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    Default ~Sunflower Arrivals, Awards & Birth Stories~

    Please let a mod know if you want to be added to this or if you want to nominate yourself for one of the awards. Please post your birth story if you write one!


    thirtyandprego: July 27th ~~ Asher, 4lbs 6oz, 16 in, 33w3d

    Mia (MissMia): August 14th ~~ Emma, 5lbs 5oz, 19 in, 36w4d
    Jessica (Crazygirl31701): August 19th ~~ Kylie, 7lbs 2oz, 19 1/2 in, 37w1d
    Karen (nygirl23): August 20th ~~ Reese, 6 lbs 15oz, 38w3d
    Tia (tialee): August 27th ~~ Cain, 7 lbs 13oz, 20 in
    Anna (GracesmomAnna): August 26th ~~ Bruce Austin, 5 lbs 15 oz, 18 3/4in
    Danielle (froggie919): August 29th ~~ Damien, 6 lbs 4oz, 19 in, 36w

    Chaise (nwmommy): September 2nd ~~ Hailey Jean, 6 lbs 15 oz, 20 in, 39 w2d
    Sarah (sarahsunshine): September 3rd ~~ Leo Spencer, 6lb 6oz, 19.25 in, 37w5d
    Cali26: September 6th ~~ Trevor, 6 lbs 7 oz
    Angel (MamaAngel): September 5th ~~ Alyssa, 6 lbs 2 oz 19.5”
    Jennifer (Gwyllion): September 7th ~~ Allison Eve, 6 lb 3 oz, 18.9in, Lauren Zoe, 6 lb 3 oz, 19.3 in
    Melissa (Missie_mom): September 7th ~~ Cameryn James, 8lb 1oz 21.5,
    Katie (mama2amy): September 7th ~~ William Christian (Will) 10 lbs 3 oz 22”
    Erin (lbff): September 8th ~~ Andrew Miles, 7 lb 0.5 oz,
    Jess (IronMate):September 9th ~~ Kaitlyn Jean, 7 lbs 4 oz, 19”
    Andy (Andy1784): September 10th ~~ Hailey Annalise, 7lbs 1 oz 19.5”
    Ruth (brooklynkc1023): September 13th ~~ Jonathan Lewis, 7lbs 12oz 21 inches, 38w3d
    Destry (demon_misses): September 15th ~~ Crue Clarence Reid, 7 lb 13.6 oz, 19.5”
    Ariel (krazykat): September 17th ~~ Justus Brooks, 7 lbs 12 oz, 19.25”, 41w 3d
    Heather (Angeley572): September 17th ~~ Aidan James (AJ) 9 lbs 11 oz, 19.5" 40w5d
    Safa (sweetnth): September 17th ~~ Raya 8 lbs 9 oz, 20" 41 weeks
    Jess (cloudnine): September 18th ~~ Emily Charlotte, 7lbs 14oz, 19.75" 38w6d
    Emily (Emilys3guppies): September 20th ~~ Simon Christopher 9lb 4oz, 21" 41w
    Alison (azin_may): September 22nd ~~ William Mason, 7lbs 14 oz, 20"
    Jade (Illiana): September 28th ~~ Trystan Rhys, 11 lbs 2 oz, 19-20"

    First Baby Born: thirtyandprego: 7/27/10
    Last Baby Born: SaucyVidel (10/10/10)
    Biggest Baby: illiana 11.2
    Smallest Baby: thirtyandprego: 4 lb 6 oz
    Longest Active Labour (4cm-birth): thirtyandprego 48 hrs
    Longest labor total: Ecoberry1 -36 hrs
    Shortest Active Labour (4cm-birth): Melychang 30 mins
    Most Siblings: Crazygirl31701 (four total)
    Longest Baby: OperaMommy08 22 ½”
    Shortest Baby: newmamma2b 18 ½”
    Most hair: Emily (Cloud Nine) & Johnathan (Brooklynkc123)
    Born on due date: Ironmate
    Glutton (most gained by one month)
    Poundage: Emilys4Guppies 4
    %: TiggersMommy – 56.6% & Lbff - 45%
    Most overdue: OperaMommy08 (13 days)
    Most Exciting Birth: Illiana - unassisted breach homebirth & BuckeyeK - VBAC in car
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    Emma Lyn's Birth Story

    Born on August 14th, 2010
    5 lbs 5 oz, 19” long
    born at 10:03 am (36 weeks 4 days)

    Saturday, August 14th, 2010

    I woke up at 3:45 am to our alarm clock going off. My husband works out of state and had a “half day” this day, so he had to be on the road a little after four. I went to the bathroom and felt like my underwear was really wet. I didn’t think much of it, as my cm had been more “liquidy” for a few days which I knew was common in the late third trimester. I get up and step to the sink to wash my hands and feel a small gush and trickle. I hadn’t had any issues with my bladder leaking, so it made me wonder what was going on. Something told me that my water had broken, but I didn’t want to believe it. With all the false alarms in the last month, I didn’t want to go to l&d again only to be sent home when I knew I had the amnio and induction coming up in a few days.

