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    Ben and I arrived at Ireland Community Hospital in Fort Knox, KY around 5:45am for my scheduled c-section. After unpacking and getting changed into my gown, I was then hooked up to monitors for about an hour while we waited for Surgery to come get me. In the mean time we filled out paperwork and listened to Sean's heart beating on the monitor. He was pretty active the whole time.

    At 7:00am the Surgery department came for me and the nerves started to kick in. I was just anxious about what was going to happen. I didn't have time to think about it last time as everything was rushed with Jace and I was so drugged. Ben was whisked off to get changed and I was taken to pre-op for my IV and yummy stuff to drink. After the nurse talked to me with Ben by my side, my emotions just ran rapid. I teared up at everything. After one last kiss, it was off to the OR. They made some adjustments to the table and then it was time for the spinal. I jumped with the pokes, but overall it wasn't too bad. Soon the warm, heavy sensation started down my legs. After a few minutes I became very flushed and requested a cool wash cloth, while they were prompt to give me one, it was hot. My anesthesia person was awesome. Every time I felt sick he was quick to adjust my medicine.

    Soon everything was set up and Ben was brought in. I heard them announce the first incision being made at 7:59am. Ben and I could smell my skin burning from being cauterized. I didn't feel any pain, just pressure and some touching on my upper abdomen. The pressure when they pushed Sean out was the worse. Ben wasn't allowed to watch like he was with Jace, but he kept reassuring me that I was doing great and that he loved me. After a long 14 minutes, Sean was born at 8:13am. Ben got to see him being delivered. When I heard those cries I just lost it. I couldn't believe I had just had another baby. Dr. Williams said he was a chomper as he was biting on her fingers with good force. I just said "Oh my poor nipples!" He came out fighting and screamed the whole time he was being checked out. I could partially see him if I strained my neck. Ben brought him over for me to see before they left for the nursery. He didn't look like his brother.

    It took them another 45 minutes to sew me back up. Dr. Williams said I had quite a bit of scar tissue on my bladder, but she was able to take care of it. And she made my "crooked smile" from my last c-section a little straighter too! I did have a moment where I got pretty close to throwing up. The Dr did something to adjust my blood pressure when they tilted the table slightly and it threw my body off. But after about 5 minutes I was able to relax again. After they removed the blue curtain I could see the reflection of my incision in the light above. It was weird to see but not really feel it. I was then taken to recovery for about 45 minutes. I was told there that my heart had been skipping a few beats while in surgery. But they were pretty sure it was from the anesthesia as I haven't ever had that problem before that I was aware of.

    After a bumpy ride back to my room, I finally got to meet our new son. Daddy was sitting in the corner holding him while they waited patiently for my return. After the nurses were down with me, we decided it was time to decide on a name for him. But I was soon given a nice shot of Demerol and was totally out of it. So we had to hold off. I don't know what time we decided, but it was a couple of hours later. The rest of my stay was pretty uneventful. It seemed like someone was in my room every hour, so it was hard to rest. Jace and my parents came to see us at 6:00pm. Jace was a little curious, but stuck with Ben for the most part. He didn't want to hold him or anything. It wasn't until the next night that he held him briefly. We left the hospital 12/13 in the afternoon.

