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    Default ~~December Dumpling Birth Stories~~

    December Dumpling Birth Stories

    Yes, it's that time girls!

    Post your birth stories here! And of course we need pictures too!

    ~~~Please keep this a stories only thread, no comments~~~
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    Talking Rowan's Birth

    I guess it all starts with the day after we got back from our camping trip. I woke up that morning and rolled over and felt a warm gush. Nothing serious, I just figured it was some pregnancy incontinence and a full bladder from overnight. For whatever reason it never crossed my mind, or my MWs, to test if it was amniotic fluid. About two weeks later we used an amnicator just to double check because we weren't sure why I was still having incontinence issues. It was in fact amniotic fluid. As best we can determine, my water had been broken since 10/09 and I was 34w4d when we discovered the leak. After some talking Matt, my MW Anne Marie and I decided that the course of action we felt most comfortable with was to basically treat myself at home and hope to keep labor and infection at bay until I was term enough to deliver at home.

    My home treatment included complete pelvic rest, echinecea tincture, Vitamin C and probiotics to boost my immune system to battle any traces of infection and as much water as I could possibly drink to keep the Amniotic Fluid Index within normal ranges. I continued to go to work, as I was hoping to save my FMLA time for when the baby was actually here. My immune system has always been ironclad anyway.

    On Wednesday, 10/24/07, we got to work as usual and I started feeling kind of achy and rundown. I thought of going home just so I could take a nap. By about 9:30am I realized that alot of the achiness seemed to be coming from my uterus so I began to time when I had the pains. I hadn't had any Braxton Hicks for months and the pains I was having brought no changes to my belly or feellings of tightness. I had only seen one teeny tiny dot of blood when I used the restroom. By around 11am Matt and I determined that we would go home and get some rest because we didn't want to risk starting labor. On the 20 minute ride home, I had about 15 contractions. When we got home I got into bed and tried to sleep the contractions away. By 12:30 the pain was waking me up and I called my MW and asked her to come over and see what kind of herbal remedies we could do to stop the contractions before they caused changes to my cervix. She recommended half a beer. When she got to the house, she sent Matt out to the Health Food Store to get Wild Yam tincture and Cramp Bark.

    It was roughly 1:30 before he got back. Anne Marie performed a very gentle internal exam and determined I was about 1 1/2 cm dilated. We waited for an hour, during which the contractions were getting strong enough for me to vocalize through. While trying to maneuver myself into position for Anne Marie to check me again, I knew I was going to be sick. At that point I also knew that things were moving quicker than we had hoped. Anne Marie determined that I had dilated another 2cms in an hour. We all decided to head to the hospital with the hopes that they would stop my labor somehow. I really didn't want to lose another homebirth, but more honestly I just didn't want to deal with the hospital at all.

    It took me forever to go to the van. We were not prepared and poor Matt had no idea what to do. Thankfully Anne Marie suggested that he pack me a bag and grab my toothbrush. :lol There is a hospital literally 2 minutes from my house, but we had to go to a different one because they had the better NICU, just in case. It's about 10 miles, mostly freeway, and it was the worst ride of my life. I remember bracing one of my feet on the dashboard, and having a death grip on an armrest with one hand and Matt's hand in the other. As we were driving out of our housing community, my mom was driving in on the way home from work. We needed her to pick p Declan from the babysitters house but she'd never been there so she followed us. Anne Marie was also following us to the hospital but had to drop of her daughter with a babysitter so that she could be my support in the hospital. I can only imagine what someone must have thought if they looked over into the van while I was having a contraction. Yikes!

    Matt was amazing. He started out trying to slow way down for the bumps because each and every pebble we ran over hurt! But he started to realize that getting me out the van would help with my pain, so he floored it. Poor Anne Marie.

    Once we got to L&D triage, it was all I could do to keep from growling and leaning on anything I could find. Standing up straight and sitting down both seemed to make things worse. Because we were in such a hurried and worried state I had no time to calm down, relax and try and work through the contractions nicely. I was all PrimalMama. :lol

    The nurses in triage are always the worst in my experience. I had at least 2 different nurses look at me dumbly and ask if I was having contractions while I groaned and moaned through one. I think one even asked me if I thought I was in labor. Uhm.... hello?!

