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    -Good Job! Mama!! your baby is beautiful.

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    I am so sorry I've missed out on all this - what wonderful news! Taryl, I'm over the moon for you - yayy for a successful vbac!!! And what a GORGEOUS name for your new daughter too
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    Taryl, she's beautiful! I'm still so happy for you!

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    Congratulations! I'm so glad you got your VBAC! My second dd had a nuchal hand, too. Silly babies. I hope your recovery goes smoothly.
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    Taryl, you have one gorgeous baby girl! And that's great that they released you two early. Ouch on the tears! I hope you heal fast! I look forward to the more detailed birth story.

    Congrats again!
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    Just thinking of you and hope your resting peacefully at home with your girls and hubby! I'm still so excited that you got your VBAC, it's awesome

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    Hey everyone Sorry I haven't posted back, I've lurked but not been in the mood to type!

    Thank you ALL for your support and good wishes, it helped me immensely during labor to check in and hear so many people rooting for us and offering suggestions, prayers, and encouragement through the entire process. I have to say it went quite well, too! Not perfect, but a HECK of a lot closer than it could have been! And I must say I feel fantastic even with the tears and augmentation.

    Lilah is extremely healthy even though she feels SO tiny to me (Callie was 8 lbs 15 oz and Lilah was only 8 lbs 4 oz) and I can't believe how DIFFERENT post partum is this time around. I not only feel better physically, but I am actually HAPPY this time around and enjoying Lilah so much - she's such a cutie and a very calm baby. My biggest regret is looking at Callie and realizing just how much I missed out on last time, how much I was robbed of my newborn and the joy around that. Some stress, but no depression in sight this time, and the recovery from the tears is EASY compared to the guts-falling-out feeling of the section.

    I am SO mad I tore, I was over the moon watching in the mirror as I pushed out her head with nary a skidmark, but that hand and those shoulders caught us all by surprise. Dr. Bell started the microsutures almost immediately and didn't finish until 45 minutes later I asked him how many and he said he lost count, but that it was extensive and JUST shy or a 4th degree tear. I am quite tender down there but the pain meds and Tucks help a lot.

    Okay, one thing I wasn't counting on this time - THE AFTERPAINS!!!! They hurt worse than my worst contractions, some of them bring TEARS to my eyes while I'm nursing. It's like someone grabbing my ovaries and squeezing as they rip them out. They're slowly getting better but by far the worst part of recovery, I never had ANYTHING like this last time.

    Lilah is a good sleeper, despite having days and nights mixed up, but unfortunately isn't a great eater. She has a lazy latch, won't open her mouth very wide and likes to let the breast slide out and catch it by the nipple. She also won't feed efficiently, even when she's hungry. She'll sip at the breast on and off for a minute or two and them fall asleep and won't eat, and stripping her down, jostling, repositioning, you name it - she'll just give the milky smile and doze, or get mad and not latch at all. My milk is in now but she won't empty the breast and it worries me - I am only giving her one at each (hour long) feed and she never gets to the hindmilk because she doesn't want to put in the effort, and she NEEDS those calories. She has lost a lot of her birth weight and her pediatrician isn't thrilled, but despite offering her the breast as often as she roots (which is almost all the time) and employing every trick in my breastfeeding book it is a frustrating, lengthy, painful affair.

    I will be calling the LC on monday, though there's nothing she can tell me I probably don't already know on the subject - but suffering supply problems before due to a bad feeder this makes me SO nervous that my body will think it's making too much and adjust my supply downward, while she fails to gain properly. I am just offering very frequent feeds to try and counteract that and hope as she gets older and more alert this will resolve itself. As for the latch issue I spend a few minutes to get her to open as wide as she can and just hope for the best. Right now the first few seconds of latch are toe-curling pain but it DOES subside as long as I reposition her when she tries to slide off. Still, I'd like this to become less troublesome for all our sakes. It is hard to take care of Callie when I am stuck with Lilah sleeping at the boob!

    Lilah is also battling a little jaundice that she got from who knows where, so we have an appointment tomorrow morning to check on her weight and color. I put her in the window for two days to try and help but of COURSE when I need sun it has been pouring rain. Her eyes are looking a little more white now, thankfully, so I hope the news will be good. She's also pooping and peeing up a storm, and gets enough milk to heartily spit up on occasion, so maybe it is not as bad as I think?

    I'll leave you all with a picture or two. I have no idea where she got red hair but her sister had it too for the first few months!


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    She's beautiful Taryl!! I hope the BF issues resolve. It's amazing how they have to learn how to do it. They have to learn everything. KUP!!

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    What a beautiful little girl!!! I am so happy for your, Taryl!

    I am so glad you are having a better experience this time around. You give me such hope that if God blesses us with a second one that I can VBAC as well.

    BTW - Daniel had red hair at first too, although my grandmother was a redhead....of course, he's a blondie now!

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    Glad you are doing well, in spite of the tearing. Lilah is beautiful...she looks so much like Callie right now. I hope the BFing issues resolve more quickly for you this time.

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