acupuncture during labor?

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acupuncture during labor?

Anyone try this? I wrote a paper about it in college (when I was considering being a midwife) and I asked my acupuncturist yesterday about it. She does not do it, but her partner does.

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Nope, never done it but I have read lots of good things about it as well as TENS.

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Nope, but I had acupuncture to try and PUT me into labor with DD...didn't really work for me the first time, but I think it helped the second time. Smile I'm not sure I could stay still long enough during my birthing time to actually keep the needles in my skin...they tend to pop right out of me if I'm not still. Lol

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I know my acupuncturist does it (she is also a doula). I obviously haven't done it (this being my first) but would definitely consider it.