    They finally pushed me into a triage room and we told them that we thought my water had broken this morning when the contractions started. It wasn't worth the extra interventions and the trouble that my MW could get into to tell them it had been broken for weeks. I had been getting the urge to poop. I knew I may be mistaking it for the urge to push, but I also knew that I had to go! One of the nurses got all snotty and said that I couldn't and she needed a sample of the amniotic fluid. She seemed to fumble around with some tubes and gloves for what seemed like forever, so I just gave up, got on the bed and decided that I'd show them and poop on their stupid table. I think the nurse realized I had started to grunt and hastily checked me, Rowan was apparently right there cause she didn't even have to check far.

    Next thing I know they're weeling me into a delivery room. I was totally out of it and pushing 'cause there's no holding back that feeling. I remember telling Matt "Here he comes!". When they transferred me to a delivery bed, I rolled from the triage bed onto my hands and knees in the delivery bed and pushed twice or three times with all my might. The nurses were filling up the room and fumbling with gloves and supplies, so Matt had to catch Rowan. Apparently I did have to poop also, cause Matt ever so gently told me later "You pooped on Rowan's head" and giggled.

    His apgar scores were 3 and 9, and my placenta delivered about 45 minutes later. Rowan was 4lbs, 15.9 ozs and 18 inches long. Matt followed Rowan upstairs to the NICU and I got to see him about 2 hours later, after they determined everything was okay with me. I only got poked once, for a mandatory syphilis culture, whatever that's about. No IVs, no meds, no nothing. I'm proud of myself.

    Rowan was on a CPAP for about 3 hours, when they determined that he didn't need it. He was given two rounds of antibiotics prophylactically, which just chaps my hide. Then they had to make sure he could maintain his temperature, which was never an issue. Then they worried that he wasn't eating enough, which is lame because babies don't eat a set amount on a schedule. They eat when they're hungry and should be fed on demand, in my opinion at least. By that time he had a touch of jaundice, which is fairly normal. His highest level was a 15 and they told us that they didn't start to worry about it until it gets to about 25.

    Finally, on October 30th, the same doctor that discharged Declan basically told me that I'd already had a preemie who thrived and he had faith that we would do the same with Rowan. 2 years, to the day, I was leaving the hospital and the NICU with my two sons. I was over the moon to be able to go home and start my babymoon.

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    Well, on Monday I went to the doctor with pressure and backache to discover I was 3 cm. He sent me over to labor and delivery where they watched me for a few hours, and discovered I was not progressing, so no problems. I was put on bedrest.
    Tuesday night I decided it was time to start packing my hospital bag. So, dh and my mom gathered things as I could think of them (I didn't use my hospital bag except for the cameras and toothbrush/tolitries). There were still a lot of things missing since I hadn't shopping, and just couldn't think of what to bring. It was a type of frantic nesting setting in Tuesday evening.
    Around 4am I got up to use the restroom. On the way back, I felt a little trickle. So woke everyone up to "I think my water just broke." So, the mad dash to get to the hospital began with throwing a change of clothes into the hospital bag and gathering up all the batteries I had placed on various battery chargers around the house.
    I called the doctor on the way, but didn't think I was having contractions, just broken water. When I got to the hospital, I discovered that I was having contractions, just not feeling them, every 5 minutes. I only felt contractions for about 2 and a half hours (they were the transition ones). Then, drug free, I delivered Robby after 5 minutes of pushing at 11 am. Oh, and no tearing!
    He is 5 lbs 1 oz, 18 inches long.
    I left the hospital on Friday. Robby is still in the NICU. He is off the CPAP, but experiencing a little jaundice. We are hoping to be able to bring him home in a few days.
    Susan (33) & Robert (33)
    Robby (11-7-07)
    Liam (09-3-09)

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    Our beautiful baby girl, Lily Jane was born last Thursday 8 Nov at 2.27pm, 6lb 11oz and 19 inches (just over 3 weeks early). She is just gorgeous and we are so much in love its crazy!!!!