    Sean Olen was born 12/11/07 at 8:13am weighing 7lbs 6ozs and 18.5" long. His agar scores were 8 and 9.
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    Shortly after I posted last yesterday the hospital called and said to get up there and there was a room ready. We rushed up and got there just in time. I got a room and so we started at 3pm. The doc finally got in there about 5pm and I was still a two and hard so they started pitocin. The pain slowly got worse and I started to dialate. They checked me at about 9pm and I was a 3. Well she stirred something up and after she left I felt a gush that felt like I was peeing the bed. I told DH to get the nurse because I thought my water broke! She came in with her qtip and sure thing it had! That was the worst feeling ever because I couldn't move, they just kept putting towels under me. My doc walked in about 30 seconds after the wonderful nurse had cleaned me up telling me he was going to break my water..the nurse told him that it must have known that and it broke itself. We all thought that it was hilarious!
    I started to have some vicious contractions and I kept telling myself just wait 5 more minutes. The nurse came in and I said I can't wait, give me the epidural please. Within 15 minutes I had the epidural. I finally felt comfortable and DH and I went to sleep. Shift change at 11pm and the nurse that had came out to bump me that morning came in. She told me that she was so happy I was there and I told her that I had to wait for her to come back in so she could deliver me. She checked me and I was a 6. I was shocked. She said to get some sleep so DH and I went back to sleep.She shifted me on my left side (LO didn't like this side) and told me to get some rest. About 15 to 20 minutes later she came in to check me again and I was ready. What was weird was I had told DH a few minutes before she came in that I thought I felt her head...She started to get the room ready and called the doc. When she finally got the room ready and me in the stir ups she told me that when I felt a contraction (I had an epidural so I didn't feel pain just pressure to give a push). I did it once and she said "OK WAIT! Let's wait for the doc!" I told DH that I could feel her head there. With every contraction I thought she was just going to fall out. We waited for about 20 minutes for my wonderful doc to show up. He came and got ready and sat down and told me when I felt the next contraction to give a push. So I did and stopped, gave another one and she was out! She cried right away, was pink and pretty and had the most beautiful face. I cried because I had not felt that much love for someone I had never met since my DD and DS was born. It was so overwhelming and so surreal! I still look at her and wonder if this is really happening. My DH was the best coach and I love him so much more now for being so great. There is so much more to this story but I am sure you all don't want to hear it...
    Caelynn Kathleen B.
    7 lbs 11oz
    19.5 inches
    scores 9 and 9
    Most beautiful baby in the world! She took to bfing right away, is a farting, throwing up, pooping machine. We are here til Monday because I was GBS positive so I brought computer up to keep me busy. I didn't tear, only a small scratch which is not normal for me. I am doing pretty good except for back pain from the epidural and my booty hurts from labor.
    Will probably check in more since I will be trying to pass time on here so I don't go crazy. Here are some pics!

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    This is short and sweet and kinda "patchy". I don't really remember a lot of it b/c I slept A LOT, and it was just a very nice, simple experience. Very smooth.

    I went to the Dr. for my "38 Week" Appt check up. I had heard from someone that if you can raise up your blood pressure, maybe they'll induce you. Sooo...I did just that. I was very tired of being pregnant, and ready to be done with it. I ran around the waiting room, and tried to riase my blood pressure. It worked. When I went back to the room, the checked me and it was about 140/90. So, they decided to check my urine, - which came back positive with protein and blood. Which makes me wonder if they would have found that out, had I not raised my BP, b/c that is the only reason they ever check your urine. So, my mid-wife told me that they were going to send me to labor and delivery, - !!! WOOHOO!! I was sent to L&D and they put me on the monitors, and put in a cathader. I was actually contracting a bit on my own, not too strong, but one about every 2-3 minutes. Some time went by, and Dr. Buyer choose to admit me, and insuce my labor. This was around 11:30 or so.

    They had to put me on an IV, as normal of course, but they also had to give me a Magnisum drip to prevent me from having a sezuire from the PIH. (Pregnancy induced hypertension.) Soon after that my parents showed up, as well as my aunt and grandmother. I guess it was late-afternoon when I asked the nurse for something for pain. I wasn't in too much pain, but enough that I was a little uncomfortable. She gave me an injection of stadol and phinagrin. That pretty much knocked me out. I was out for a few good hours, and into the night. When I woke up, Dr. weeks checked me, and I was about 5-6cm. Dr. weeks broke my water then, and told me that if I was in any pain, I should get my epidural, b/c it was going to worsen now that she broke my water. So, I agreed. The "epi team" came in around 12:30am, and gave me my epi. It didn't hurt at all, which really surprized me. I was scared it was going to hurt like hell. After that, I went back to sleep.

    It was around 4:00am when my right side started to feel everything, but not my left...which ment my epi was only working on one side. So the epi chick came back to my room and pulled it out slightly and that fixed the problem. I was checked again around 6:00 and was 9CM. It was actually a few hours before I became totally dialted. And as that happend, I was feeling a ton of pressure and the need to push. This was actually the hardest part of the whole labor for me to go through. I really wanted to push and couldn't yet. Finally Dr. S. came in and I was ready! I pushed for about an hour I think. It was really hard but satisfing at the same time, b/c it felt good to push through the pressure. I got to see his head while they held up a big mirror. It was all grey looking. LOL. All I really remember was looking down at my tummy when he finally came out and seeing my tummy "deflate". It was crazy.