    I told my husband what had happened, but that he should go to work (2 hours away) and that I’d let him know if anything changed. I was having contractions that were crampy and annoying, but I wasn’t timing them. I just didn’t want to believe what was happening. The pain of these contractions was similar to my other ones, but I had some back ache with it too. He left and I went online to look up stuff about your water breaking as I know the experience can be different for everyone. One site was saying how even with a trickling, if you sit down for a while and get up, you may get some kind of gush to let you know what’s going on. I stood up a couple minutes after being on my computer and was soaked. I put towels on the floor and two pairs of pajama pants later, called my husband and told him to turn around. This was around 4:30 in the morning.

    I waited until he got home to call l&d and let them know what was happening. One of the nurses I had been taken care of before answered and asked if I was going to shower before I came in or not. I said I’d like to if it wasn’t a problem. I took a quick shower which felt good. I have always responded well to heat therapy, so I was glad that I took the time to soothe myself at home before going in.

    My husband and I quickly grabbed some last minute things (we’d had basic hospital bags for us and Emma packed for a couple of weeks) and headed out the door. We arrived at the hospital around 6 or so. I went into the triage room and the nurse I spoke to on the phone tested my pad to see if the fluid I was leaking was amniotic fluid., which I was. I brought the pee jug with me as instructed incase they still wanted to pursue the 24 hour urine sample. It was annoying but at this point, I didn’t mind peeing in a little hat and pouring it into a container. I was admitted into a l&d room and went over the standard admittance paperwork. At this point I had to take breaks when answering some questions to breathe through the contractions. At 7:34 the phlebotomist came up from the lab to take my blood for standard blood work (I only know the time thanks to the time stamp on the bracelet). The contractions were bad enough that I had to have him wait until I wasn’t having one to take my blood.

    Shortly after, the nurse that would be my nurse for her shift came in. She asked the pain scale question, I answered a 7 out of ten. These were now a bit worse then the contractions I had been experiencing in previous weeks. I kept feeling like I needed to have a bm but just couldn’t. My nurse asked if I wanted to get into the shower to help with the contractions. I said yes and in I went. The shower had a regular head and a wand that you could alternate between. This shower was one of the most blissful experiences I have had in a long time. I held onto the safety bar and just let the hot water center on my lower back while breathing and chanting (om) through the contractions. When I got out, I went to the bathroom to pee and try to have a bm as I figured the shower would have relaxed me enough to do so. I told the nurse that I kept feeling like I needed to make a bm but couldn’t. She said she wondered if I was transitioning, and that based on what she’d seen, she’d guess I was at 8 cm. This floored me. 8 cm? I tried not to get my hopes up as she called the OB on call (who happened to be the one that diagnosed and had been the primary provider in the office in regards to my cholestasis). He came in and checked me. I knew I had to have some progress as he didn’t need to go far to check. I was 9 cm, 100% effaced and +2 station! I was floored but so excited. He was also excited that the baby was ROA as he doesn’t see that much especially in a FTM.

    My OB went to get ready and the nurse asked if I wanted some nubaine (sp?) for the pain. I said no and that I wanted to do everything natural. (I wasn’t going to fault her for not having time to read my birth plan yet as it was on file in a folder somewhere). When everyone was prepped, we got to business. I started pushing at 9:00 am. I always wondered how I’d feel about my modesty (I know of my OB outside the office as I went to high school with his son) but I didn’t care. I know this is TMI but I did poo on the bed while pushing but I didn’t care. They must have realized I knew I did it as they said it was good and that I was pushing the right way. There was another nurse in the room who was there to take Emma to the warmer and help get her cleaned up after. Another nurse or LNA maybe was watching too which I allowed. Each push I made progress and they kept complimenting me as being so in control. I would just breathe through the contraction (or chant Om as I knew the low guttural noise would help “open” me) and focused. When I wasn’t breathing through the initial pain, DH would feed me ice chips which were heaven. It was a little annoying when she was getting under and over my pelvic bone, but knowing each push made progress helped. At one point my OB said that there were plenty of ways he could “make the baby come now” but that it wasn’t necessary. I was doing fine and she was too so there was no reason for him to “step in”. I really appreciated that he wasn’t going to force it.

    When she was crowing, I felt her head and was so excited. I could feel all her hair and it just made me even more motivated to meet her. I was scared for the “ring of fire” but honestly it was not that bad. She came out and cried right away. They put her on my belly and I just about died. I wasn’t crying but it was such an unreal experience. The placenta came easily and although i could feel it, I didn’t mind too much. Her apgar scores were 8 and 9. They only took off because her skin got a little blotchy (blusih and white) when she was laying on me, but the second they put her under the warmer, she was pink again.

    She weighed in at 5 lbs 5 oz and was 19” long. I felt great after birth and our immediate families came in to visit. In hindsight, I sort of wish we had waited to let people come in, but it was fine. I was having some pressure and noticed a few big gushes when getting out of bed 3 hours after birth. Turns out I was hemoraging and so my OB and my nurse had to clean everything out. I had some huge clots and I felt bad my DH was holding Emma in a rocking chair front row center. I screamed (the pain was far worse then l&d) only because with how they were pushing, I couldn’t breath through anything in a soothing way. They then gave me miso (which I made notes that I would not take for intervention purposes) rectally to cause contractions and get me where I needed to be. I was then on watch for a few hours to make sure I wouldn’t need a d&c in the OR. Thankfully, they got everything and I just had to have an IV of fluids (something ringers?) some antibiotics for a while.

