41 weeks pg and pink eye. wwyd???? x-post

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41 weeks pg and pink eye. wwyd???? x-post

Mallory woke up with a green nose, a scratchy throat and goop around one pink eye.

Why, at almost 41 weeks pg does she have to get pink eye? Cray 2 What do I do? Do I ask Jord for some breastmilk to drop in? Do I use the polysporin rx drops? Do I send her to MILs until she's better?

I'm sad...she was going to cut the cord. I hope this is a short virus but I have a feeling that she won't be able to attend the birth. Cray 2 I might cry...after all the planning she and I did, and all the time we spent reading about birth, talking about birth, learning to cut a cord, and preparing for this week.


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"Pink eye" is a general term for any kind of irritation in the eye and is not necessarily conjunctivitis. It could just be that she's got a bit of a cold or allergies going on that has made it's way to her eye. Most of the time it's not a serious a situation as we've been scared into thinking it is. BM certainly wouldn't hurt if Jordan's got some.

I would look at it this way. If she was sick without the eye gunk, how would you feel? Would you still not want her to be at the birth and/or cut the cord? I think it all depends on how severe she is and your comfort level.

I think if she's feeling up to it and not feeling too cruddy, and you make a real point of instilling how important it is to wash her hands regularly, not touch her eyes, not touch the baby's face, etc, she could probably still be there. Have some hand sanitizer handy and have her use that before and after she cuts the cord especially, and regularily when she touches anything else too.

Just my thoughts, but if I were me I wouldn't exclude her unless she really isn't feeling well and doesn't want to be there.

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I agree with Arty, I think if you are comfortable with it then it should be okay with lots of hand washing etc. I know it would be awful to miss such an event. My first memory is of my sister being born and I think that is truly something special and unique.

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Poor girl. I agree that maybe she could still be at the birth.
Similasan makes homeopathic pink eye drops that we've used for DS and I with great results for any eye irritation.

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So long as she's not coughing up a storm it should be fine to have her around for the birth and to still let her cut the cord. Good hand washing will take care of whatever buggies she's got. I haven't experienced the joy of having sick kids yet but I do remember getting forms of pink eye when I was little. It usually cleared up in a few days. It could be totally gone by the time you go into labor :p.

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DSS (11yo) has been sick for the last week, and heaven forbid he actually remember to wash his hands, remember that kissing the baby/sticking his fingers in his face/sticking his face 2 inches from baby's is not a good idea... even for 30 seconds. I hate to say it, but I'm glad he's going back tohis mom's for a week and hopefully he's cured by the time he gets back!

Given my experience with an older kid, I'd be sorely tempted to have Mallory go to MIL's... but I don't think I would. Being at the birth is too important for a sibling. I would definitely want her there but prep her that she may not be able to cut the cord and see how things go at the time...

In the meantime, I'd try some BM... it's amazing stuff...

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Well, I spoke with my midwife. At the suggestion of a few others I've started her on the Polysporin pink eye drops...at the least, if it's bacterial then she won't be contageous in 24 hours. But it's probably viral. In which case, it's the virus Leo's had for the past week and I probably have started developing immunities to it. It would pass through my milk to the baby.

She also said that being here for the birth is the most important thing for her...and, like SarahSunshine said, she doesn't have to cut the cord, but being here is important. I hope she continues to have good energy levels. Smile

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Why couldn't Mallory wash up and then wear rubber gloves to cut the cord? Doctors and dentists do it all the time.... She could wear a mouth/nose protector too I suppose if she is contagious. You can pretty much choose the time when you cut the cord. I remember Boilermaker waiting a long time with her children before her husband was discharged from hospital to cut their baby Lexi's cord.

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the same thing happened to us when I was about 3 days away from having our 4th. My nephew came down with a horrible virus and both of my older girls started showing signs of it. (this was also when everyone was freaking out about H1N1) My pediatrician just had me up their vitamins and then at the birth they wore masks. My oldest cut the cord and my OB didnt feel she needed to wear gloves. In the end my pedi felt like the worry was for nothing because I was exposed to it and Carson got immunities to it from me in and outside of the womb. My girls both still tell me how amazing it was to be in there and the oldest wrote an amazing essay about her emotions she had that day, so I wouldnt change a thing.