    CJ came out, and they put him on my tummy, and my mom cut the cord. The rest of my family came in to see him, and all while they were stiching me up. I tore 3 times. Ugh. NOT FUN!! His apagar scores were 8 and 9. He was 8 pounds, 1 ounce - and 21 1/2 inches long. He's the love of my life. <3

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    Here's the story of Mina's birth.

    Short Story: Mina Catherine was born at 1:46am on December 29th. She was 7 lbs, 11oz and 20.5 inches in length. She’s extremely cute and worth everything we went through to get her. If anyone wonders about the pronunciation, Mina is pronounced me-nah, rhymes with Tina, Gina, etc.

    Long Story: The labor was about 24 hours in length. Thursday morning I had my membranes stripped and was dilated 1.5-2 cm. I felt icky all day and had contractions here and there. I woke up Friday morning at about 1am having contractions that I couldn’t ignore every 5 minutes or so. I went and took a bath and let Jon sleep some more to see if they would regulate or go away. By 3am Jon was up with me timing contractions using contraction master and we went in to the hospital around 7am or so. They checked me and I was making progress. Unfortunately pain makes me puke so I was a real mess until I got my epidural around 2pm. I puked whenever I had to change position and couldn't keep water in my system. It didn’t help that I was having back labor. I slept all afternoon and progressed to about 8cm and stalled out. At this point they figured out the baby wasn’t quite in the perfect position so they tried to get her to move unsuccessfully. They weren't sure if she was transverse or sunny side up or a combination of the two. I started feeling pain and pressure (and nausea) again in the evening and went through hours of labor wanting to push and getting pitocin to try to get things moving again. My bag of waters broke in the afternoon and had miconium in it so they didn't want me to just lay around for too long.

    Finally they allowed me to push after I begged and wimpered and my personality came out from the fog of pain. The doctor said she’d give me two hours to push because the baby was sunny side up and because of the miconium. Baby's heartrate decelerated some so they kept having me change from side to side (making me puke some more) to get baby happier. I pushed my heart out and they couldn’t believe I got the hang of it after just a contraction or two. I decided before I even started pushing that I was going to be good at that part and I was right. Because of Mina’s position it still took a long time to get her to descend at all. The doctor stopped by and told me 20 minutes to baby or c-section and I said there was no way in he** I was getting a c-section after laboring that long. I pushed like my life depended on it and got her to descend far enough that the doctor felt comfortable attempting a forceps delivery. With her position there was no way she was coming out without assistance.

    On came the forceps and out came the baby. She had to go to the NICU right away to make sure she didn’t aspirate miconium while I got stitched up (4th degree tear – ouch!). She was nice and healthy and I got to meet her a couple of hours later. We started to get the hang of nursing by midmorning and had lots of visiting family stop by. On Sunday Mina had a brief fever that slightly concerned the nurse. On Monday she had a fever again right as we were going to be released so they kept us and ran every test known to man on Mina, including a spinal tap. She seemed really healthy, but they wanted to make sure she didn’t have some sort of infection before they sent her home. Since Monday she hasn’t had a fever at all and has been doing everything well – eating, pooping, peeing, sleeping, crying, snuggling, etc. and they finally released us from the hospital on Wednesday night. We are so glad to be home. I can’t believe how lucky we are to have the little daughter we always wanted.
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    Default willydink's birth

    On Sunday 12.23.07 at 8 AM my water began to trickle. I went to the bathroom and if I used my kegal muscles I could squeeze amniotic fluid out. I wasn't sure that it was definitely my waters though, so I called my mom. She said wait an hour and see what happened. If it was labor it would progress no matter what. I told the hubby and he got up and showered. I called the hospital and they said to come on in to be checked, that if it was my waters they wanted me in the hospital not at home, but not to break our necks to get there. At 9 AM my waters broke in a gush all over the wood floor in the bedroom. So we ate breakfast- I had a waffle pb and j sandwich and to the hospital we went. On the way, my contractions started at about 6 minutes apart.