    Our hospital stay is another story, but here are some pics:

    Us just after birth

    Emma on the scale

    Hospital going home pic:

    Emma in the hospital day one or two:

    Me today (four days pp and WICKED engorged):

    Thanks for reading!
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    Kylie Suzanne
    August 19, 2010 11:36am
    7lbs 2oz 19 1/2 in

    For weeks I had been on bedrest and having weekly NSTs and BPPs due to complications with my blood pressure. I had been hospitalized a few times. My induction was actually set up for August 26th. They didn't want to let me go further because of BP issues.

    I go to my weekly appt on Wednesday August 18th. My BP is really high. Of course my DR is on Vacation. It seems to be a trend because he was on vacation when I had my DS too I am familiar with the other DRs who are in the practice and really like all of them. So after they see my BP he tells me to just go straight to the hospital.. No more waiting. The risks start getting too high.

    I check in L&D. They just monitor my BP all day which stays high. They decide to start cervidil at 5pm. They put the cervidil in and tell me I am 3cm and 50 percent effaced. I had to wait an hour after that before they would let me eat. Well within an hour I was having contractions every two min...so no eating for me. I really thought I was going to get cervidil and just sleep until they started pitocin in the morning. I guess I was one of the few that cervidil actually starts labor. By midnight I was in lots of pain. The cervidil was causing hyperstimulation and contractions were just constant. They removed the cervidil at midnight. It wasn't supposed to be removed until 5am. I also got the epidural at this time. I was really worried about the epidural because of past problems. My last one completely failed but I was going to try again. It actually atrted working this time so I could relax a little.
    Fast forward to 6am. My DR comes in to check me and start pitocin. I am already 6cm!!! They start pitocin and my water breaks. I had polyhydramnios so it was like the floodgates opening. From there on the contractions started becoming really intense and with each contraction the epidural worked less. I was in a scared state because I knew the epidural didn't work before and knew what would be coming. They called the anesthesiologist to give my epidural an extra dose. That was the BIGGEST mistake! Once the meds went in my system my BP shot up, my heart was racing and pounding out of my chest. I really felt like I was dying! And on top of that it didn't work anyway. From this point on I don't remember a lot other than breathing through each contraction. Everything else around me was tuned out and I just concentrated on breathing. At around 11:20 I started feeling a lot of pressure so I asked the nurse for the Dr to check me. He told me I was 7cm and he didn't think it would be long. He walked out of the room and with the next contraction I knew it was the end. The nurse came in and told me not to push. They were trying to get the DR. One more contraction and her head was out...and soon the rest of her. No breaking down my bed and no DR! My DR walked in about 2 min after she was born. I warned him earlier that I don't ever push and he apologized. There is a running joke with my OBs about who is actually going to make it to one of my deliveries she had apgars of 9 and 9 but started having some breathing problems due to fluid in her lungs. I guess when you don't push they don't get the extra squeezing need to get it out. So she went to go spend some time in the nursery to be suctioned and monitored.

    I was exhausted. They moved me to a new room right near the nursery. I was having some problems with bleeding and was passing large clots. So I ended up getting cytotec rectally. What more fun after all I had been through. I felt awful. I was lightheaded and just didn't feel good. They brought Kylie back from the nursery and I couldn't even get up to hold her so she had to go back by the following morning I was doing a lot better. I got my little girl back and we were so happy! Its been a wild ride but we are both doing fine now.
    DD Katy 03-30-99, DS Mychal 02-01-02,
    DS Aydan 09-01-07, DS TJ 07-28-09
    And the newest DD Kylie 08-19-10

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    Wanted to add myself- Delivered my little boy Asher on Jul 27.
    I went into preterm labor and was in total denial about it. I thought it was Braxton Hicks contractions but when they got worse, I went in to the hospital and I was dilated. I was only 33 weeks so I got steroids and mag. However, I continued to dilate and I delivered. He was in the NICU for 3 weeks but is now home and is doing awesome!
    I didn't know how fulfilling being a mother could be but my little guy is everything to me!

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    Damien Pierce
    Aug 29th 2010, 9:42 AM
    6 lbs 4 oz. 19 in

    Sat night I started having contractions 2-3 min apart around 11 pm. after an hour i called My OBs office and was told to drink a lot of water and if they continued for another 2 hours to go in. so i rested and downed water, but 2 hrs later they were still 2-3 min apart. So we took DS to my in-laws and headed towards the hospital.

    we arrived at the hospital around 245. As the nurses in triage came in to check me and hook me up to monitors, my water broke. and i mean it went EVERYWHERE. I told the nurse that i either just peed or my water broke. they checked me at about 315 and i was at 5 cm. they did a rush GBS. (which came back neg)

