Awesome HBA2C video.

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Awesome HBA2C video.

This is a beautiful video of one mothers journey to a homebirth. By the end I couldn't help but cry - her joy was nearly tangible & her husbands reaction is fantastic. I love stories like this.

Cesarean vs. VBAC: A Dramatic Difference from Alexandra Orchard on Vimeo.

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this is one of my favorites as well! And the reason I like it is that it doesn't paint a c/s as gloom and still shows what a joyous occasion it is for mom and dad to meet their little ones and the music is good through it. But OMG - the waterbirth - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

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BEAUTIFUL!!!! I was in tears the whole time!! Tears of sadness when it showed her so drugged when big sis was holding little sis in the hospital and then tears of absolute joy watching that homebirth! Her hubby is just amazing!!! Love when he tells the baby "your momma is one in a million" thanks so much for sharing Smile

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I lost it when she was knocked out from painkillers and didn't see her girls meet. Beautiful. And the letter was perfection.

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I have seen that before.... it is a really good one! It's so wonderful that she could have such a happy ending (if that was her last baby). Smile

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I'm only 3 minutes in and I've been bawling since the shot of the baby being pulled out from the first c-section. I guess I still have some sad feelings from my daughter being subject to the same thing.. plus pregnancy hormones... haha

ETA: Finished the video and I'm a wreck! I had the same feelings of, "I did it!" "I pushed out my baby!"

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I can hardly stand to watch the babies being pulled out during the c-section. And some people think that a vaginal birth is traumatic? Yikes.
Such a sweet video. Definitely made me cry.

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wow crying here as well.....

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Thank you so much for sharing this. I had not seen it before. Seeing those babies pulled from her during the Cesarean was awful, but the end was great. I love her reaction! I cried!

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Wow that really hit home for me. Thanks so much for sharing. Smile

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I wish I had video of my c-sections. The only thing I have of Tiven's birth is other people's stories and a scar. Sad Weston's was better but even though I was awake that time, I still didn't get to witness his birth because they wouldn't lower the curtain far enough. He was completely out by the time I saw him. At least I have a picture of him being born.

How long is the video? My work has that site blocked & we have dinosaur dialup at home so it could take a while to download.

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It goes through all 3 of her births. It is fairly long.

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wow that just reinforces the desire to have a home birth for me, but I'll get that on 'accident'. That was just beautiful. I loved how hands on DH was esp in the waters. I might just have DH watch that. It was horrible seeing those babies being pulled out like that. I doubt he watch either of ours coming out, he was to worried about me both times.

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well I had DH watch it and during the c-sec he was "yeah that's old, that's not how yours went. There were no instruments like that." "They were being careful with that baby"
I was like "huh? Careful? The stomach isn't made to birth babies"

Then we got to the hb which he said nothing. When I asked him about it he said he didn't care where we gave birth as long as we had access to life saving instruments as he wanted every one to live. He has a real fear that birth is going to kill me or baby and I don't know how to get him past this. He does this every time we have a baby.