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It is no secret that these last weeks of pregnancy are tough for even the most optimistic among us! I'm compiling some affirmations to rely on in particularly emotional moments - and maybe as a bonus I can even "calm" the baby out!

Here is what I've been saying:

"My baby will let me know as soon as he is ready to come."

"My body is healthy and growing the perfect-sized baby for me to easily deliver."

"I am ready to labor and become a Mother."

"My due date is just a guess and I won't be pregnant much longer."

Any other ideas????

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I have a whole deck of birthing affirmation cards my friend gave at my Blessing Way to me prepare for the twins' birth. I hung them all around the room where my birthing tub was on the chair rail - they were right at eye level and I would soak at night and neditate on all the words.

  • I know how to take care of myself in pregnancy.
  • My body knows how to give birth.
  • My baby knows the true birthday.
  • Birth is safe for me and my baby.
  • My baby will be born at the perfect time.
  • My body knows when to give birth.
  • I am a good mother.
  • My baby will find the perfect position for birth.
  • I love my baby.
  • My baby loves me.
  • I am a strong woman.
  • Contractions help to bring my baby.
  • I will make the right decisions for my baby.
  • My pregnant body is beautiful.
  • My baby senses the peace I feel.
  • I accept the help of others.
  • My baby's head fit snuggly into my pelvis.
  • I accept my labor and birth.
  • I am surrounded by those who love and respect me.
  • I trust my body.
  • I know how to take care of my baby.
  • My baby feels my love.
  • I will make plenty of breast milk for my baby.

This lady even makes some:

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are you religious?

"let go and let God" (or any other higher power) or Let go and let ____ (baby, universe, perfect timing something like that)

Yours are great and Erika list is nice and extensive. Maybe we should put affirmations blended with a sticky/resources list i'm sure i'll be coming back to these in a few months

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These are all great suggestions! Will you have any on an ipod or anything like that Jasmine?

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Krystal, I'm unsure. We're bringing some tribal music on an iPod + dock, but I kinda tend to think I'll do best with silence.

One of my friends found that some of the hypnobirthing tracks didn't quite work for her - she wrote out her own affirmations and had her husband read them over some ambient/new-age style music for laboring. I thought that was a cool idea!

And Erika, thank you. I'm making cards - I think the one about "the baby knows his true birthday" was especially what I need today Biggrin