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    William Christian - Will
    40 wks 1 day
    September 7, 2010 10:45 a.m.
    10lbs 3oz, 22in long

    Wish I had done this a bit earlier so I could remember all the details, but here goes. On Sept 6th (my EDD), I really felt like nothing was happening. We had family over and I felt swollen and miserable, but little Will seemed pretty content where he was. That evening, I was lying in bed watching tv, when I noticed he was moving a ton. And I mean really moving! My belly was really contorted and he was flip-flopping all over the place. I went to bed and had a pretty restless sleep. I had a few contractions that woke me, but nothing crazy. At one point, I changed sides and I felt/heard a pop. I thought it was either my pelvic bone popping (which had happened pretty frequently over the past couple of weeks) or my water breaking. I laid there for about twenty more minutes then sat up to use the bathroom. It was close to 3 a.m. As soon as I sat up, I felt the gush and knew the sound I heard was my water breaking. Thank goodness we had put a water-proof pad on our mattress, because the fluid kept coming. DH grabbed me a towel and I scooted to the bathroom. I immediately noticed show on my soaked underwear, so knew our little man would be making his appearance soon. DH was funny, because he was a little frantic at first, thinking that we needed to rush to the hospital. I let him know we had some time because I wasn't really having contractions yet. We both showered, finished packing our bags, got DD ready for her first day of school (which we missed ), and waited for my Dad to arrive. By the time we got in the car, it was about 5 a.m. and my contractions had become pretty regular at 5 min apart.

    Once at L&D they did all their initial tests to make sure I was really in labor and then got us in a room. I was checked at 5:30 and was about 3cm. I had informed the nurse that I wanted an epidural, so she got the orders started. The contractions definitely started picking up in intensity, but remained about 4 min apart. During this time, DH and I were watching TV and texting/phoning family. I was proud of how relaxed we were through the entire process. The anesthesiology team finally arrived at about 7:30 and put in my epidural. I was in a lot of pain by this point and was really not able to talk through the contractions. I will say though, that they weren't unbearable. After my epi, I was checked and was at 5cm. I felt so much better once the meds kicked in and only felt pressure with the contractions. An hour later, at 8:30 a.m., the nurse checked me again and I was at 8cm. At this point, they started bringing in all the stuff to get ready for the birth - they knew that things were going to start moving quickly. My dr then came in (BTW - the one dr at my practice that I liked the least, was of course the doc who was on-call and delivered my baby. He was fine, but it always seems to work out that way) at around 9:15 and checked me again and said I was almost complete, but after a practice push said I had a little lip left. He left to do a c-section and then said he would come back.

    We did have a tiny scare while we were patiently waiting for my cervix to completely dilate. I all of a sudden felt a dropping sensation and could feel Will shift downward quickly. As soon as that happened, DH and I could no longer hear Will's heartbeat on the monitor. It scared us to death and we immediately called the nurse. She came in and it ended up being fine, but I was freaked out for a bit. She checked me again at that point and said I was complete and we were ready to push. My dr came in at about 10:15 and I started pushing at 10:30. I was nervous about the pushing part, because I really did not have to push with my DD. She sort of birthed herself. Once I started pushing Will out, I could tell I was doing it right and even though I could feel no pain, I could feel the pressure of him coming out. I knew when his head was out and I was glad that I had those sensations (again, I felt nothing with my DD). I did end up having an episiotomy, which I was kind of annoyed with because the dr did not ask if I wanted one. But I can imagine I needed a little help since he was 10 lbs. I pushed through 5 contractions and in 15 minutes, our little boy was born. I was so surreal to finally see him. We could immediately tell he was a big baby. His apgars were 9 and 9 and he came out screaming.

    We were in the hospital for a little over 24 hrs, but requested to leave "early" so we could get home to DD and our own bed. Overall, it was a great birth experience for me.
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    DS Will born 09/07/2010

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    Andrew Miles
    9/8/10 7lb 0.5 oz, 20"

    Tuesday, September 6th was my last planned day physically in the office in downtown Boston. I got up at 5am, got all dressed and showered, and drove into town to conduct a job interview. I stayed in the office until about 1pm, at which point I left and drove to the hospital for a non-stress test that was planned for 2pm. The baby looked great, and I seemed to have very little going on contraction-wise, so I thought that I probably still had some days ahead of me. I drove back home and had about 30 minutes before my acupuncture appointment, so sat with my feet up and watched a little TV and ate a bowl of soup. I went to my acupuncture appointment at 4pm, and asked her if she could help get this show on the road for me, as I had been feeling fairly ornery and wanting to be left alone the day before. She remarked that I hadn’t dropped much and that she thought I probably had another week to go, at least. After acupuncture, I sat with my feet up, drank a cup of RRL tea, had a couple of cookies and waited to go pick up Christopher until about 5:15.>>

    He and I got back to the house a little before 6, and I heated up some leftover soup for us for dinner. I went to the bathroom and noticed that I was leaking some fluid. I wasn’t sure at this point if my waters had broken or if I was just a little leaky for some other reason. After soaking a couple pairs of underpants, I decided it really was my waters, grabbed a towel to sit on, and waited for DH to get home. Side note – at this time, DS had gotten his underpants a little wet by waiting too long to go to the bathroom, so he’s running around the house half-naked, and is crying because I went upstairs to get underpants without him [gotta love the unspoken rules that run a 3 year old’s world], and while I’m upstairs with my waters breaking in a gush, the dog is eating Christopher’s dinner off the table, which caused a bigger meltdown. Really restful and mellow start to the evening! LOL

    We called our friends to come pick up Christopher for the night, and also called my parents to drive down from Vermont the following day to stay with him at our house. I called my OB to report that my waters had broken, and she told me I had to come in immediately, which I wasn’t expecting. She actually was kind of a jerk, and I felt like she was trying to scare me, but considering how much the OB’s are really part of the whole delivery process only at the very end, I’m not going to spend too much time on my annoyance with her. I also called my doula to give her a heads up that things were starting.

    I was feeling very apprehensive at this point, because my labor with Christopher had started out with SROM and never progressed, leading to Pitocin and all the things I was trying to avoid.