    After an eventful start to the week (as per my post about ending up in hospital with elevated BP and mild contrax on Monday), we spent the next couple of days waiting and wondering what the continued mild contrax might be doing to my dilation (I was 2.5cm on Monday) and if our LO was going to make an early arrival. On Thurs morning, I started to notice the contrax increase in distance apart, although they had fluctuated all week so I kept telling DH that i'm sure it wasn't the "real thing" and that they would subside again just as they had other times. But our DH seemed to think it was all going to happen this time and started timing my contrax around 7am (they were about 8 mins apart, lasting for about 30 secs and very bearable). By around 9am, they were definitely getting closer (6 mins) and more intense so DH rang the hospital and asked when we should come in (given the events from earlier in the week and the fact that I was still just shy of 37 weeks). They told us to come in when the contrax had been 5 mins apart for an hour. DH and I paced around the house using our breathing techniques to help me through each contraction as by now they were getting more intense and definitely stopping me in my tracks. In between my contrax we were trying to update my email address list ready for the announcement (I had only finished work the previous Friday and had thought i'd had 4 weeks left to do all these things!!!)

    Around 11am the contrax were 4-5 mins apart and intense enough that I felt ready to leave for the hospital (we only live 15 mins away so I wanted to labour at home as long as I could). After we got checked into the birthing suite, they checked me (around 12pm) and said I was 4cm dilated. DH and I were a bit disappointed thinking that I would have been further along after all that intensity!! But it turned out things were just hotting up....! They ran the tub for me and I hopped in (I really wanted to labour in the water but didn't want to actually give birth in the tub) - the warm water was so soothing but it wasn't long before the contrax were too intense and the water was only just making me hot and bothered. I ended up trying the birth ball as well, but found the best position by this point was kneeling on the bed, leaning over the raised back of the bed. I really felt quite in control in this position, despite the fact that it was very painful by this point!! I was quite determined to try to go natural if I could (although I have nothing against the epidural if I needed it!!) and it was so good to hear the midwife tell me that I was now in transition (it was around 1pm by this point).....woohoo - not long to go now!! Transition was definitely the worst....I sat at 9cm for a while (I think around 30 mins) and sucked on the nitrous oxide to help me through each contraction. I'm not sure if it actually made me feel the contractions less, but it definitely helped psychologically to be sucking on the tube!!! It was really hard not to push before the 10cm as the urge got so overwhelming.....finally the midwife said I was good to push and I actually felt a bit better then because I felt I was in control of the situation and able to do something about working the baby out. I think I ended up pushing for about 30 mins and out she came at 2.27pm!! DH had phoned my mum (who lives not far from teh hospital) when the head first started to show and she made it into the birthing suite just as Lily came out....she was soooo happy that we shared that with her. DH and I were both really shocked when they said it was a girl.....we both were so sure we had a little boy in there! I was so tired and I think I was just lying there in shock for a while.....everything had happened so quickly (only 7.5 hours of actual labour) and now we had a little baby girl....

    We got home from the hospital today so now just have to settle into "regular" life as a family I'm so excited to be home, I can't wait to experience everything with our gorgeous little girl....

    Oh, and here are a few pics....

    Mummy to Lily (Nov 07), Josie (June 09) and Emily (June 11)

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    Talking Corbin Jonathan's Birth Story

    On Monday at work, I had started to notice very tiny spurts of fluid sporadically. Since I had had so many false alarms, I assumed I was getting more incontinent. After all, these were just tiny droplets in my panties- not soaking anything. Incidentally, I had told nobody. I work in a nursing home & one of the residents wheeled herself up to me that afternoon & said, "You are going to have that baby tomorrow morning & he will be 7 pounds."

    I came home that night knowing that my husband and I had put off our weekly cleaning schedule & had both promised to do our cleaning that night. We had a meatloaf dinner & I told him about that resident's prediction and my "very tiny concern" that maybe my water had broken. I told him not to worry because I wasn't convinced at all because of the tiny amounts, and promised that I wouldn't take him back to labor & delivery for another false alarm. I said, "But hey, maybe after cleaning tonight my water WILL break from all the squatting & bending."

    We finished cleaning at 9 PM & had just sat down to check our laptops & watch a TV show. All of a sudden, I felt a warm gush. I yelled to DH to bring a towel & the hospital bag. This was it! I logged on one last time to update you all. And off we went.

    When I got there I was so happy. We took a last belly shot in the L & D waiting room. I had no doubt in my mind that I would soon be a mommy! When we got back to the testing room, the nurse asked me if I was wearing a pad. I was, so I gave it to her to sample. She mixed something with it & said "Hmm, well, this is negative. If it was amniotic fluid, this would have turned ____ (whatever color it was supposed to turn)" But she told me to sit on this plastic pad & she would gather another sample. A couple of minutes later, I had another little pool under me & she took it. She gave it to the doctor on call & he looked at it. I heard him on the other side of the curtain saying, "It's negative. She's not in labor."