    They weighed me when we arrived, took my vitals and had me change into a gown. I was put on the fetal monitor and the baby was doing wonderfully. They checked the fluid and found that it was indeed amniotic fluid. I was admitted. The doctor came in and checked me. She ordered a pitocin drip as my contractions were not going fast enough at 11 AM. She also said she expected that I would have a Christmas Eve baby as she felt it would be after midnight when I delivered. I labored until 1 PM and then had an epidural.

    The nurse checked my around 3PM and found that I was 3 cm dialated. So we kept on laying and waiting. At 7 PM the nurse change happened and this nurse asked if i was feeling any pressure. I told her I felt a ton of pressure, so she checked me and my cervix was totally gone! My mom arrived and stayed in the birthing suite from this point on. The nurse called the doctor and they said I could start pushing. So the pushing began at 8:05PM. I pushed until 9:30 PM at which point my epidural wasn't really working, I was exhausted and started crying. They called the anesthesiologist but he was tied up. So his nurse came and gave me a bolus of pain medication. I was convinced I couldn't do this. The nurse called in the doctor and she checked and said that yes I definitely could deliver vaginially. The nurse had thought I needed a c-section as willydink had spent the entire pushing time rocking back and forth about 1 inch from exiting me. He kept getting hung up on my pubic bone. So we pushed some more. at 10PM she decided that we needed to use forceps. She said she was just going to ease his head out and that then he should slide right out.

    So they called in the delivery team of nurses. The doctor inserts the forceps and says she's just going to check to be sure that his shoulders will slide out and that he isn't too big. So she tells me to push, and to push HARD. Next thing I know out slides his head, and I feel lots of pressure and tearing as his shoulders and the rest of his body slides out. As his shoulders slid out I felt a large pop. His left clavicle was broken on the way out of delivery. His poor little head had a large hematoma from where he kept rocking back and forth and his head was shaped very much like a cone. The doctor said the hematoma was more like a hickey than a bruise and would be gone in no time. As for the cone shape, she expected that to be gone in a day and a half. He also had some small bruises from the forceps on his temples and one behind his ear.

    As for me, my epidural was completely not working. Even after the nurse had given me the bolus I had no relief. So, I delivered feeling everything. The doctor immediately had to stitch me up without the epidural working due to large blood loss. Also, she had to manually remove my placenta. They called the anesthesiologist back. This time he gave me a block that is usually used for c-sections and a 20 hour long acting morphine so that I would have relief the next day as well.

    My blood pressure bottomed out due to the blood loss. I had to have 3 rounds of epinephrine. In addition, lots of IV fluids were pushed. I also had to have extra rounds of pitocin and antibiotics to assist with the placenta issues. After I was stable, I was given a sponge bath, and all my bedding was changed. The nurse got me all comfy in the bed. This is when Pete and Nancy came to visit the baby. They took a few pictures and left so that I could nurse. The nurse brought willydink over to nurse. At this point it was just after 1 AM. The nurse literally climbed in the bed with me and helped me nurse. She taught the hubby and I how to get him latched on. At about 2 AM we sent willydink to the nursery and laid down for some rest.

    In the morning, my blood pressure dropped again. The doctor was concerned and decided on some more interventions. If these had not been successful, I would have required blood transfusions. Luckily, they worked. We ended up staying until Wednesday (one extra day) due to my major tearing and blood loss.
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    Default Willows Birth Story.

