Anyone else "lurk" on their old birth lodges?

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Anyone else "lurk" on their old birth lodges?

:oops: Now that Weston's first birthday is only a couple weeks away, I'm reading my birth lodge over again. I'm just loving reading about what was going on, how I was feeling, reading all the wonderful support I was getting. Almost makes me want to do it again.... almost. This mama is done (I'm 44 tomorrow!) but I'm so glad I have that journal to remind me of what was. With Tiven's pregnancy I kept a weekly journal, but couldn't seem to make the time for that with Weston's pregnancy, so it was great to document those last weeks. Anyone else do this?

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I hadn't thought of it, but now I went back and found it. Mine was super short- I only made it 6 days into my lodge and I didn't do much updating afterwards. Still, fun to read. Good idea!

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I have re-read DD's a few times, but have not looked back at DS's yet. I'm sure I will, though.

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I actually hadn't been here in awhile and came on just to look for dd's lodge lol. I'm getting baby feverish but I'm pretty sure we are done:(