    By about 8:00, we got everybody off where they needed to be, and headed to the hospital. I got checked in and found that I had the most wonderful, very experienced L&D nurse named Linda, who was extremely supportive of my natural childbirth, was a huge advocate for me, and hit it off great with me and with my doula (who hadn’t arrived yet, as I told her to wait until I was having contractions). She seriously made a huge difference in my mood from the moment we got there – I started to feel like this was going to be a different time, and that I could do it.

    Thankfully, my contractions started coming around 9:00 ish. They were easy at that point, but they were starting to be regular, so I called Kristin my doula and asked her to come. I sat on the birth ball at the beginning and rocked through the contractions. As they got a little harder, I moved the ball up onto the bed so I could put my head on it for support as I breathed and rocked through them. I listened to my birth affirmations on my iPhone to get into the right frame of mind. At some point around this time, they finally did a VE and found that I was a 4. I knew that was a good milestone, and was happy that I was still managing the contractions pretty well.

    Then things really heated up, around 11 or 12 maybe?. As they started to get serious, I decided that the best place to be was leaning up against the wooden bathroom door. I held onto the wall for support, and rocked my hips in large circles (this felt good, giving me more space that relieved the pressure) and transitioned from breathing to moaning quietly to making quite a bit of loud, low moaning as I talked through them. I kept thinking that I could just get through this one and I’d get a break. Kristin gave me great counterpressure on my back as I was working through them, which was wonderful. She and Linda (the nurse) had just the right amount of verbal support – didn’t interfere, but knew when I needed some affirmation or to be reminded to stay on top of the contractions. DH came over a few times and gave me big hugs, too, which felt great – he felt so strong and supportive, even though he wasn’t actively involved until a little later (which was totally fine).

    It was really getting tough at this point and the contractions were very close together. Linda started getting the room set up for the baby to come, which I remember feeling was strange, because I still wasn't quite convinced that it was going to happen so fast (as compared to with Christopher’s marathon), but I did find it reassuring to know that they thought I was having a baby imminently. LOL. They found a moment to check me here and found I was an 8 and paged the doctor. I was really struggling by now and while I knew it was too late to get any pain medication anyway, I was worried that I somehow wasn’t going to be able to do this. Linda and Kristin told me, “you ARE doing it – you’re almost there!” They asked me if I'd like to move to the shower, and a change of scenery sounded good to me. Kristin held the shower wand on my back with very, very hot water (I kept wanting it hotter and hotter) as I kept working through the contractions. At some point, I started needing to push, and they told me to listen to my body and go with it. I did a few pushing contractions in the shower and then decided it was time to get out.

    Now the doctor came, and somehow I ended up in bed to push (which wasn’t really what I was planning, but whatever). I am not really sure how long I pushed, I don’t think it was terribly long, but I remember the pressure in my back when he was crowning but I couldn’t get him out being terrifying for some reason. The doula, nurse and doctor all reassured me that it wasn't bad to have the pushing take a little longer, as it would let my skin/body adjust. DH was up by my head and was so encouraging and supportive during this really intense phase, telling me what a good job I was doing and telling me that he could see the baby's hair, etc. I loved hearing his voice cheering me on. At 2:37 AM, Drew made his way into the world, and immediately came onto my belly for skin to skin. It took him a little while to find his way to the breast, but he did, which was a really amazing experience to witness. We eventually weighed him and got him cleaned up after we had snuggled for quite a while – he was 7lb 0.5 oz and 20” and in great health (9/9 apgars).

    I tore up and down, so had some stitching that had to be done, but overall was feeling really good after delivery (especially after a snack!), and was thrilled that I could get out of bed and take a shower while DH went with Drew to the nursery for the newborn tests. All in all, I am thrilled with my birth experience and in love with the new little boy who completes our family!

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    Default baby Alyssa

    baby Alyssa arrived on 9/5 at 1:00pm. on saturday the 4th i was having some mild contractions and thought nothing of it bc i have been having contractions on and off for a few weeks now. my low back starting hurting similar to gas pains around 11. my husband was having the same problem and we blamed it on the chinese take out we had for dinner! i tossed and turned until about 4am when i got up to pee, it seemed like i was peeing forever and then i thought about it for a minute thinking maybe my water broke. i stood up, no big gush or even trickling, i walked toward the sink when then i felt the "big" gush! i woke dh up and called my aunt to watch my boys while we left for the hospital. got to the hospital around 6am i was dialed to 3.5 and 30% effaced, my contractions werent consistant or strong so at 10am they started pitocin (i had made no progress still 3.5cm and 30% effaced) and then around 1130am the contractions kicked in and were every 5 min apart....however still only 3.5cm and 30%effaced! at 1230pm i started really getting uncomfortable contractions had been 2 min apart for about 30min now, dr checked me again 4cm and 100% effaced....i was kind of discouraged at this point bc i was in a good deal of pain that i wasnt really progressing fast! about 5 min after the dr had checked me the baby's heartrate decreased to 98 so the dr came rushing in turned me quickly at which point i really felt like pushing....so the doctor checked me again....10cm and baby's head was almost out! I did one push and out she came. 6 lbs 2 oz 19.5inches long. tons of hair! i was amazed that i had went from 4-10 in a matter of minutes!! thanks for listening to my story

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    Allison Eve
    6lb. 3oz 18.9in
    September 7th 3:27am
    39w1d gest.

    Lauren Zoe
    6lb 3oz 19.3in
    September 7th 3:33am
    39w1d gest.

