any other fast laborers?
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Thread: any other fast laborers?

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    Default any other fast laborers?

    I spoke to both my OB (before I left her care last month) as well as my doula about "going fast." My first labor was 4 hours with an epi (which often slows things down). Since it is common for second births to go faster than the first and I do not plan to request an epi this time, I suppose that could mean a very short time between "I'm feeling kinda off" and "I'm ready to push."

    Everything you read about NCB suggests to labor at home as long as possible, but I know if I wait until I am having fast and heavy contractions, I will NOT be willing to get in the car and will end up having an unplanned and relatively unassisted HB. My doula suggested calling her and heading to the hospital as soon as I feel the first signs of impending labor.

    Anyone else have experience with this?
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    My first birth was fast, but not so terribly fast that I would have suddenly had the baby in a taxi! I didn't want to be sent home and so waited a while before heading to the hospital. (Hospital was it, no choice back then!) My water broke about 6-7am and around 9:30am our landlord drove us down to the hospital, a 30 minute drive in traffic. DS was born at approximately 11am. It was fast enough that I couldn't figure out what stage I was at and how to breathe properly. I had asthma problems and that certainly was no help.

    With DD, I awoke at 4am and felt I needed to get to the hospital early in case things went even faster this time. Once again we were without a car, so our neighbor drove us down to the hospital (and kept DS overnight). We got there around 5-6am. DD was quick to come, but somewhat slower to arrive than DS had been. I was not feeling well and wasn't on top of things. My water did not break early this time. She was born around 11am as well.

    In both cases I was up and walking a few hours later, happy and healthy.
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    Lurking and curious about this too! My first wasn't TOO fast, 9 hours from water breaking to baby, but only 6 hours of contractions, they didn't start right away.
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    I'm in the same boat, and wondering how long I should stay home. My first birth experience was 4 hours, start to finish, with my water breaking 20 minutes before birth and only ten minutes of my body pushing. But, it was ten years ago, and I'm wondering how things will be this time.

    My OB recommend the same basics he recommended for others (go in when pressure waves are 4-5 minutes apart, about one minute each, and hard enough I have to breathe through them), but said to trust my body as well.

    I am 37 weeks, and will be having this one anytime in May. I guess I'll know in a few more weeks. Hope the above info was at least some help to you- and I'm interested to know what you decide and how it goes.
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    Well, I am a fast birther. DD was here in 4 hours. However, I am planning a homebirth, so I am not sure what I would do if I had to decide labour had started and head into the hospital.

    Well, one thing I am doing this time is familiarizing myself with my cervix. I'm hoping it helps somewhat when it comes time to call my mw's. Maybe it might give me a little insight. That's something you could try.

    Or maybe instead of waiting til waves are 5min. wait til they are 8-10 min apart?

    Ask your Doula to help you make that decision at home, then go with you into L&D. Rather than calling her and having that decision made over the phone.

    And, my best advice is to prepare yourself for an accidental UC. Just in case.

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    My first 3 children were induced. With all 3 though, the second my water broke I was ready to push and probably only pushed for 5-10 minutes each time. It didn't matter if I was dialated to 6 or 8 at the time water broke. When my water broke with my third, the doc checked me and said it would be awhile and left the room. I begged him to stay cuz I knew my body...he wouldn't. 5 minutes later, the nurse delivered my daughter. With my 4th and last, I went into the whole thing super nervous. I had a new doc and told her my biggest fear was her not being there for delivery. I know she planned on doing everything she could to not miss it. Nature had other plans though...

