Active baby -midwife mentioned "hospital birth"... advice please!

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Active baby -midwife mentioned "hospital birth"... advice please!

I'm planning a homebirth with this baby. At my midwives appointment last night my midwife and I were talking about how active baby is. Within the last week this baby has been all over my uterus, it went from being head down, to breech, to transverse and it's now head down again. This baby has too much room to move around.

Anyway, my midwife mentioned that if baby keeps up with being this active (and flipping all around) then around 38 or 39 weeks to go into the hospital, try to manually get baby head down and then break my water so that we don't risk a transverse/breech baby or a cord prolapse. I told her that I did not like the sounds of that. I'm not keen on 1) going that early unnaturally; 2) being induced; 3) a hospital birth; 4) not giving this baby a chance to figure out it's position for itself.
This midwife is not my primary midwife, she's my secondary midwife. She will be attending the birth, but really all the shots are called by my primary... but being that my primary midwife is currently on vacation I can't speak to her about this until 37 weeks. I can't see my primary midwife recommending this.

Has anyone heard of this before? Breaking water quickly while baby is in a good position? It just doesn't sit right with me. If baby is this active, then breaking my water isn't going to stop baby from being wiggly!

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I'd be questioning that advice also, if the baby can flip to breech right now then it can also flip back and breech babies can be delivered vaginally so that really shouldn't be a "let's force your body when it's not ready" excuse that will almost guarantee complications. I'd try to text or e-mail the primary midwife and ask about this since you really shouldn't have to wait 4 more weeks to get some answers on it. I think she's nuts.


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Alison, at not even 34 weeks, your baby has LOTS of time to settle into a head-down position. I agree with you that I wouldn't be comfortable with it, and honestly, I wouldn't even entertain the idea. If you're pretty sure that your primary midwife is on board with you, then I would simply tell the secondary midwife "no thank you" and not give it another thought...

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That's totally crazy!!! My midwife said not to spend one minute worrying about positioning until at least 37 weeks...until then, it's much too easy for them to move around to assume anything. Wait until your real midwife is back, and hopefully by then it will be a non-issue anyway.

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I dont have any advice about position, except that it seems really early to be concerned about it, but as someone who was told I need to be induced early on, I would not be too concerned about it. I was told that back in March and have stressed about it since, now I am 39 weeks and it hasnt been mentioned since! A lot can change in a pregnancy in a few weeks, so try to relax, decide what you want to do and stick too it Smile

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My first reaction was "oh heck no!" My son didn't bother turning head down till 33 weeks I think it was? I have no doubt that he still had room to turn all around at 34 weeks! Breaking the water puts you on a clock and baby and body may not be ready for that yet! Plus it's the first step of the intervention road if you're stuck at the hospital at that point. Christa (momW) actually had her last baby turn in the middle of birth and had a surprise breech baby! So to worry already is silly IMO. While turning breech is highly unusual, it's not uncommon to hear of a baby turning head down after labor has started.

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I agree with everyone else, that is some strange advice. I would not give it another thought, especially since your primary midwife will most likely not go that route with you. At my 32 week appointment, my midwife said my baby was horizontal just chillin' but that I should not worry cause there is still plenty of room for baby to flip around. She said not up until you get closer to 37 weeks do we need to worry about trying to flip the baby. Thats another 3 weeks away for you. I would just stick to your normal birthing plan, chances are your baby will go head down with no problems in the next few weeks.

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Thanks ladies!!
I just found it so odd to recommend breaking my water.
Here's hoping this baby stays head down. But if it's bum down, that works too! LOL!

I'm not stressed over it. I just thought it was an odd recommendation, I had never heard of that before. Maybe from an OB, but not from a midwife. Odd.

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yeah, bad advice IMHO. My DS didn't turn head down until after 36 weeks.

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2 of my 3 have flipped after 36 weeks, so I wouldn't worry.

I agree, I'd be very confused about everything, and questionning whether you would even want to keep her as your second - could your primary MW request someone different as your second? We have a couple MW in town and I have specifically requested that one of them is NOT my second. Of course, if there is no other option at that particular point in time, better than now one, but if that happens it's because you are already in labour so you won't have to worry about the beginning of interventions!

As for space and roominess - there's a lot of growing for baby to do between now and 37-40 weeks! Doubt there will be that much room then!

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Um...HUH??? That's all I have to say. It's a very strange recommendation. Never heard of anything like that before, certainly not at 34 weeks.

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that just sound ridiculous. there's such a big difference in babies sizes and their "room" to flip and move between 35 weeks and 39/40 weeks. I've done a lot of reading about what happened in my situation (DD2 flipped breech during labor) and it's not unusual for a 36 weeker to be able to flip suddenly like she did. it just seems silly to even worry about LO's activity at this point unless you were having actual concerns of early labor. :roll:

So, did you ask her about those points you mentioned above?