Baby's Position

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Baby's Position

I know I have PLENTY of time but today at my appointment my midwife said that baby was already head down :woohoo: My thing is, what are the chances that she'll turn from now until when it'll really matter? She was breech at my ultrasound (at almost 18 weeks) and now I'm going on 27 weeks. I was never worried about her positioning I just figured I'd ask. I just don't want her to turn, haha, she can stay nice and content right where she is. Her back is also outward so that's a good position too?

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I can't provide any statistics but I can offer that my little lady was breech at my 20 week U/S and was confirmed head down by my MW at my 32 week appointment. I'm almost positive she's been that way for at least the last month. I asked the very same question to my MW and she said that if baby were to switch I would probably notice as it's already getting pretty cramped in there. In the past few weeks I've been able to tell how she's situated pretty easily. Have you checked out the website It has a great description of belly mapping and techniques to encourage baby to switch to/stay in the optimal position.

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I'll have to check that out. I had a feeling she was head down with her butt out. I had been feeling movements that would explain that position so I was glad to hear from the MW that was indeed her position.

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My LO has been head down since my 20 week US and still is in that position. Just more anecdotal evidence for you.

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Mine was head down at my 28 and 30 week appointments. Hoping s/he stays there! My first was breech (and no one knew until I was almost ready to deliver) so I worry about it a bit.

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I don't remember the exact statistics and don't have time right now to go search, but I think it's something like up to 10% of babies can be head down at 32 weeks but by the time 37-38ish weeks comes along, only about 3-4% are breech. Again, I can't remember the exact numbers, but babies can flip again and again until the end.

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I meant to respond to this earlier today but the site was acting funny.

I think that at 27 weeks it's not horribly important that they be head down. It's helpful, and they usually stay that way once gravity has done it's job. You can check out to learn about ways to keep baby in a good position for birthing!

Your baby's position inside you is very important to the kind of birth you will have. And, yes, your baby's back facing outward from your stomach is a great position for birth!

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At just shy of 39 weeks Gabriel was head down. Two days later he turned transverse. A few hours later he was head down again! I was told that until they engage they can flip, but once they're head down they usually stay that way. Btw, in those two days I had a stomach virus and I think that had something to do with him flipping...