Aw! The way it should be!

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Aw! The way it should be!

So, my best friend gave birth at a birth center (same one as emansmom) a week ago. She just got around to writing her birth story and sending it to me.

I won't post the whole thing, because that wouldn't really be appropriate, but, my favorite line was this:

It was amazing Mara, all they (the midwives) did was listen to me, talk with me, encourage me, and they knew just by how I was acting and the noises I was making that it was time! They NEVER examined me!

Sigh, doesn't that just bring tears to your eyes? I'm so happy for her because her first birth was basically an induction after her water breaking and having no contractions.

I know during my DD's birth one of the things that annoyed me the most was being checked. Anyway...I just wanted to share that.... I'm just so happy for her. Smile

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It is definitely a whole different story when people listen to you. That is just wonderful!! I am so happy she got everything she desired!!! TFS!

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So glad she had such a great experience!!! The Greenhouse is such an awesome Birth Center Smile Tell her to send it in so they can post it on the GBC website, then I can read it too!;) Love me a good birth story lol

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Congrats to your friend! I'm glad she had a wonderful birth. Next time, I want a provider who really won't do vaginal exams unless I ask for them.

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I'm so glad your friend has such a great experience!

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Glad your friend had such a great experience!

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What a great experience for your friend. I wish more birth could be like that!

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That's so wonderful and encouraging. I'm really hoping that that's how my midwives will be. From what I have seen so far, it seems likely. They said that they'll be as hands off as I want them to be. Yay for your friend having a wonderful birth!