~*~*~* Ayelet's (tanismom) Birth Lodge!! ~*~*~*
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Thread: ~*~*~* Ayelet's (tanismom) Birth Lodge!! ~*~*~*

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    Default ~*~*~* Ayelet's (tanismom) Birth Lodge!! ~*~*~*

    Hey Mama! Since you have a history of going early I thought I would start your lodge a bit early too Looking forward to following another birth lodge of yours!
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    Welcome to your lodge!!
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    Welcome to your lodge!
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    Welcome to your lodge!
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    Congrats and welcome!
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    Welcome to your lodge
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    Welcome to your lodge!
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    aaaawwww!!! I just saw this! Thank you so much, Julia! I was actually thinking yesterday that if we had real life birthing lodges these days, I would be ready to go into mine!

    Wow, my 3rd lodge...

    It feels so repetitious to introduce myself again... but things change over 4 years, so I think I can be creative and not just repeat myself! So here goes:

    DH and I have been married for 9 years, we have 3 wonderful children who know exactly how to drive us up a wall! Netanel, DS1 is 7 and although we managed to find him a perfect school for him, where the program is based heavily on Montessori style, with a lot of experiential learning, hikes into nature, planting, carpentry, art, music, etc... he still threw a tantrum this morning right outside the bus with everyone waiting for him and within 5 minutes of him finally getting on the bus, he was fine. Why does he do this? I don't know...

    Odeliya, DD, is 4. She is a self-proclaimed "butterfly dance princess" and she is stubborn and headstrong as can be!

    Yitzchak, DS2 is 2 and started talking a few months ago and doesn't stop! He's also stubborn, hysterically funny and mischievous and likes giving kisses on each cheek!

    Almost 3 years ago, after 7 years of discussions and even more years of dreaming, we picked up our 2 kids and my pregnant belly, most of our books and toys and things, sold or gave away everything else and left NJ to move to Israel.

    We love it here, especially the region we live in which is mostly agricultural land with several scattered tiny little towns (we're talking between 50 and 300 families each!) The town that we live in is called the "capital of the Golan" because it has the most people with a whopping population of ~7800 people! The town itself in situated in the middle of a huge nature reserve and if you walk out of the city in any direction for 10-20 minutes you will reach some spring or stream or another. And you will probably encounter cows and horses pasturing, and if it's towards evening then you'll definitely hear jackals.

    That's a little snapshot of my life and so far I think it looks pretty good!

    I'll post a little more about my previous births and this pregnancy soon. Right now I'm struggling with the stress of getting my kids settled in school and starting to feel - physically and emotionally - the imminence of the the birth.

    In the past I have loved having this resource and the women on this board as support through these last few weeks, and I'm looking forward to that again this time!

    Thanks girls!
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    Welcome & congrats Ayelet!!!

    your description of where you live sounds so different than the east coast of the USA! What a change of life, I remember when you moved there and how I was hoping you would love it!

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    Welcome to your lodge! I love hearing about your life in Israel!
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