    Once in my room Damien's heart started dropping with each contraction, so they had me lay on my side which helped. i was checked again at 530 and was only at 6cm. at this point the pain was bad and i wanted drugs-which i got. then it was back on my side!!

    i was told that since i was right at 36 wks that i would be delivering in the OR and that damien would be going straight to the NICU (hospital rules any baby born before 36 wks goes to NICU)--this of course freaked me out. i was also told that if he wasnt handling contractions i would have an emergency c-section. so they had me lay on my left side, which helped and he was doing pretty well.

    i wasnt checked again until my OB came in at 815. at this point i was still at only 6 MAYBE 7 cm. cotractions had slowed down and werent as strong. he told me that i did NOT have to deliver in the OR!!! OB wasnt happy that i hadnt been checked in almost 3 hrs and nothing had been done about my contractions slowing down. so he put me on pitocin. which upped my contractions and since i was on my left side, the epidural was not working on my right, so i was feeling EVERYTHING on that side. they flipped me to my right in hopes the epidural work at least a little, but Damien's heart kept dropping. So back to the left i went. i was checked again at around 9--still only about 7. So he upped the pitocin again. this made the contraction go back to back and made me fully 10 cm by 930 or so. somewhere in the middle of this, my temp was taken and i was running a fever (they didnt know if it was infection or from the oxygen i had to be on the whole time)

    by 935 got the urge to push, but Damien was having a REALLY hard time with the labor and they were flipping me side to side (and i of course have NO control over the left side of my body). my hands started feeling tingly and went stiff. next thing i know, my OB is telling me " lets have this baby!" and about 10 nurses storm into my room like mad. i had no clue what was going on.--didnt know if i was pushing him out or going or have a c-section! i had no feeling in my hands and was unable to grab anything to help me push. i had one contraction of pushing and it did nothing. then the nurse looked at me and said " your sons heart rate is dropping into the 30s with each contraction you have, he needs to come out NOW!!" so with the next contraction it was 2 swift pushes and the help of the vacuum and he was out

    he came out face up. took him a min to cry. they had to monitor his breathing and heart rate. he passed all of his test. only thing that was concerning them was that his heart rate was up in the 170s. by the time we got to recovery his heart rate slowed down to the 150s. he is a nursing pro and doing great!!
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    The quick - I'll put a birth story up later:

    Baby Boy (no name yet)
    Born 8:32pm, in back yard hot tub - September 2 (37wk2d)!
    Active labor 57mins
    Pushing 3mins
    Dad caught the baby.
    DSS cut the cord.
    Midwife made it - with about 20 mins to spare. Was going to eat her dinner first but decided to grab and run instead - good choice!
    Student midwife made it just in time to have the head come out. She decided to come rather than wait for a MW assessment - good choice!

    Birth Story - part 1

    Tuesday Sept 2.

    For the last 3-4 days I’ve woken up frequently (every 1.5-2h) to go to the bathroom. I noticed that on my way to the bathroom it would be really tough to walk because of intense pain in my pubic symphasis. By the time I got to the toilet (all of 8 steps), and sat down, things were feeling better. Once or twice, there was even a mild “pop”/”crack” and then the pain would go away. I could walk back to the bedroom no problem. Then, I had a pretty major contraction where I would go “ow, ow”. Only one after going to the bathroom, though… then another one after the next bathroom episode!

    On Sept 2, I woke up at 6:20am again, and had to pee; the typical pattern of the past few days. I came back to bed and felt lowsy: mildly nauseous, campy, and just all-round icky. I lay there for a while, hoping that it would go away, and debating whether I should stay home sick from work. There is entirely too much work to do and too few people, though, so I decided I should go anyway.

    I checked the clock – 6:46am. DH and I had decided to get up at 6:45am since that’s what we had accidentally got up at the previous day, and we had a good morning with lots of time and little stress getting everyone ready for school – despite it being the first day. I rolled over and asked him if he still wanted to get up at “quarter to”. He sighed and said “I was just having a really good dream. I was at this bar and there were these awesome chicken wings…”. Figures, he was dreaming about food! Then I felt a bit of a trickle and said “uh oh!”

    DH said “What, your water broke?”

    “I think so. But only a little bit so I’m not sure.”

    “It better not have. It’s too soon!”

    You see, we had debated DTD the night before, but I had held off for the past couple days because I felt that if we did, it would initiate labour. We both had a bunch of stuff that we wanted to get done at work before baby came, not to mention that we hadn’t even started getting the house prepared for a baby… We wanted to get the diaper service called, change the water in the hot tub so that it was fresh (and not a couple months old with chemical residuals), clean up a bit, finish getting the stuff we needed for the birthing kit (not to mention find the list of what we needed), wash as many towels as we could find, etc… I’d also made a birthday cake for a co-worker the night before, and it needed to be put together still. I’d made a big list the night before…

    I got up and went to the toilet. Then I put my bathrobe on and a pair of underwear, and went downstairs to get breakfast organized. I tried to focus on the good things. DSS was with us until tomorrow afternoon, and he really had wanted to be at the birth. If he was at his mom’s, there’s no way she would have let him be here – we went through that last time. Also, it was a beautiful and warm day. Maybe this wasn’t my water breaking anyway. Both other times there was a gush. This was just a measly tiny trickle for a second.

