Audra -- hope you're OK!

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Audra -- hope you're OK!

I saw that the wildfires near you doubled in size overnight! :shock: I sure hope your home isn't in danger. Sending lots of good thoughts for you & your state.

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Oh no! Thinking of you today!

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Thanks, friends. The fires here are CRAZY! Luckily, our home is not in any danger.....we are just getting lots of smoke (still.) It is just so so so dry here, that fires are starting almost daily (from lightning strikes, mostly....)

32,000 people were evacuated in Colorado Springs--and a few thousand here in my city-- but those are only 2 cities and there are (at last count) 13 fires burning in the state.

We just really really need some rain-- but likely won't see these fires go out until the fall or winter. So sad how it is changing the landscape of some of our favorite parks and destroying so many homes......

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Glad you are okay Audra! We have a pretty good sized fire here where I live too. Several others burning as well and predicted dry lightening today, so most likely some more if that is true. Hope we both see some rain and get these fires put out!

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Yikes--so glad you're both OK! My SFIL has a 2nd home (plans to retire there) that was SERIOUSLY threatened in last year's Monument fire here in AZ, and then seriously threatened again by the mudslides that followed after the rains did come and there was no vegetation to hold the mountainsides up anymore. It's scary! One of his elderly neighbors had a huge boulder wash right through their house, completely destroying it. So sad.

Hope you all continue to stay safe!

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Glad to hear you guys are ok. I thought of you when reading about this in the news.

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Yikes! I watched the fire coverage on the news last night - even the fire experts seem baffled at the behavior and speediness of that fire!! I hope you guys continue to stay safe!