    I woke up and had the urge to go #2. I tried and couldn't. I noticed some spotting on my panties and then realized they were damp. I went into my bedroom and felt the bed and it was kinda wet. It kinda freaked me out cuz like I said, after my water breaks it's usually only minutes later. BUT...I wasn't feeling what I considered contractions, I just felt the need to go #2. I called my doc and she didn't think it was anything to worry about. This was about 6:15 am. She had just checked me a day or two before and I was high and thick, not dialated at all. I was nervous though cuz of the spotting, which has never happened before. So I told the doc I would feel better heading to the hospital and getting checked, even if it was a waste of time. While I was getting dressed, that urge to go #2 was getting worse. My contractions have never bothered me with my other kids. I have never gotten an epideral, cuz the only time I hurt was when pushing. This "bowel pain" was really starting to kill me on the way to the hospital and it was happening more often. I started crying and hubby was freaking. He kept saying, I think you are in labor, and I kept saying, labor isn't like this. We got to the hospital approx 8 am and I couldn't walk or talk. As soon as I stood up to get on the exam table, my water broke the rest of the way. I was still in jeans and my sweater. With hubby's help I ripped off my jeans, and got checked real quick. I was 7 already. In the short time it took her to wheel the bed to the delivery room, I started yelling that my skin was tearing cuz it felt like it and they checked again, and I was 10. I wasn't undressed, I had no IV, no monitors, nothing. My son was born at 8:22 am.

    So from my expierience, I say go if you feel anything. It may be a waste of time, but you never know what's going on. The ONLY reason I went, was cuz of seeing blood. Had I not seen it, I guarantee our baby would have been born at home or in an ambulance.

    I had already decided I wanted to stop at 4 kids, but if I hadn't, I would still be done. That last one was way too fast for my liking and scarey!

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    I've been wondering this too - since this is my first I have no idea what to expect and depending on the traffic, we are about 45ish minutes from our hospital and DH is very nervous about that. I don't plan on going in too early but I don't want to wind up having a baby in a car. It's something I guess I will talk with the midwives about a bit later on, I still have a few months to go!
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    Yeah I would call the doula and have her come over right away to help you decided. I am having a hb, but wondering the same since my mw is a two hour drive away. My irst was not super fast, but fast for a first. It was 7 hours from contractions till pushing and all of that was super intense. I could not imagine wanting to get in a car during that. Also he was posterior and four hours of that was stalled labor. So it was actually only 3 hours of progress. My mom keeps warning me this one will be much faster.

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    My first labor was 14 hours from water-breaking to holding baby. So I was expecting that my second would be 10ish or so hours. Well I felt my first contraction at 3am and had my baby girl in my arms just before 8am so only 5 hours. My husband and mom had to force me to leave to the birth center around 6:30am which was 30 mins away. I was thinking I would have a long way to go and was afraid og getting there too early, well turns out I was a 9 and fully effaced when we got there and had her less than an hour after stepping in the door! So

    "Well, one thing I am doing this time is familiarizing myself with my cervix. I'm hoping it helps somewhat when it comes time to call my mw's. Maybe it might give me a little insight. That's something you could try.

    Or maybe instead of waiting til waves are 5min. wait til they are 8-10 min apart?

    Ask your Doula to help you make that decision at home, then go with you into L&D. Rather than calling her and having that decision made over the phone.

    And, my best advice is to prepare yourself for an accidental UC. Just in case. "

    I totally agree with everything JorgieGirl said
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    My first Labor was 11 hours, my second was ONE! lol ok, I guess you could say it was an hour and a half. (8:30 to 10:10)
    My third labor was a couple of hours of prelabor and two hours at the hospital. The last was a whopping eight hours. But I was in a horrid place mentally and I think I made it go slower because I fighting it.
    I experiance what is called prodromal labor. Which means I walk around at 5 or a 6 for weeks before hand. I ended up just using the guideline of "go to the hospital when I couldn't talk through contractions".
    I also ditto what JorgieGirl said with a bit BUT...
    Remember that the position you have to get into to check your own cervix (all hunched over) will push your baby further into your cervix which will make it spread. So you may think you are at a 5 but laying flat you will probably only be at a two or three. I also suggest (and I learned this the hard way) NEVER tell hospital staff that you checked yourself. You will get lectured to kingdom come. Never mind they tell you to have sex with your husband and his penis is probably WAY dirtier than your freshly washed hands, they will still tell you how dangerous it is.
    I never check how far apart contrax are because I have them about 3 min apart for a month, but I really do go by the old adage of call when you cant talk through them (or if you are weird like me and can talk through all of them. Go when they are a minute apart lol). I really do think its one of those things you have to listen to your body about. Labor is so different from woman to woman that what will work for me, might not be the right sign for you.
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