    The nurse came back to us behind the curtain. We were so upset. Not only because we were disappointed, but we were so confused! I remained adamant about my water breaking. I knew there was no way I could have peed myself that much & not realized! But she told me that the baby had probably just been kicking my bladder, etc.... The nurse & I bantered a little bit about it because I was obviously very upset. My DH started to get pissed & pulled off all the monitors from me. "We're going home. If we leave now, we can get in bed by 11:30."

    The nurse was a little jolted by his reaction. She said "Wait wait- I need doctor's orders to release you first." So she called my OB & he ordered a speculum sample.

    That on-call doctor that I already resented for calling that second sample negative came back to do it. Not many words were spoken. I'm sure he was a little pissed that he was "wasting his time" on a false alarm.

    About 2 minutes later, while my DH & I were discussing how mortifying this was going to be (we had already called all family members this time), the nurse comes back & says, "Good news- you're ruptured & you're getting a bed!" We were on such a roller coaster of emotions at this point, that we both were almost crying.

    So we get to the room about midnight & i get checked. Still that blasted 1 cm. I told my DH, "This is going to be a long night." They started my IV & got some orders to start pitocin, which they did around 1:30 AM. DH & I thought we would try to sleep until it kicked in. Well, we never quite got to, because almost immediately, I started to have very bad menstrual-like cramps & back pain. At that point, I called it a 7 on the pain scale, but if I had only known what to compare it to!! After an hour or so, my nurse checked me again & I was still 1 cm. Damn. I had thought for sure those contractions were doing something because they hurt so badly.

    Almost immediately after that second check, things turned very ugly. These "cramps" started to rip right through me. They felt like someone was taking a knife to my back & gutting me. I started to throw up. At some point, my previously "high leak" became a low leak & let loose. I remember when that happened, I was simultaneously having one of those torturous contractions & throwing up. I wanted to die!

    Thankfully, I had told the nurse at around 2:30 that I needed my epidural. She assured me that he was coming because this floor had their own anaesthesiologist & this was not a busy labor wing. Turns out, he was sleeping, so it took a few pages to get him in there. Arg!! But I was so thankful to get that epi that I didn't mind that he was late once I had it. But when the contractions persisted & I was still throwing up after 30 minutes, I realized that I was only half numb. It hadn't worked on the left side. So they paged him again & around 4 or so, I got another bolus in my catheter & I was finally numb! I had about an hour of heaven...

    I told the nurse at 5 AM that I felt like I needed to push. She was very surprised & decided to check me. 10 cm!!! In less than 2 1/2 hours! No wonder it bloody hurt like that! Well, no one was ready. They paged my OB, but he was in the shower apparently. He called back & said he was on his way & get ready to push.

    My mom had arrived around 5. Fortunately, I told her, she had missed the bad part. Well, that was not entirely true, because sometime between when they had paged the doctor & when he arrived, we had a very scary incident. My contractions were very strong on the graph & they started to stress Corbin. At some point, his heart rate was reading in the 40's. It was a long enough period of time for 8 people to come racing into the room, including on call doctors & even the anaesthesiologist again. They had my doctor and the operating room on the phone at the same time. I heard them say to get ready for a stat c-section. I was screaming "Is my baby okay??" and no one was answering me. It was my worst nightmare.

    My OB, who was en route, ordered them to give me terbutalline to stop the contractions. My pitocin had been stopped of course when I had been determined fully dilated. They had me switch positions a lot. Finally, we had a position that worked & his heartrate went back in the 120's.

    Doc arrived around 7 & I could finally push. Can you imagine sitting around fully dilated for 2 hours? It sucks. But I didn't realize just how sloooooooow of progress I would make anyway with my pushing. Since I had had an extra bolus of epidural, I would NOT feel any pushing movements, so they turned off my epi drip & hoped I would start to feel it. Thankfully, I did, and after 3 very long, stressful hours of pushing, our little boy was born & everyone was crying & happy & exhausted all at the same time.

    Corbin Jonathan was born at 10:03 AM,
    November 20, 2007
    19 inches
    6 lbs 9.5 oz
    Apgar scores were 8 & 9

    We left the hospital yesterday & he weighed 6 lbs 9.6 oz. We are sooooooo thankful to have him here finally. We think he is just the cutest baby in the world, but what parents wouldn't think that?!

