any good video suggestions?

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any good video suggestions?

I went searching for video of natural child birth online last night and found a few that used hypnosis (all were water births except one where they chose not to show the pushing). The other hospital births looked awful in terms of the mother's discomfort. We're talking screaming bloody murder (not the grunting and moaning). I watched them with Zoe and she loved the water births (I am even sadder now that I can't have one) but was upset by the screaming mom hospital one. I had explained to her that she came out that way too and when she saw the mom screaming, she said, "I sorry Mommy. I hurt you Mommy." Sad

Of course I explained to her that it only hurt a little bit b/c I had medicine when she was born. But anyway, back to my initial question......I'm wondering if any of you have come across any good NCB videos that are not "scary" and are not water births. I would really like to see different pushing positions, etc.

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I borrowed BOBB (again), "Orgasmic Birth" and "Birth as we know it" from my midwife a few weeks ago. They have both water and non water births in them. My midwife is actually in Orgasmic Birth, which she didn't mention ~ so weird to see her on screen all of a sudden.

If you are looking for things for your child there are some great books out there,

Welcome with Love by Jenni Overend
The night you were born by Wendy McCormick
Mom and Dad and I are having a Baby by Marianne Maleki
Happy Birthday! by Robie Harris (geared towards hospital birth)

I borrowed those from her as well and my kids loved them.

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I think I may watch BOBB again via instant Netflix. I think DH watched it with me last time, but I can't remember. I'd also like for him to watch as well.

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Oh darn, I was all set with a recommendation until you said no water births (there's one I watch over and over because I find it SO inspiring and exactly what I would hope for myself. I posted it on here a couple of months ago.) We watched a few really good non-water hypnosis births in my HB class, but I don't know where they were from. If I come across anything, I'll pass it along...actually, I'll ask my instructor, she's on my FB.

ETA: Oh yeah, she recently posted this link to the new Hypnobirthing channel on YouTube:

I know you're doing -babies not -birthing but for this kind of thing I'd think it would still be relevant to you! I haven't watched them all but I think it's a mix of water and non water.

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I just typed in homebirth on you tube and got some. Mostly they are waterbirths though. Hawkes likes watching births and I wanted him to see some gentler births and found some good stuff. Maybe type in hypnobabies on you tube. Yeah BOBB has some good birth imagery as well. We just keep it on our instant netflix cue.

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"jooniper" wrote: was a pretty good one.

Wow...those were some serious close-up shots of her hoo-hoo. That doesn't seem like it would be the most comfortable position, but I guess you never know until it happens. She seemed to handle it pretty well and didn't appear to be straining at all.

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DD's midwife had some films especially for her stepson to watch and he enjoyed them. You might ask around for some of those to borrow.

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if you type "birth" into youtube you can get some great birthing positions! Some of them are natural births in hospitals (women squating and standing..) and some are home births. The nice thing about youtube is you can avoid the water birth ones! Smile

I LOVE Youtube when I'm feeling birth inspired!

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Hypnobabies has a YouTube channel:

Here's a Hypnobabies birth on a birth stool (she's naked in some parts, FYI):