the warmer for several hours. The most depressing moment I think was when I was left alone in an empty and dark delivery room with no baby and no husband (he went with our baby). I was unable to move so I couldn't even reach the phone or TV remote. It was horrible.

    Anyway, that experience taught me quite a lot. When I was pg with #2 I started to actually research my options (ie. I read factual-based info rather than American OB propaganda ). I already knew I didn't want an epidural again. For the first part of my pregnancy I saw my same doctor, thinking that if I knew what I wanted I could get a natural birth in the hospital. The more I read and thought about my options, though, the more I realized that the type of birth I wanted was unlikely to happen in a hospital setting. I ended up switching to a home birth at 26 weeks.

    I have never felt comfortable with the whole "pain with a purpose" philosophy when it comes to labor pain, so I was determined to find a way to reduce or eliminate it without drugs. I found hypnosis (first HypnoBirthing, then Hypnobabies). I took my practice very seriously and ultimately had a lovely, 5-hour, pain-free home water birth. It was fantastic! I felt so powerful, so connected, so in control--everything that was lacking during my first baby's birth.

    That wonderful birth experience contrasted with my first horrible birth experience and I felt passionately that I wanted to help other women have good birth experiences. I became a doula and later a childbirth educator. I now teach Hypnobabies (which I also use).

    My last three babies have been born at home in the water using hypnosis as will this little baby! I'm using my midwife for the fourth time and she's great. She really gives me a sense of trust and respect that I love. I've also hired a fabulous doula who I know will be so helpful during the birth. She's been great during my pregnancy!

    I'm 35 weeks now, but all of my babies have come early. #2 came at 38. #3 came at 37. #4 came at 38.5. I'm guessing somewhere around 38 weeks for this little one.

    That was longer than I intended, but there ya go!
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    Our June baby arrived in May with the help of Hypnobabies.
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    Welcome to your lodge Laura!


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    welcome to your lodge!
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    welcome to your lodge

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