    My due date was December 20th 2007. And all my appointment leading up to the 20th were showing no signs of progression i was 1cm and 0% effaced for over a month and my OB doctors were worried they would have to induce me if i didn't go on my own a week from my due date. Well starting Thursday (Dec 20th) morning i started having stronger contraction then what i had been having for the past 2 weeks. My parents came out to get me to drive me to Louisville for my OB appointment when i got there and got called back i told my OB that i had been having contractions they were increasing in severity and becoming closer together. She checked my cervix and discovered i was still 1cm and 0% effaced and told me to go to Labor and delivery when i felt as though i was in so much pain i was dieing. So we left and my parents stopped by the gas station after we had a bit of lunch at kfc when i went to use the bathroom inside the gas station i thought my water had broken so my parents rushed me to the hospital. They checked me out at labor and deliver and found that my water had not broken and i wasn't making enough of progression even though i was in labor and having contractions so they sent me back home. It was still early so me and Shane decided to try and finish up some Christmas shopping and the walking would help speed things along. we spent about 3 hours shopping and then i just couldn't take it anymore and we went home for the night and tried to get some sleep and at 3am on December 21st 2007 i had a huge contraction i felt as though my insides were trying to fall out and as i went to sit up in bed my water REAL:LY DID break. So Shane rushed me back to the hospital in Louisville (about a 1 and a half hour drive) and let me tell you that was fun i was having contractions every 3min all the way to the hospital. Once we got there they checked me again and i was 3cm and 50% effaced and my water had indeed broken( Only about 12% of womens water actually break on its own) they admitted me and hooked me up to all the good stuff and gave me my wonderful epidural (god bless the man/women who invented it).I was check every couple hours for 7 hours. a little after 10 the nurse came in to check on me and i asked her if there anything we can do for the pressure i was feeling and she said no the epidural won't help with that. And i said it feels as though shes trying to come out of my a** it hurts so bad. She then checked me and let me know i was 10cm and 100% effaced and it was time to get ready to start pushing i woke Shane up who had been sleeping and the nurse helped me push until Willow was crowning and then called the on call OB to come deliver Willow i pushed for a total of 25 min and it only took 2-3 pushes to get her head out and one big one to push her shoulders out and then she was here at 10:51am on December 21st 2007 weighing 7lbs 6oz and 19 1/2 inchs long she was so beautiful i couldn't help but cry even Shane had some tears as they were cleaning her up. I had a normal birth with only 3 1st degree rips that they repaired with stitches and they are pretty much just about healed. me and baby spent 3 days in the hospital while we both dropped into the whole breastfeeding thing and got to know each other and Willow was deemed in great health she scored a 9 And 9 on the apgar scale which is the highest a baby can get. And that about covers it i can't begin to say how happy me and dad are to have her here in our life's. It was well worth everything i went through to get her here and i would easily do it again for her or another child on down the road.
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    Default Connor’s grand entrance.

    After a more than eventful appointment on the 29th of November with NST and BPP and the mention of an induction I was more determined than ever about birthing our son on our terms. Connor had passed all the tests with flying colors the only thing that was remotely concerning was his amniotic fluid level was slightly elevated. I was prepared to fight off the concerns of him “getting too big” but thankfully that wasn’t mentioned.

    We get back to the house and start making some decisions. Erin wants to stay with Mom-mom for one more night. I miss Erin, but I think it’s best for everyone if she stays up there one more night. I need to put all my focus on relaxing and letting my body do what it wants to do. I’ve been sitting at 4cm and 70% effaced for a week now, with BH kicking up even harder and even a night of some back contractions. However I wasn’t checked at the most recent appointment, so I don’t know if things are moving or not. I decide to think positively and go with the flow.

    We head to the grocery store to stock up on a few things. I grab a bottle of balsamic vinaigrette and a bag of romaine lettuce. We get home and I have two bowls of salad while Shawn checks in with work. He’s decided to take half a day’s vacation and has some comp time coming but he wants to make sure there’s a job to go back to.

    At around 6pm we head off to the mall for some walking and window shopping and just being happy to be together. BH are coming pretty regularly but nothing to get excited about. We spend about an hour or so there, I don’t want to over do it and risk not having enough energy.

    Back home and I get comfy with my birthing ball. I decide now’s the time to catch up on the Dancing with the Stars finale…yes, I’m addicted to that stinking show. I tell Shawn to login to his computer and enjoy some time with his online friends. I’m really hoping to not be pregnant for much longer.

    Finally around 11pm I give up and decide to go to bed. Shawn follows at around midnight. At two in the morning I get up to go to the bathroom, and I just don’t feel quite right. I lay back down on my left side and I feel a few contractions. I lie there and breathe through them, not really feeling I need to, but sort of practicing. Then they start to get stronger; I feel Shawn’s hand begin to massage the small of my back. All at once I have to get out of the bed; it’s no longer comfortable.

    I move downstairs to the living room, stopping every so often. Breathing is no longer enough; I find my inner note and begin to “ohhh” it out. It’s deep in my chest and I feel very comforted by it. The contractions seem to be getting pretty close, but I don’t want to rush off until I’m sure.

