36w appt-xp- adding some more

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36w appt-xp- adding some more

Well, almost 36w, but who cares really Wink

Anyway, I regained the pound I lost last week, bringing my pregnancy gain to 1 lb. Don't hate me ladies, I still have all the baby weight from DS and DD + some so I'm happy with little to no weight gain as long as baby is good. BP was higher for me in a pregnancy state, 125/78 I think. Last time it was 108/81. Still, all is well there too. Baby measured 36w which was also good with a hr of 140. Doc confirmed my suspisions that she's facing the right, but hopefully she'll move into position soon, she still has time. I have a feeling that when she does labor won't be far behind. Had the gbs swab and was done, lol. All in all, was really happy with the appt and won't see them for another 2w2d when I'm 38w.

As I was leaving I was once again asked if I had scheduled my c-sec, I told them no.
"oh, you're still planning a vbac?"
"So it was a vag delivery, c-sec and now vbac, right?"
"No 2 c-secs and now vbac"
"Oh you did your consult at 32w?"
"And you're sure you still want a vbac?"

I swear this convo is getting old, but at least its no longer, "You can't do that"


Just recieved a call from the ob who ordered a growth scan a few weeks back, the purpose I assumed was to find something to get me into the OR. He seems to have totally flipped on his opinion of a vba2c and I'm thouroghly confused but pleased. He said that the scan came back fine though her head was measuring about a week behind her abdomin, which he said also looked fine as that is how she was measuring at the 20 week scan and is probably just the way she is. He also said he's going to kick the results up to the high risk obs to make sure they don't want another scan and that they may call me and talk about the risks of a vba2c, but he said that if I feel that strongly about wanting one he didn't see why not and that the UR rate was like .8% (which is what he said last time but only about a vba1c). Maybe he was taken over by aliens. Either way, just wanted to share. Guess it could have also been the info I gave him which made him research it a bit more as well. Hey whatever it was, if it makes him a bit more open minded for the next lady going through wanting a vba2c then its fine by me.

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Woohoo for the doctor changing his tune a bit about vba2c! I bet you've made a difference for other women he cares for.

Sorry you get the same annoying conversation at each appointment but it sounds like it went well otherwise. Not much longer!

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Yippeee! Glad everything is looking good and the Dr is being positive.

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I'm glad he changed his mind!

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I am glad they are at least being somewhat supportive. Just stick to your guns and you will be ok. Smile

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Wow, great news on him being more supportive! That's very refreshing to hear!!! Glad everything went well at the appt!

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Great news Tiff!

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Yay for a good appointment and alien abductions, LOL! Blum 3

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Alien abductions aren't always bad Biggrin

It sounds like things are on a roll for you getting the birth you want!

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better yet, when I talked to my mother the other night she seemed to be supportive, which is even stranger than the doc. My mom is one of those people that thinks once c-sec always c-sec, unless you have a vag birth under your birth belt. I hate bringing it up with her but I really wanted to talk to about the strange doc. I have a feeling that she just didn't want to argue with me as my mind is made up

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I am really glad that your mom is coming around. That is great news!