    Since the babies are now a week old and I can already feel the memories fading, it's time to write down the girl's birth story. Their story starts on labor day appropriately enough. The excitement began with a hot tub. At about 4pm I stumbled across a listing for a free hot tub on craigslist that was in pretty good condition and we scrambled to get together enough people and a truck to go get it before anyone else could. By the time we got back with it around 5:30, I noticed that the contractions I was having seemed to be a bit stronger and more regular than the braxton hicks I had been having all week. Still, they weren't that close together so I just put them to the back of my mind. We still had a lengthy drive ahead of us to go pick up a hen for my flock and drop a wallet off for a freind of ours in the next town over. When we headed out it was about 6:20pm and I downloaded an app for my phone to time the contractions. They weren't very regular in spacing but they were about every 10 minutes apart to begin with. We ran through shake and steak on our way and the ctx weren't getting more regular but seemed to be getting closer together. By about 9:00pm we had dropped off the wallet and picked up our chicken and were on our way back home. I texted my midwife to let her know that I had been having relatively regular contractions most of the evening and they were about 8 min apart. She advised me to take a warm bath to see if they would back off. We unloaded the chicken and got everything settled in then went and picked up the boys and went home. I got home about 10:30 and promptly got in the tub as everyone else went to bed. Rather than having the ctx back off, they seemed to intensify quite a bit. They achieved what I would call "painful" status where I actually had to concentrate on them and sped up to about 6 min apart. I got to the point where the tub was too uncomfortable ( the tub was very small) and so I got out to text Ann again at about 11:30. She called me and we chatted for a bit. Because my contractions were still irregular and I could still talk through them we decided I should try to go to bed and see if they would peter out till morning. I laid down but the cntx got too painful to keep pretending that they might go away. Sure I was in labor, I called Ann back and went to go wake up John and the kids about 12:30. At this point, no one expected me to have progressed very far but it was important for me to have a vaginal exam to determine which part of which baby was presenting first as baby A had been stubornly refusing to move from a kneeling breech for the last month. I called my mom to let her know that we were in the way to the birth center as she was going to be looking after the boys for us and we headed out. We get to the birth center and Ann checks me, it's not good news. Baby A is indeed coming first and she can feel a knee. What's even worse is, due to the strange presentation, she can't feel my cervix properly and can't determine how dialated I am. At this point there are two possibilities of why that is. Either the pointy knee is coming through the cervix but not stretching the cervix out in the normal manner so the cervix is really high, or my cervix is posterior and she is feeling the knee through the vaginal wall. In the first case I could be dialated as much as a 6 or 7 max in the second I would only be like a 2. It is decided that we would call my back up OB so we can transfer care to the hospital for a c section as vaginal delivery of a kneeling breech baby was just too dangerous. Unfortunately that did not go smoothly. My OB was not on call that night and she had turned off her cell phone. Ann attempted to contact the hospital where I would be delivering so that she could be called at home. The hospital actually refused to call my Dr. They said that Dr Kolar had not preadmitted me, so I had no "proof" that I was actually a patient of hers and that they "knew" Dr Kolar would never have accepted a patient with breech twins that was under the primary care of a midwife. We contacted the on call Dr. for Dr. Kolar's practice, who also refused to provide me care because I was too risky. The hospital itself of course was required by law to provide me with care if I showed up at their door, but they informed Ann that I would be recieving care from whatever Dr. was on call for L&D at the time. Ann was informed of all this by the charge nurse of L&D of the that hospital, and the nurse was belligerant, rude and pretty much called her and me a liar. During this time, I had stopped timing my contractions but they had spaced out again. They were definately painful and I had to concentrate on my breathing while I rocked back and forth on the bed, but I could still talk through them. Due to my behavior, Ann thought it much more likely I wasn't very far along. In the end we decided that considering how rudely we had been treated, and the fact that we were unsure how dialated I was and that hospital was a 45 minute drive away and I wouldn't be getting my Dr. regardless, we would just go to the hospital closest to us and get whatever Dr was assigned to me there. Turns out it was a very wise choice. We headed out from the birth center to the hospital shortly after 2am and arrived at the hospital around or just before 2:30. They wheeled me to L&D and then put me staight into a room. They gave me a gown and told me to change while John and Ann (now officially my doula) explained the situation to the nurse (kneeling breech twin nesessitating emergency cesarean). Before this point I was pretty calm and dealing with the contrations pretty well but I remember going to the bathroom to change and feeling like they were getting much worse and harder to deal with. I came back out and was commanded into the bed and honestly from this point on I'm not the most aware of everything that went on. Apparently according to John, he and Ann warned the nurse that I went really fast with my last baby and they were promptly ignored. The nurses took their time getting everything ready while I laid on my side in the bed with a death grip on the rail and tried to deal with the contractions. They were awfull. I remember I kept saying that it felt like Kaemon (my last baby) but wrong (in hind sight b/c of the breech) and that it was so not fair that I had to deal with all the sucky labor parts and get a c-sec anyways. I have no concept of time and was not the most aware of what was happening at this point, but I remember them making me give them first one then the other of my arms (one for a IV the other for some kind of blood draw?) and then going through the stack of consent forms. The anestheseologist also came in at some point and asked a bunch of questions and had me sign stuff. I remember them because they made me let go of my death grip on the rail to do it. During this process I asked John to apply counter pressure to my sacrum as well as learned to straighten my body out like a rod while tucking my butt in. It helped me deal with the pain alot so that I wasn't literally writhing. Shortly after I had managed to find this small space where I could cope though the nurse finally decided she was ready to check me (John and Ann had apparently prompted her to check me several times with Kaemon's birth in mind). They asked me to roll over to my back and I just couldn't. I felt like I was just barely balanced in this narrow position and if I moved I would just be overwhelmed. Regardless she had to check me so they stuck a pillow behind my back so I wouldn't be flat and helped me spread my legs (which before this point had been tightly clenched together). As I knew it would, the pain became excruciating and I told John I thought I was dying. As the nurse checked me I remember Ann asking what part was coming, to which the nurse replied "She's effaced" and then abruptly darted out of the room in an apparrant panic. She came back with reinforcements and a Dr. I believe who did a quick ultrasound to determine the health and lay of the babies (who were apparently fine). This part is all very fuzzy and confusing for me as everyone was rushing around and I was mostly concentrating on "not pushing" while being in agony. Eventually I had a contraction where I couldn't help the pushing a little and I could feel something bulging out of me. I reached down and touched a smooth slick mound and got yelled at by someone (apparantly they didn't want me to rupture my membranes on accident) and then they wheeled me out of the room on the way to the OR. I was highly upset and shocked. The baby was bulging out of me and they were wheeling me into the hallway! I was separated from John at this point as he was required to put on scrubs. I got to the OR having managed to prevent my body from birthing the baby on the bed in the hallway. When we got to the OR they made me trasfer to the opperating table under the super bright lights and then someone (the doctor I presume) reached inside me and started twisting and pulling things around. I thought I knew what pain was but I have never before felt anything like that. It felt like someone was ripping my insides out. I screamed (which I've never done before) and begged them to stop to which I was told (by the anetsthesiologist i think) that I needed to quiet down and listen to what they were telling me (they were telling me not to push). I managed to stop screaming and then they told me to start pushing while they continued to twist and pull at my insides. Baby A, Allison Eve, was born into the world perfectly healthy and beautiful at 3:27am and was promptly wisked away to a warmer before I could see her. I thought that they would be done torturing me at this point but no luck. The dr reached back inside and began more twisting and pulling, this time telling me that baby b had her hand above her head and was sticking that out first. I remember begging them to just give me a break for just a second from the relentless pulling and twisting but it was all over just a few seconds later. I felt so traumatized and alone, it seemed to me everyone was ignoring me and was busy with all their tasks. I remembered John and started asking for him at which point someone detached from the crowd to go get him. He came in a few seconds later and I felt such relief to not be so alone. Shortly after he got there they told me it was time to push baby b out. I was way out of touch with my contractions at this point and I think so were they (I was no longer hooked up to contraction monitors) but I was told to push anyways. So I bore down and baby B, Lauren Zoe, was born into the world just as beautiful and healthy as her sister at 3:33am. She was also wisked away to a warmer before I could see her. I was allowed a few moments to relax before they told me to push out the placenta which came out relatively easily. I was cold and really shaky and felt terrible. I was transfered back to the normal hospital bed and kept asking about the babies but they kept putting me off or ignoring me. Finally they asked if I wanted to hold them and I got to hold them for the first time as they wheeled us back to the l&d room. I found out there that the reason I had felt so shaky and terrible in the OR was b/c they had given me pitocin via the IV to help me contract. I never saw the doctor again and learned from her partner the next day (who read it from the notes) that baby A was officially born frank breech. I'm not sure how that came about... was all the painful twisting to get her knees up out of the way? or maybe she had already moved her knees up and the twisting was the Dr. assisting her down the birth canal without getting stuck? I may never find out. I was also told (I never saw it) that there was only one placenta and that they were sure the girls were identical. I asked about the possibility that they were 2 placentas fused together and was told that they would be able to tell if that was the case. I however remain doubtful as the girls look different to me and I can relatively easily tell them apart. The hospital stay was typical and annoying being the required 48 hours with 50.5 million people coming in and out of your room at all hours with the occasional pushy know it all nurse trying to make you feel incompetint. Ugh. The one upside was the lactation consultants at the hospital were a real help. The girls tore up my nipples the first few days because they were biting down and thrusting with their tounges. The LCs showed me how to train them to suck properly by using my finger and how to pump and syringe feed them to give my nipples a much needed break. The girls are now doing so great at nursing. I didnt tear at all and my recovery has been a breeze. Despite all the pain and trauma of their labor and delivery, I really am so very greatful that they are here and healthy and safe and that by some miracle I too feel great and managed to avoid a c-sec. My babymoon has been totally awseome since we've come home and I am hopelessly in love with my little angels.