    I put out some stuff for DSS to make his lunch, got out the eggs and hashbrowns, and started making breakfast. I packed up the two layers of the cake which I planned to put together at work (I’d made the whipping cream “icing” the night before and grated chocolate and just needed to cut up some strawberries).

    I felt another trickle… Shoot. WHY NOW? My due date wasn’t until the 21st (if you listen to my MW, DH and I decided the 19th). That was almost 20 days away! I haven’t had my home visit yet! That’s tomorrow!

    I ignored the trickle. I continued putting breakfast together while trying to decide whether I should go to work or not. I decided not, though there is so much I have to get done before I go on maternity leave! I need at least 2 more days! Please? And I don’t really want to drive DSS to school (my usual job), because labour has hit so fast for me in the past that it’s the difference between nothing and contractions 2-4 minutes apart from one minute to the next. Ugh. What to do?

    DH comes downstairs and I say “I think I was right”, trying to be somewhat cryptic so that DSS (11yo) doesn’t understand what’s going on. DH looks at me.

    “No it didn’t.” (this is in reference to what he said when my water broke with DS.)

    DSS says, “You aren’t going to work?”

    “I don’t think so.”

    DH then explains to DSS that we might have a baby today and DSS gets really excited “Can you feel it’s coming? Now? Will I be there? I want to be there. My mom doesn’t want me to be there. She says that it not right to look at someone else’s privates.”

    “You don’t have to look.” Says DH.

    “But I want to be there. My mom says she doesn’t want me there when baby is born. She says that I might get very scared and upset and she doesn’t want that to happen.”

    “If you are there, we will have someone there to be with you that you can ask questions to if you want. It’s nothing scary. We will do our very best to have you here when baby is born, but you have to promise that you will be quiet and only ask questions to the person we have here for you. It will probably be Brett (DSS’s best friend’s dad).”

    “But what if baby is born when I’m at school?”

    “Well, then we’ll get someone to go pick you up and try to get you here in time. We can’t promise, but we will do our best.”

    We ate, DH drove DSS to school, called to say he wasn’t coming in to work, picked up some of my work stuff on the way home, while I called the MW, our “birthing crew” friends to give them a heads-up, and then my parents. I was frustrated and upset that baby had decided to come early. I wasn’t ready yet (emotionally).

    DH came home from dropping DS off at school and picking up my work computer. I set up my work on the dining room table while DH emptied the hot tub and turned up the temperature on the hot water tank. Then he set to work filling up the hot tub again - which had to be done in increments since the tub is vastly bigger than our hot water tank (it took from 10am to about 2:30ish…)!

    Meanwhile, DH vacuumed, picked up some stuff we needed (newborn diapers) and did a million other things that needed doing, while I called the diaper service, read some work papers, lamented that I didn’t want my water to have broken, called work to tell them I wouldn’t be in, etc… Meanwhile I had mild contractions that I couldn’t decide whether they were real or not – they were the same as I had had for the past couple months, but more frequent. I started a paper and wrote down the timing when I felt like it. They averaged between 3 and 20 minutes apart.

    DH called a friend to pick up DSS from school. DSS was dropped off, and proceeded to invite the entire neighbourhood of friends to gallivant around the house. I was trying to take a nap with Ivy but the front screen door kept banging closed. My nap finished with a wicked contraction at 3:50pm, followed by absolutely nothing for several hours.

    At one point I decided that I wanted to talk to DH and try to clear my head about “not wanting to have a baby today”. I asked DH to put a sign on the door that said “Do not ring doorbell. Do not knock. Do not enter unless invited.” He did – with some added caveats (i.e. “Baby being born!”). We went out to the sunroom and had a chat for a while. Contractions did not return. I still had none for a couple more hours.

    The MW came at around 5pm and we did our “home visit” that was scheduled for the next day. I told her I’d had no contractions for a couple hours, and she asked if I wanted to try some tincture (black/blue cohosh with 2 other things) that she had. I wasn’t so sure, and know that I wouldn’t normally except that DH and I really wanted DSS to be there for the birth and he was going back to his mom’s house for a week starting the following day. I figured I might as well try the tincture. I took 3 drops. The MW left at 6ish. I had a decent contraction as she left. DH called to see where the pizza he had ordered an hour ago had got to. He also called a friend (DSS’s best friend’s dad) to come over to keep track of DSS and keep friends out.

    Our friend arrived, then did the pizza. I decided that I would go in (I was in the sun room) and have some food. I took 3 pieces and ate all of them. Just as I was finishing the last one, I had a pretty good contraction that I couldn’t chew through. I checked the time on my work cell phone: 7:35pm. I got up, leaned against the arm of the couch with my elbows, and rocked my hips slowly through it. The pain decreased drastically as I did that. Wow! I wonder if that would have happened for either of my other labours? I sat on the toilet for both of them, mostly. I sat down at the table again and felt another contraction start: 7:37. Hmmm… I got up and told DH I was heading out to the sunroom. Ivy, of course, followed me.

