18.5week appointment

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18.5week appointment

Hey ladies,

Just wanted to check in and let y'all know that my appointment went great. I tell you, my doc is so awesome. He is still promoting my VBAC and even gave me a few pointers such as doing moderate exercise and kegels to help improve my chance of it going smoothly. Everything is on target, and I am set to go for another appointment in 4 weeks.

Here are the ultrasound shots that I got to take home:

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yay for a great appointment!

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Sounds like a wonderful Doc!!! I'm glad you had a great appointment Biggrin

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Ooo, I love the second shot. Are you finding out about gender or anything?

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Glad to hear it was a good apppointment!

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Thanks gals!

Jooniper, the third shot is the money shot. You can see the turtle right to the left of the + cursor.