    DS#1 Gavin 11-2001
    DS#2 Kaemon 7-2004

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    Kaitlyn Jean
    7lbs 4oz
    Arrived right on adjusted due date!

    Wednesday, Sept 8th had an appointment with Dr. Tiffany and was 2cm dilated and 50% effaced, the week before I was fingertip dilated and 50%. He told me if I didn't go into labor on my own by 9/14, he would induce me. I told him I was nervous about having an induction and he told me not to worry about it and chill and enjoy the last few days of being prego. My EDD based on my period was 9/4, but Dr. Tiffany moved it back to 9/10 based on an early ultrasound.

    That evening I was craving Portillos, so we drove to meet some friends there for dinner. On the way there, DH avoided an accident and hit a construction horse instead of another car. Freaked me out (DH makes fun of me cause I screamed)! Once we hit Portillos had a few minor contractions here and there. Overnight had another few contractions that woke me up and I didn't sleep well at all. Was planning on going into work on Thursday, Sept 9th, but had another contraction in the shower that morning, so decided to stay and work from home. Got logged into work nice and early and DH brought Ava to school. By 9am had contractions 15 minutes apart. We went for a 30 minute walk around 11am and continued to have contractions more frequently during the walk. Around noon we went to Jimmy Johns to grab a sandwich for lunch. Starting at 12:45 contractions started happening every 5 minutes consistently. Got things wrapped up at work and contacted my manager that I was logging off at 2pm. Called Grandma to come and pick up Ava from preschool. DH and I watched an episode of Dexter, then hit McDonalds for a "top off" for me and then Culvers for ice cream for Mark. McDonalds was disappointing, cold fries and cheeseburger. Boo.

    Arrived at hospital at 4pm and they took me into the triage room, had me change and checked me and monitored the baby. Was contracting every 2 minutes on the monitor and when checked was at 3-4cm dilated. They told me I could officially stay and was in labor, and got me moved into a "real" room where I would stay for labor, delivery and the rest of my stay. I was informed that Dr. Tiffany was not on call, so Dr. Park would be delivering me as long as it was before 7am, Friday. Once we got comfortable there my mom and Ava stopped by to say hi for a little bit around 5pm. I walked the hallway for a while to try and progress. Around 7pm they checked me again and still no progress, still 3-4. Walked the hallway with DH for a little longer to try and progress before I got my epidural. DH and I watched the movie Whiteout, which was awful. 7:20ish, started bag of fluids in preparation for the epidural. Around 8:30, had progressed to 4-5 and I asked for the epidural. Epidural arrived around 9pm. 9:30ish they started a small drip of pitocin and then shortly after broke my water....or it was broken already when he went in to break it, we're not sure. On the pitocin was contracting every 1minute. 11:15pm they checked me again and was at 6-6.5. DH and I both tried to sleep for a while while we waited for the pitocin to do its thing. Around 12:15, I was checked again and was at 9.5!!! Nurse said to let her know when I felt alot of pressure and was ready to push. Around 12:30 she came back and I was fully dilated, she couldn't believe I didn't call for her. I feel pressure, but not a TON. She wanted to do a quick test push, but took one look and said not to do anything and ran and got the dr cause the head was right there. Dr came in quickly and I pushed twice and her head was out and then another 2 pushes and the rest of her was out. She was born at 12:46am. 7lbs, 4oz, 19inches. Apgars were 9 & 9. She had a full head of brown hair. They took her away and got her cleaned up. I was annoyed they didn't put her on my chest to see her right away. Dr. delivered the placenta then sewed me up a little from a small tear and then I FINALLY got to hold my little Kaitlyn Jean....she is just beautiful and perfect!!!