    Once I got to the sunroom, I leaned on the table there with my elbows and rocked my hips, focusing on opening up. Again, it helped greatly. I grabbed a pen and wrote down the times. Ivy climbed on the table and proceeded to try to get into a chocolate bar that was sitting there. Another contraction started: 7:41. Then another: 7:43. I ask DH for something because I know that for both other labours I felt like I would throw up. Given that I’d just eaten 3 pieces of pizza, I figured I probably would this time! DSS races in and yells “Here’s a juice pitcher.”

    I tell him “Be quiet!” He goes back to the kitchen and reports. Maybe I was a little harsh. On the other hand, we had both warned him not to make noise, let alone yell.

    I was right. Again, when active labour starts for me, it starts quickly and with little warning.
    After another couple contractions, I call DH to get Ivy and deal with her. He asks if he should call the MW and I say “Yes”. As she’s on the phone she asks how long she has – she just got home from our home visit after being at the store and her dinner (pizza) was waiting for her. I tell DH that my contractions have been 2-4 minutes apart for the past 20 minutes. He passes on the message. She tells him she’ll eat and then be over. It’s 7:50pm. I know the MW only lives 10 minutes away (which is one of the reasons we chose her).

    After he gets off the phone, he quickly calls the rest of our labour group and leaves messages or tells them to come over. He only got ahold of one of them. She was on her way.

    I decide I want to kneel on a chair and gave myself a big gouge with my toe nail on my other foot. Then another contraction starts and I want anything but to be kneeling…

    I tell DH I want the toilet and he tells me to stay in the sunroom. I tell him I don’t want to pee and poop all over the floor, thanks, and he agrees that I should go to the bathroom. I guess he thought I wanted to puke in the toilet, not use it for its intended purpose!

    We go to the bedroom bathroom. I sit down for a minute or two, do my business, and then a contraction hits. I stand up and lean on the counter. DH rubs my middle back and I put his hand on my sacrum to rub there – amazing! Why did I never get him to rub me during any other labour? That was fantastic! Anticipating that I would suddenly feel extremely hot as I did for the last 2 labours, I ask DH to get me a cool washcloth. He does, and just as I start to feel warm I wipe myself down on my shoulders and neck and chest. That was the extent of the feverishness I felt this time. I wonder if it was because I anticipated it and kept it in check… I certainly was able to keep conscious of everything much better because of it.

    I wonder if Barb (the MW) actually decided to eat first or just come over. I hope she decided to eat on the way or skip it since I have a feeling that things aren’t going to last much longer. I am about to voice this when Barb walks in. She walks straight through the front door of the house (I hear the door slam) and then into the on-suite bathroom (where she found me last labour). She tells me to get into the tub if that’s where I want to be. I told her that I was waiting until she got there before I got in. She tells me that she thinks I’m probably at 7-8cm. We went down the steps, and out the back door just as I felt another contraction starting. I put my bathrobe down and crawled over the side of the tub. Leaning my chin on my arms on the side of the tub, I kneel/squat on the seats. DH is already in his bathing suit (with his shirt still on), and gets in behind me. He rubs my sacrum more. Ahhhh… Very nice, and a great position for me. This is why I decided to be in the hot tub and not a birthing pool: squatting in the tub with little gravity, and lots of solid support.

    After the contraction was over, I look up. The MW has all her equipment set out in front of me. DSS and his support (Brett) are sitting on the deck steps watching. At one point I see Ivy sitting on Brett’s knee while he drew on a piece of paper. At another point, I remember that BS dashed to the hot tub and looks and reported “No head yet”.

    DH kept rubbing my back. DSS went and got me a cup of water. Ivy came over and gave me a kiss and said “Mommy, Mommy”. I told her “Hello, Ivy”. She took a sip of my water when the midwife held it out to her. Then she spilled it so DSS refilled it.

    Over the next couple of contractions I felt mildly pushy. I tried to move around a bit, because I remember that last time I was in labour, moving really helped get cervix out of the way. Barb asked DH if he could feel the head, but I told them that the head was still a ways up.

    A couple contractions later I tell them that the head is there. I’m feeling very pushy. All of a sudden I feel that I could push the head out. I try to breathe slowly through it and push it out slowly. I hear the back door close and feel someone else’s hands rubbing my back – it’s the student midwife. The head comes out, and though I expected to wait for another contraction, I feel that this one is continuing so I give another push and the rest of the body slides right out. I’m rather surprised, but DH caught it, and the MW tells him to pass it through my legs to me. I’m rather confused (still not completely understanding that baby is out completely), and it takes me a while to react. I take baby and turn around and sit on the seat. A towel is wrapped around the baby and he squawks. Baby doesn’t seem to want to breathe, though. For the next minute, while I hold Baby, and DH sits next to me, the MW and student use suction to try to stimulate breathing. It seems baby has aspirated something and won’t breathe properly. Baby does squawk a couple more times, but doesn’t start to breathe. Baby’s colour is staying purple-grey. The student MW checks his pulse and it’s 60. Shortly later it’s over 100. They give baby some oxygen but it doesn’t seem to help. They then give it a “breath” with the hand-pump thing. Shortly later its colour turns pink.