    I will post photos after a bit & Corbin gives me another break to do so...

    A very happy Thanksgiving to all!!!
    ~ jess ~

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    My doctor was concerned about my placenta prematurely aging and we barely passed our last NST, so I decided to go for the induction he offered. We were 39 weeks 1 day along.

    We got to the hospital at 8:00 and after all the admissions and trying to get a vein on me that didn't blow out, the pitocin was started at 9:30. I had been contracting irregularly and my cervix was already at 3cm when the drip was started. My doc came and broke my water (weird feeling) and the contractions started coming. Daniel's head was pushing down perfectly.

    I did well with the contractions in the beginning. My sister Jennifer talked me through them. Trey held my hand or rubbed my hair or back. We all breathed together. They started getting stronger and stronger, but the monitor wasn't picking them up. The nurse readjusted it constantly, but it seemed as if they weren't coming. Oh, they were!

    At about this time I realized I had to go to the bathroom. We unhooked everything and the contractions started feeling much better after I emptied my bladder. I decided I wanted to stand up and labor for a while, but I got really nauseated and had to sit down. The nurse took my blood pressure and it was low and my pulse was high. No more standing for me. The nausea didn't go away and about 5 minutes later I threw up. No big deal. I knew to expect this.

    My OB came to check on me and didn't do an internal. He didn't want to risk infection. My blood pressure got better and I was just focusing on the contractions. Another nurse came in and turned up the pitocin (I kind of wanted to punch her). I have always been really sensitive to medication. If directions say to take 1-2 pills I take one. One Benedryl knocks me out for hours. I can't even have one drink without feeling tipsy. I just don't have any tolerance. I was afraid that I would react the same with the pitocin. It seemed that I was.

    The contractions were coming one right after the next. I had barely a 5 second reprieve before the next one came. They were long and strong and the damn useless monitor still wasn't picking them up well. The nurse said she was going to call my OB to see if she could put in an internal monitor. She wanted to see if the contractions were strong enough to change my cervix. I wanted to scream that they were. Thankfully, my OB came over and checked me and made a fabulous proclamation: I was at nine centimeters! He said we'd have the baby in 1/2 hour. Everyone started getting ready.

    I was thrilled, but the contractions were still coming fast. I knew that I could cope better if I could get a little break in between. I lost it two or three times, but Jen brought me back. She complained to the nurse that the contractions were too strong and coming too fast. I had no recovery time. She turned the pitocin off (THANKS JEN)!!!

    About 10 minutes later I had to push. I told the nurse I had to push. She told me it was too soon, I was only at 9cm. I knew I was ready though, I pushed. It was so nice. Besides holding the kid, that is the greatest part of labor. She checked my cervix and it was gone! I was fully dilated. We did a practice push to see if I was really ready and she made me stop in the middle. This kid was coming! She paged my OB who must have ran from his office next door he was there so fast. As soon as he got there I asked him if I could please push. I had been pushing a little, but I wanted to do it in earnest. He gave me the go ahead next contraction.

    Time kind of gets blurry here. I was really focused and I have no idea how long pushing took. It seemed that he was out in no more than 5 minutes. I think I pushed for four contractions. Regardless, he was here fast! My OB was awesome and helped me focus. It only hurt a bit one time. I said, "Ow, ow," and my sister said, "Oh my god! His head is out." I, being the weirdo I am, tried to sit up and see, but another contraction came and I was determined to get him out. I was so excited. I think I got a bit overzealous with the next push because even though my doc was using olive oil and perineal massage, I tore delivering his shoulders. I didn't feel a thing though! The rest of his body slid right out and they put him on my chest. Daniel was born at 2:06pm in the presence of Trey, Jen, my mom and my best friend, Jennifer. They were all so awesome and supportive. He weighed 8lbs 4oz and was 20 1/4" long.

    I can't even explain how I felt when he was born. I know I was crying. I was totally overwhelmed. I was grinning from ear to ear and laughing. I vaguely remember my sister cutting the cord. I remember people around me, but it was only the two of us really in those first few minutes. I couldn't look away from him.