    Here's a few pics:
    Sep 10 2010 008

    Sep 11 2010 017

    Sep 11 2010 013

    Sep 12 2010 001
    Ava 5.15.06
    Kaitlyn 9.10.10
    Cora 6.18.12


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    As soon as I have time, I'll fill in the birth story.

    Jonathan Lewis
    38 weeks 3 days
    7lbs 12oz 21 inches
    Born at 5:49pm Sept. 13

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    Justus Brooks
    12:59 am
    41 weeks, 3 days
    7 lbs, 12 oz
    19 1/4 inches

    My official EDD was September 7, 2010 based on an early dating ultrasound. I had bouts of contractions on and off for weeks leaving me thinking that I was going to have the baby at any time. They would get regular and strong, mostly in the evenings, but then they would ease off once I went to sleep. Sometimes they would pick back up in the morning, and sometimes they wouldn’t. On September 13, 2010 I lost my mucus plug. On September 14th I came down with a nasty cold that I got from Sylvia. I thought by the next day that I was over the worst of it, but I was definitely still feeling depleted.

    September 15th I woke up around 2 am with contractions 4-5 minutes apart. Earlier that evening they had been 8-10 minutes apart but I had been able to sleep through them for the most part. Since they were stronger and closer together, I called my midwife who sent her apprentice to check up on me. We found that I was 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. Once she and my mom arrived though, things started to ease off significantly. So Cher left, we took Sylvia to daycare that morning, and then mom went on to work. Lo and behold, everything began to pick back up as soon as I was by myself. The contractions were making me feel slightly nauseous and sweaty as they peaked, but I felt great in between. By around 7:30 pm, they were still coming about 5 minutes apart, 60 seconds long or more, and had picked up in intensity once I put Sylvia to bed.

    September 16th rolls around and I had been up most of the night. I called Donna, my midwife early in the morning again, and Cher came for another visit. I kept trying so hard to rest, even taking Tylenol PM and dozing off for a few minutes, but the contractions were tough and hurting worse when I lay down. I was supposed to have an appointment with Donna in Fayetteville (one hour away) at 10 am, but I called and told her I would not be able to ride in the car for that long. She said she would come to me, and showed up around 10:30 am. She did an exam; I was a stretchy 2 cm, and about 80% effaced. She stripped my membranes and decided to wait for a little while with me to see if I progressed.

    Around 2:30 pm, Donna checked again and I was 5 cm, and still not completely effaced. I was so excited at this point because I had made it past where I stopped dilating with Sylvia. This was where my mental block ended. I was proud! Contractions were getting very intense at that point.

    By 5:30 pm, I was done! I had a mini-meltdown and asked to transfer to the hospital. I was throwing up, shaking, sweating, and all around miserable. The contractions were hard and close. I moaned through every one trying to keep my tones low. I almost refused a cervical check because it had become so uncomfortable to lie down or have anyone touch me. Finally, I allowed Donna to check with the promise that she do it very quickly. I was 7 cm! Donna told me I could do this, that I was in transition, and we were close to the end. I kept reminding myself in my head that this was the place I wanted to be… transition… this is when you think you can’t go on any longer, but is normally the shortest phase of labor. I was keeping that number 10 in sight, and I was excited, and scared.

    At some point in here, Donna found out that she had another mom going into labor. She asked how I would feel if she left and tried to make it to the birth and then came back to me. I didn’t know how I felt. I can’t remember what I told her, but in my mind I was thinking that if she left, I was heading to the hospital. She had been my rock this whole time; the one keeping me going. She kept telling me over and over again that I could do it, and when I looked into her eyes as she said that, I believed her that I could. I found out later that she actually had three of us who had babies within a 24 hour period.

    I got into the birth tub and it was heavenly. At some point, Cher came in to tell me that Donna was not leaving. I thanked her in my mind. I didn’t think I could do it without her. I was the most comfortable leaned with my back against the side of the tub, and my legs stretched out in front. I tried different positions and found some relief on my knees, but squatting was so painful! Donna told me that is the position I needed to be in to bring the baby down. I tried but remember it being excruciating. Luckily during this time, contractions spread way apart. I’m not sure how frequent they were but I remember feeling blessed for the break. I thought to myself, if I can only make it to the peak of the contraction, then I will get a break and I can do this.

    At 8:30 pm, I was 9 cm. Donna suggested that we could try to break my water to move things along. I told her that I was scared of that since it was a very chaotic experience for me once they broke my water during Sylvia’s labor. But, they broke my water at 2 cm with her, and I was now at 9 cm. I told myself it was a very different situation, and then I agreed. Once my water was broken, I went to about 9.5 cm fairly quickly, with an anterior lip around my cervix. I remember Donna attempting to massage around the lip with some sort of golden colored oil that smelled bad to me. The pain was unbearable though and I wouldn’t allow her to do much. There were points when my body was pushing, and it was totally out of my control. I didn’t even think I was pushing, until I realized the sounds I was making. It did not bring the relief that I have heard so many people speak of. That worried me. I pushed and pushed and pushed with each contraction. I tried standing, squatting, sitting in the tub, sitting on the couch, and the only position I refused was the toilet. Sitting on the toilet was a living hell for me.

