Almost 31 Wk Appt (XP)

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Almost 31 Wk Appt (XP)

I do have to say my MW is a little (okay, a LOT!) disorganized and perpetually late lol, but the way she plays with DD, her competency/confidence and her personality overall, completely makes up for it!! Today I got to meet her apprentice as well. The apprentice is one of those people that talks over you, and if you try to get a word in, she just talks louder (haha!), but she is really sweet and just extremely excited about what she has to say I think. I told her she could mash around on my belly and poke me and prod me if she wanted. She seemed excited about that too... like she was waiting for the go-ahead. They had toys and animal crackers for DD, and they let her play with some stuff (like the blood pressure cuff) while they were doing my vitals. I like that they included her so well.

BP was 116/72. I was excited b/c I have felt like it was high or something... especially with DH leaving and I feel like my nerves are shot. Her scale said 202, but I don't know if it is correct. On May 20th at my last OB appointment I weighed 207, and I don't think I have lost anything. She did want me to do the GD test since I have a slight family history of diabetes. I had a very balanced meal this morning (eggs, toast, and cantaloupe) and I was surprised to find that it didn't affect me at all like last time. No shakes, cold sweats, nausea, weakness... nothing! I passed last time, so I am banking that I passed this time too. She said she would have results tomorrow; beats the heck out of trying to get results from an OB's office!! That could take a month or more in my experience. I am measuring 32 weeks which isn't anything abnormal. And she does think that baby is breech at this point, but I am not worried since it is so early. His h/r was in the 160s after the glucola lol.

I think that's everything!! A good appointment overall!!

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Sounds like a good appointment and yep, plenty of time to turn Smile KUP on the GD results, but sounds like you'll be in the clear Smile

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Sounds like a great appointment. I'm so happy to hear that they are so good with DD, that's got to be such a relief. Fingers crossed on the GD, but you're probably just fine.

When do you see her again?

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"momW" wrote:

When do you see her again?

In two weeks Biggrin

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Sounds like a great appt.! I bet the GD will be fine. Those are some fast results too! That is nice they are so good with your DD.

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sounds like a great appointment! I can't wait to take my son on my appts with me Smile

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Sounds wonderful! I think it is great that they are so good with DD. I'm really hoping for that too. Hope that your passed the test!

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That sounds great, and promising for good results on your test. My LO went head down around 34 still have tons of time Smile

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glad you had a good appointment!