    DSS wants to know whether it’s a boy or a girl. DH says that he knows, but doesn’t tell. Once baby is a good colour, I open up the towel and see that it’s a boy. I tell DSS that his dad owes him $5 (they had bet on whether it was a boy or girl). DSS is excited and tells DD “you have a brother!!!”
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    I haven't done a birth story yet but don't forget about us!!!

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    Cameryn James
    September 7, 2010
    8lb 1oz 21.5 inches
    39 weeks 6 days

    Well, my DD is in her crib for quiet time, I don't think she is sleeping, but the baby is sleeping so I have a few minutes.

    Last Sunday I started having contractions that were five minutes apart. I was so excited thinking that this might be the time. I was timing them and walking around and stuff, but they piddled out and by 11:00pm they were weak and at least ten minutes apart. I was really disappointed and went to bed for the night. Then Monday morning, I was having pretty painful contractions, but they were 20 minutes apart, so I was more annoyed than excited. We were going over to my in-law's house that afternoon and by the time we left to go there, the contractions were 10 minutes apart. We were at their house for a few hours and I was having bloody discharge and the contractions were then 8 minutes apart. We decided to go down to L&D to get checked. It was Labor Day, so by the time we got down there, my contractions were 5-6 minutes apart. It was about 4:30 I think when we got there. I was so excited because my doctor was the doctor on call. She has been the only doctor that I have seen there that has been supportive of my VBAC, and she delivered my DD. She came in about five and said that I was a 2.5 cm and 70% effaced. She was going to let me hang out for a while and check me again around 6:30 and see if anything changed. She could tell that they were painful contractions and she didn't want me going home since I was a VBAC, but she said she couldn't keep me if there was nothing changing. At 6:30 when she checked me again she said I was 3cm and more effaced and they were keeping me. I was so exited. I was about a 5 or 6 on the pain scale and I had wanted a natural birth with no epidural because I didn't want it to slow down my labor or affect the baby and have to have a c-section. My doctor came in around 8:30 and broke my water. After that, the contractions were every 3 minutes or so and they were very painful. I was breathing through them, but my hands and feet were tingling and getting cramped and stiff from breathing through the contractions. I remember being very very hot from the contractions, and my pain level sky rocketed. I realized that I was having back labour and it was so painful. The doctor came in and said that she was worried that I was going to stall my labor and not dilate because I was in so much pain. She recommended that I get an epidural. I told her my concerns and she said that if my labour slowed then she had no problem giving me a small amount of pitocin. I told her I would think about it. I was talking to my husband and he was concerned because he was afraid my labour would be going on for a while and I wouldn't be able to push when it came time for it because I would be so exhausted. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, and he said that I wasn't looking good and he thought I should think about it. I decided to get checked and see where I was at and if I was close then I would just push through the pain. Well, it was almost ten pm and I was only at five. I had been having painful contractions all day, and five to three minutes apart since 3:00 that afternoon, and I saw that it was going to be a long road ahead of me, so I agreed to the epidural. It made such a big difference. I was able to relax and rest a little. I still could feel the contractions, but the horrible pain was gone. I guess I don't handle back labour well. Anyways, they gave me some pitocin to strengthen my contractions. I have to say that I know that a lot of women on the board are for natural birth with no meds and stuff, but I really appreciated my doctor working with me. I felt like she was one step ahead of everything to make sure that I was moving along in my labour so i wouldn't have a c-section. At one point when I first got to the hospital another doctor came to see me and I was told that they wouldn't give me anything to help me along and it was very risky and hopefully my labour would just keep progressing on its own. My doctor asked me once if I still wanted a VBAC, and I told her more than anything and she said that she wouldn't ask me again and she would do everything she could. I thought she was great. Anyways, they checked me at 1:00am and I was only at a streachy six cm, atleast I was fully effaced though. We were told we had several hours still and maybe by seven I would be ready to push. At 3:30 I was feeling a lot of pressure and I asked to be checked and the nurse came in and checked me and her face just lit up with surprise and she got a big smile and said that the baby was right there and I was ready to push. I was so excited and woke up my husband and we got things rolling. I pushed with just the nurse and my DH for a while until his head was crowning. Then since my doctor was on break and sleeping, another doctor came in to deliver the baby. I was a little bummed, but oh well. I was pushing and pushing. I was pushing as hard as I could, and I couldn't get his head out. The doctor and nurse were talking about his heart rate and telling me that I needed to get the baby out. I was giving it everything that I had. I had let the epidural wear off so that I could feel everything that was happening, so I knew exactly how and where I was pushing. They told me that they were having a hard time keeping the baby's heartrate steady and if I didn't push him out I was looking at another c-section. At this point I was starting to cry because I didn't know what to do because I was pushing as hard as I could. Then the doctor started saying that she was concerned that I might be too small to push out the baby. She said that she didn't think there was enough room for me to push him out and she was afraid to use a vacum or anything to help me because she didn't want to get the baby stuck. She asked if she could do an episiotomy to help me have more room to get him out. I had told her that I didn't want one unless it looked like I was going to tear really badly. I agreed at this point because I needed to get him out. Right after she cut me, my doctor literally came running into the room and assessed the situation and said that there was enough room and we were goint to get the baby out. She got the vacum and told me to push, and I pushed him right out. I was a little bummed because if my doctor had been there I might not have gotten cut, but oh well. They put him on my chest and I got to feel him. I have to say, a vaginal birth is more emotional than the c-section birth. I started crying when I saw him and he was so beautiful. DH got to cut the cord, he was excited about that. It scared me because the baby wasn't crying. The doctor assured me that the baby was perfect and just didn't want to cry. He is actually a very mellow baby. He doesn't cry much. I am blessed so far. His apgar scores were 8 and 9, and he is perfect. I am doing well, I am a little sore from pushing so hard, and from the episiotomy, but I feel good. BFing is going well. It is much easier being a second time mom. I hope you enjoyed my birth story.
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    Hailey Annalise
    September 10th 2010 at 3:00am
    7lbs 1 oz, 19.5" tall
    Unmedicated VBAC

