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    I also LOVE love his name! WTTW baby boy! I hope you are all doing well. I've been thinking of you. (((BIG HUGS)))
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    Default Update and Bowen's first days.

    So, we're all safe at home now. We came home Saturday 9/11. To me, that's always going to be his 2nd birthday. It was such a relief to finally get him home. He exceeded everyone's expectations (except mine and Erik's - we knew he was strong and healthy). So, the whole reason that he had to be air transported to UCSF children's hospital was because he wasn't breathing when he came out. Sorry if I've already gone over this part. I'm finally beginning to understand it all. He had to be resuscitated, but didn't have to be intubated. He was actually breathing without the aid of oxygen within a few hours, but because he went without oxygen for a period of time, he was at risk for brain damage. The hospital in our area that has a better NICU than where he was born was full and the doctor that was caring for him thought that he was a candidate for the cooling therapy that UCSF uses. Apparently, they are a world renowned NICU - babies from all over the country get transferred there. So, they cooled his core temperature to about 92 degrees F (33.5 C)and kept him there for 72 hours. This gives his brain time to rest and heal. Unfortunately, they had to keep him on morphine and atavan so that he could tolerate being cooled to that temperature. During the cooling period, we couldn't hold him, because that would warm him up. We could only sit with him and touch him. It was really heartwrenching. He had 15 electrodes on his head and 2 central lines in his umbilical stump and numerous wires everywhere. Finally they re-warmed him and he tolerated that well. On day 5 of his life we got to hold him for the first time. On day 6 I got to breastfeed. Up until that point, he hadn't had a drop of food. I had been collecting my colostrum and pumping when my milk came in and he finally go colustrum on day 6. When I wasn't able to be there to breastfeed, they gave him my milk in bottles. There was talk of having to give him formula, but they never had to because I managed to pump enough and he ended up leaving almost a week sooner than they had expected. I actually still have some of my milk in the freezer, which I had to bust out last night because he was having a horrible night. He would not latch on to me no matter what. He fussed and slept restlessly and I was worried that he’d get dehydrated, so I busted out a bottle. He sucked down 3 oz and it went a little smoother after that. He still woke up more often, but I did manage to get him to latch on at some point during the night and he ate for about 10 or 15 min. He nursed this morning at 8:30 for about 15 min and has been asleep ever since. I’m trying not to worry or obsess too much, but I’m really a nervous wreck. Erik is my rock right now. He is so reasurring and supportive. I think we’re going to have a session with the lactation consultant today, or Thursday at the latest. So, I didn’t get to my birth story this edition. I’m still working it out in my head, I guess. I’m pretty much ok with it and we’ll probably never know why Bowen wasn’t breathing when he was born, but he’s happy and healthy now, so we’re just going to keep moving forward.


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    I am so glad you are all at home. I am sorry you had to go through all that. I have never heard of the cooling therapy that you described. Praying that he continues to thrive. I think a meeting with the LC is a good idea since he wasn't able to latch on right away.
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    I'm so sorry that you guys have had to go through all that. Very scary. I'm so glad that you are home now and that he is thriving!
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    Welcome home Bowen! I can't imagine how hard the last few days have been for you. I'm so glad he's doing well now and that he's nursing. Seeing a LC is an awesome idea! I bet you're doing everything perfectly and it's just a matter of getting to know each other. It's always nice to hear that from an expert though.
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    I'm glad he is doing so much better, how weird about him not breathing, though! That's one of those complications you'd expect a clear cause for in a healthy baby! Either way, I am so glad they were able to help him and your milk has come in well.

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    Thanks for the update! I have been thinking about you and Bowen. I am so glad he exceeded everyone's expectations.
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    Thanks for the update! I'm so happy he's home with you now. I can't imagine how tough those first few days must have been.
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    I just read your update to Gardenbug (sitting on the couch across from me). The breathing issue sounds tough, and I'm sure you will come through just as Bowen has - with flying colours. Neither Reed nor Baby Johnston wanted to breathe immediately. Both took a couple minutes... but not enough to go through what you did...

    In terms of latching issues, my MW suggested taking baby to the chiropractor. We just went today. After the appointment baby latched on no problem, and we had had latching issues... The chiro said that baby's hard palette was still overlapping and much of his head and body was slightly scrunched on the left side. She believes that treating babies before 3 weeks seriously reduces chances of colic.
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    glad to hear baby is home and doing well!

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