    They had to take him and suction him because he swallowed so much amniotic fluid. My doc delivered the placenta and stitched me up. I had a second degree tear. My OB said it was in the perfect place though. He couldn't have done better. My placenta didn't want to come and took longer to deliver than Daniel.

    After they were done with me, they left us alone for a while. The nurse helped me latch Daniel on and we nursed for the first time! He latched really well and ate a while. We took turns holding him.

    It was a really awesome birth experience and I am so glad that I got to do it with people that I love around me.
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    Default birth story

    The short story is that Monday afternoon I had my dr's appt and
    my blood pressure was through the roof. It has been fine this
    whole time, but it was horrible on Monday. So they called me
    pre-eclamptic. So he sent me straight to the hospital from the
    office. They observed me all night and my blood pressure. It
    continued to stay really high. So they gave me yucky medicine
    to lower it. Tuesday morning the dr broke my water and we
    waited to see if nature would take its course. He gave me an
    epidural before he broke my water. That was at 9:00 am. By
    6:00 pm I was only at 5cm. I didn't feel any pain at that
    point with the epidural and all. But then he decided to shoot
    me up with pitocin to get me going. My uterus was not
    cooperating, so he upped the pitocin every 15 minutes. At 9:00
    my contractions got horrible and my epidural wore off in the
    nether regions. I was having labor straight up my butt and
    pubic bone. It was not fun at all. So I just tried to breathe
    through them......worst pain I've ever felt.
    I had one hour of really hard labor and then pushed 3 times and
    he popped out. He was really little, thank goodness, because I
    tore inside a bit and had to be sewn up.
    So that's the gist of it. Such a bummer that the epidural wore
    off. It was REALLY painful, but it was only an hour for the
    light of our life!!!!

    Tobias James Wathen 11/27/07 10:19 pm 5 lb. 15 oz. 19 inches long

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    Default Kailyn's Birth Srory

    tuesday morning i went to the bathroom. i finished my business and i felt three drops fall out. i'd been having heavy discharge for the past couple of days, but it'd never fallen out like that. i called L&D. they said it sounded like more discharge but to come in if it continued. ok say that night, tired of being pregnant, i went walking with my mom (about 3 blocks)and DTD that night. at about 5 am i woke up to a big wet spot under me and there was some leaking. i woke up SO and told him i thought my water broke AGAIN. i told him to go back to sleep and just wait and see what happens. at about 5:30 i called my mom and asked her about it. she told me to call L&D back again. the nurse said to come in if it continued. my mom was convinced that i should go right in anyway, especially since i was strep b positive. i went in, they did the amniotic test which came back negative. the nurse said it may have been semen since i'd DTD. i thought they were about to send me home, but what do ya know.....my pressure was up so they kept me for further observation. the nurse said i may end up being induced if my pressure didnt go down. i'd never been so excited about high blood pressure. it didnt go down and i started getting really bad headaches. they couldnt start the induction until my doctor came in and gave the ok....or so they thought. at 10:40 my water FINALLY broke and they had no choice but to start the pitocin. after about an hour i wasnt feeling any pain, just slight cramping. so she took up my pitocin. thirty minutes later i could see and feel my uterus tighten but i could still handle the pain. she took it up again and man oh man the party started. i could handle the pain for about an hour but then i asked for medication and was given demerol. all it did was make me very sleepy. the pains were still there. i was still suffering. then i was given stadol. still no relief. in fact i believe it made the pains even worse. i asked for an epidural and they said the anthesiologist didnt do epidural, but something else. i forgot what it was, but whatever it was i had to be seven centimeters before i could get it. i was five. about an hour later i was checked again and i was TEN. time to push. a small piece of cervix was still covering the baby's head so as i was pushing the nurse had her hand up end me trying to push the cervix out the way. it hurt like hell. i grew tired of pushing very fast. the stadol made me drowsy. i was pushing as hard as i could but apparently it wasnt hard enough. i was like i cant do this you have to use a vacuum. too bad for me, my doctor didnt use vacuums or at least that's just what they told me. with no other choice i found the strength to push my baby out. it was the hardest thing i'd ever done. i was torn, but the doctor said it wasnt too bad, although i did get stitched back up. i was so tired, i dont
    even remember holding my baby after she was born. there are pictures proving i actually did hold her. my hospital stay was three days so they could keep an eye on my pressure

    breastfeeding is going along very well. she latched on great the first time. she's a natural. there was some concern yesterday because she'd only had one poopy diaper, but she's making up for that today.

