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2 questions

Wow I havent been on here in almost 2 years.

Anyways I have a few questions. One is on EPO. I bought some thinking I want to start taking it when I hit 36 weeks to help my cervix out. However I remembered why I did not use it last time. Its because its a blood thinner and I have a bleeding disorder.
Anyways, those who have taken it, have you noticed any more bruising/bleeding or bleeding out after birth? And how many mg per day?
I'm thinking that I would like to still take it, but maybe a lighter dose and only vaginally.

Also how early can you get the Webster's Technique done? I know a local ciro that does it and I want to get my hips fixed up, but is it somthing that you should wait till your full term to do? (havent called the ciro yet) I don't want this little guy coming before 38w+

Thanks ladies.

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I don't know much about EPO and bleeding disorders, but that is one that I would absolutely run by my OB or PCP or Midwife, as you are better safe than sorry if it is something that could impact bleeding.

As to the Webster Technique, I was under the impression that it was for turning breech babies, but maybe I am wrong? I get adjusted by my chiro twice a week at this point as I head into birth, but not specifically the WT as my baby is head down. I'm not worried about chiropractic work causing the baby to come early.


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I'd ask your midwife/dr especially because you have a bleeding disorder.
My experience was that I used EPO with Josiah but not with my previous births and I had more bleeding with my first two than with him, immediate after and the locia. Not sure if it's related or if it depends on the dosage you take, or if it would have been that way no matter what. There were other differences with my first two and my last birth too, so it's hard to pinpoint what caused what. (had an epidural placed with my first, had nubain with my second, Josiah was pain med free but I had pitocin which I didn't have with my first two)

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Crystal! Hi! No advice on your questions, just wanted to say Hi and Congrats! Good to see you around!

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"jooniper" wrote:

Crystal! Hi! No advice on your questions, just wanted to say Hi and Congrats! Good to see you around!

And congrats on your new one on the way Biggrin
I did a bit of lurking on Dec and saw you on there but didn't post anything.

I thought that the websters could be used to help get the baby engaged and prevent a posterior baby, but I need to look into it more. My last baby was full posterior and I want to avoid that if I can.

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I've never heard anything about EPO and bleeding. I've heard some other conflicting stuff about EPO, though--I think one study showed an association with PROM . I've never used it myself--since my first was born a few days before her EDD, I didn't worry too much about it (and my second was born a few days before his EDD as well). I did drink RRLT with my second, though.

As I understand it, the Webster's Technique aligns the pelvis for better baby positioning no matter what position babe is in. I don't think it would cause the baby to engage prematurely, but can aid engagement if pelvic misalignment is preventing it. KWIM?

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I used Borage Oil vaginally with DD1 and that seemed to help ripen my cervix. It might be a viable alternative to EPO for you...I agree with PP, though, that you should check with your practitioner first. Biggrin HTH!

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Well I am just using the EPO now so not sure on the bleeding yet. I just insert it vaginally though. If you are worried about baby positioning I would start going to the chiropractor now even if you do not get the WT. Just regular chiro visits can help with positioning. I started going in my first tri this time where last time I waited until 38 weeks. This time she is in much better position where last time DS was posteroir. I thin k it has helped. Also my chiro says that if baby is in a bad position he has his best success rate and getting them to turn if he starts by 36 weeks. But you do need to see a chiro that specializes in maternity and pediatrics.

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I don't know about epo being a blood thinner, but I do know my chiro suggested starting the webster technique at 30 weeks.

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I guess I'll have to do some more research, but I can't take blood thinners either yet had no problems with EPO last pregnancy. I took 2000mg orally/vaginally for 3.5 weeks before going into labour. Though it did start with ROM, I lost nearly NO blood. My midwife said my tub water was the second clearest she'd ever seen. So it can't be that bad, but I guess that's just my experience.

Definitely look into borage oil. I've heard good things about that, too.

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I have been talking to DH and doing research and it looks like its the prostaglandins in the EPO that acts as a blood thinner. But it would act the same way as Asprin for thinning the blood.
Its really interesting looking into it.

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I highly suggest going to the chiropracter a few times prior to birth. The alignment will be healthy for you and I've never heard anything about it causing premature birth.

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I don't know anything about your question on EPO...even though I used it around 36 weeks with DD...I had no clue it could be a blood thinner!! I'll have to go research that.

But my chiro was doing webster on me every so often I think he did it as early as 28 or 30 weeks (I can't remember exactly) That and a good adjustment is going to open up your pelvis and give baby more room when everything is in alignment. In fact every time I get adjusted the baby definately gets moving around in there. I was constant with my adjustments with last pregnancy and she was never breech...but this pregnancy I've only been a few times and this kid flips constantly.

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I did EPO with Zoe and I bled a lot pp, but I have no other birth to compare it to, so maybe my "a lot" is just normal. The EPO did not help my cervix, but I don't think I took enough.

As for chiro....I haven't done it yet. I've been going to acupuncture, but have not asked her to do any points to turn the baby yet. I'm supposed to begin that tomorrow. I can't tell exactly which way he is facing, but I know he moves around constantly and is often transverse (like right now). About an hour ago, he was straight up and down and I think feet down, but couldn't be certain it wasn't his hands I was feeling on my bladder.