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been MIA

I've been MIA for a very long time from these forums, but I'd like to join in now that I'm due with my 3rd this month. I was missing the support and advice I got from this board when I had my second which was a successful natural birth. I'm looking forward to using hypnobabies again and being even more diligent in my practice. Also, DH is on board to me my full advocate so I don't have to talk and be interupted at the hospital. I'm not sure how many familiar names are still on this board, but I was happy to see "Spacers" Smile

Thanks for letting me crash and I hope I can help others going for a natural birth.

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Hi! Welcome back!

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Hi Molly!

Welcome back. My DS was born in June 2009 as well but I was on the July 09 board since he came early. I know I lurked on the June board a lot though.

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I started out active on the June board, but dropped off soon after DD2 was born. It was hard to get online regularly and felt out of touch when I did check in. I've always enjoyed this board and the birth stories and experiences others have to share.