    Around 11 pm, I had a ton of pressure in my rectum, and I could feel the baby move down. I almost felt like if I felt for him I would be able to feel his head. I couldn’t sit flat on my bottom because of that. I got out for a period and sat on the birth ball. When I got up, there was some brownish discharge. Donna was worried that it may be meconium but I thought it was from the oil she had used to massage my cervix since we did not see meconium in the tub when she broke my water. I got back in the tub and Donna told me to squat. The pain was tremendous and she checked me and monitored the baby. She walked out of the room and Cher told my mom she wanted to see her outside. I asked if I could lie back in the tub in the leaning position and they said yes. I knew something was happening, but I wasn’t sure what.

    When they came back in, mom started to explain to me and I stopped her. I told her I knew what was going on. I had an anterior lip on my cervix that was causing it to swell. I was paying attention through the contractions even though it seemed like I was out of it. I told her I didn’t need an explanation; what were the options looking like? Donna said we could try another couple of hours, or we could transfer. I opted for the transfer. I was exhausted and scared.

    We got to the hospital at 11:30 pm on the 16th. I remember getting out of the car into a wheelchair. I sat there slumped like a zombie with my eyes closed. The ER admissions person told mom that she would have to fill out a whole bunch of paperwork before they could get me in. She told him she wouldn’t do it that I was 41 weeks pregnant, completely dilated, and needed to get to L&D immediately. He began to argue back with her right about the time that I started having a contraction. I was pushing in a wheelchair at the admissions desk in front of everybody, and I didn’t care! I couldn’t help it; my body was doing it by itself. About 2 seconds later somebody came out the door and whisked me to L&D.

    Once I was up there, they stuck me at least 8 times and blew my veins trying to get an IV started. I was extremely dehydrated. They did blood work and my white blood count came back high; around 21,000. The baby had done well up until this point and began having some late heart-rate decelerations. I begged to get off my back and at least sit up in bed. Lying down was unbearable.

    During this time the OB on call decided to confront Donna at the foot of my bed as I was laboring hard, and she was not backing down to him. They were bantering back and forth at each other and I was screaming at them in my head to get out of my room, but all I could do was moan and push through each contraction. He questioned her credentials, and told her what a terrible position she had put him in. While he came across as a total jerk, I was also very aware that he was afraid that somehow I had been led into all of this by them and wasn’t aware of everything that was going on. Oddly enough, I almost found that endearing. Thankfully my mom stepped in. The one person who was my biggest adversary in the beginning suddenly turned into my strongest advocate. She explained that I was very well educated, and aware of all of the choices that I had made. She said that she understood his concerns, as did I, but that it didn’t change anything that was happening, that we were there, and we needed to decide what to do next.

    The tone changed from that point and he approached me and attempted to engage me in conversation as much as I was able. He explained that I could receive an epidural and labor down but he was concerned about the decels, the high white blood cell count, and the swelling of my cervix. He said that he would feel much more comfortable going ahead with the c-section, but that he would let me make the decision as long as I understood everything. I told him that I was comfortable with whatever his recommendation was and if he was at all concerned about the baby, then I wanted to go ahead with the c-section.

    Shortly after the conversation, I was wheeled back into the OR and given a spinal. I was so scared that it wouldn’t work (like when my epidural failed with DD and they had to put me under general anesthesia), but it took effect almost immediately. My mom was able to come back with me, and I asked the doctor to explain to me what he was doing. He was giving way too much detail, so I told him to just give me the basics, and that’s what he did.

    At 12:59 am, on September 17, 2010, Justus Brooks graced us with his presence. He came out hollering with APGARs of 9 and 9. He was 7 lbs 12 oz and 19 ¼ inches long. He did have moderate to thick meconium and the cord was wrapped around his neck, and turns out he was totally posterior. The doctor spent a lot of time repairing my incision and everyone says it looks wonderful. I received stitches instead of staples this time, and the pain has been far less because of that, though my body felt like it had been hit by a few trucks after laboring for so long. And I got all the fun stuff like a very sore pubic area, and hemorrhoids.

    After nearly 48 hours of labor, and a planned homebirth turned hospital transfer, I have been blessed with another perfect baby. I went into this experience knowing that if another c-section was needed, that it would not be from lack of education or preparation on my part, and I am completely at peace with everything. I am so proud of myself for making it as far as I did and I now have a proven cervix. Next time, I’ll get my VBAC, but for now I am absolutely enjoying my precious new baby boy.

    Early labor:

    In the tub around 9 cm; this was the only way I was able to get even a little comfortable:

    Baby boy:

    A chill baby from the start:

    Meeting big sister:


    A short video:

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    Ariel & John: Military Family since May 17, 2006

    Sylvia: 12/18/08, Justus: 9/17/10, Bunni: 5/11/12, Surprise Baby: Guess Date 11/5/13

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    Reese Violet
    Born August 20th, 2010
    38weeks 4days
    6lbs. 15oz.

    I guess the story of Reese’s birth could be started a few days before she actually arrived. Brady had been born at 39 weeks so I anticipated delivering earlier rather than later again. On Tuesday of that week I had an appointment with Dr. C. I had been dilated from 2-3cms for a couple of weeks already, but at this 38 week appointment I was a good 3-4cms and 50-75% effaced. Driving home from the appointment I started feeling a few twinges of contractions but they were super mild and not even close to being timeable. They continued off and on throughout the day. On Wednesday, August 18th they were still nice and spread out, going 10-20+ minutes between and really easy to handle. They felt more like period cramps, which was how my labor with Brady also began. On Thursday morning, the 19th, they began to gain intensity and were closer together, going anywhere from 5-15 minutes apart. Bob had to work that day, so I called mom and decided to take Brady and myself over to her house for the day in case anything picked up. We brought our bag for the hospital in case something happened, which turned out to be a good decision. At moms, we had lunch, and decided to take a walk to the park nearby so Brady could play on the playground. On the way there, the contractions got a lot more intense, and mom timed them for me at about 5 minutes apart. The continued while Brady played and on the walk home I decided that I would call Bob and tell him to leave work. Around 5pm I called and talked to Dr. C and we discussed that even though the contractions were still 4+ minutes apart, I would go in and see if any progress had been made since my Tuesday appointment. My contractions with Brady never regulated until I was just about to birth him, so we knew that going by time alone for me was not very accurate in regards to my progress.