    I pull up the contraction monitor website; it was minimized on my desktop from earlier. After putting in a few, I realize I better call the midwives’ answering service. Shawn takes over timing as I wander about the house pulling together the last few things. I want to bring the picture of Erin and I in the delivery room. It’s sitting on the mantle in our living room. I grab that and a Gatorade from the fridge. Shawn sounds a little concerned, he’s been watching my contractions, and he wants to head to the hospital now. The midwives have my cell number anyways.

    As we are heading out the door I hear that I have a new voice mail. The #@% phone didn’t put my call through. I clamber up into the Xterra and realize just how much I don’t want to be sitting down. It’s almost worse than the contractions. I keep telling myself I can make it, it’s only about 15-20 minutes to the hospital and there shouldn’t be any traffic. Meanwhile Shawn’s on his cell phone trying to coordinate with the answering service. I’m thrilled to hear Donna’s on call and from the sound of it, already at the hospital!! I really wanted Donna to be the one to catch Erin. She just seemed the most in tune with how I want to birth my children. I also realize that I’ve left the picture of Erin and me at home.

    Finally we arrive at the emergency room. I am free to walk, and it’s a great relief until I get into the door and they want me in a wheel chair. I figure it’s faster if I don’t argue, so I sit. Shawn starts to wheel us away but the lady at the desk says I have papers to sign. Why did I bother pre-registering?!?!? Any way, I sign the papers…so much for reading everything before signing, and off we go.

    It’s another eternity up to the second floor sitting in that chair. Who would’ve thought there would be so many bumps inside a building? The labor and delivery doors are in sight and Shawn and I squabble over something that I can’t even recall a detail about other than we squabbled.

    Donna is waiting for me with the nurses at the desk. I ask about a tub room, and I’m in luck, one is free! So I jump up out of the chair and ask to be pointed in the right direction. The hospital crew gets a good chuckle out of that. We get to the room and I get out of my clothes and into a gown. It takes a bit; I think I had like 4 contractions while I was in there. I leave my sports bra on, I didn’t wear one with Erin’s delivery and I found it a little uncomfortable to have the girls just hanging out.

    I had sent Shawn back downstairs to move his truck since he parked right up front and of course that’s a fire lane. He gets back up there as they are hooking the monitors up to me. I tried to convince the nurse to wrap them around me while standing up, but she said I had to be in the bed. It’s 3am now and Donna comes in to check me, I’m between 8.5 and 9 cm and 100%, with a bulging bag of water. It’s almost baby time!! Good thing they fired up the warmer as we came in the room.

    She asks me how I want to labor. I look at the birthing ball that Shawn so thoughtfully replaced for me after an incident with a broken glass popped my first one. I quickly dismiss that idea though…it’s just another form of sitting and I’m so not feeling that. So I flip over in the bed and drape my arms over the top and kneel there. I found my spot. I labor there through a couple of contractions while Donna runs out to check on another laboring Mother.

    When she comes back I’m really feeling the urge to push. She tries to check me again, but it’s hard at the angle I’m laboring. She says I can give it a test push, and I decide to wait through two or three more contractions, just to be sure. After the third one I bear down and well, remember my stats when I came in? Yep, at first I’m thinking, “Can that be his head?” then gush, my water breaks all over the bed. Out comes the plastic, a little after the fact. At least at some point before that I had already shed my hospital gown because that could’ve been really uncomfortable.

    It’s baby time. I ask if I can have him from the position I’m currently in and Donna’s all for it. Shawn wants to know how I’ll be able to hold Connor while the cord pulses out though. I try to envision myself managing that and decide I need to flip before he’s born. So I roll to my left side and get ready to push. Three pushes and his head is out, two more and here comes the rest of him. His cord is around his neck but he rotates beautifully on his own and slips it off.

    My little man snuggles on my chest, while the cord pulses out. Shawn’s mother didn’t make it to the hospital in time (which is funny because my mother tried to be there for Erin’s birth and didn’t make it in time) so Donna does the honors of cutting the cord. Shawn’s just not comfortable with it and that’s fine with me.

