34 1/2 week midwife appointment

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34 1/2 week midwife appointment

I had my midwife appointment today. Everything is looking good. My urine is still good but I lost about a pound so i'm down to 118.6 now. We had a tummy bug go through our house so I think I did pretty good only loosing maybe a pound. Smile My BP was 114/77 so that is still looking good as well. L's heart rate was in the 150's and when he was pushing out I was measuring 33 weeks and when he was more off to the side I measured 30 weeks. So yeah not the most accurate way off measuring if you ask me. lol. He was good a wiggly and he is for sure head down. Exact position is ROA. Told my midwife he likes to keep his hands by his head and she told me I need to make sure to keep telling him he needs to move his hands before he comes. Got all the last paper work stuff to finish feeling out and the last list of what I need to prepare for the birth. We got the birth pool and kit as well so we are basically all set as far as supply's from the midwife goes. Our next appointment is January 5th and it will be our home visit. A few days after that appointment I will be home birth cleared!!!! I can't believe it's getting so close!

Oh I also ended up having an hour and a half of contractions last night that were between 5 and 6 minutes that kept me awake and I needed to change my breathing through. Part was due to my body practicing a little and the other part was I was obviously dehydrated. After drinking 48 ounces of water in 20 minutes it still took me nearly 3 hours to actually have to pee. Beee

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Sounds like a great appt! I'm getting excited for you!

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yay for a great appt! measuring is def. not an exacty science and since you know your babies it's nice that they aren't getting worried...your lodge is right around the corner YAY :)!