    Lilypie 1st Birthday PicLilypie 1st Birthday Ticker

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    Ok here is my birth story:

    On Thursday, November 29, DH and I headed to the hospital for our scheduled c-section. We arrived at 5:30 and went up to L&D. When we got in there, they already had my paperwork in our room, so we quickly filled that out and then I got hooked up to the monitors. I wasn't sure why I had to be there so early, but the nurse said they like to monitor the baby before the surgery to make sure everything is ok. I was excited to see that I had been having contractions on my own. They were about 5-10 minutes apart when we got there, so I wonder if I'd have had her on my own that day anyway. DH and I sat around for about 2 hours with the nurse coming in and out slowly prepping me for surgery. At 7, my doctor came in and told me that they would have to push my surgery back about a half hour because she had an emergency ectopic pregnancy that she needed to take care of. I was uncomfortable, but I felt bad for the other woman, so it wasn't a big deal. DH and I just kept watching Saved By The Bell Finally at 8:25, my nurse came in with the anethesoligist and they wheeled me into the OR without DH. They gave me a spinal and then laid me back. I was shocked to find out that they began the surgery without DH in the room, but right when he got in there, they were getting ready to pull her out. Within 7 minutes of the surgery starting, Lauryn was born at 8:37 AM weighing 8 lbs 2 oz and 20 inches long. I heard the doctor say how shocked she was at her size. She made the comment that I must just make big babies because she didn't know where I had put all of her.

    Lauryn's Apgar scores were 7 and 9. DH went over to her after she was born and was able to take quite a few pictures, and the nurses were even nice enough to put her footprints in her baby book for us. DH was able to walk Lauryn down to the nursery and stayed with her while they gave her her first bath and bottle. He took lots of pics for me, as I was only able to see her for literally 10 seconds before they took her away.

    Overall, my recovery is going alright. I had some trouble on Saturday. The hospital wasn't going to give me real food until my bowels were moving on their own, but they weren't. I had been on a liquid diet for 2 days, so the nurse decided to try some light food for lunch, and sure enough...that made me sick. I was in so much pain from having all my gas pains stuck in one spot, and then I started throwing up. Needless to say, it wasn't much fun, and they tried to get me to stay one more night. I finally felt better the next day, and convinced my doctor to let me come home. She said if I start to feel like that again to call her office immediately. They had some name for it, but I can't remember what she called it. She said the throwing up was what made them realize that something wasn't quite right w/my bowels yet.

    Anyway, that's my story. It's not as exciting as some of the others since it's a repeat c-section, but it works for me
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    We are FINALLY home from the hospital. I went in at 4pm Wednesday afternoon. They started the cervidal at about 5pm and i was supposed to keep it in until 5am the next morning, I was still only dilated 1cm and pretty thick. Around 3am the nurse came in and said she was going to take the cervidal out because i had had a contraction that made Zachs heart rate drop once it was over. She did that and then about 4am they started the pitocin. The dr came in about 9am the next morning and broke my water, that is about the oddest/nastiest feeling ever! It was pretty amusing because my mom and sister kept making me laugh and the harder i laughed the more that gushed out, bleh! From then on out it was pretty much a waiting game. The nurse came in at about 11:30 and told me that with each contraction i had his heart rate would drop each time so she had my change from on side to the other, she said its a possibility i could have been lying on the placenta wrong. So for almost an hour i was switching from side to side to my back trying to get his heart to keep steady when i have a contraction. She stopped the pitocin to see if that would help and it did. She checked me again and i was only 2cm and REALLY thick still then they decided to put the internal monitor on him and put an oxygen mask on me to get some more to him. Nothing seemed to be helping to get his heart rate on track after contractions and about 4 something i decided the contractions were too rough so i opted for the epi even though i said i did not want one but my contractions were hitting up in the 80s and boy did they hurt lol. Good thing i got it because while they were in the process of doing it the Dr came in and said they were going to have to do a c-section. I was only 2cm and zachary was NOT liking the contractions on bit. They prepped me and wheeled me into the room, sam followed and had the whole procedure done in 14 minutes, i thought they took a lot longer and he was born at 12:41 pm. He was 20 3/4 in and 8lbs 1 oz. He is a red head. He got that from my side of the family which is nice. He really does not look like either of us but has his own look but it just so adorable.

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