    Connor Douglas was 8lbs 12 oz and 20.5 inches long. He’s absolutely perfect, and I couldn’t have asked for a better birth experience.
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    I'll try to make this short while I have a few minutes.
    Friday the 4th I was still 3 cm dilated, 40% effaced and at -2 when I begged my doc to induce. She told me to be at the hospital ast 5pm Sun. At the hospital they put the cervix medicine in and told me that since I was already having contractions that I may not even need the pit. A few hours later I started to get painful contractions. After that, everything else was a blur. They gave me an ambien and I was in and out of conciousness with pain until 7 am when my doc came to break my water (weirdest feeling ever), after that I remember lots of pain and squeezing my mom and DH's hands. During all of this I can only assume I dilated and effaced to some degree, but everything but the pain was hazy. Eventually I asked for the epi. This was something I really didn't want to do, but I had been in pain for so long that I gave in. I felt better immediately, but an hour later it wore off on the right side and made my left side so numb I couldn't feel it. This really freaked me out, I don't like being numb in the first place. A little while later I asked them to do something about it and they brought the anethesiologist back in. The same thing happened again though, so I continued to feel everything on my right side. By this time I had been in labor for 23 hours. They checked me and told me I was 9 cm dilated, still -2 and I had gone from 90% effaced back to 40% due to swelling. That was my breaking point. In complete tears I told them to just take him out (my worst fear). I was exhausted and couldn't take it anymore. They bumped me up ahead of the other c-sections and wheeled me away. I was in and out of conciousness through most of it due to exhaustion, but my heart lept when I heard him cry. DH stood up to go to where they were weighing him and caught a good glimpse of my insides and they finally brought him to me for a kiss. After that I was pretty much out for the rest of the surgery. I remember my doc telling me that I would have never given birth to him vaginally as my hip bones weren't seperating for some reason. She also told me that I have all the pain of having given birth vaginally and having the c-section and to expect a lot of pain. She wasn't kidding, it's made it harder to heal and get around, but I would have gone through it a million times if it got me my boy. Now for the eye candy:

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    Talking Olivia Grace's Birth Story

    I'll start with the Monday before I had Olivia Grace or Livie as I like to call her. I went in on Monday for a check-up and she was weighing 9lbs 2oz. The doctor said he was still a little nervous to induce me before the 38 week mark so he sent me over to the L&D to get an NST because of my blood pressure being a little bit high. Everything went great on the NST so he sent me home on bed rest for the rest of the week and told me to come back on Thursday morning. So I went back Thursday morning (DH's birthday!) and got another ultra sound and the baby was weighing "off the charts". He told me to be at L&D the next morning to get induced. That next morning which was Friday 12-13-07 (38 weeks exactly) I got hooked up and started on the pitocin by I would say 7:30am. They checked me and I was already between 4-5 centimeters and 75% effaced. They went ahead and gave me my epidural because he said I would probably go fast, and I did. At about 12:30 I was ready for another epidural! I was in horrible pain and they were right on top of each other. The doctor was gone to lunch so I had to wait on him to get back. By the time he got back I was crying it hurt so bad! As soon as he came in he redosed my epidural and said he was going to check me real quick and then run do a quick surgery and then come back and hopefully start pushing. Well I was already at 10 centimeters and she was on her way out. I had to start pushing before my epidural ever kicked in so it never worked! I only pushed for about 15 minutes before they had to cut me because she just couldn't quite get out. I was begging for him to cut me by the time he did. Right after he did she made her grand entrance into the world at 1:52 pm weighing 9lbs 12oz and 19.5 inches long and absolutely beautiful! She had nothing on her mind other than eating though. As soon as they layed her on my stomach I tried to touch her cheek and she grabbed my finger with both hands and stuck it in her mouth. It was priceless! She still just as greedy now . The not so fun part was when the doctor had to stitch me up and I could feel every bit of it due to the epidural not working. The good part of it not working is that I can remember everything so clearly. I was a very quick and uneventful labor thankfully.
    Madalyn Aleese - 1-7-04
    Olivia Grace - 12-14-07
    Katherine LeeAnn - angel in Heaven since 5-19-06


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    Default Isabel Donovan's Birth Story

    Better late than never...
    Isabel Donovan
    Born 12/26/07 at 9:24 am
    7 lbs 4 oz

    Isabel Donovan’s Birth Story

    On Christmas Day, I was tired and my lower back was sore. My mother-in-law and husband both said I looked like I was about to go into labor. I don’t know how they could tell. My mother-in-law predicted that I would have the baby that day or the next. All day I was having a little bit of bloody discharge, but not a lot.