    Bob came to my parents house around 5pm, we chatted for a bit, wondering if this was going to be the day. I said I didn’t feel as though today would be her birthday, and I figured it would be at least another day….which turned out to be right since I ended up having her just after midnight. We arrived at the hospital around 6pm, and during the ride there the contractions decided to space themselves back out to 7-8 minutes, which discouraged me a little. When the hospital midwife checked me, I was still 4cms but just about completely effaced. This annoyed me a little…all the contractions I had been having the past 2 days hadn’t done much to help my dilation. We talked about my options…I was progressed enough that I could stay at the hospital and walk, try to dilate some more… or I could go home. By this time it was around 7pm, Bob and I were starving, and I was annoyed. I definitely didn’t want to stay at the hospital if things weren’t happening, and the midwife agreed that going home to wait it out would be the most comfortable option for me. I texted mom and dad as we were leaving to order a pizza, and we went back to their house to hang out and eat. Of course, what happens… as soon as we start eating, the contractions seem to get even stronger and closer together…coming 2-3 minutes apart. I go to the bathroom and loose my mucus plug. I call the midwife and…back to the hospital we go! Around 9:30pm, we arrive and I have progressed to 6cms and totally effaced. I’m staying to have this baby! We get set up in a room and around 10:30pm I elect to have an epidural. Ahhhh, even though the contractions were not that bad, the relief was wonderful. The anesthesiologist was funny…cracking jokes about the Bills game we were watching as I labored. They broke my water soon after. Thing moved slowly for the next hour or so… my midwife checked me around midnight at I was still at a 6. I was getting tired at that point and wanted to chill out and rest for a bit, so Bob, my mom, dad, and mother in law left the room and I tried to catch a nap. I kept switching sides because I could just not get comfortable, and really didn’t nap at all. That seemed to do the trick, because at 12:30 I started feeling a little pressure. I called the midwife back in to see if anything was happening—she checked me and exclaimed happily that I was ready! Fully dilated and she could feel baby’s head. I called Bob and my mom back into the room and told them it was baby time! The midwife had me give one practice push with her helping to hold one leg and Bob the other. Half way through the push she shouted out an “OK, stop!!” and said we needed to call Dr. R and get her in here, the baby was ready to come out. About 10 minutes later, at 12:40am, Dr. R was there, the room was getting set up for baby girl’s arrival, and I was getting super excited. I couldn’t believe this was it! She was coming! It felt really surreal… I was actually having this baby now! A minute or two later I started pushing…one push, two pushes…I could feel her move down inside of me. I reached down and could feel the top of her head. After waiting a minute to stretch, I gave another push and her head came out. My mom let out a “WHOA!” which made me laugh. They suctioned her a little and then Dr. R told me to cough. I coughed 3 times and her body slid out and she was plopped onto my chest. Covered in tons of vernix, letting out a sweet little cry, there was our beautiful little girl. She was an angel. She layed on my chest as I wiped her eyes and face, kissed her head and just stared in amazement at the miracle that had just taken place.

    Reese Violet was born at 12:50am on August 20th, 2010, weighing in at 6lbs. 15oz. and 19.5” long. The delivery was amazing… so much easier and shorter than Brady’s, with literally no pain, and only a couple of minor tears. Our sweet little girl is everything I’ve imagined and has filled my heart with more love than I thought it could hold. Her big brother just adores his “baby sister” as he calls her and my heart just melts every time he kisses her.
    Mama to Brady 7.08 and Reese 8.10

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    Madison's Birth story.

    Madison born on 9/13 at 3:19pm
    at 39 weeks 3 days.
    7lb 13oz and 18.5 inches long

    Sunday night DH and I DTD, was having contractions maybe 5 min apart foor about half hour fourty five mintues. Fell asleep and woke up about twoish hours later. DH was still awake and asked how I was feeling. I said "Fine", he replied "Don't get sh*tty with me". I said "I'm not, I'm just annoyed that the contractions fizzled out again". We both couldn't go back to sleep so we got up (about 330am) and he finally went to bed at 730a, he said to wake him at noon time.
    At 8am I had 2T of castor oil mixed with some apple juice. 1pm contractions started maybe every 5 mintues or longer apart. By 130 they were 2 min apart adn was having bowel movements with them. I stood up and felt a gush. Went to the bathroom and nothing else came out. So I wasn't sure if my water broke or not. At 2p I woke DH up and said "contractions every 2 min apart and my water may have broken". To which he replied "Well call the MW's and see what they want you to do. Contractions up to this point weren't too intense. Once I talked to the MW's they said to head up to L&D, its now 217p. By the time DH got up, ready and got the rest of the stuff together it was closer to 245 before we were on our way we had a 20-30 min ride depending on traffic. As DH was getting the last things ready, the contractions started getting more intense, I was moaning through them. My Mom was rubbing my back and telling James that we better hurry up. Car ride was horrible. Of course I couldn't get comfy and once I did another contraction came along. I was feeling the need to push with every contraction. I kept telling DH I don't think we are going to make it. My water broke about 2 min before arriving to hospital. I then told DH, I think I just pooped myself and I really need to push. After that DH was running red lights to get here quicker. The hospital security pulled up behind us and told DH that he was driving erratically. DH said "She is in labor". The security cop siad "Oh" and helped find a wheel chair. Couldn't find one. I couldn't walk, but I managed to make it just inside the hospital. I was moaning, screaming and trying to breathe with each contraction. Finally got a wheel chair and told the orderly I need to push, he says "Don't push you are almost there". Got up to L&D, stripped my clothes off, got into bed, there were like 5 nurses around us hurrying to try to get thigns done. One wanted to put the monitors on. I was like, NOOOO, and truned on my side in agony. I was like I need to push. So no monitors. Another nurse said she "Was already gooped up (there was another woman giving birth). She tried to check me but it hurt, the ring of fire as they call it. The nurse was like "I see a head". And soon after that one of the MW's comes in and tells me to push. My nurse Bernadette was AWESOME! She totally calmed me down and reminded me I could do it. After only 6 minutes of being in the room Madison was born at 319pm. Complete natural birth, no IV, no monitoring, didn't cut the cord till it stopped pulsating. She weighs 7lbs 13oz and is 18.5 inches long, apgars of 9 and 9. She is doing great, loves nursing. I'm doing ok, tired and bit lightheaded but doing ok.