    On Thursday September 9th I woke up to a contraction at 9am. I didn't think much of it since I have been having contractions on and off for a while now and this one wasn't very painful at all. I decided to get up. DH and I took DS out to the mall so I could get in some walking since it was a dreary day outside. I noticed I was having contractions and they were getting stronger but they were still about 15 minutes apart.

    We got home around 1pm and a friend of mine came over with her daughter for a playdate and late lunch. We grilled up some chicken and sat around. I warned her that I thought I was in labor at that point but there was no use in doing anything yet since there would still be several hours before going to the hospital and she provided a great distraction through the early stuff. Meanwhile the contractions moved to every 8 minutes apart and then around 5pm jumped to every 4 minutes from one contraction to the next. DH and my friend helped clean the house while I packed our hospital bag. I guess I procrastinated on that one but for some reason I figured I would have plenty of time which ended up being true. At 5:30 MIL picked up DS and my friend headed out, at 6:30 DH and I left for the hospital. My mom headed out and met us at the hospital since she and DH were my support people.

    At 7pm I was checked up in triage to find that I was 4cm which I was a little disapointed with since I had been contractring all day and I had already been at a 3 several days before. My contractions had slowed to every 7 minutes or so, I was worried they would putter out all together. We decided to give it another hour before deciding to go home. In that hour my contractions got a lot harder and went to every 2.5 minutes apart. When I was checked again at around 8:30 I was at a 6 so we were admited.

    Baby girl had not turned yet so I was having back labor. Maybe I got lucky but it really wasn't that bad compared to regular labor. . . it still hurt but not that much worse. I got a lot of relief leaning forward onto a birth ball and rolling my hips around so that is what I did for several hours. DH and my mom basically just kept their distance and softly encouraged me since I really did not want to be touched. My midwife was wonderful and encouraging too. The nurses had a shift change in the middle of things but they were both wonderful in very different ways. The first was uber sweet and helped calm me, the second was firmer and maybe colder (not too much though) but she was very experienced and that made me feel comfortable too. I really appreciated how everyone was that night. By midnight I was only at a 7cm and getting discouraged and tired. The next couple of hours I guess were much more productive becuase I was checked at 2am and I was full dilated and effaced. I didn't have much of an urge to push though so we let it go an extra half hour or so to "labor down". By 2:40am I started feeling a lot more pressure and the need to poop so we figured this was it.

    Honestly I was terrified of this part because it was unknown. With DS he was stuck up high for hours as I pushed and after 4+ hours of pushing was a c-section. I was soooo scared of the stretching and possible tearing especially being med free. I was tired so I laid on the bed but on my side to push. I just tried with all my might as if I was having a really difficult bowel movement and the midwife and nurse were both amazed at how well I was pushing. Within one contraction the head was visible. The next 15 minutes felt like 15 seconds. All the sudden I felt a lot of burning and could tell she was crowning. I started panicking in my mind that this next part would take forever and that it would get so much worse before she was actually out. I was honestly psyching myself out before the next contraction and my DH just told me to forget about it and focus on the next push instead of the big picture. So I took in a deep breath as the contraction came and pushed as hard as I could past the scary burning sensation. Amazingly half way through baby slipped right on out like it was nothing, the burning pretty much completely subsided and they told me she was out. I was in total shock, I had completely braced myself for the worst and there I was having my baby girl being put to my chest. I was ecstatic and remembered in time to ask the midwife to delay cutting the cord. When Hailey was put on my chest I understood why it had been so much easier, she was a little peanut. Her head was over 1.5" smaller in circumference, kinda makes a difference. She laid on my chest for over an hour and nursed like a champ from the very beginning. I honestly was still in disbelief that I got my VBAC and it had been so easy compared to what I had expected. I tore a tiny bit but no stitches were even required which was also a huge relief since tearing was such a fear of mine since my first pregnancy.

    All in all I am so happy I tried a vaginal birth. My c-section healed very quickly but still doesn't compare to how much easier this has been. I'm also very thankful that she was smaller and made it much easier on me.

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    DS -
    Kaelan April 2009
    DD -
    Hailey September 2010 (my VBAC baby)
    Expecting #3 forChristmas!!!

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