35 Week Appointment (xp)

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35 Week Appointment (xp)

Another great one! My mom actually went with me this time. I really just wish she could let loose and enjoy this with me, but it is what it is I guess. She did seem pleased with my MW and really liked her assistant too. Speaking of her assistant, she is a doula (also does placenta encapsulation), and I REALLY liked her too. While my mom and MW were talking she asked me how I was feeling emotionally, and like a big softy I started crying again (are we noticing a common theme yet, lol!), and I told her if I talk too much about it then I will be a raging mess in about a minute.

Then somebody asked my mom if she was going to be there and she nodded yes, and I said "if her schedule permits" which is what she told me. My mom agreed that if her schedule permitted, she would be there. I just can't imagine telling my own daughter that, but I have to be at peace with the fact that we are just different people. Cher (doula/assistant) looked at me at that point and said, "Don't worry... WE will be there with you." That warmed my heart so much... I can't even tell you how that made me feel. She is also going to set up a time to come out between now and my next appointment and do some clearing/healing sessions with me which I feel I am very much in need of.

So BP was 118/72, and baby's h/r was good. We are pretty sure he is posterior, but he seems to do that on long car rides, so I'm not too worried. I also have a HOME-VISIT in two weeks... yay!! My mom seems to think I have dropped in the last day or so, and mentioned it to my MW. It is agreed that this may just be a mid-late August baby. Time will tell, but that is what my "mommy-instinct" is telling me too. I have a feeling my next appointment may just be my last. ONE MORE WEEK and I can stay home to have him... yiipppeee!! I have been having TONS of BH and even some real ctx intermingled in there. And I am getting that whole "pelvic bone is tearing apart" feeling lol.

Anyways, sorry for my book lol. What do you ladies think? I can't tell a difference in these recent pics, but just wondering if you can see something I can't:

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That was so sweet of your doula/assistant to say that to you. I'm sorry it was such an emotional appt. and that your mom has that attitude about being there. I can't believe you are getting so close! These last few weeks have flown by. Its hard for me to tell in the pics if there has been any change. You look great though!

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Sounds like you've got a great pair of ladies taking care of you and baby. Hopefully baby will come at a convenient time for your mom. You're so close! Just a few more weeks!

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I don't think you've dropped at all. The top of your belly is getting rounder, but the lower part is still in the same place.

You have a good attitude about your mom's lackings, and it sounds like you have a great support team. I loved the "we'll be there!" comment.

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You are so lucky to have such a great group of MW to care for you! I am envious! I don't really noticed if you have dropped. I have heard that btdt moms don't drop like first time moms, but I don't really know.

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Yeah that's what I've always heard too about BTDT moms... that you don't normally drop until right before or during labor. I think he is lower in my pelvis a little but not like "dropped" ya know. But that's more just b/c I am getting that pubic pain and stuff that comes near the end. I don't notice anything in the pics.

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I don't notice anything either, but I am glad you are in such wonderful hands!!

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Your MW and her assistant sound so warm and loving. I am glad that they will be there with you too.

I dont see any dropping either :/.

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The shape of your belly has changed a bit but it doesn't seem like you've dropped to me. That's awesome about your midwives! I hope I can find some that are that good. Funny enough with my first I never dropped (I honestly and truthfully think it was because I had too much fluid for him to drop), but with William I dropped at about 37 weeks and had him a little over 2 weeks later, though the biggest drop was about 5 days before I went into labor. So that saying isn't always true. I would be surprised if you had dropped already you are only at 35 weeks, 37 weeks for a second time mom seemed early to my doctor, maybe the baby was in an odd position when they looked at you and thought you had dropped.

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"kridda_88" wrote:

I would be surprised if you had dropped already you are only at 35 weeks, 37 weeks for a second time mom seemed early to my doctor, maybe the baby was in an odd position when they looked at you and thought you had dropped.

Yeah, he was posterior after the car ride yesterday. That could have very well made the difference. It's so cool now that I can recognize what position he's in (sometimes). But they aren't kidding when they say if you feel like you have a belly full of arms and legs all down the front, then baby is posterior. That's definitely what it felt like!

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