Am I forgetting something? And an intro.

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Am I forgetting something? And an intro.

HI! My name is Lynne, I have a 3 year old son, Matthew who was born at 31w4d. I am not happy with the way his birth went and am hoping this time around is completely different.

The cliff notes of DS's birth. I had wanted a natural birth, but wasn't given the opportunity to have one. I know I could've spoken up but I was so scared and they didn't tell me what they were doing. I went into spontaneous preterm labor at 31w3d. I woke up that morning and just didn't feel good. I went to work (at the time I worked for a cleaning company), cleaned a house, even took many breaks because my back hurt. Then went grocery shopping, started dinner, picked up DH at work. Still had back pain, took tylenol, used heating pad, laid on my left side. Nothing got rid of the pain. I wasn't worried about the pain because I always had back pain. I tried having DH crack my back, nothing. Finally at 1130p we put a call into the MW. Walking through the hospital to get to the elevators I started having contractions. When I got to the hospital I was 3cm, I got one dose of steroid shots for DS's lungs. Then got sent into Boston to another hospital with a level 3 NICU. More contractions in the ambulance. I was 5cm by 230am when I got to the hospital. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was given Nubaine (no asking me, just gave it to me), I had no idea what was going on. I thought they were going to try to stop labor and wasn't even sure what Nubaine was. I don't remember much after that. But I was given another steroid shot, started on pitocin and given an epidural (to which I got a spinal headache and the anesthesiologist said it wasn't. At about 7/8 cm my bag of waters was broken. At 228pm, I told DH that I needed to push. DH ran to get the doctor. She came in and said oh yeah you're at 10cm. None of the NICU team was ready, they were called down and just made it. Matthew was born at 232pm on 3/23, he weighed 4lbs 1/2oz and was 16 inches long.

So I've never been this pregnant before since I've made it to 34 weeks I can deliver locally. :woohoo:

Two of the four MW's in the practice know I want a NCB. So I have a lot of questions to ask my MW on Monday. About different "practices" and whatnot. I want to know if I'm missing something regarding the labor process. Since the hospitals version of a birth plan isn't very specific, I want to know beforehand what may or may not happen, KWIM.

In my birth plan I stated I wanted to walk in rooms/halls, sit in recliner, use tub or shower, use heat/cold/massage, listen to special music and use my own pillows under the pain control/positioning section.

So the questions I have are....

When do you typically start internal exams?
If I come in before 37 weeks will you try to stop labor?
How long can I labor at home? (I live about 30 min away from the hospital so I dunno what she will say about it)
How long after my EDD will you allow me to go before talking induction?
If I need to be induced what do they use?
Do I need to have an IV? Can I have a hep-lock instead?
Am I allowed to eat/drink during labor?
Do I have to have continuous monitoring or can I have intermittent monitoring?
Will you break the bag of water or can she be delivered in the caul? If you break it can it be after 7/8 cm?

Are the other MW's on the "same page" as you regarding these questions? Or do I need to ask everyone what their practices are? Or is it hospital practices?

Thank you if you made it this far.

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Sounds like you've got a lot of great questions already!
Since you are in a hospital is it guarenteed that you will see a MW whenever you arrive (is there always one on-call) or is there a possibility you will have to be attended by an OB is a MW isn't available? I was suprised that there wasn't always a MW on duty at the hospital I had DS at and only saw mine for the 1st hour. No one ever told me about that, I was so upset, so it might be something you ask just to be sure.

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One of the four midwives are always on call or already at the hospital for their patients. They do consult with an OB if needed.

This is copied from their website ...

Ninety percent of our patients are delivered by their own doctor or midwife and we consistently score in the top 4 percent nationwide for patient satisfaction.
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Great to see you here, Lynne!!

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great list! here are a few others you might consider asking as well:

-do you induce for "big baby"?
-how long after my water breaks would you be comfortable going without intervention?
-under what cirumstances would you use internal monitoring?
-under what cirumstances would you do episiotomies?
-do you do a lot of births with pushing out of bed?
-do you encourage mother-led pushing?
-do you practice expectant management of the third stage? (delayed cord clamping, skin-to-skin, no pitocin)

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With my doc, I tend to take the route of giving him my preferences and seeing what he says, rather than worrying about hospital "policy". For example, an IV is routine where I have my babies, but if I don't need one, I'm not even going to worry about it beyond putting it in my birth plan.

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Welcome and congrats! I'm really surprised with your first birth- it doesn't sound like they did much to slow it down. I'm so glad you made it so far this time- I had a lot of the same problems last time (crampy back ache leading to preterm contractions at 28 weeks) so I ran the full gamut of things they do to keep babies in longer (in the end I think he would have stayed put a while anyways, but, you don't take risks like that that early.) In truth, though he did end up not coming early, I don't know how much I attribute it to their efforts to stop labor. In most cases, it seems like if the baby is coming, there isn't a ton you can do beyond maybe buy yourself a day or two for the steroids to help those lungs.
Anyways, looks like you have a great list of questions there and with what PP have posted.