    Since I was so tired I took a nap around 4:00. I woke up at 6:30 pm feeling crampy. I went to bed at 11:00 pm. I started waking up at 12:45 am feeling uncomfortable and having more painful cramping sensations. I kept going into the bathroom to try to pee, or something, to relieve the feeling, but it wasn’t working. I think I was in and out of the bathroom 10 times, at least. I kept telling myself I should just try to get some sleep, but I was too uncomfortable. Around 4:00, I was sure that I was definitely in labor and having real contractions, but I couldn’t time them. They seemed to come in waves of a whole bunch all in a row, and then a break for ten minutes, and then another wave. Before long I was not able to stay in bed during the contractions and had to get up and move around. Obviously my husband woke up whenever I got up so he knew what was going on.

    At 6:30 we decided to get up. My mom was already awake downstairs. I was still somewhat in denial I guess. My mom and husband thought I should call my midwife but I thought it was too early since I had only really been in labor for a couple of hours. At 7:00 my husband called for me and made me talk to her. She had just gotten home from a birth, and said she wanted to check me right away so she could go back home and get some sleep before things got serious. She figured I would probably be able to go back home as well. We planned to meet at her office at 7:45. I got in the shower, and after while I was in there, the contractions got quite strong and very frequent. I still wasn’t able to time them for some reason. I couldn’t really tell when one ended and the next started. It wasn’t so much painful, as just overwhelming and exhausting to get through each one. After my shower I couldn’t really handle anything. My husband had to pretty much dress me. I got mad at him for making me do stuff and said I needed to go back to bed. I actually did get back in bed for a minute, but he could tell we really needed to get to the midwife to see how far along I was.

    Back downstairs, my whole family was awake, but I don’t remember a heck of a lot. I had to wait for each contraction to pass before I put on my boots and coat, but I couldn’t find a coat so I just wore some random one. Between contractions, we walked out to the car. Um…we had to get gas. !!! So we stopped for gas on the way to the midwife’s office. We got to the office a couple minutes before she arrived and had to wait outside. The contractions were pretty much right on top of each other. When my midwife, Jane, got out of her car she knew right away that I was pretty far along. We got inside finally and she checked me, and immediately said, “Oh, I knew you were going to do this. We need to leave for the hospital RIGHT NOW. You’re 8 centimeters.” OMG!!! She said my water had not broken and the baby was still high, so we would probably make it there in time. AWESOME.

    So we had a very fast drive to the hospital. Jane called ahead that we were coming. We got there at 8:30 and they weren’t ready at all since we got there so fast. I had to put on a stupid hospital gown in the bathroom. Jane checked me again and said I was almost ready to push, but the nurses were still trying to set things up. I remember a lot of running around. My water still hadn’t broken. I had tested positive for GBS, so there was a brief debate about the antibiotics, but Jane decided there wasn’t time. So I didn’t have an IV or any drugs of any kind.

    I started thinking about my position (I was lying in the hospital bed on my back with the head of the bed elevated) and wondered how we could possibly get a baby out of me with the bed in the way. Jane suggested I move to a birthing stool. The nurses quickly got one ready and I had to get up and move to it. That was very difficult.

    As soon as I got on the birthing stool, my water spontaneously broke. Jane said if I felt like pushing, then I should push. I don’t know for how long I pushed, but it seemed like a long time. I think it was only maybe 10 or 20 minutes. I have no idea. A couple of times I was afraid that she was stuck, but Jane assured me that she wasn’t.

    Finally Isabel was born at 9:24 am, only an hour after we got to the hospital and only about 5 hours since I knew I was in labor. She wasn’t breathing when she was born and it took them a few minutes to get her going, but now she is just fine. Her Apgars were 2, 5, and 9. (They did a third one at ten minutes since the first two were so low.) I only had a very tiny tear that did not require stitches (I never even felt it). I didn't vomit, pee, or poo! (Yay!) Izzy and I both had a hard time learning to breastfeed, but things are improving every day.

    Sorry for the novel, and thanks for reading this!

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