    DS 3/23/07 born at 31w4d
    DD 9/13/10 born at 39w3d

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    Lola Giovanna 9/5/2010
    7lb 2oz
    19.5 in

    This will probably be long, i will try to keep it short and sweet, there is so much I don't know or remember, can only go on what everyone else who was there tells me...so here goes..

    On Saturday, Sept 4, I took DS to a birthday party/cookout over at a friends house. It was a mexican party, so it is one that starts like at 2 or 3 and goes all night. Well, we got there around 3 and I had been feeling just super exhausted and crampy...but I went anyway. I ate an sat around, it was warm and outside, and mingled etc. Around 5pm I started feeling way uncomfortable, just achy and my back was hurting, I kept telling my cousin that I thought it was the chair...I kept having to get up and sit back down, get up and sit back down..I started having contractions that ended up being more like stabbing pains instead of the contractions I had with DS. I sat around and by that time all the Mexican women were saying I was going to have my baby that day, said they just "know" and all that jazz, said I had the glow...I just assured them it was the sweat because at that point i was dying...lol. Well, by 6:30 I was almost to tears, the stabbing pains were worse and they were coming every 10 minutes, so I told my cousin (my dh's cousins wife) that I was going to go on home. I got home around 7 and sat on the couch, popped in a netflix's movie and started watching that, by 8pm my contrax's were 8 mins apart and ripping through my back. I thought..."okay, dh is at work and cousin who was going to be with us is still at party" but I wanted to wait it out, so I gave it another hour, decided to get up and try to clean up the kitchen, contractions started coming every 5 as i stood up, that was at 9pm, i was balling crying through them, so I called DH's work, to send him home and called cousin home from the party and started getting ready. Got to the hospital around 11pm ,they checked me in and checked my cervix, my contractions were every 3-5- was at 3cm, they told me to walk for an hour, did that, an hour later i was 100percent effaced but only at a 3.5. They kept me and decided to wait it out. By 3am, I was tired of the contractions and knew the risks and in some pain but went ahead and got the shot of staydol (sp) and went to sleep. By 6am, the doctor came in and checked me, my contrax had slowed and i was almost a 4, but not quite. At this point she said I could go home or they could start the PIT, so I discussed it and started the PIT. However, she told me to go ahead and get something to eat and take a shower if I wanted, because it might be a long day...she said she would start the PIT at 8am....well i did all that and they started the PIT around 9:30. well..contrax got stronger and stronger and she started having decels...so they would turn it down then turn it up...around 12 i got another staydol shot...they checked me and i was a 4.5cm...at 1pm they jacked that pit up and by 1:30pm i was 7cm...i was screamin for an epi but somehow i had a feelin somethin wasnt right...i started getting dizzy and with every contrax Lola would do flips in my stomach...I kept telling my DH that something was wrong...in fact, i was telling everyone that something was wrong, and with every contraction i got more dizzy and so tired I couldn't keep my eyes open....I got the epidural which is a story in itself...for a later time...I remember laying down after i got the epi...and the nurses ran in and told me to flip to one side...so i tried to roll my big tail over, but I was so tired, I screamed to my cousin, which i thought was a scream but she said it was a whisper, that I was seeing spots and dizzy, so she ran to get the nurse, the next few things I remember were my midwife shaking me and telling me to "wake up"...I wanted to, but I couldn't, it was the weirdest feeling...I then remember my DS's godfather, who was there photographing, putting a mask on my face and telling me to breathe, I wanted to tell him how tired I was but I couldn't say anything....I then remember waking up to my husband crying and kissing me on my cheek, I was thinking...."this is odd and what's going on" and then the next thing I remember was being in the OR and the Dr. asking if I could feel him pinch, I remember I was crying but I couldnt say anything, then I felt the god aweful cut and I screamed and the mask went over my face and the next thing I remember, I was in recovery...

    Apparently my BP bottomed out shortly after having the epi...I was told the lowest it went was 44/50. Apparently, they thought i was sleeping and shortly after my epi, they broke my water, which sent Lola into decels, they said her heart rate dropped to the 50's and stayed like that for about 5 minutes when the DR busted in my room yelling at my fav midwife that they needed a STAT c-section. She wanted to keep changing positions that's when they realized something was wrong with me....They started giving me injections of norepinepherine....and that's when they noticed I was hemoragging..DH said they layed me all the way back and threw my legs up in the air...he said everyone in the room was crying and scared and at one point they had told him that we both were critical....not remembering that my poor DH doesn't speak hardly any english so my cousin was having to translate but she was all upset and was having a hard time and she is fluent!!

    I ended up being cut a bit bigger than normal, was treated for 4 days for the low blood pressure, got transfused because of the loss of blood. But the positives outweigh the negatives...she was NOT 9lbs like they kept telling me, she was 7lbs 2oz, and just tiny...she latched almost right away...and I fell in love the moment i laid eyes on her!

    I didn't get my tubal, they didn't do it due to the circumstances....so I'm still fertile, so I'm having to look into other methods of birth control..

    If you hung in this long, i applaud you! It was the most scary thing that has ever happened to me.....but I'm glad it is over and we are moving on.... And now....the pics!

    Me and DH @ 37 weeks

    DH Meeting her for the 1st time...(that is a tear on the tip of his nose)

    Me meeting her for the 1st time

    Proud Big Brother
    Loving My Boys!!!
    DS- Trystin 12-26-06 December Delights
    Heather & Juan 3-28-09

    I'm gonna be a big brudder!

    Lilypie First Birthday tickers

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